• Mood Is Funk

      "Mood is Funk" is a lively and vibrant royalty-free background track in funk style featuring groovy basslines, rhythmic guitar riffs, a brass section, saxophone, and percussion. Perfect for YouTube vlogs, product promos, podcast intros, events, or parties, TV/Radio Ads, cooking shows, and any project that benefits from a fun and energetic musical backdrop.

      Tropical Trip

      A Classic Boom-Bap Hip-Hop track that pays homage to the golden era of Hip-Hop. With its jazzy saxophone, bumpy beats, and smooth guitars, this track is perfect for TikTok videos, Instagram reels, Instagram stories, social media, and any project looking to capture the essence of old-school Hip-Hop.

      Take Me To Miami

      A funky and groovy track with a great nu-jazz transition and an unforgettable alto saxophone, that really sounds like a mamba. So it sounds really like the works of Henry Mancini and Louis Armstrong. This carefree summer tune is great for comedy performance, evening TV show openers, and just to create a positive mood for your audience.

      Funny People

      "Take Me to Miami" is an upbeat 80s-inspired track. Lively synths, electric guitar, and energetic drums evoke the neon-lit nostalgia of Miami's 1980s scene. Perfect for retro videos, vibrant commercials, and any project in need of a groovy, feel-good vibe.

      Waiting For Summer

      A funny and comedic jazz music with banjo, vibraphone, saxophones, and whistle featuring. Good track for animations, comedy films, hilarious videos, cooking shows, children videos, silent movies, and more.

      Jazzy Lounge

      Celtic funny folk melody played on krumhorn with saxophone and acoustic guitar.

      Old Vinyl Tape

      A chill, dreamy, calm, reflective, and relaxing lo-fi hip-hop track with an electric piano, electric guitar, groovy drums, and chill vibes. Ideal as background music for cafe music, fashion, and lifestyle ads, soft intro, outro, or transitional piece, promotional videos, fashion vlogs, photo collages, and slideshow.

      Shadow In My Window

      Soulful, easy going lo-fi hip hop, with jazzy keys, saxophone hits, deep bass, and laidback beats.

      Raspberry Cocktail

      Big band funk music with a group of trumpets, saxophone and guitar. Suitable for a variety of applications such as open or close the video, TV show, roller, thanks, or any other purpose you can think of.

      Dance It Out

      A groovy and funky upbeat royalty-free disco pop music track with an energetic bass lines, funky guitars, best for fashion, sports, ads, teasers, commercials, podcasts, vlogs, and more!

      Boom Bap Street Project

      Whether you're aiming to inject a catchy and groovy vibe into your video production, set the stage for a lively party scene, or infuse your content with an uplifting and motivational touch, this Hip Hop track is your perfect companion. With its smooth saxophone melody seamlessly blending with the beats and rhymes, it creates a unique and soulful sound that suits various types of visual media. From commercials to music videos, corporate productions to reality TV shows, this versatile track has got you covered. Let it's captivating energy and seamless fusion elevate your projects to new heights of engagement and enjoyment.

      Groove On

      Very positive and hopeful melodious summer house track. Beautiful emotional saxophone, deep piano, claps and noise. The best background for any happy and inspirational moments.

      Relaxing Jazz

      Step back in time with this old-school, cool background music that seamlessly marries jazz swing with dramedy elements. Horns, piano, electric guitar, and drums come alive with the timeless rhythms of jazz. This track is perfect for media projects that require a sassy yet classic feel. Great for comedy sketches, retro-themed vlogs, vintage fashion reviews, ad campaigns, cooking shows, and more.

      Funky Dance

      This jazzy track is perfect for creating a bright and energetic vibe. Featuring jazz saxophone, guitar, organ, strings, and percussion. The perfect soundtrack for modern lifestyle videos, commercials, or video games.

      Summer Walks

      Medium tempo 40-like Gm swing jazz. Brush drums, double bass, piano, electric guitar, alto saxophone playing melody.

      Foggy Islands

      This energetic and powerful trap music featuring modern saxophone melody, punchy brass, 808 bass, and dubstep elements will make your video stand out from the crowd. It's a perfect choice for your next video project or presentation!

      Mysterious Plan

      A carefree, fun and energetic jazz music featured saxophones, trumpets, piano and nice jazz drumming. Great to use in advertisements, vlogs, funny videos, comic misadventure, cooking vlogs music, or comedy heist.

      My Bright Life

      A very romantic and atmospheric Brazilian jazz music with electric guitar, piano, flute, saxophone, muted trumpet and horns. This lovely and delightful Latin smooth jazz music can be perfect background for ads, luxury lifestyle videos, resort and spa promo, honeymoon travel, family stories, shopping mall streams, slideshows, and many more.

      Fingers On The Trigger

      Fun, upbeat, and happy jazz track. The instruments used on this track are a trumpet, alt saxophone, piano, flute drums, and upright bass. It is great to use in advertisements, vlogs, funny videos, comic actions, cooking vlogs, or comedy heists, this background music is sure to help make your video projects stand out.

      Sexy Vibes

      Cool, catchy, booming drop in hyper trendy trap subgenre – twerk, with punchy sub kicks, strong drums, dubstep bass shots, saxophone-like synthesizer, hybrid lasers bleeps, driving urban melodics and rhythmic and much more! Perfect for sports games and videos, party and event openers, youtube channel promotion, youth culture videos, urban slideshows, everyday listening.

      Sunshine Bossa

      A whimsical and captivating Manouche jazz tune with a touch of charm, humor, and playful intrigue. From the very first notes, the tune sets an intriguing and captivating tone. Ideal to add a lively and entertaining backdrop for cooking vlogs, culinary adventures, cartoons, and comedy sketches with mischievous antics. Featuring saxophone, woodwinds, piano, and double bass.

      Your Warm Breath

      A carefree, groovy and energetic jazz music featured saxophones, trumpets, human whistle, piano and nice jazz drumming. Great to use in advertisements, vlogs, funny videos, comic misadventure, cooking vlogs music, or comedy heist.

      Funky Disco Groove

      Funky disco loop, played by guitars, drums, saxophone and trumpet. Can fit for any usage.

      Las Vegas Adventure

      Jazzy and swing music track with trumpets, brass, piano, saxophone, hand snaps, claps, contrabass, Rhodes, and brush drums. Perfect for your projects and videos.

      Dont Walk Away

      Stylish, funky-style track. Rhythm guitar, playful saxophone and male voice combine together perfectly. Suitable for projects about anything urban, modern or fashion.

      Full Moon In The Sky

      This chillout lounge track in Cafe del Mar style provides a peaceful and relaxing ambiance. Perfect as background music for stores, cafes, restaurants, wellness centers or spas, hotel lobbies, lounges, bars, art galleries, book launches, or other social gatherings. This music could serve as a pleasant, relaxing background score for content creators making videos on various platforms,

      Rich And Beautiful

      Feel like everything is right with the world. Soft and ambient jazz lounge music with a feeling of warmth and safe surrounding mixed with saxophone, electric guitar, relaxing piano, synth bass, drums, and shaker. The perfect choice for relaxation.

      Coffeshop Jamz

      Cool jazz tune recorded on Trumpet, Alto Saxophone, Piano, Double bass and Drums. Medium tempo with vibrant trumpet, piano and sax solos. Recorded with real instruments this track is easy listening with a laid back swing feel

      Happy Building

      This upbeat, happy, and funky background music provides an exciting and engaging atmosphere. The track is filled with the infectious energy of claps, vocals, brass, and drums. This energetic backdrop music is a fantastic choice for commercials, lifestyle, travel, or adventure vlogs. Also, it is great for any type of social media marketing campaign on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc.

      Southern Roots

      Check out this incredible chillhop track with gorgeous saxophone bits, smooth bass, airy guitar elements, and lo-fi vinyl fx. Perfect choice for fashion vlogs, beauty blogs, urban clips, or trendy commercials. Also suitable as lounge cafe background music and much more! Enjoy it!

      Central Park

      Introducing a groovy funk music piece that is sure to get you moving and grooving. A lively ensemble of horns, saxophones, clavinet, Rhodes, bass guitar, and electric guitar makes for a captivating and energetic vibe of this track. Perfectly suits for adventure movies, casino and gambling videos, stylish advertising, travel vlogs, parties, and many more.

      Jazz In Cafe

      Carefree, upbeat, and happy jazz track. The instruments used on this track are a trumpet, tenor saxophone, drums, and upright bass. Whether it be a cooking video or a product overview video, this background music is sure to help make your video projects stand out.

      Jazz For Fun

      A modern groovy nu-jazz track that blends elements of traditional funk, jazz with dance beats. Features electric bass guitars, drums, shakers, saxophone, synths, and claps. Perfect for stylish commercials, fashion boutiques, late-night TV shows, vacation vlogs, YouTube videos, cocktail party, startup presentation.

      The Fashion

      This upbeat track best suits videos about travel, entertainment, tourism, beach holidays, and other moments. The track is associated with a tropical mood, summer inspiration, sun, blue skies, oceans, mountains, and cityscapes. Ideal for your media projects, vlogs, and advertising!

      Funky Driving

      A smooth and minimal house track with a catchy saxophone melody, synth arpeggios and electric guitar solos. This track is ideal for real estate commercials, travel videos, spa and hotel commercials, tourism videos, and many more projects.

      Sax Solutions

      A cheerful song in country style with a saxophone solo. Great for circus show, comedy films, funny adventures, children’s programs, entertainment shows and cartoons.

      Happiness In My Veins

      Witty, upbeat, and happy jazz track in the style of Louis Armstrong, a classic jazz performer. The instruments used on this track are a trumpet, tenor saxophone, drums, and upright bass. The trumpet part is performed in an improvisational style. Whether it be a cooking video or a product overview video, this background music is sure to help make your video projects stand out.

      Happy Birthday Dixieland Style

      Fast and powerful jazz tune recorded with Trumpet, Alto Saxophone, Piano, Double bass, and Drums. Moving, motivational and happy with fast swing rhythm. Jazzy melodies and very conclusive ending.

      Jazzy Hip Hop Haze

      This music is a unique blend of leisurely yet smooth jazz, infusing a pinch of my Southern heritage. It's a gentle, laid-back melody that takes you back to a simpler time, stirring up the nostalgia of my roots. It's where everything started...

      Heart On Fire

      Funky House music track featuring sax, groovy bass lines, wah-wah guitars, and an upbeat house drum beat that will make you want to dance. Great for fashion, commercials, vlogs, and videos. The infectious energy and cool saxophone melodies will bring your project to a new level.

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    If you want to buy a used saxophone, there are two things you need to consider. For one thing, you want to get the best value for your money. For another, you want to consider what type saxophone you want: alto? tenor? baritone? soprano?

    This is important because saxophones come in many shapes and sizes, all of which usually have a place in a band, orchestra, or jazz group. As the size of the instrument gets larger, the sound gets lower. Usually beginning saxophonists start learning the alto sax and then branch out to the other kinds as they progress and their interest in the sax grows.

    Since it is so important to know what kind of saxophone (both brand and size), you need to know what all the options are, how the different saxophones are alike, and how they differ. Informed choices are wiser than uninformed, and fortunately there is a lot of information available on different types of saxophones. There are basically four types of saxophones available today, though there can be the odd specially made sax that falls outside this list. But the main four types are the soprano saxophone, the alto saxophone, the tenor sax and the baritone sax.

    The soprano saxophone is the highest pitched saxophone, as you might have guessed from its name. Playing a soprano saxophone requires more skill than playing an alto or tenor sax because it takes a while to get the pitch right. Usually soprano saxophonists are also skilled in playing other types of saxophones, and in some cases only use the soprano sax when it's called for by a particular piece of music, sticking with another kind of sax for everyday use.

    The alto saxophone is the next highest pitched saxophone. While the soprano saxophone is straight, like a clarinet, the alto saxophone (and the other types of sax) is curved at the bottom, bringing the bell upright. This is the most common type of saxophone that beginners play.

    Next in pitch is the tenor saxophone. It is somewhat larger than the alto sax. Much of the music from a tenor sax is in the same range as the human voice. Tenor saxophone is used often in rock and jazz combos.

    The baritone sax has a lower range than soprano, alto, and tenor saxes do. It is often assigned to the bass section in rock and soul tunes, and it is the largest type of saxophone.

    Each type of saxophone stands out in its own best environment. If you're wanting to learn to play saxophone you should carefully decide between the types available based on what type music and/or ensemble you would like to play in. For beginners, or those unsure what kind of saxophone to learn to play, the alto sax is the most common saxophone that beginners use. For use in a jazz combo, however, a tenor sax may work better. If you love the sax but aren't so much interested in a "starring" role, the baritone sax lets you carry a bass line as the foundation of a musical combination.

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