• Royalty free Ragtime music

    • Boogie Piano by Music Ideas

      The track is a piano honky tonk style melody, which will make you feel like in a silent black-and-white movie. This is the perfect background music for your commercial, tv show, movie, or any other needs you have. It has a funny and entertaining tone that will get the right feeling about your project.

      Silent Movie Ragtime by Elena Naumova

      A silent film classic. An elegant yet upbeat, this cheery piece of piano ragtime music brings to mind the era of silent films with Charlie Chaplin or Mary Pickford. It can be used as background music in various applications, including quirky commercials, silent film comedies, dance halls with swinging and twirling people, and more.

      Meatball Racing by Emilio Merone

      This was created as a cool soundtrack for those black and white scenes with an old film effect in your video projects. The piano playing a classic ragtime music was slightly detuned and equalized to give it the sound of an old recording. Also, vinyl noise and a movie projector sound were added for authenticity.

      Funny Way Of Life by Eitan Epstein Music

      A happy and nostalgic bouncing rag-time piano track will help you create a positive but ironic mood, keeping everyone in a good mood and making your customers feel good.

      Wanna See You by AG Music

      Add a touch of nostalgia and some class with this 1920s style solo piano music. It has an upbeat royalty free ragtime sound that is perfect for nostalgic slideshows or silent film accompaniment. It is also the perfect backdrop for your live-streamed gaming sessions or just for videos about vintage cars, classic buildings, etc.

      Fingers Race Rag by Emilio Merone

      Imagine to watch a funny scene from a silent movie of the 20's. You can hear from an old radio playing a piano that plays a ragtime music and suddenly everything turns in black and white!

      Junk Yard Scavengers by Ionics Music

      Fun western-style jig containing rustic elements suggests farming or an American country setting. A lively piano-backed and banjo creates a typical ragtime feel, making it useful for comedy or quirky end uses.

      Eat The Plum by Emilio Merone

      An old school traditional royalty free Ragtime music with honky-tonk piano leading in a bit Charlie Chaplin like style. This royalty-free track has a funny and entertaining atmosphere which is perfect for cooking shows, master classes, theatrical performances, circus video, presentations and TV programs. This background music can be used in 'silent movie' videos, circus videos, foolish and quirky videos as well as children videos or more on your choice. There are 3 versions included: 1) Full track; 2) Piano Solo; 3) Seamless loop

      Funny Honky Tonk by Eitan Epstein Music

      This fancy, upbeat and nostalgic background music will help you create a positive but ironic mood. This background track keeps everyone in a good mood and makes your customers feel good. It features a bouncing rag-time piano.

      The Bad Clown by RGMusic

      Bouncy and whimsical, featuring Ragtime piano and fancy ukulele that creates a quirky, humorous mood. Good for funny videos, home stories, and cooking shows.

      Tap Room Rag by Geoff Harvey

      This melody in the style of ragtime music, uplifting and fills us with joy and light. Think about Charlie Chaplin and silent movies.

      Raggamuffin by Geoff Harvey

      Old-time. silent movie-style detuned piano piece, in the style of late 1900s ragtime. Suggests madcap antics or possibly chase scene. Twanging banjo hints of an American Western movie. Supported with subtle retro vinyl record hiss and scratches to enhance old-fashioned feel. Useful of parody or comedy.

      Ragtime Fun by Eitan Epstein Music

      A cool and trendy mix of old school hip-hop, chillhop, and even ragtime. Creates a really high spirit and will work nicely as a background for different kinds of projects. Fits perfectly for YouTube vlog, street fashion, travel video, urban and street lifestyle, food festivals, youth advertising music, photo slideshow, cute video, etc.

      Times Square Swing by Emilio Merone

      This is happy and funny children's music, full of humor and smile. It is great for comedy and cartoon videos, playful and joyful scenes, funny detective and spying moods, children and kids background, quirky and sneaky films, cute and easy moods, funny animals videos, animation games, funny youtube videos, happy and positive moods, and more.

      Fun On The Farm by Roman Cano

      A funny and bouncy royalty free ragtime tune with a playful mood and groovy bass line. Sounding naughty and playful. Suitable for comedies, children related productions and funny commercials. Featuring an upright bass, baritone saxophone, violin, beatboxing, piano and mouth trumpet. Colourful music to compliment your humorous production.

      Silent Reel Piano by Rick Dickert

      Cheerful and lighthearted ragtime loop featuring piano, toy piano, ukulele and bells. Perfect for kids casual games, happy pets videos, sweet comedy, rustic lifestyle, children ad music campaigns, or old-time movie scenes.

      Think Twice Before by Elena Naumova

      This is funny and comic jazz music, full of humor and smile. It is great for positive and optimistic background music, comedy trailers, playful and amusing projects, happy and cheerful videos, cute and easy moods, cartoon and humor scenes, children and kids games, hilarious and joyful commercials, awesome and friendly youtube videos and much more.

      Natural Process by Ionics Music

      Light and bouncy, featuring piano, in the style of Ragtime, that creates a bluesy and fancy mood.

      Italian Cuisine by DPmusic

      Theme from the early twentieth century. The old-style piano is suitable for underscoring historic events accompanying vintage video or photo slideshows of yesteryear. Think about Charlie Chaplin and silent movies. Classic 1930s music track.

      Happy Old Times by Emilio Merone

      Bouncy and feel-good retro chic electro swing music to add some quirkiness and vintage cool to special project. Featuring clarinet, honky-tonk piano and pumping house beats. Best for dance halls, swinging and twirling people, vintage movie scenes. In the style of Parov Stelar, Yolanda Be Cool, Waldeck or Caravan Palace.

      That Funny Moment by DPmusic

      Funny and happy music with uplifting mood and cheerful atmosphere. Good background for cooking shows, comedy videos, comic moments, children shows, advertising, food and beverage presentations, shopping malls, friendly videos and more.

      Chaplin Piano by Rick Dickert

      Laid-back and carefree track, featuring Jazzy stride solo acoustic piano that creates a happy-go-lucky mood. Perfect to create a slightly retro feel for voice-over narration, a vintage film noir movie, nostalgia, and relaxation.

      Delicious Cooking by DPmusic

      This is positive and easy-going jazz music with ragtime piano style, full of fun and smile. It is great for positive and cheerful scenes, kids and children games, coffee shops music, cocktail parties background, jazz clubs, chefs and restaurant kitchen shows, vintage and retro projects, humor and comedy advertising, holiday and vacations background music, optimistic and joyful youtube videos, pantomime and silent films and much more.

      Uncle Brian Delta Blues by Emilio Merone

      Funny and positive vaudeville music with an uplifting and humorous atmosphere. Main instruments are violin, acoustic guitar, banjo, upright piano, electric bass, bells and drums. This quirky and playful royalty-free tune will be perfect as a background music for cooking shows, Italian cuisine presentations, food and beverage videos, circus shows, comic scenes, comedy videos, children games, silly and cheerful videos or more.

      Monkey Business by Ionics Music

      A dark fantasy and artistic track, with 'Tim Burton' atmosphere and mixed feelings! 'The Bad Clown' will travel you in a magic world where darkness and fantasy reigns. Are you having fun or you just starting to get scared? Ideal for Halloween Videos, Dark Fantasy, and Black Comedy Films.

      Its Time For Ragtime by Elena Naumova

      Jazzy duet playing and elegant music, great for backgrounds and ambient situations. This music is easy listening and smooth. Great for evening bar scenes, art gallery events, coffee ads, theatre intermission, carefree scenes, etc.

      Jazzy Piano by Manuel Ochoa

      A fun, easy going simple tune full of positive energy and cheerful melody. Featuring piano and clarinet. Perfect for positive corporate videos, animation and games.

      Jazzy Friends by Manuel Ochoa

      A unique tune with a great sense of humor and full of rhythm in shoes of tap dance. Suitable for animations and comedies, caper story, magic show, cooking video music, vintage cinema, Harry Potter like movie. Featuring strings, muted piano, and various junk percussion.

      Old Uncle Jake Blues by Emilio Merone

      This is a funny and comical track. Great for comedy and humor scenes, cartoon and animation videos, funny youtube videos, kids and children projects, amusing and playful backgrounds and much more. Orchestration: piano, bass, drums, ukulele, percussion, xylophone,

      Out Of Mind by Emilio Merone

      Piano jazz music, bouncy and happy. This music is medium tempo, traditional and acoustic and will fit well for background music, cocktail, bar, restaurants, and others.

      Old Ragtime Movie Theme by AG Music

      Old school boogie music with rock beat and drive. Honky Tonk piano with some old vinyl record effects at the beginning and full band instruments starting then. Perfect background music for old silent movies style such as Charlie Chaplin etc.

      Amusing Ragtime by Eitan Epstein Music

      Jazzy piano music, silly and comical. This music is happy, optimistic and positive. Great for comedy short film, black and white silent films, old-time salons, cartoons, kids show, Chicago of 1920s, etc.

      The Jazz Life by Manuel Ochoa

      This is a funny and comical track. Great for comedy and humor scenes, cartoon and animation videos, funny youtube videos, kids and children projects, amusing and playful backgrounds and much more. Orchestration: piano, drums, bass, tuba, percussion, ukulele

      Honkytonk Ragtime by AG Music

      Clumsy piano music great for comedy and cortoon. Jazz, old style, medium tempo.

      Old Funny Piano by Manuel Ochoa

      Fun and easy melody, which is well suited for video games, children’s TV show, comic shows, videos or background, etc. There is also loop version of the track.

      Silent Movie by DPmusic

      Play with me is a Joyful, playful children's track. With percussion, piano bells and marimba and orchestra in a very Funny and Sweet mood. Can also be for a children's stage show, clowns or circus act, puppet show etc. Kids fooling around, babies and cartoon, games, Podcast and commercials.

      Funny Bear by Manuel Ochoa

      "Lounge Cocktail Party" is a jazzy track orchestrated with double bass, piano and drums. This track is good for romantic scenes, receptions, lounge and cocktail parties, Woody Allen style movies, oldies and much more.

      Old Radio by Emilio Merone

      That is a funny and animated funk track with piano, electric bass, and drums, with different sections and dynamics. Perfect tune for funny scenes and videos. Great for poker gameplay, casino, lounge settings, trendy events, parties and celebrations.

      Happy Groovy by Manuel Ochoa

      Funny, happy, graceful music recorded on piano. This jazzy music has a touch of comical feeling and will fit for old, humorous, traditional situations and commercial projects. Surprise ending. Like in Charlie Chaplin movies.

      Summer Way by Nazar Rybak

      Simple and easy listening jazzy piano music. Great music for backgrounds, silly, old, funny, retro projects. This track was recorded in a grand acoustic piano

      Lounge Cocktail Party by Eitan Epstein Music

      Happy instrumental track featuring organ and piano. Very rhythmic and positive this music is like "Herbie Hancock" playing a piano groove accompanied with cool organ melodies

      Old Style Piano by Manuel Ochoa

      Cool blues track, medium tempo and easy listening. Left hand play a constant rhythm and right hand play sensual bluesy, jazzy melodies.

      Bouncing With Me by Manuel Ochoa

      Theme from the early twentieth century. Old-style piano is good for underscoring narration of historic events accompanying vintage video or photo slide-shows of yesteryear. Think about Charlie Chaplin and silent movies. Classic 1930s music track.

      Happy Piano Blues by Manuel Ochoa

      A western themed comedy melody combining De-tuned piano, fiddle, tuba, guitar drums and occasional banjo. Very quirky and useful for animation or comedy scenes. The melody contains rural elements which suggests farm life and cowboy elements.

      Hillbilly Ragtime by Geoff Harvey

      Theme from the early twentieth century. The old-style piano sounds like in saloon or in silent film. Could work great for Charlie Chaplin comedy, fun facts or children stuff.

      Funny Rag by Evgenii Serebriakov

      Solo stride piano in 77 second loop inspired by piano roll style, suggested for nostalgic scenes, transitions, and early 20th century flashbacks. Also for silent movie sequences and underscoring narration of historic events accompanying vintage video or photo slide-shows of yesteryear.

      Hotel Lobby Piano by Rick Dickert

      Solo piano trades light jazz riffs with simple alternate chord melody. Suggested for minor key cocktail piano scenes, selfish film sequences, depictions of corporate efficiency and underscoring of espionage. Key of G minor, 89 beats/min

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    Ragtime music is a uniquely American musical phenomenon that enjoyed a lot of popularity towards the end of the 19th century and into the first two decades of the 20th century. This style has its origins in African-American communities. This style is defined by syncopated melodies over a marching beat as the accented note in measurement falls between the main beats. Needless to say, that this leads to a unique and complex offset sound that excites the listeners.


    Ragtime is the predecessor of jazz in the US before 1920. Back then, it was extensively used in entertainment and movies thanks to its energetic sounds that perfectly blend with all images. It is mainly known as the extension that came to life from European classical music and African syncopation. And, its most famous pioneer is Scott Joplin, also known as the “King of Ragtime”.

    Ragtime piano music was firstly criticized by many people, especially classical musicians, at that time, and it was thought to be a “poor playing. However, it soon gained popularity because no one can resist its dynamic notes and energetic melodies. The ragtime music style was first played using string instruments like guitars or banjos. Yet, it was published as piano music after it was no longer criticized but rather seen as an innovative playing.

    Ragtime piano music

    Ragtime piano music is a complex phenomenon that only music masters can play. Imagine playing the piano? Is it difficult? Now imagine playing the piano while each of your hands plays something different. Impossible, right? The left hand playing the piano represents the rhythm section of the melody playing a succession of base notes and chords.

    Do you feel like dancing when listening to ragtime? You most likely do because that’s its purpose. The sounds of ragtime are so dynamic and energetic because they are supposed to keep you on a high note and make you want to dance.

    Needless to say, the ragtime music style played a major role in influencing modern music. Its powerful rhythms and energetic syncopations can still be recognized in some of today’s melodies. The main genre influenced by ragtime is jazz which’s foundation is, in fact, ragtime and its dynamic piano notes and succession of sounds.

    Even today, ragtime music can have a powerful impact when used as background music to keep the audience invested. You can still hear it in tv shows, movies, cartoons, even talk shows, or any other type of entertainment online such as explainer videos or animations.

    Although it has joined the music scene more than a century ago, ragtime music isn’t expected to become unpopular any time soon simply because it makes your heart and body want to dance. Whether you want to learn more about this music style or create an entertaining online video and need energetic background music, you can choose from a wide selection of melodies and buy ragtime piano music.

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