• The High Road

      A feel-good, melodic, and vibrant country-rock instrumental in a classic rock style and sound. Tasty electric guitar licks over a vibrant rhythm and beat, making a versatile and timeless sound. This background music executes a feeling of carefree and positive optimism. A perfect soundtrack for road trip videos, scenic vistas, videos, and podcasts focusing on lifestyle or motivational content.

      Stomp It

      This lively and enjoyable royalty-free country rock track is infused with catchy guitar riffs, acoustic guitars, banjo, and harmonica. It is perfectly suited for advertisements, lifestyle or travel videos, road trips, vlogs, and podcasts. With its upbeat nature, it adds a dynamic and engaging touch to your creative projects.

      Old Cowboy

      This is an acoustic country rock music in rhythm and blues style. Great for American road films, travel videos, wild nature, serious men at work, rodeo, south and western background.

      Boots In Dust

      Rugged and stirring royalty-free hard rock track with raw power and an Americana feel. The slow and deliberate tempo, along with the distorted guitars, bass, and drums make a call for freedom and adventure. Perfect to use with travel videos about wilderness, epic outdoor and off-road adventures; extreme sports videos like hiking, rock climbing, or mountain biking; and action films with car chases, or intense showdowns.

      Country Mud

      Atmospheric country rock music track with dark mood guitar riffs and big drums. Great for wild west and country movie, video about cowboys, motivational project, games, background in film, tv or youtube and many more


      Upbeat and uplifting country rock music, featuring electric guitars, bass and drums. The southern and western style of the guitar riff and drums will bring energy and drive to your project. It will certainly work well with commercials, advertising, TV, YouTube, American lifestyle, freedom, happiness, cowboy videos, Texas images, film, documentaries, rodeo promotions, road trip and more.

      Muddy Road Underscore

      Experience the open road and the spirit of the American frontier with this warm and gentle royalty-free western-inspired track. Featuring dreamy acoustic guitars, piano, drums, and electric guitars. Ideal for advertising campaigns that aim to evoke feelings of the tradition of American heritage. Also, good for videos related to industry, road trips, the great outdoors, or milestones.

      Midnight Cowboy

      Upbeat country rock track with a contemporary feel. Great for your family vacation videos, business projects, slideshows, TV or advert and many more. Bright drums mixed with harmonica, electric guitars and bass create an upbeat feel perfect for not only commercials but also as background music for your slideshows or video projects.

      The Duel

      This is a happy uplifting southern country rock music. Great for American western background, road and driving moods, cheerful and positive scenes, radio intro, energetic and upbeat blues, Texas and cowboys scenes and much more.

      Dusty Boots

      Slide guitars, crunchy bass, and drums drive this powerful country rock track. This track is great for promos, commercials, and various media projects. It also works as a standalone music track in independent films or documentaries related to road trips.

      Spirit Of The West Land

      This is a fun and easy acoustic country rock music. Great for rock and roll dance scenes, country and traditional Americana rock background, southern and western intro and much more.

      Runaway From Love

      This is upbeat, animated Americana background music expressing energy, warmth, and a genuine country vibe. Featured acoustic guitars, a melodious electric guitar, fiddle bass, and drums. This track would add an authentic touch to travel vlogs, documentaries showing rural landscapes, outdoor adventures or country lifestyle.

      Blues Smokers

      Funky country twang guitar over a rock rhythm and beat. Country twang lead guitar meets 70s 80s rock. A rock solid beat and groove with two rhythm guitars using power chords, solid bass guitar and drums, truly country rock in the truest terms. Positive, fun, energetic, groovy, catchy.

      Dusty Train

      This upbeat blues rock background music is perfect for any project that needs a raw, gritty Southern U.S atmosphere. The track has a retro vibe with an uptempo driving beat, a cool bass line, and a Hammond organ. This high-energy track instantly sets the tone for what's to come, transporting you to a world of dusty roads, wagon trains rolling across the prairie, cowboys riding the range, and sweltering summer heat. Great for travel videos, country-oriented documentaries, road trip movies, and commercials emphasizing the can-do American spirit.

      Island Cowboy

      Bold and pounding country rock track with strong southern rock blues elements. A relentless bass groove keeps the track moving with an edgy feel. Features a solid rhythm guitar that creates a soulful counterpoint to the lead guitar. The lead riff alternates between power chords and arpeggios to add rockabilly energy. Great to add a breath of fresh air for that late-night drive on a deserted highway, unforgettable road adventure, or surfing the waves.

      Light Sadness

      Light Sadness is a melancholy, sad, and sentimental track. This tune is an excellent fit for anyone looking to add a light, soft, hopeful blue mood to their projects.

      The South Bell Tolls

      An upbeat feelgood southern country rock instrumental. A sense of celebration, good times, excitement. Catchy country rock style guitar over a solid rock beat and groove of rhythm guitar, bass and drums. Positive and up.

      Road Trip Blues

      A powerful, energetic and badass music, country rock track with distorted guitar riffs, slide guitar, acoustic guitars, a solid bass and hip-hop beat. Great choice for car commercials, racing videos, gym and sport projects, extreme sport videos, projects and advertisements for men products and much more. Raw and Powerful!

      Life At The Ranch

      Steady modern country rock track. Drums, upright bass, electric piano, acoustic guitar, harmonica.

      Tractor Racing

      Optimistic tune. Great for journey and travel video, vlogs, youtube video and other projects.

      Highway of Dreams

      Country rock badass music with powerful guitars, solid bass, and a driving beat. Melody gives confidence and desire to achieve aimed goals! Works well for cool sports projects, advertisements for menswear, slow-motion videos, inspiring interviews, network marketing, online casino promo, and western life simulation games.

      Southern Friendship

      "Highway of Dreams" is a carefree, positive acoustic rock instrumental for creating traveling, exploring, and adventure videos. This track has a very catchy melody and energetic guitar riffs which capture the feelings of optimism, freedom, and joy. It's perfect for creating cool travel montages, commercials, or short films featuring young people exploring the world.

      Desert Highway

      An upbeat lively southern country rock instrumental. A driving rolling rhythm and beat. Energetic, catchy with an edge. Electric guitars, drums and bass guitar. Good for moderate action, road cruising, adventure and lifestyle.

      Country Southern Guitars

      Walking down the long and dusty road to nowhere. This dark, atmospheric Southern Blues track features acoustic guitar, dobro, slide guitar, tubular bells, strings, bass, and drums. Sounds like Ry Cooder. Perfect in scenes with tumbleweeds, whiskey, crossroads, preacher men, and scorching sun.

      On The Chain Gang

      Country Mud is a lively instrumental track that combines elements of country and rock, featuring acoustic and slide guitars, driving drums, and a touch of cowbell. This track could be used as background music for a variety of media projects, such as television shows, films, commercials, or online videos that need a country or Southern rock feel. It could work well in scenes featuring driving, rural landscapes, or outdoor activities.

      Desert Island

      Feel good Southern Rock track with an easy-going country vibe. Builds gradually to an uplifting chorus. Features acoustic guitar, electric slide guitar, pedal steel, organ, bass, drums, and percussion. Great for scenes involving American road trips, friendship, leisure activities, backroads, good times, driving down the open road with the radio playing

      Have A Drink

      This infectious Southern blues track takes you on a journey back to Mississippi in the 1930s, see the chain gang working hard on the dusty road. Sounds like Ry Cooder, very similar in style to music from the Peaky Blinders soundtrack. Cool, determined, and strong, this track is perfect for scenes involving cotton fields, whiskey, scorching sun, preacher men, swamps, and crossroads. Features stomping drums, percussion, dobro, slide guitar, male vocal oohs, strings, tubular bells, and bass.

      Southern Cool

      This is American style heavy rock and roll music, full of energy and power. Great for intense and aggressive background, action and adrenaline trailer, extreme sports intro, south and western country rock and much more.

      Country Life

      This is a contemporary Americana folk instrumental track featuring acoustic guitar, electric bass, and drums. Its simple, hopeful melody evokes spring in the mountains, new beginnings, and starting over. This instrumental background music fits perfectly as an underscore or bed for outdoor scenes, rural splendor, or renewal and hope.

      My Honey

      Medium time, steady, mellow country rock. Featuring electric bass, drums, electric piano, banjo, acoustic and electric guitars, slide guitar.

      We All Wish You A Merry Christmas

      Texas style medium fast swing country rock, featuring drums, electric bass, overdriven rhythm guitar, bottleneck guitar solo.

      Good Ol Country Livin

      Passionate and moving, this old-style Spaghetti music is similar to "House of the Rising Sun" by The Animals. The track is filled with longing, drama, and suspenseful action. The sense of movement builds constantly until a climax at the end of the song. It works great as background music for western films about horseback riding cowboys, television commercials, and video games.

      Open Roads

      This acoustic Americana background music is one to be added to your music collection. It provides a light-hearted mood with a hint of laid back vibe. It starts with acoustic guitar played in various ways and then adds electric bass and drums. This track would be great for playing in the background during travel videos, commercials, or anywhere you want to set an easygoing mood.

      Follow The Road

      We Wish You a Marry Christmas is a royalty-free Christmas instrumental. It is a fun and festive way to use a traditional Christmas song in your commercial, Xmas ads, promos, TV and radio jingles, or intros. This track has guitars, sleigh bells, drums, and joyful vocals. Enjoy!

      Black Mustang

      Bright country rock track with a catchy melody and driving mood. Imagine a scene in a smoke-filled bar with pools tables, men in cowboy hats and a band on stage. Perfect backgrounds for petty crime, vast landscapes, ranch of fairs, cowboy competitions, racing without rules, car dealerships advertising, TV and films are depicting the great southwest. The melody approach will sell anything to men, from beer to hair-styling gels!

      Cowboy Campfire

      Enjoy this upbeat, open, and airy track with a smooth feel. Guitars, pianos, and organ create a country-blues vibe. The friendly, pleasant, and carefree mood makes it the perfect choice for positive, uplifting media projects that aim to bring a smile to your audience's faces. So, let this heartwarming soundtrack embrace your project, inviting everyone to enjoy its down-home, feel-good vibes.

      Rock In The Ghetto

      A classic styled rock track with shuffle guitars and drums, powerful bass, percussion and slide guitar solo. Great for industrial contents, promos, car vlogs and more.

      Desert Road

      This instrumental track in Americana style has a mood that could be described as uplifting, proud, and free. Great for upcoming road movies and travel activities-related content. It features acoustic guitars, electric guitars, electric bass, and drums. This music piece is great for projects that relate to the feeling of being far away from home and searching for adventures.

      The Outlaw And The Lawman

      A Western cinematic track featuring electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass, drum, trumpet, strings, and choir. Great for projects related to Wild West, USA, Mexico, and North America with its classic and traditional sound.

      Dead Or Alive

      This track is a country acoustic song with a sweet mood and airy feel. It features strumming acoustic guitars, electric guitar, acoustic piano, bass, and drums. This track could be used in scenes that show rural or natural environments.

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    Country rock music is something that most people can identify with, even though they may not be sure what defines the style. It is essentially a combination of rock and country, but it was started by rock and roll singers who began using more of a country-style flair in the 60s and onward.

    The genre evolved further when musicians started further defining what “country” was in a rock and roll context by covering familiar themes, vocal styles, and specific instruments associated with country music. Pedal steel guitars, for example, are a staple of the genre.

    Some believe that Bob Dylan was instrumental in defining the genre and The Byrds. However, other artists contributed some classics, including The Eagles, the Grateful Dead, George Harrison, and even The Rolling Stones.

    Of course, rock and roll was once a new genre, having come out of country (which had already existed) fused with rhythm and blues. Rock musicians are still the ones that make country-rock hits and the 60s decade and mainly to the 1970s are the most influential artists to make an impact. Even the Beatles made some distinctly country rock music, such as “I’ll Cry Instead” and “Baby’s in Black.”

    When many artists became distracted by psychedelic rock, Dylan led a roots revival movement with his hit “Blonde on Blonde,” further country-fied the rock and roll style, and other artists experimented with adding blues and folk music to the same eclectic style.

    If you’re looking for royalty-free background music, country rock might be appropriate for films at certain highlight moments; such as the closing credits, an intro (if applicable to the setting of the film, and at intervals throughout the movie if the song conveys an emotion or a thought to accompany the action.

    You might find country-rock songs playing that fit the subject matter, even in documentary films. Major narrative shifts in the overall story are an excellent place to put a thunderous and memorable song with lyrics. However, incidental country rock music can sometimes be just electric guitar or guitar.

    You can download mp3 wav files for your projects and give your project a distinctive rural sound.

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