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    • A Beautiful Story by Music Ideas

      Very beautiful and romantic music will grace your media project (slideshow, romantic video, advertising, movie). Melody played on grand piano, accompanied by acoustic guitar and orchestral strings.

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      Playing Together by Azovmusic

      Medium Tempo. Calm and inspiring. Two solemn acoustic guitars and a piano combine to create a flowing and reflective inspired piece.

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      Join Our Dreams by Soundroll

      Happy and motivational acoustic music with mandolin strumming and human foot stomps. This background music brings energy and joy to any projects like corporate animations, real estate slideshow, family videos and others.

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      Funny Zoo by DPmusic

      This is a playful and funny game track with xylophone, glockenspiel, tuba, and pizzicato strings featured. Perfect for games, children's videos, animations, comedy videos, entertainment content, and many more.

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      Let The Sun Shine by Azovmusic

      Beautiful and shiny acoustic guitar melody, that sounds nice, calm, and magical. This music track depicts the story of a young, beautiful and talented girl, who wants to express her feelings through the guitar. The main idea of this melody is based on love, affection, strong beliefs in oneself, and the ability to achieve the goals by not being distracted by negative thoughts. This composition is perfect as background music for romantic videos, life story documentaries, etc.

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      Dream Wonderland by Nazar Rybak

      Inspiring and beautiful fusion of electronic and acoustic music. Featuring warm piano, soft nylon guitar, and minimalistic synth sound. Perfect for timelapse video, nature scenes, rustic commercial, organic living, also good as corporate or casual background music.

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      The Top Of The Morning by ikoliks

      This one is highly inspirational and motivational production music. Featuring acoustic guitars and a grand piano intro, ambient electric guitars, soft orchestral strings, bright bells, and epic drums that inspire greatness. Best for your corporate and business videos, commercials and advertising, presentations, web projects, vlogs, and animations.

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      The Best Day Of My Life by Music Box

      Motivational and uplifting corporate background music. Inspiring & uplifting acoustic pop track in corporate genre with a soft motivational feeling. Suitable for promotional media and uplifting marketing videos.

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      Going Back Home by Diva Production Music

      Uplifting, warm and inspirational acoustic music track, perfect for commercials, advertising, marketing, TV, YouTube and more.

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      Ukulele Children by Rolikmusic

      This song is a happy, fun, joyful, and uplifting track suitable for various media types. The ukulele brings a touch of the tropics to the track and will motivate your audience to feel happy and upbeat. It features a ukulele, piano, guitar, bass, and drums.

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      Natural Breeze by ABCstudio

      Inspiring acoustic folk-pop with an exciting and lovely feeling of freedom. 4 versions included.

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      Fun Cooking by DPmusic

      This is funny and cheerful acoustic music with jazzy banjo, acoustic guitar, and honky-tonk piano featuring. This is hilarious and positive old school style music will be perfect for cooking shows, food and beverage videos, circus videos, funny and silly moments, comedy videos, children videos, quirky and happy videos or more.

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      We Hope For The Best by Ivan Marklove

      An inspiring, happy, and light-hearted corporate acoustic background music. Perfect for any business and personal projects, presentations, tv or radio adverts, or any situation when you want to create a feeling of warmth and comfort associated with home and family love. Light flute with strings and acoustic guitar accompanied by various percussion instruments, making the track very romantic and soft.

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      Keep Smile by APmuse

      This is an uplifting and happy acoustic music with a mellow and positive mood. Ukulele, whistling, soothing bells, and glockenspiel create a cheerful melody. Perfect for all kinds of happy video projects such as commercials, presentations and much more. If you need a super-bright and positive track for your next video then this could be the one!

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      Amazing Story by DPmusic

      This is beautiful acoustic music with guitar, piano, strings, cello and bells. A wonderful cinematic track can be perfectly used for a romantic movie, wedding love stories, lovely and sweet videos or other similar projects.

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      Fun Adventures by Emanmusic

      Upbeat, happy, and optimistic track featuring bouncy acoustic guitars, bright bells, playful piano, whistling, banjo, and a fun groove completed with handclaps and finger snaps. Ideal background music for videos, children’s projects, funny and charming YouTube videos, presentations, vlogs, advertising and marketing videos, summer videos, travel videos, and social media.

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      Sweet Morning Smile by APmuse

      This is a cheerful and happy track with ukulele, acoustic guitar, claps, and bells. Sounds carefree and fun. Has a beautiful, catchy melody. It's perfect to add a positive and sunny atmosphere to your project.

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      Sunshine Everyday by APmuse

      This is a sunny, carefree, upbeat acoustic music track with a catchy, easy-going melody and warm mood. Cheerful ukulele, bright guitars and soft percussion create a great mix for all kind of happy type video content like: children videos, advertising, vlogs, travel videos and more.

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      Clouds Of Joy by Mark Woollard

      This mellow acoustic track is a great choice for voice-over, on-hold music, and any children's project. Features acoustic guitar and bells. It is optimistic, and friendly – making it just right for your next project!

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      Calm Morning by Azovmusic

      Hopeful, optimistic, and gentle piano and acoustic guitar that create a tender and soft mood. Ideal background music for rustic videos, Third Wave Coffee places, travel, and an excellent calm atmosphere.

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      Acoustic Day by Premium TraX

      Positive, uplifting and inspiring acoustic music track with a happy and optimistic feel featuring acoustic guitars, percussion, strings, bass and drums.

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      The Memory Of Us by AG Music

      “The Memory of Us” is beautiful, tender, and romantic background music for your projects. This track is perfect for romantic and inspiring slideshows, love story videos, inspirational commercials or documentary films, charity video campaigns, wedding background music, and sentimental videos.

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      Latin Dreams by Manuel Ochoa

      Cool latin music with a Brazilian mood. Samba, bossa nova, acoustic music.This music will fit well for chill out, ambient and relaxed moments.

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      The Ray Of Light by Infraction

      This gentle and tender folk-pop track is perfect as background music for a happy and heartfelt video. Featuring acoustic guitar, ukulele, piano, and claps, this piece offers a warm and cozy feel. This is wonderful backdrop music for any video about friendship, kids, pets or love.

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      Travelling With Friends by ihsandincer

      A carefree, positive, friendly, and catchy acoustic/folk track featuring acoustic guitars, ukulele, claps, glockenspiel, bells, bass and percussion. Perfect choice for websites, tutorials, explainers, music for slideshows, kids videos, animal videos, tutorials, explainers, vlogs, corporate presentations and much more

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      Relax Inn by Alex Grey

      Warm and relax acoustic music. Best choice for lounge, chill zone, beach holidays and any vacations.

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      Children Smile by Music Ideas

      Cute, funny, and kind music for your video in a medium tempo. Piano, ukulele, bells in melody acoustic bass, drums. Perfect for children’s projects, slideshows, YouTube videos, animation, commercials, advertising, and more.

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      Im On My Way by AG Music

      Very soft and cheerful acoustic composition with an uplifting outlook. This theme will grab your viewer's attention, and stirs up emotions of love, happiness, and cheerful mood. Ideal for a wide range of projects related to love, romance, together forever, rustic wedding, Valentine's day, and so on.

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      Spring Sunshine by Diva Production Music

      Inspirational and uplifting acoustic music track. It will certainly work well with commercials, advertising, marketing campaigns, TV, YouTube videos, real estate virtual tours and slideshow, presentations, promotions, and more.

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      Looking Up by Mark Woollard

      A beautiful, melodic acoustic track that is both sensitive and understated. Ideal for many types of projects, from voiceovers to product marketing and beyond. This mellow and peaceful track will add a touch of calm and class to any project that needs an elegant touch.

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      Green Fields by Azovmusic

      Calm and gentle acoustic folk background music played with guitar and piano. Perfect for romantic love stories and wedding videos, call hold music, travel photo slideshow, children video, positive advertising montage, and creative video projects, needing a rustic vibe.

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      Inspiring Novelette by DPmusic

      This is sincere and inspiring acoustic music with guitar, piano, strings, bass, and light drums. Beautiful background music for wedding videos, love stories, family slide-shows or other media projects.

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      Panda Kid by Mike Nowa

      Mid-tempo acoustic pop track, full of emotion and tenderness. Acoustic piano and clear harmonies play a beautiful melody through this song. This positive and inspirational track is great for heartfelt stories and can be used as background music in children's videos, games, animations, and more.

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      Our Inspiring Story by AudioPanda

      This gentle acoustic folk tune with a natural warm sound brings up hopeful and positive vibes. A perfect fit for moments of love, freedom, joy, and happiness. 5 versions included.

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      Acoustic Memory by Nazar Rybak

      Light and bright acoustic music with guitar, piano, strings and percussion. This sweet and gentle track is suitable for advertising, promo videos, family story, YouTube videos or other projects.

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      Romantic Scene by DPmusic

      This is a beautiful and lovely romantic track in cinematic style with acoustic guitar, strings, piano, cello, and celesta featuring. Perfect music for movies, cinematic videos, melodramas, love stories, sentimental moments, weddings, and many more.

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      Inviting Warmth by Jeremy Kim

      A positive and optimistic acoustic guitar and piano duet. Excellent music background for family-oriented material, precious memories, love, and never-ending friendships, wedding tips, and ideas, engagement video, romantic getaways, and uplifting commercials film. Enjoy!

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      True Inspiration by Alex Grey

      Warm, calm and positive acoustic music. Pluck sound, nice ambiance, deep strings. Ideal background for any video events.

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      Want To Have You by GreenBird

      Summer track in style of acoustic with ukulele. The track is happy and upbeat moods. Perfect for photo slide show, vacation video and TV advertising, backgrounds on the media.

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      True Colors by Alex Borg

      True Colors is a folk acoustic guitar track with a warm sound perfect for any type of projects. Suitable for travel videos, advertising background, commercial videos, film opener, Youtube, movie intro music, tv show, business videos, viral marketing, interview background, tourism videos, world vision or any other media projects.

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      Gospel in the Stars by Manuel Ochoa

      Light acoustic music, very soulful and relaxed. The Drums play a simple groove with a large ambient and the piano play gospel chards. This music is simple and will be great for credits, background music and easy listening music.

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      Think Positive Whatever Happen by DPmusic

      This positive tune will be perfect for advertising, educational content, games, tutorials, children videos, animations, happy and optimistic videos, or many more. Featuring instruments are acoustic guitar, piano xylophone, guitar, glockenspiel, strings, and electric bass.

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      Fresh Feeling by Azovmusic

      Favorable, positive uplifting, and feel-good acoustic composition. Perfect for a new day starts, happy and relaxing awakening in the sunny morning, morning-themed commercials, light-hearted moments, pleasant meetings. Enjoy the beautiful day and be ready for adventures.

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      Sweet Childhood by Ivan Marklove

      Sweet and nostalgic cheerful Ukulele tune for your next great project. This music track is fulfilled with strong emotions of joy, happiness and lightness. Become a great addition to your next family or kids commercial, personal presentation for your relatives, facebook or Tik-Tok videos about cooking or animals, etc.

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      A Stroll In The Park by ihsandincer

      Mellow and hopeful acoustic folk track, with a cosy and heartwarming ambience. Choose this background music for cooking recipes videos, before and after house flips, happy B-Day celebration with family and beloved one, social media content, and more. Enjoy the life with MelodyLoops :)

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      Happiest Day by DPmusic

      This is light, happy and cheerful acoustic music with easy-going atmosphere, positive mood and catchy sound. Perfect background audio for any Video, Media, YouTube, Radio, Promo, Presentations, Commercials, Advertising and other Multimedia Projects.

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      Look At The Mind by GreenBird

      Inspiring indie-folk track with acoustic guitar, banjo, glockenspiel, and warm pad. This track evokes a feeling of joy and happiness. It's perfect for advertising videos, tutorials, presentations, nature, family videos, and any other project that needs an uplifting background music.

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      Travel In Autumn by ihsandincer

      Emotional and hopeful acoustic indie folk track with a taste for adventures. This soulful composition, very optimistic and straightforward, includes an acoustic guitar and handclaps. Best for your YouTube vlogs, colorful slideshow music, bright travel video, commercial production, countryside journey, autumn road trips, or as the soundtrack for The Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac.

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      Acoustic Atmosphere Music by Eitan Epstein Music

      This is an atmospheric acoustic music, full of emotion and new hopes. Great for optimistic and inspirational projects, social advertisement, corporate and business videos, as on hold music for different use.

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      Feel So Wonderful by DPmusic

      A beautiful and touching acoustic pop track with piano, guitars, strings, pads, and electric bass. This inspiring tune helps to evoke feelings of love, happiness, friendship, memories, and romance. Great for any wedding-related video, photo slideshow, or other inspirational videos.

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    Acoustic music is a type of music played without employing electronic equipment, so it's based entirely or predominantly on instruments that produce sounds through acoustic means.

    Once upon a time, all the music that was produced was entirely acoustic. Then electric instruments such as electric guitar, electric violin, electric organ, or synthesizer came along and changed how music was made. However, this doesn't mean that artists and musicians stopped creating music using non-acoustic instruments. On the contrary, people's interest in listening to this type of music remained unchanged.

    Today, acoustic music represents a prevalent music genre that attracts a large number of listeners. And although defining this concept has led to numerous debates, as different artists have different views and understanding of the term, everyone agrees that this music genre has a unique appeal.

    Types of acoustic instruments

    Acoustic instruments can be separated into six main categories: string instruments, wind instruments, percussion, other instruments, ensemble instruments, and unclassified instruments. These are the main instruments used to produce these types of tunes.

    However, artists and musicians who don't hold a conservative approach to the genre also use electric instruments to create unique sound effects and bring a note of originality to the songs they play. That led to various styles in producing tracks in the genre and sometimes made it hard to determine which songs should be included in this category.

    The extraordinary drawing power of acoustic tracks

    Many people think of this music style as being purer since electric instruments do not produce the sounds. While this might not be the best way to describe it, the tracks have a simpler and raw nature, albeit unaltered by technology or overproduction.

    Any song from any music genre can be played as acoustic. Often, people agree that acoustic versions of popular songs sound better than the original. This style is generally associated with soothing and calmer tunes, but that's not necessarily a rule. Songs from this category can also be dynamic and upbeat.

    Since the songs are so diverse and versatile, they can be used in various ways, be it for pure entertainment, at parties and events, or for personal projects, such as videos or presentations. The right acoustic background music can give your audiovisual project an emotional dimension that helps tie everything together.

    Find the best songs and tunes

    Finding great songs in this category has never been easier. Thanks to Melody Loops' acoustic music download option, you can now listen to the best songs whenever and wherever you feel like it. All you have to do is choose the tunes you like and download them on your device with a few simple clicks.

    Keep in mind that when using these types of tracks in a project, you have to protect yourself against copyright claims. That's why you should always opt for royalty-free acoustic music when searching for the right tunes. This gives you the possibility to use the songs in any way you want without facing legal issues.

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