• Royalty free Whistling music

    • Baby Smile by Rolikmusic

      This optimistic and cheerful acoustic tune is suitable for a range of projects where you’re looking for background music. Ideal as the backdrop tune in slideshows like school photo albums and videos, this joyful track could also work well in presentations.

      Childrens Entertainment by MixSound

      Fun background music with an upbeat and joyful mood. Features whistling, glockenspiel, hand claps, ukulele, and pizzicato strings. Ideal for children's videos and travel. A good choice for motivational videos, YouTube, and advertising.

      Something Wonderful by Sascha Giebel

      A soft and peaceful, uplifiting track with a very organic and light instrumentation of acoustic guitars, piano and tasteful percussion. A soft whistling melody underlines an optimistic and hopeful atmosphere, that makes a perfect setting for a morning sunrise or walking through a summer meadow.

      Catchy Cooking by APmuse

      Fun, upbeat, and happy jazz track. The instruments used on this track are a trumpet, alt saxophone, piano, flute drums, and upright bass. It is great to use in advertisements, vlogs, funny videos, comic actions, cooking vlogs, or comedy heists, this background music is sure to help make your video projects stand out.

      My Happy Memories by MixSound

      A happy ukulele tune with occasional glockenspiel and clapping, as well as human whistling. This is a great track for background music to add some positive emotions for a happy slideshow, cooking recipes, humorous content, children's holidays, funny videos about animals, cartoons, children's animation, and more.

      Happy Me by Twisterium

      An uplifting and cheerful indie/pop/folk track featuring acoustic guitars, hand claps, piano, bells, whistling and more. The bouncy feel and happy tune create a perfectly optimistic vibe for motivational films, presentations, openers, Youtube videos, commercials.

      Children Indulge by Rolikmusic

      This upbeat, dreamy, playful composition invites you to smile, feel good, and have fun. The track features a ukulele, glockenspiel, whistling and acoustic guitar. It is ideal for advertising, commercials, and other media projects involving pets and children. This track could be used for school photo slideshows or summer holidays memories.

      June Warm Rain by Rolikmusic

      An optimistic and cheerful acoustic music track featuring ukulele, whistling, and claps. The composition builds a positive mood and makes you feel full of energy. Perfect for school projects, food vlogs, advertising, Instagram, or Youtube videos.

      Happy Whistler by Christian Aen

      This track features whistling, acoustic guitar, bells, ukulele, and piano. It has a bright, upbeat, happy, and fun mood used for background music by corporate companies in modern advertising commercials.

      Your Favourite Sitcom by ikoliks

      A carefree, upbeat, royalty-free acoustic music track with ukulele, acoustic guitar, piano, celesta, kalimba, and whistle. Best for comedies, commercials, YouTube videos, Instagram reels, or children-related content.

      Toys And Ukuleles by DimmySad

      Is an upbeat, funny, energetic ukulele folk track with catchy whistling melody, warm, rhythmic ukulele, percussion, bells, "hey" voice, and a happy summer mood. Perfect for advertising, summer videos, kids' movies, vlogs, travel and holiday visuals, and other inspirational videos.

      Clapping Ukulele by Joel Hunger

      This is a bouncy, happy tune, featuring acoustic guitar and ukulele along with some light piano and a simple whistling melody.

      Feeling Lucky by DPmusic

      This is a happy and upbeat track with uplifting atmosphere and acoustic guitar, marimba, whistle, claps, bells and electric bass featuring. Nice background music for advertising, commercials, promotional videos, educational, content, games, children videos, slideshows, and many more.

      Fun Adventures by Emanmusic

      Upbeat, happy, and optimistic track featuring bouncy acoustic guitars, bright bells, playful piano, whistling, banjo, and a fun groove completed with handclaps and finger snaps. Ideal background music for videos, children's projects, funny and charming YouTube videos, presentations, vlogs, advertising and marketing videos, summer videos, travel videos, and social media.

      Upbeat Energy by Ryan Ancona

      This happy and upbeat instrumental background music has positive energy for a corporate business motivational sound needing to be optimistic and cheerful. This is very bouncy bright and carefree. Features Ukulele, Whistling, and Acoustic guitar with bells to give it a catchy melody. Perfect pop rock for website, video, Youtube, Advertising Ads, Youtube and Friends.

      Up On The Housetop by Media Music Pro

      Upbeat, fun and playful instrumental rendition of a holiday classic. With human whistling, a bouncy beat and light orchestra sounds that build to an uplifting finish. This happy song about Santa Claus captures the festive spirit of the Christmas season.

      Silly Dog by Emilio Merone

      A bouncy and cheerful track, featuring a happy whistling, ukulele, and celesta to create a carefree and positive mood. This song is great for ads and viral marketing, children-related productions, music for cooking shows, mobile games, funny animals videos, YouTube channels, and other media projects looking to create an atmosphere of joy and enjoyment.

      Best Day Ever by Matthias Harris

      A positive and fun track featuring ukulele acoustic guitar piano whistling hand claps and catchy glockenspiel lines making it ideal for commercial or corporate use.

      Happy And Playful by Yevhen Lokhmatov

      Sunny and joyful acoustic pop music track. Features marimba, xylophone, whistling, celesta, and bells as main instruments, together with electric guitar and bass, acoustic guitar, delicious pizzicato strings, and claps. This track is best for projects related to family fun time and delicious food recipes.

      Rise and Shine by Gari Biasillo

      An original uplifintg composition that's suited for your corporate media, advertising, commercials, and presentations! This track features a groovy ukulele and mandolin strum, hip piano, bass, a lead whistling melody, and swinging percussion and drums. An awesome pick-me-up song for your next project!

      Jolly Polly by DimmySad

      A funny inspirational ukulele song featuring bells, whistling, piano chords and soft percussion. Perfect for advertisement, children's, home and family videos, cooking music, cheerful holiday visuals and other happy content.

      Jolly Fun by SnowMusicStudio

      Happy, funny and positive background music track featuring piano, bells, hand claps, whistling and acoustic guitar. This sweet arrangement with warm sound will suit for children projects, as underscore for tv commercial, music for cooking videos, kids educational tutorials, cute cartoons, family fun, Grandma's apple pie recipe, etc.

      Baby Pranks by Rolikmusic

      Need a fun and happy background song for an upcoming photo album or school photo slideshow? This upbeat track featuring acoustic ukulele, bells, whistles, piano, double bass, and drums will give your videos a positive boost.

      A Bunch Of Good Friends by Emilio Merone

      This is a simple, but beautiful, and super catchy acoustic pop music, featuring whistling and celesta to create a fancy and lovely mood. This track is performed in a cheerful, confident and light-hearted manner. It is just amazing for any kind of media application. Possible uses are: happy commercials, fun presentations or family videos, summer party videos and travel board videos.

      Upbeat Fun Ukulele by Ryan Ancona

      Upbeat Happy background music instrumental that features happy ukulele, cheerful whistling, carefree clapping, and positive piano and bells. Perfect music for presentation, music for youtube videos or advertising ads and videos.

      I Am Satisfied by APmuse

      This carefree, sunny, acoustic music track is ideal for adding a relaxed and optimistic atmosphere to any project. It can be used alone or mixed with other tracks in your video editing program. This track is perfect for: YouTube videos, vlogs, on-hold music, videos about family and childhood memories, kids' content and more.

      Little Bit Optimism by Konstantin Savin

      A quirky and funny instrumental featuring a cartoon xylophone, glockenspiel, whistling, and acoustic guitar. It's quirky, upbeat, and colorful with a distinct kids TV show theme flavor. This funny and playful little piece of music sounds like the kind of thing you'd hear on a cartoon or kids' program.

      Cheerful Whistling by Ryan Ancona

      This happy and upbeat instrumental background that is easy listening is perfect and for any project needing positive and cheerful music. This track features Ukulele, Mandolin, Acoustic Guitars, and Bells. Also features whistling and hand clapping to give that super happy vibe. This would be perfect for any corporate advertising commercial music, youtube videos, slideshow presentations or any project that needs a optimistic feeling.

      Sunny Funny Mood by SnowMusicStudio

      Cheerful and positive track with a happy, fun and energetic feel. Featuring whistle, claps, ukulele, bells, acoustic elements and guitars. Perfect for any happy and fun videos, summer holidays, celebration or party, positive commercial, animated slideshow, childrens TV show, childhood, YouTube kids channel, kids Instagram, playground, happy background music, funny pets and animals, family videos, video games and more.

      Carefree Whistler by Andy Littlewood

      A fun and happy track featuring whistling, mandolin, ukulele, cajon drum, bass, and accordion. Carefree, relaxed, and easy going, this track works great for themes involving road trips, rural activities, hiking, strolling, gardening, playing games, leisure, summertime, fun days out. Perfect for use in adverts, videos, presentations, film, and television.

      Fun And Happy Whistle by Media Sushi

      Upbeat whistling track with ukulele, acoustic guitars, fun claps, happy bells and groovy rhythm section. This simply charming and carefree track is great to illustrate a rustic lifestyle, simple pleasures, home recipes videos, countryside living. Ideal for projects needing this "back to nature" feel.

      August Rain by Rolikmusic

      This light, happy, upbeat reggae track features an acoustic ukulele, bells, piano, double bass, and drums. This track is great for summertime scenes, commercials, gaming sequences, children's videos, toy embed, cartoons, baby food advertisements, birthday parties, and more.

      Charming Folk by Azovmusic

      It's a warm, acoustic guitar-driven track with light percussion, whistling, and bell-like tones. The acoustic guitar is performed in an original finger-picking rhythm, followed by a smooth chord progression throughout the piece. The overall tone of this piece is positive, upbeat, and cheerful, yet inspiring and moving at the same time. Meant to be a background music track it will work perfectly for corporate presentations, commercials, and projects in need of a gentle, uplifting atmosphere.

      Happy Building by Nazar Rybak

      An uplifting sunny pop track featuring electric guitar, sax, brass, glockenspiel, whistling, hand clapping, stomping, and cheerful mood. Great background music for cool TV advertising, funny commercial, family children videos, startup presentations, Kickstarter videos, web projects, youtube and more.

      Kitchen Fun by SnowMusicStudio

      Fun and upbeat acoustic music track with an optimistic, positive, happy, joyful, emotional mood. Perfect for TV-shows, commercials, corporate projects, movie trailers, radio, presentations, games, youtube videos, films.

      Happy And Cute by Yevhen Lokhmatov

      Happy music track with whistling, bells and claps. Cute melodies and playful mood create funny atmosphere. Perfect for projects with children, animals, food, family oriented commercials, Easter and travel vlogs.

      Whistling by Ryan Ancona

      This laid-back happy acoustic instrumental is positive and cheerful. The beautiful bells create a positive and laid-back mood. Featuring Ukulele, Whistling, acoustic guitar and bells, this track is perfect for Ads, Games, Kids education music, cartoon, success, presentation, Corporate Business and youtube videos. Great for motivation Inspiration.

      Some Positive Ideas by ikoliks

      This pop music has a happy and cheerful mood. Perfect for any project requiring upbeat, positive, and optimistic background music. Featuring whistles, vocal oohs, Hey's, and claps accompanied by electric piano, guitars, bells, and drums. It will work great for background music in commercials, children's videos, or presentations.

      Your Summer Lifestyle by Infraction

      Beautiful tropical house track with an energetic dance beat, electric guitar, and whistling melody. Perfect for summer videos, workout, and travel slideshow. Also great for beauty vlogs, and any other videos where you need energetic background music to accompany your message.

      Child Game by Rolikmusic

      An upbeat, happy, and playful track featuring acoustic ukulele, bells, whistles, and piano. Could serve as a background to school photo slideshows or video albums. The song has a nice happy vibe that is sure to cheer up any audience.

      Your Childhood Story by Giraffe Music

      Funny, carefree, positive, friendly, and catchy acoustic/folk track. Featuring whistling, acoustic guitars, ukulele, piano, claps, glockenspiel, bells, and percussion. Good choice for kids videos, animal videos, youtube, advertising, websites, tutorials, explainers, slideshows, explainers, vlogs, corporate presentations and much more!

      Sweet Happy Theme by Twisterium

      This is a beautiful, sweet and romantic folk pop track with piano / whistling melodies, hand claps and a great acoustic ukulele sequence. The music is carefree, inspirational and very positive. This would be great for a corporate or advertising project.

      Catchy Jazz by APmuse

      A carefree, groovy and energetic jazz music featured saxophones, trumpets, human whistle, piano and nice jazz drumming. Great to use in advertisements, vlogs, funny videos, comic misadventure, cooking vlogs music, or comedy heist.

      Happiest Moments by Premium TraX

      Upbeat, happy and fun background music perfect for children's videos, tv shows, holiday travel, cooking shows, or commercials. Catchy guitars, hand claps, playful bass and whistling create the feel-good atmosphere.

      Sunny Happy Days by Andrew Feeney

      A happy and carefree track with ukelele, glockenspiel and whistling.

      Tropical Happiness by MixSound

      This energetic and cheerful EDM composition in a tropical style is created to fit your need for upbeat summer videos, travel vlogs, commercials, and summer-related projects. Also, this track can be used as background music for your fashion shows, as an inspiring intro, or as an opener for your YouTube videos.

      Carefree Whistling by RGMusic

      Excited and full of joy acoustic folk tune, with a fresh and catchy whistling melody, positive, fun and uplifting mood. Featuring ukulele, human whistle, handclaps, acoustic guitars, and solo ukulele and nylon guitar. Ideal for family commercials and advertisement, happy media, promotional merchandise, travel and tourism, children marketing, and more.

      Happy Summer Tune by Emanmusic

      A cheerful and positive mood for your media. Featuring the acoustic guitar, whistling, glockenspiel, flute, piano, organ, handclaps, drums and bass. Great for kids projects, funny cartoons, radio commercial, Youtube vlog, heartwarming moments, friendship, simple things, etc.

      Only This Moment by Infraction

      Sweet, lovely and heartwarming rustic acoustic guitar melody with carefree human whistling. Will work great as background music for a country theme projects, romantic anniversary, family home content, music on hold, peace and love, educational programs, as intro/outro music, child development centers, YouTube video.

      Happy Feet by Andrea Quarin

      Whistling, hand-clapping and chanting .. a very positive and uplifting New Folk track indeed! It builds momentum and it's joyful and positive. Perfect for advertisement, video/photo montage and happy/uplifting segments.

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    Whistling music seems so odd when you read or say it. In actuality, it's what we do while going for a walk, preparing tea, or even while showering.

    What is whistling music?

    We whistle more than often while not even noticing. Whistling is an art indeed. It is used not only as a way to sound music but also as a language.

    When talking about whistling music mainly, it is something everyone and anyone might have witnessed. People whistle casually, and whistling is music in itself. Artists have created the most famous music by just unconsciously whistling. So basically, whistling music has been amongst us for quite a long time.

    A culture of whistling

    In one of Spain's Canary Islands, La Gomera, a traditional whistle language known as Sibo gimero is still used.

    In North Carolina, an annual event has been a tradition since 1973. The International Whistling Convention is an event where the Governor is expected to sign a declaration, declaring the entire week of the IWC event as "Happy Whistlers Week" for the citizens and visitors to honor the art of whistling.

    Whistling as music is found in so many films, music, shows, and so many things that we don't even notice. If you are a cartoon fan, you must watch Ed, Edd and Eddy when it was aired on Cartoon Network. The famous theme song of the cartoon was based on whistling. To this day, people remember that whistle theme song.

    What are songs with whistling in the beginning?

    So many great songs started with whistling in the beginning. Here are some of them:

    1. Two Of Us – The Beatles
    2. Jimmy Jazz – The Clash
    3. Golden Years – David Bowie
    4. I Got You – Jack Johnson
    5. White Christmas – Bing Crosby

    What are top hits whistling songs?

    Classical songs like 'Don't Worry, Be Happy' and 'Wind of change' consist of whistling music. While newer contemporary pop songs like:

    What are the best commercials with whistling?

    Brands love to use whistling in their commercials; it's remarkable and sticks in a customer's mind. Here are some commercials with whistling:

    1. Old Spice: Classic Whistle Jingle
    2. Starburst Whistle Song Commercial
    3. Target TV ad feat. The Whistling Song by The Pinker Tones

    What is whistling stock music?

    You need a license to use whistling music in your videos and slideshows. We offer royalty-free stock music to use in your production legally. Use the music player above to listen to, find your favorites, purchase a license, and download music in MP3 / Wav formats.

    How to find a song by whistling?

    Having an option for whistling will be a good addition to the Shazam app, but smart guys from Google Search make it faster. Available on iOS and Android, it helps find a song by singing, whistling, or humming.

    1. Open Google Search
    2. Click on the mic icon, and start humming
    3. 10 seconds, and you should get song details

    Download royalty free whistling background music for any use.
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