• Raspberry Cocktail

      Step back in time with this old-school, cool background music that seamlessly marries jazz swing with dramedy elements. Horns, piano, electric guitar, and drums come alive with the timeless rhythms of jazz. This track is perfect for media projects that require a sassy yet classic feel. Great for comedy sketches, retro-themed vlogs, vintage fashion reviews, ad campaigns, cooking shows, and more.

      Candy Jazz

      This playful jazzy instrumental with an energetic, swinging mood that's sure to put a smile on your face. It captures the essence of Paris flavor in the 1920s with the lively sound of accordion, upright bass, and acoustic guitars. Perfect for creating an atmosphere of joie de vivre for dance scenes, documentary montages, fun commercials, and more. This gypsy jazz music is reminiscent of The Rosenberg Trio.

      Funny People

      Spy Girls in the City! Burlesque style, cabaret track with a sound of 1930s jazz and swing music.

      Taking It Easy

      A funny and comedic jazz music with banjo, vibraphone, saxophones, and whistle featuring. Good track for animations, comedy films, hilarious videos, cooking shows, children videos, silent movies, and more.

      Vintage Streets

      Playful 1940s Big Band swing track featuring saxes, trumpets, and drums. Its upbeat, lighthearted, and full of jazz flavors with an energetic, bouncy feel. This playful and upbeat track gives a classy yet playful vibe, perfect for use in commercials, TV underscore, or corporate uses.

      Modern Advertisement

      Lively and uptempo, but also a bit sneaky cool jazz swing music with some mamba elements, full of fun and happiness. Great for funny and comical situations, cooking and food shows music, lounge and coffee shops background, dangerous and adventurous moments, crime in action caper stories, retro-styled films and projects much more.


      Are you making an unboxing video for YouTube? If you're after a fun, upbeat, and quirky vibe, then this track is for you! It's perfect for commercials, social media campaigns, and podcasts, and is sure to get your audience feeling happy and motivated. Imagine your product being used as part of this song!

      Fun Cooking

      Funky swing music with a classic Gatsby feel. A lighthearted and energetic track perfect for a party setting. Humming strings, brass and flute add the perfect amount of class and elegance to this lively tune. Perfect for party scenes, dance sequences or anything in need of a happy-go-lucky mood!

      La Vie En Jazz

      Happy, carefree, playful, and catchy acoustic gypsy French jazz swing music track with acoustic guitar, accordion, bass, and jazz percussion. Great as a joyful and bright background for your special videos. It can be easily used as a background for travel, lifestyle, vacation video, advertising, and more.

      Joe The Jazzy Man

      This old-school jazz swing composition features driving horns, piano, electric guitar, and jazz drums. It's great for building an atmosphere of excitement, romance, relaxation, and elegance. The perfect background music for a cocktail party, casino gambling, comedy movies, food, cooking shows, or entertainment centers.

      Swing It Sunny

      Piano trio featuring marimba. This swing music is positive and optimistic and will fit well for background music, web series, cinematic productions, and funny, comical projects.

      Trouble At The Jazz Club

      This cheerful jazz music will surely bring a smile to your face with its positive and easy-going vibe. It's perfect for livening up festive scenes, making children's games more fun, or setting a relaxed atmosphere in coffee shops and cocktail parties. You'll love how it adds a touch of vintage charm to various projects, from ragtime piano performances to playful zoo and animal shows. The optimistic tunes also enhance holiday videos and create a delightful backdrop for food and cooking shows. Let this warm, joyful soundtrack accompany your journey through life's happy moments!

      Happy Jazzy Party

      Jingle Bells Electroswing is a bouncy and funny track featuring sax, clarinet backgrounds and an electro-swing rhythm section. This track creates an unusual and exciting Christmas mood.

      Welcome To The Party

      A happy, and optimistic swing music track with a sweet, and unforgettable melody. This background music is full of joy, and positive vibes is great for educational programs, DIY videos, inspirational ads, success, and achievements. Featuring ukulele, acoustic guitar, hand claps, piano, bells, and accordion.

      Welcome To Vegas

      This easy-going swing track features a warm vibraphone, boogie-woogie piano riff, bouncing double bass and smooth brushes to create a relaxing, vintage mood. This song is perfect for travel scenes, romantic comedy, cooking show or kitchen scene.

      Wanna See You

      Jazz swing music recorded with piano tri­o, easy listening and cool. This music will be great for ambient music and background usages.

      Suburban Honeymoon

      Bouncy and feel-good retro chic electro swing music to add some quirkiness and vintage cool to special project. Featuring clarinet, honky-tonk piano and pumping house beats. Best for dance halls, swinging and twirling people, vintage movie scenes. In the style of Parov Stelar, Yolanda Be Cool, Waldeck or Caravan Palace.

      Friday Cheers

      This lively and energizing, retro electro-swing track blends live bass tuba, electronic drums, brush snare, and Dixieland clarinet and trumpet. A joyful mix of retro rhythms with a modern sound, this cheerful track is a perfect match for commercials, YouTube videos, slideshows, and more!

      Jingle Bells Electroswing

      Jazzy and swing music track with trumpets, brass, piano, saxophone, hand snaps, claps, contrabass, Rhodes, and brush drums. Perfect for your projects and videos.

      Full Moon In The Sky

      Are you looking for an upbeat and cheerful track? Smooth, cool, and hard to forget electro-swing music will get your feet tapping and put a smile on your face. Versatile, this song could be a perfect choice for advertising, fashion shows, video games, short movies, and music for podcasts. Similar to Parov Stelar.

      The Good Old Days

      This is a fast jazzy jam with elements of smooth swing music. Such a piece of 1930s jazz music. It is great for lounge and fashion intro, restaurant and cooking shows, smoking Chicago scenes, New York and urban moods, comedy and funny detective music, midnight nightclub, and much more.

      Funny Man

      A romantic, gentle, and uplifting French jazz cafe music. Featuring a classic "Jazz Manouche" sound with acoustic guitar, accordion, and drums that evokes European travel and good times. Perfect for true love stories, romantic comedies, buddy movies, road trips, etc.

      I Like Moving

      A bouncy and happy swing track featuring brass section, soprano and tenor sax with a solid and swinging rhythmic section to create a vintage, glamour and feel-good mood.

      Juggling Swinging Time

      Piano tri­o featuring marimba. This swing music is positive and optimistic and will fit well for background music, web series, cinematic productions and funny, comical projects.

      Quirky Swing

      This is a piece of jazzy and smooth swing music, full of humor and smile. Think of this track as a background for a detective comedy, a stylish advertisement, or a funny cartoon. It makes you think of something noir, but yet very amusing. It is also great for plots about casinos, the Italian mafia, secret agents and gangsters, or just poker gambling.

      The Big Band Show

      Magical and joyful royalty free Christmas music tune featuring bells, glockenspiel, strings, woodwinds, horns, harps, percussion and swing drums - would fit perfectly to Christmas related projects, trailers, commercials, motivational videos, corporate uses, product promos, presentations, TV and film. Happy Christmas!

      Jazzy Smile

      This is positive and easy-going jazz music, full of fun and smile. It is great for positive and cheerful scenes, kids and children's games, coffee shops music, jazz clubs, chefs and restaurant kitchen shows, vintage and retro projects, funny and comical backgrounds, cartoon and animations videos, humor and comedy advertising, optimistic and joyful Youtube videos, pantomime and silent films, food and cooking shows, french and Italian moods and much more.

      Swinging Boots

      What is music? Music is happiness. Music is energy. Music...is Life! So let this uplifting jazzy big band track boost your videos and add a wow-effect to your scenes. This music perfectly fits for jazz and swing background, casino and poker games, television openers, night shows opener, vintage broadway party, or home improvement videos. Main instruments: brass section and horns, big band drums, bass.

      Lets Swing It Baby

      Nice and happy commercial swing with beautiful melodies recorded with gypsy swing acoustic guitars, drums and bass. Perfect for your video presentations, advertising, films, video game music.

      At The Italian Restaurant

      This is a big band swing track featuring drums, bass, piano, and brass section. It's uplifting and positive with a catchy melody. A perfect choice for TV and radio commercials, videos, and films to help your audio production really shine.

      Funny Person

      This one is an easy listening acoustic jazz music with light swing movement and a relaxing atmosphere. Perfect background for restaurant atmosphere, cooking shows, lounge areas, drinks advertising, coffee promotions, luxury lifestyle, music for elevators, call centers, and bars.

      Bright Swinging

      Warm and bouncy electro-swing track, featuring a proud Sax melody, clarinets background, guitar and a strong rhythmic section to create a happy and uplifting mood.

      Funky Town

      A cheerful, upbeat, gypsy swing track with a pleasant melody reminiscent of Italian / Mediterranean traditions and sounds. Ideal for productions related to cooking music, dining or friendly, family atmospheres. Loop and full version available.

      Jingle Bells Vinyl

      A delightful jazzy and vintage Christmas version of Jingle Bells carrol. This Christmas-style logo track features vinyl jazz chops, lo-fi hip hop beats, punchy drums, spiced with sleighbells and chimes. Ideal for any edgy and hip Christmas productions, vintage commercials, product presentations, retro TV shows, holiday music videos, or any other media application.

      Nostalgic Feelings

      A dynamic, positive and uplifting swing track. Brass section, horns, drums and upright bass give this track an organic feel. A perfect music for cooking videos, pet videos, web commercials, advertorials, tutorial advertisements, personal videos, web videos and much more. You'll get the attention you need for your project with this catchy tune!

      Swing Club

      An original uplifintg composition that's suited for your corporate media, advertising, commercials, and presentations! This track features a groovy ukulele and mandolin strum, hip piano, bass, a lead whistling melody, and swinging percussion and drums. An awesome pick-me-up song for your next project!

      Detectives Mind

      Bouncy and swinging featuring soprano sax, clarinet background, rag-time piano comping, banjo and rhythm section to create a happy and exciting version of the very famous song Happy Birthday.

      Dear Old Broadway

      An old school traditional jazz music with live acoustic sound and easy listening mood. Main instruments are piano, upright bass, jazz drum kit, vibraphone and electric guitar. This beautiful royalty free track in retro swing style will be perfect for vintage 50s and 60s videos, traditional American dance and cocktail party videos, formal nights videos, stylish advertising, radio shows and sets or more.

      Retro Town

      A fun-filled electro dance music track that combines pounding drums with electronic, funk guitars. Crisp hand claps are accompanied by slap-style bass lines on the hook for a pumped-up, high-energy sound. This music will get your toes tapping and head bopping to the beat. This track would be great for any fun movement projects, including sports-related shows, sporting events, club/bar scenes, fun videos, etc. Keep moving with this upbeat track.

      Swinging Jingle Bells

      Pleasant, jazzy, and feel-good, this acoustic guitar swing is beautifully arranged with acoustic bass and accordion. Think of a food blogger cooking something delicious in the kitchen while making you drool. This track has a very authentic and organic feel. Ideal background music for cooking recipes, lifestyle videos, product presentations, and products for the home.

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    It’s time to get your groove on. All you need is an upbeat and a partner to dance to the swing music. Swing was in vogue back in the 1930s owing to its driving intensity and lack of restraint, helping people break free of excessive worry and freeing up their plagued minds. We’re witnessing a revival of pieces of music of a particular rhythmic style. Why did this rhythmic style suddenly become so popular again? We’ll never know. But it’s better it happened.

    What is swing music, anyway?

    Swing music is a form of jazz that originated in the United States between two critical historical events: the Great Depression and World War II. It brought respectability to jazz, which penetrating the ballrooms of America. Ballroom dancers were getting tired of the rigors imposed by turbulent jazz dancing and came to prefer more sentimental music. The musical genre reached broad audiences in dance halls across the country, radio, and records. Popular vocalists such as Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra brought a new element to swing dance music.

    Big bands and the Swing Era

    Big Bands generally performed large orchestras divided into saxophones, trumpets, trombones, and a rhythmic section. Each instrument held a specific role in the ensemble. Ben Pollack, Duke Ellington, and Fletcher Henderson were some of the most important figures in the Swing Era.

    Not only did the bands record the music they played, but they also organized jam sessions, where they improvised music based on the audience’s likes and dislikes. The big band sound is defined by varied sections, driving rhythms, simple harmonies, and individual solos.

    Three important features to know about

    Jazz and swing are the same things for many people, although there are striking cultural and musical differences between the two. To the untrained ear, the styles of music are vaguely similar. The distinctive elements of swing music include:

    1. Danceability. The music is meant to be danced to, often with lifts, spins, and flips. The upbeat tempo makes the songs perfect for the dance groove. It’s the most joyful dance in the world. You can get to know new people.
    2. Call-and-response figures. Musicians build on each other’s offerings and move the song along to come up with a sound that’s both ingenious and collective. A certain part of the music serves as the call and is answered by a different part of the music.
    3. Formal arrangements. More formal arrangements were introduced to the ensemble. Soloists used to improvise with their songs, but band leaders would write down their favorite parts and include them in the composition.

    Let’s briefly unpack electro swing

    Electro swing isn’t something new. It originated in the 1990s, resulting from the work of hip-hop artists who remixed old music. Electro swing is a heavier, more driving version of big band swing. Big band electro swing enjoys immense popularity among European artists like Parov Stelar and Caravan Palace. We No Speak Americano, by Yolanda Be Cool, solidified this genre’s fame. There’s no better time than now to start listening to big band electro swing. It’s everything you need.

    If you need to use a song for a commercial project, an ad perhaps, look into royalty free swing music. The good news is that you don’t have to search any further for jazzy tunes. Melody Loops offers high-quality music, making it simpler for individuals and companies to enhance their digital content. To make the most out of the library, use the search function. When you find what you’re looking for, download the melody and use it as you see fit.

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