• Mood Is Funk

      "Mood is Funk" is a lively and vibrant royalty-free background track in funk style featuring groovy basslines, rhythmic guitar riffs, a brass section, saxophone, and percussion. Perfect for YouTube vlogs, product promos, podcast intros, events, or parties, TV/Radio Ads, cooking shows, and any project that benefits from a fun and energetic musical backdrop.

      Funky Jive

      This funky instrumental track is the perfect blend of modern beats and classic grooves. With its infectious rhythm and upbeat tempo, it's sure to get your body moving. Featuring a dynamic mix of instruments and a catchy melody, this track is the perfect choice for adding energy and excitement to any project. Get ready to feel the funk!

      Urban Revolution

      A laid back, cool and vintage instrumental hip hop funk music track featuring chopped female vocal sounds, deep and catchy double bass riffs, brass and piano. Perfect for vlogs, tutorial videos and stylish video productions.

      Dance It Out

      A groovy and modern funk background track is a fantastic choice for adding a dose of excitement and dance-worthy vibes to media content. Featuring dance beats, funky basslines, and electronic guitars to create an irresistibly catchy tune and add a funky flair. Whether you're throwing a birthday bash, hosting a party, creating lifestyle vlogs, putting together fashion montages, or producing exciting YouTube videos, this track sets the stage for a lively and fun atmosphere.

      Funky Boom Bap

      This ultra-groovy and swaggering funk track captures that classic sixties sound. Features punchy electric guitar riffs and a prominent bass line, backed by short snare drums and a confident rhythm. This track would be perfect for a youth-orientated beach party or surfing scene.

      Happy Feel Good

      Big band funk music with a group of trumpets, saxophone and guitar. Suitable for a variety of applications such as open or close the video, TV show, roller, thanks, or any other purpose you can think of.

      Keep Calm And Chill

      A groovy and funky upbeat royalty-free disco pop music track with an energetic bass lines, funky guitars, best for fashion, sports, ads, teasers, commercials, podcasts, vlogs, and more!

      Neon Pulse

      A groovy funk track brings to mind a detective or private investigator on the job. It has a slight jazz feel and features a live electric guitar, upright bass, and drums. The mood is dark, but there's a sense that things will work out alright in the end. Great for projects that need immediate attention.

      Modern Advertisement

      C major powerful latin funk music with a contrasting salsa - like middle part. Drums, electric double bass, electric bass, electric guitar, electric piano, funky clavi, congas, tambourine.

      Big City Trip

      This vibrant and dynamic nu-disco track perfectly captures the heart of funk, disco, and house music, featuring energetic beats, funky guitars, and an infectious rhythm. Perfect for creating an upbeat and lively atmosphere for dance clubs and parties, urban nightlife, lifestyle vlogs, runway shows, designer profile videos, or fashion media content.

      My Bright Life

      Extreme rock track with funk bass-guitar riff, cool drums, and hard rock guitars. Perfect choice for action movies, trailers, soundtracks, extreme and sports videos, advertisements, youtube, workouts, films, and commercials.

      Urban Rhythm

      Electric guitar and trumpet disco funk music.

      Red Sneakers

      A playful and vibrant, royalty-free funk track that effortlessly combines the sounds of an electric piano, electric guitar, B3 organ, clavinet, and catchy drums. This background music exudes a groovy and mischievous charm. Ideal for advertising campaigns, lifestyle videos, time-lapses capturing city atmosphere, teen hangout scenes, travel vlogs, party scenes, and much more.

      Summer Is Coming

      A happy and uplifting Funk track with an infectious mood. The perfect track to get your listeners in a good mood. Featuring electric guitars, bass guitar, percussion, drums, and brass. Ideal for corporate presentations, commercials, comedy or any short video.

      She Does Magic

      True funk music. Fat bass, cool drums & Clavinet. Welcome back to 70-th!

      Take It All The Way

      A funky melodic pop/rock/funk instrumental. A strong catchy groove with melodic soulful guitar, great funky bass, great keys. A feel good vibe. A feel of " everything is just fine, feeling good ".

      Shake Down

      This is upbeat, modern, groovy, and funky background music. It features live electric guitars, groovy drums, bass, and percussion. This song is ideal for corporate presentations, YouTube videos, and advertisements that need a positive and uplifting sound.

      Start Game

      Funky disco house loop.

      Vibrant Uprising

      Groovy and creative, progressive Hip-Hop track with the hot sounds of Latin mamba and Jazz-funk music. Features bluesy muted trumpet and light guitar solo, percussion, and tight rhythm section. Perfect for choreographed dance performances, both contemporary and street styles, advertising campaigns, travel vlogs, cooking shows, lifestyle videos, fashion shows, or promotional videos.

      Clap And Jump

      A bright, funky, and catchy urban track with a groovy, edgy vibe. Featuring cool drums, slick guitars, percussions, horns, and whistles. Perfect for vlogs or commercials as an upbeat opener or background music for your project's soundtrack.

      Funky Dance

      This upbeat, happy, and funky background music provides an exciting and engaging atmosphere. The track is filled with the infectious energy of claps, vocals, brass, and drums. This energetic backdrop music is a fantastic choice for commercials, lifestyle, travel, or adventure vlogs. Also, it is great for any type of social media marketing campaign on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc.

      Funk It Up

      An upbeat and energetic funky background music track in the style of Bruno Mars. Great for YouTube videos, Instagram stories, fashion projects, Kickstarter campaigns, vacation or party videos, games, sports clips, or trendy vlogs.

      Swinging Boots

      Chill funky breakbeat with a retro feel featuring piano, electric piano, acoustic guitars, old-school groovy drum beat, funky brass and horns. Good music for cooking TV and online show, program, travel and vacation visuals.

      Las Vegas Adventure

      Groovy, energetic and uplifting funk music with electric guitar, brass section, drums, bass, and percussion. Perfect as a background for your commercial projects, casino, video game promos, YouTube videos, advertising, vlogs, travel and nature projects and others.

      Groove Machine

      A positive and uplifting feel good track with a funky house style. Live electric guitars and electric bass will keep your ears perked up while percussions and pluck synth sounds add depth and character to this track. This music is perfect for product videos, inspirational presentations and advertisements.

      A Fine Plan

      Ultra-cool corporate and funky music track, perfect for your business projects! Also good for comedy spy show, casino and gambling, hip urban commercials, bank heist, private eye scenes, caper story, a soundtrack for films like Oceans 11 or Beverly Hills Cop.

      Casino Cocktail

      Introducing a groovy funk music piece that is sure to get you moving and grooving. A lively ensemble of horns, saxophones, clavinet, Rhodes, bass guitar, and electric guitar makes for a captivating and energetic vibe of this track. Perfectly suits for adventure movies, casino and gambling videos, stylish advertising, travel vlogs, parties, and many more.

      Business Perseverance

      Energetic and badass funk-rock track with electric guitars, bass, drums, and percussion. This track will be a perfect choice if you need an uplifting and positive sound in Oceans Eleven style for your projects and videos. Great for chase scenes, crazy driving, foolish robbery, safecracking, breaking, and entering.

      Sunshine Club

      Modern smooth jazz music track with groovy atmosphere and funky beat. Background music with a contemporary vibe and feeling. Nice electric piano with electric guitar playing beautiful harmony and melody together with a catchy beat. Perfect background audio for your Youtube video, on-hold systems, or other production use.


      "Start Game" is an energetic and catchy instrumental track that blends elements of disco, funk, synthwave, and retro-futuristic game mood. Great fit for various projects, including: video games, console and arcade games, advertisements and commercials, podcasts and livestreams, Tv shows and other videos and projects.

      Drums And Bass

      An upbeat, modern, groovy and funky track featuring drums, percussion, bass, brass, synth and live electric guitars. Perfect choice for Tv commercials, internet commercials, all kinds of advertisements, and many other projects that need a positive and uplifting sound.

      Retro Shoes

      Stylish, uplifting, and groovy, funky track. Featuring drums, bass, percussion, claps, snaps, brass, and live electric guitar. This upbeat background music perfectly suits for caper movie and stylish tv intro, comedy movie soundtrack, fun event promo-videos, food product ad music and more.

      Vintage Dance Shoes

      The ultimate soundtrack for success in the corporate realm. This cool and funky background track with the pulsating beat sets the stage for triumph with an irresistible charm. Perfect as a catchy tune to boost your TV or radio programs, corporate videos, product presentations, and advertisements, effortlessly transforming them into captivating experiences. So, get ready to conquer the business realm like never before!

      So Tasty

      This uplifting and energetic dance-pop music will make you feel enthusiastic and self-confident. Featuring live electric guitars, funky bass, drums, synths, percussion, and EDM drums. Perfect choice for commercials, advertising, and other projects that need a positive sound.

      Golden Syrup

      An energetic and playful melodic theme, played by piano and glockenspiel over a funky-style guitar and a bouncing, clappy, upbeat shuffle groove. This is the rhythm of many succesful pop hits and it will inject your project with an unstoppable positive energy.

      The New Groove Generation

      Get ready to hit the dancefloor with our playful and groovy disco funky royalty-free music track. This infectious composition is filled with cool basslines, synths, vocal bits, and energetic drums, creating a lively atmosphere. This track sets the perfect tone for vibrant travel destinations, fashion content that exudes style and flair, or party visuals, dance videos that capture the excitement of the dancefloor, commercials or vlogs.

      Smooth Funk Party

      Positive Funky track with the infectious energy. Features cool percussion, with hand claps, electric guitrs and horn section stabs. Positive with a cheeky vibe, energetic and feelgood.

      Sonic Funk Attack

      Funky and corporate music track with acoustic bass, electronic piano and claps. Perfect for your projects!

      Feel The Beat

      Upbeat and vibrant indie rock track that combines energetic melodies with the boldness of brass stabs. It captures the essence of free-spirited joy and delivers an infectious rhythm that will have listeners moving to the music. Perfect for uplifting moments or adding a dynamic touch to any project.

      Pink Sunglasses

      If you like disco music, then check out this funky, positive disco track. It's made in the sound of 70-80s disco music. The perfect combination of catchy melody and rhythmic percussion is guaranteed to make you move. The track will bring you a sense of summer, beach, party crowd, and so on.

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    Funk is a musical genre whose origin can be traced to African American society in the mid-1960s when African American artists and musicians created a new form of rhythmic and dance music through a mix of soul, jazz, rhythm and blues (R & B).

    Funk de-emphasizes melodic progressions and chords utilized in other interrelated genres and brings a powerful bass beat rhythm played by an electric bass player and a drum part played by a drummer to the foreground.

    Roots of funk music

    Funk music is an incredibly famous kind of music that is a genre of electronic dance music. Like most African- enthused music genres, funk typically comprises a complex groove with rhythmic instruments playing intertwined grooves. Funk utilizes the same deep color charts found in bebop jazz.

    Connection funk and R&B music

    Funk music was the rawest, most primitive type of R&B, outshining even Southern soul in relation to earthiness. It was also the minimal structured, frequently broadening out into extended jams, and the most Africanized developed on highly dynamic syncopated poly-rhythms.

    However, it initially appealed only to unwavering R&B audiences. The groove was the most significant musical component of funk; all the gadgets of the band played off one another to produce it and worked it repeatedly. Unlike almost every kind of R&B that had come earlier, funk background music did not restrict itself to the classic verse/chorus song structure and the 45-rpm single format.

    Funk bands were just as certainly to replicate a hook out of the blue or a catchy chant and offer different song segments equivalent weight to not interrupt the groove by developing to a chorus-type climax.

    Moreover, funky permits more improvisation and freedom. Because of these, it was related to what was transpiring around the same period in hard rock, psychedelia, and blues-rock (although Jimi Hendrix was the primary motivation for funky guitar soloists). The origin of funk was seen in James Brown's post-1965 soul hits, especially "Cold Sweat" (1967) and "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag" (1965).

    Funk and disco music.

    Funk steadily developed into smoother as disco came to prominence in the mid-to-late '70s and lost most of its unique earthiness. Though, it had a major influence on jazz (both soul-jazz and fusion) and became the musical basis of hip-hop. During the '90s, funk witnessed a new beginning, particularly amid white audiences who hurriedly explored its original classics.

    With Melody Loops, you can use royalty free funk music in your YouTube video and podcast projects with no attribution required. Purchase music and download MP3 / WAV files instantly.

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