• Royalty free House music

    • Sunshine Club MP3

      A positive and uplifting feel good track with a funky house style. Live electric guitars and electric bass will keep your ears perked up while percussions and pluck synth sounds add depth and character to this track. This music is perfect for product videos, inspirational presentations and advertisements.

      Tropical Resort MP3

      Tropical house music with summer vibes. Perfect for summer party video, summer fun, DJ party, teenager holidays, beach party, fashion commercial, summer slideshow, beautiful girls, holidays, vacations, music events, resort promotion, rent promo, summer festivals, beauty blogs, web advertisements, traveling, exotic background music, GoPro, landscapes.

      The Keep On Moving MP3

      The Keep On Moving is a quality dance royalty free track! Deep House music is useful for youtube videos, VideoHive projects, sport, fitness, racing, fight, workout videos, beauty blogs, festivals, openers, presentations! Crazy mood and energy of a modern summer party for your videos! I used dance leads, electric guitar, piano, house beat.

      Midnight Party MP3

      Fresh summer music featuring leads, piano, and inspirational melody! Perfect for youtube videos, sports, fitness, racing, fight, workout videos, beauty blogs, festivals, openers, and presentations. Modern dance-pop track for your incredible projects.

      Sunny Walk MP3

      Dreamy electronic music in deep house style, with Rhodes chords, pads, synth melody, bells, airy vocal chops, and cool beats. The track will be useful for creating a contemplative, deep atmosphere. Perfect for corporate visuals, travel vlogs, documentaries, product presentations, commercials, adverts of dance events, and more.

      Summer Upbeat Pop MP3

      Energetic tropical house music loop with a great summer vibe featuring a female voice and modern dance rhythm best for party videos, fun zone attraction, aqua and swimming activity. Promote your events with this hot melody.

      The Road Ahead MP3

      Dynamic, energetic, fresh, and motivational dance music with a modern party sound. The music can be used for different promotional videos and presentations, presenting your ideas, different types of business, advertising, and commercial projects. This track will definitely make your video or presentation more catchy.

      The Next Phase MP3

      High-quality, modern EDM tropical house music filled with warm summer vibes. The track can be used for a beach party, youth festivals, clubbing visuals, fashion shows, corporate events, lifestyle vlogs, product placements, and more.

      Sunny Days In Miami MP3

      Upbeat and stylish, this energetic EDM track will take your footage to the next level. Featuring synth leads, electric guitar, and an electronic rhythm section, this tune creates a bouncy and motivational mood perfect for travel, holiday visuals, party movies, and commercials.

      Your Summer Lifestyle MP3

      Beautiful tropical house track with an energetic dance beat, electric guitar, and whistling melody. Perfect for summer videos, workout, and travel slideshow. Also great for beauty vlogs, and any other videos where you need energetic background music to accompany your message.

      Tropical Breeze MP3

      A light tropical house music with smooth dance mood. Great for late summer nights, hot vacation, night club parties, hot fashion show, Youtube vlogs, lifestyle videos, stylish commercial and more.

      Sunday Evening MP3

      Perfect for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle-related projects. This neo funk track features modern dance beats splashed with funk chords, an electric piano, and a synth bass line. The composition is easy listening and stylish, with an underlying feeling of the lounge that adds a relaxed vibe to your project.

      Far Away Stars MP3

      Atmospheric and futuristic deep house music, with Rhodes chords, spacey plucks, deep bass and a gentle synth beat. Great as background music for corporate videos, travel visuals, documentaries or scientific projects, urban contents, etc.

      Tropical Party MP3

      A positive tropical pop house music with modern Major Lazer like sound. Perfect background music for the summer party, travel vlogs and other fun videos.

      Last Date MP3

      Relive the best of the 2000s with this EDM dance music and be ready to enjoy your life. This incredible melody will create an unforgettable atmosphere of summer. A great choice for your vacation vlogs, travel video, or photo slideshow.

      Birds Of Joy MP3

      Modern and energetic, EDM house dance music with catchy rhythms and pumping beats. Ideal for great summer open-air party, fun in the sun, dreaming big dreams, motivational workout videos, beauty vlogs, upscale product launch, etc.

      The Frisky Disco MP3

      Funky Disco House Music, great for websites, TV, Jingles, corporate videos etc

      Hot Party MP3

      Modern, massive, and powerful dance background music with modern synths, electric piano, powerful kick drum, fat bass, and others. This club track will fill you with energy and strength. Ideal for club parties, outdoor dance nights, commercials, movies, radio, festivals, motivational videos, sports, vlogs, and more.

      Power Dance MP3

      This energetic techno house dance music with hot synthesizers will get you moving! This track is guaranteed to raise your ideas and summer projects to a whole new level. Enjoy!

      Back To Tropics MP3

      Fresh summer royalty free tropical house music similar to Kygo, or Cut Your Teeth. Great for fitness workout, fashion shows, bright celebration, summer videos, and trendy events.

      Love Again MP3

      This deep house dance tune takes your mind away on a warm summer day. Inspired by Cafe del Mar, and filled with a gentle breeze and soft ocean waves it will transport the listener to the nightclub of Ibiza. Can be used in various different situations, such as background music for advertisements, websites, YouTube videos, etc.

      Fashion Girls MP3

      Modern fashionable house music with intense syncopated rhythm and pumping beats. If you are looking for trendy music to suit well as background music for various media content then this track is for you. Perfect choice for a fashion show, interview with celebrities, reality shows, nightlife entertainment, gossip news, or for stylish luxury life.

      Night City MP3

      Stylish, modern, fresh, energetic, dance house music. Good sound for fashion shows, fashion parties, media projects, timelapse, slideshow, teenage party, sports, fitness, beauty blogs, festivals, openers, presentations and more!

      Robot Island MP3

      Energetic intense dubstep with modern synths, and heavy bass. This is the background music for workout videos, commercials, and podcasts. Music can be used in fashion shows, YouTube videos, and for intros to documentaries about martial arts.

      Way Victory MP3

      This electro progressive house dance track is filled with adrenaline and sounds very powerful. A modern and cool bass line with drums and strong synths creates a great groove. This track is well suited for extreme video and sports, car advertising, racing, adrenaline, party, dance etc.

      Eternal Morning MP3

      Smooth and dreamy deep house music, with Rhodes chords, spatial vocal cuts, and a gentle synth beat. Great as background music for lounge settings, elevator music, on-hold music for phone systems, leisure time, morning routine vlogs, etc. .

      Dance Endlessly MP3

      Punchy, dreamy, and powerful danceable background music with modern synths, powerful kick, bass, bright pad, and percussion. Perfect for dance parties, nightclubs, openings, broadcasts, commercials, movies, sports, radio, festivals, podcasts intro music, dance blogs, slideshows, media projects, etc.

      The Mirrors MP3

      Extraordinarily uplifting and energetic dance-pop music. A bouncy mix of house beats and electric guitar. Great to create a happy mood, teen-targeted promos, outdoor fest, Ibiza summer party, weekend trips, dream vacation destinations, etc. Modern, fresh, energetic, motivational indie pop for incredible projects such as: youtube videos, sport, fitness, racing, fight, workout videos, beauty blogs, festivals, openers, presentation!) Happy mood and energy of modern summer party for your videos!) I used dance leads, piano, house beat and electric guitar!) Perfect for beauty blogs, sport, fitness, festivals, advertising videos, presentations and openers!

      Milky Way House Guitar MP3

      A funny mix of acoustic blues and house music elements. Guitars, bass, house beats in the style of current hits like "stolen dance". Loopable. Great for many footages.

      Groove Beat MP3

      A groovy and upbeat electronic dance track full of positive energy. Features disco drum beats, a shiny sounding bassline, crisp hand claps, and sunny piano chords to create a fun, feel-good vibe. Perfect for any project that needs a summery touch.

      Color Field MP3

      Modern, fresh, energetic, motivational indie pop for incredible projects such as: youtube videos, sport, fitness, racing, fight, workout videos, beauty blogs, festivals, openers, presentation. Happy mood and energy of modern summer party for your videos. I used dance leads, piano, house beat and electric guitar.

      The Pipe Dream MP3

      This fresh summer tropical house music with kalimba, synth beats and inspirational vocal hooks. This tune will pump up the vibe of your commercials, fashion shows, vacation and summer YouTube vlogs, afterparty scenes, open-air dancefloor, and other cool and trendy events. Enjoy!

      Day Or Night MP3

      Beautiful Deep House track in Cafe del Mar style with a warm summer feel. The track consists of piano, guitar, bass, and a soft beat along with some intriguing percussion work. This track is good as background music for relaxation, parties, love scenes, or workout videos.               

      Good Feelings MP3

      Funky House Music, great for websites, TV, Jingles, corporate videos etc

      Hot Zone MP3

      Groovy and dark electro music track with a fresh and modern sound. Great rhythmic percussion and synths, drums and percussions, powerful groove bass. Perfect for training videos, dance, games movies.

      Fire Tornado MP3

      This electro house dance track is filled with adrenaline and sounds very powerful. A modern and cool bass line with drums creates a great groove. This track is well suited for extreme sports, supercar racing, adrenaline rush and danger, provocative video content, and more.

      Milkshake MP3

      Relax by the pool with cold drinks and listen to the groovy sounds of house music.

      Confident Stride MP3

      Successful, thoughtful and confident corporate background music with serious piano, mute guitar, synthesizer, electric guitar, bass guitar and percussion. This track will fill you with strength, confidence and motivation. A good choice for business promotion, advertising, slideshows, media projects, commercial projects, corporations, presentations, social media and more!

      Youre Not Alone MP3

      Positive and Happy Tropical House track with a catchy whistle melody in intro and strong plucks melody in culmination section. Suitable for young audience, summer open-air party, colorful dancefloor, people pushing their hands in the air, travel videos and lifestyle content.

      Glamour Party MP3

      Catchy and stylish dance house music with positive vibes and mood for adventures. Perfect for road trip, travel vlogs, fashion highlights, youth-targeted commercials.

      Confident Dancing MP3

      Powerful, proud and confident danceable background music with massive synths, fat bass, kick drum, pad, piano and percussion. This track will make the listener move to the beat. This track is suitable for any club parties, dance floors, TV and radio, commercials, vlogs, movies, festivals and more. Enjoy!

      Refined Fashion MP3

      Modern synth-pop electronic music with stylish and trendy sound. This catchy and atmospheric royalty free track with a house beat and soulful-jazzy harmony can be a great background for any makeup videos, beauty vlogs/, fashion shows and glamour lifestyle videos, as background for advertising, ads, TV and Radio shows, shops and boutique promo videos, dress, and design presentations.

      World On Fire MP3

      Dramatic and apocalyptical melodic progressive house music with punchy drums, massive synth, seductive vocal chops and lush melody. Great for sport events, epic blockbuster trailers, video game demonstrations, promotional videos. similar to Linkin Park, Evanescence

      Fall Into The Night MP3

      Atmospheric deep house royalty free track. Perfect for party, vlog, time lapse video, fashion, youth content and social media.

      For The Weekend MP3

      Happy and cheerful tropical house music with hot summer vibes and similar to Kygo. Great for motivational videos, late-night parties, prom celebration, fashion shows and other cool and trendy events.

      Around Me MP3

      Trendy Tropical House music in Kygo style for cool summer projects. Happy, light, and upbeat. Perfect for vacation time, dance party, commercials promos, happy positive mood, fashion shows, Youtube advertising. Enjoy!

      Future Roll MP3

      Uplifting, energetic EDM track featuring rolling drums, synth pads, and vocal chops. Ideal for fashion catwalk shows, Vogue-style commercials, summer-related videos, brand adverts, or edgy lifestyle videos.

      The Voices Of Summer MP3

      Modern and sensitive tropical house music for your incredible projects similar to Kygo or Fakear. Perfect for beauty vlogs, fitness workout, summer festivals, cool and trendy events, fashion campaigns, and more.

      Dancing In The Nightclub MP3

      Powerful, confident and energetic dance background music with a nightclub atmosphere. The track contains stylish club synths, powerful kick, fat bass, effects and percussion. This track will provide a feeling of vigor, energy and strength. Perfect for dance videos, broadcasts, advertisements, promos, movies, fitness, radio, television, festivals, night out, motivational videos, and more. Enjoy.

      Pop Sensation MP3

      Energetic and hot dance house track with intense synths, dynamic basslines, and an energetic, driving beat. Perfect for nightclub party, fashion catwalk and lifestyle issues as well as red carpet and VIP reports.

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    Summer is the season for celebrating life…which is what these melodies do.
    30 Melodies

    House music was originally a form of electronic dance music from Chicago, USA, in the 1980s and quickly expanded into one of the world's most popular music genres. The scene was an exciting underground movement, which took place in the city's clubs, where DJs were using deep bass lines, 4/4 rhythms, and repetitive pounding beats, and sometimes incorporating uplifting vocals to create an ongoing unified party atmosphere.

    Frankie Knuckles and Mr. Fingers were early house music pioneers who took the music out of the obscure subcultures where they first played it and into the mainstream. Clubs opened in England and America dedicated to house music and quickly gained a huge following, with songs entering charts while club-goers maintained their thrilling new edge. It was simultaneously presented to the public by the world's most significant acts, such as Madonna, while becoming infamous for a drug scene. In particular, it took ecstasy to feel the music and dance.

    Many sub-genres started existing, such as deep, funky, acid, and progressive houses, all with slight but distinguishable variations on the music's characterizations. And as the house grew in popularity, destinations for it appeared, most notably in Ibiza, where followers would holiday to excess. This day is renowned as a giant clubbing capital built around house music.

    The term Balearic house became known for its blissed-out effect, and DJs now hold residencies there throughout summers, with the likes of David Guetta having crossed it over even further from here into global pop culture.

    Now, house music has infiltrated all genres, with rock and pop, in particular, utilizing its beats. Due to the many variations of a seemingly simple sound, there are differing opinions about the best house songs. Beatport lists Pick Up by DJ Koze, and Playlists say One More Time by Daft Punk. Still, the originators are unanimously the most influential, with Your Love by Frankie Knuckles and Can You Feel It by Mr. Fingers, classic examples of what house music was and still inspires to be.

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