• We Go High

      Intense and rebellious indie rock with driving rhythms, energetic drums, stomps, and guitar riffs. Perfect as bold and fiery background music for sports highlights, promotional videos, motivational content, commercials that stand out, explainer videos, medical videos, lifestyle, or travel vlogs, adventures, or facing a challenge head-on.

      Take On The World

      Big Arena is a powerful hard rock track that's sure to get your blood pumping. With its swagger sound and catchy guitar hook, strong percussion, and clapping, it creates a driving, infectious energy that's impossible to resist. Perfect for sports highlights, adrenaline-fueled action scenes, high-energy commercials, and projects that require a sense of excitement and intensity.

      Badass Life

      Energetic and action-packed, this hard rock music will create a great vibe in your video. Perfect for advertising, trailers, intros and openers, promos, and showreels. A great choice for projects needing an upbeat sound to grab the viewer's attention.

      Old Cowboy

      Rugged and stirring royalty-free hard rock track with raw power and an Americana feel. The slow and deliberate tempo, along with the distorted guitars, bass, and drums make a call for freedom and adventure. Perfect to use with travel videos about wilderness, epic outdoor and off-road adventures; extreme sports videos like hiking, rock climbing, or mountain biking; and action films with car chases, or intense showdowns.

      Good Big Stuff

      An American hard rock music track full of powerful energy, with a main synth melody in the style of industrial metal. A powerful drum section and distorted guitars add to the emotional tension of this music track. Excellent choice for motivational, extreme, and sports videos, games, and more!

      Drift Line

      Fast, energetic, and brutal sports track with a strong drum loop and hard guitar riffs. This high-intensity hard rock music loops seamlessly. Fits perfectly for extreme sports, adrenaline activities, racing, drifting, fighting, action trailer, and battle scenes.

      Stomp It

      An uplifting and energetic pop punk rock track featuring electric guitars, bass, drums and chimes. Best for anime related contents, video games, vlogs and commercials.

      Rock N Ride

      This is powerful and brutal hard rock music with modern dubstep beat and intense sound. This courageous, strong and manly royalty free music can perfectly fit for workout videos, fitness and sport videos, bodybuilding, powerlifting and weightlifting videos, car racing, street racing videos, for motivational and empowering multimedia projects and advertising.

      Carnival Ride

      Cool, driving, and undeniably sexy rock theme that features powerful electric and bass guitar riffs, claps, and drums. This high-energy composition is all about momentum and action. Perfect choice as background music for media projects that need to convey a sense of success and excitement. Great for sports ads, trailers, gym workouts, gaming videos, GoPro content, or industry adverts.

      Hard Gain

      A powerful instrumental hard rock track. The electric lead guitar shreds with a vintage 80s vibe over driving bass, drums, and synthesizer creating an immersive wall-of-sound effect. Well-suited for projects related to action, adventure, sports footage, speeding cars, and much more.

      I Like It Like That

      Driving, energetic, and cool hard rock track with virtuosic lead guitar. Pompous, proud, strutting, this track is great for sports and action uses, training videos, extreme sports, bold action movies, triumphant victory, or whenever you need a powerful rock background.

      Wild Things

      Aggressive and cool hard rock background track that unleashes a whirlwind of rebellious energy, fierce riffs, and a relentless rhythm that grabs hold and won't let go. This composition is the ideal choice as background music for action movie scenes and trailers, extreme sports videos, motorcycle and racing clips, action-packed content, and more.

      Country Mud

      Intense and energetic hard rock track featuring electric guitars and powerful drums to create an energetic mood. The main theme is repeated throughout the track. This background music can be used for action scenes and documentaries about courageous people working together to achieve their goals. It may also serve as a background for political debates and other spectacular events.

      Fitness Day

      A powerful classic hard rock track with overdriven guitar riffs, solid bass and a strong beat. Suitable for extreme sports, active lifestyle, car racing, commercial promo spot, etc

      Action Sports

      Powerful high-energy rock track fueled by distorted guitars, pounding drums, and action-packed bass guitar. With its raw sound, this background music is great for adrenaline action videos, epic races, energetic YouTube clips, and all the videos related to motion, adventures, speed, and determination.

      Dust And Sweat

      A powerful atmospheric noisy Shoegaze-styled royalty-free hard rock track with reverberating electric guitars, bass, groovy drums, and shimmering background vocal. Great for any project looking for an ethereal vibe, time-lapses, psychedelic footage, space-related content, or emotional movie scenes.

      Monkey Ride

      Powerful and energetic hard rock track with an intense and heavy feel. Featuring a strong electric guitar riff, bass, drums and stomps.

      Hard Rave

      When hard rock meets electrifying rave, the result is a super aggressive, motivational, and unapologetically forceful soundscape full of intensity and energy. Featuring rock riffs, heavy drums, dirty basslines, and synths, with a lot of heavy dirty basslines and electro influences. Perfect for video games, sporting events, extreme sports compilations, grueling workouts, action-packed videos, etc.

      Pedal Down

      A hard rock track that has depth and warmth. This track can be used in many video and television productions, as well as in commercials and other audio-visual products. Perfect for motivational and uplifting themes, this music will fit many purposes.

      Spirit Of The West Land

      Powerful action hard rock track with distorted guitars, synth sounds, epic drums, bass. Perfect for extreme sports, adrenaline races, car crash, police chase, and driving videos, military forces, urban drift night, action game trailers, etc.

      Play For Fun

      Powerful and vibrant indie rock track with unstoppable energy, joy, and upliftment. Features a super heavy drum and bass groove, ravaging slide guitars, syncopated synthesizers, and a mid-track break. The perfect background for youth and teen-oriented media content, high-spirited advertisement, festivals, sports montages, and dynamic visuals.

      Sport Makes You Stronger

      This hard rock track is a perfect choice if you need some powerful and stylish background music for your projects. Featuring a powerful bassline, guitar solos, and piano parts. Great for adrenaline-filled projects like sports commercials, action movies, trailers, video games, and PC games. This track will make the atmosphere of dynamic rage in your project!

      Optimistic Fluids

      Mid-tempo old school hard rock track, good for sport, action shows. Hard electric guitars,strong drums and power bass.

      Rocking Power

      Drive energy hard action rock soundtrack. The track has action rock, a very tight sound, crazy distortion, and cool modern alternative guitar riffs.

      Come Closer

      An energetic hard rock track with a strong rhythm and solid drums. Perfect for presentations, videos, video blogs about sports and life, or any other topic that needs an energetic soundtrack.

      Friendly Air

      An energetic hard rock track with smashing drums, driving guitar riffs and powerful synths. Perfect for action trailers, fast paced games, extreme sports clips or promos, barbershop commercials, motivational videos, and any other media projects.

      Lets Make It Loud

      Stylish, grunge rock music with cool guitar riffs, deep bass, and massive drums in the vein of Foo Fighter, Garbage, Nirvana etc. Good for action movies, webisodes, or sports highlights with car chases, intense showdowns, or moments of triumph, and all other projects looking to capture the rebellious sound of '90s rock.

      Choose Your Fighter

      Hard rock riffage instrumental. Tough, forceful, edgy, energetic. Duel crunch guitars, solid bass guitar and drums. Can be used for action, power, aggression, confrontation, determination, toughness. Also good for hot cars, pursuit, bold and brave.

      Hard Rock Actions

      A super aggressive hard rock track similar to Imagine Dragons, OneRepublic music. Used classic rock riff, heavy drums, synthesizers, dubstep bass, male voice. It is ideal for sports and power workouts, fitness, extreme races, wrestling show. This piece will emphasize the energy of your project.

      With The Roof Down

      This lively and enjoyable royalty-free country rock track is infused with catchy guitar riffs, acoustic guitars, banjo, and harmonica. It is perfectly suited for advertisements, lifestyle or travel videos, road trips, vlogs, and podcasts. With its upbeat nature, it adds a dynamic and engaging touch to your creative projects.


      A loud, raw, and energetic modern hard rock track! Driven by a super catchy drum beat and big claps, the track quickly progresses with electric guitars. Epic Rock is perfect for sport, fitness, racing, fight, energetic videos, youtube, videohive.

      Dusty Boots

      This is a classic hard rock thing with strong rhythm section and amped electric guitars.

      Extreme Velocity

      A dynamic, royalty-free alternative rock track. This music pulsates with raw energy, featuring roaring electric guitars, powerful drum beats, and a gritty bassline. Its infectious rhythm and anthemic feel make it a superb choice for sports highlights, action sequences, extreme sports footage, or any project seeking a dose of rock adrenaline.

      Strong Way

      A cool, stylish, positive hard rock track to supercharge your promotional videos! The possibilities of this track are endless. From sports and action projects to powerful promotional media, advertisements, TV ads, commercials, and any project that needs fresh and exciting vibes. 4 versions are included.

      Wild Beast

      Dynamic and energetic hard rock meets heavy metal track. Featuring distorted electric guitars and a driving beat. This cool sounding music is great for chase action scenes, extreme sports, brave adventures, modern tech apps, badass guys. Enjoy!

      Dynamic Moves

      This is a cool and captivating rock track played with confidence and swagger. Featuring distorted guitar riffs, bass guitar, drums, and a catchy melody. This composition exudes a modern and cool vibe, perfect for a wide range of projects that require a touch of rockin' attitude and indie flair. Ideal for action-packed scenes, sports highlights, lifestyle vlogs, and projects dealing with the rebellious spirit.

      Drive Rock

      This is a hard rock/nu heavy metal music, full of power and energy. Great for extreme and action sport, aggressive and strong moods, chase and speed trailers, fight and surf scenes, distortion and alternative overdrive music and much more.

      Intro Rock

      This metal track's potent, assertive tones will ideally amplify the intensity of your commercial promotions, sports-related content, and captivating video game teasers. It's perfectly designed to inject a rush of adrenaline and bold energy into your projects.

      On A Top

      This is a driving, intense, classic arena track with a big, aggressive groove. It features lead electric guitar, bass, drums, gospel choir and classic hard rock feel. Perfect for many applications, including advertising, video game, marketing, YouTube.

      I Try So Hard

      This high-octane composition perfectly fits battle videos, game trailers, fight promos, YouTube battle videos, thematic events, and more. Its powerful and intense sound sets the stage for epic showdowns and adrenaline-fueled moments. Get ready to unleash the raw energy!

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    Hard rock is a term used to describe a range of music, usually played loudly using electric guitar, bass, drums, and vocals. The genre sits between the original rock bands of the 1960s, such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, and the sound of heavy metal, as originated by Black Sabbath. It also incorporates earlier influences of the blues and has developed over the years into various incarnations that cover the likes of glam and grunge, amongst others.

    Hard Rock's roots

    Hard rock's origins are more evident in underground US garage and psych bands of the sixties than their more popular UK counterparts until The Who brought the distorted noise to a broader audience. Later, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin's amplified repetitive riffs gained worldwide appeal. These guitar trademarks mixed with heavy drums and rasping vocals epitomize the sound of hard rock.

    During the first decade of its use, hard rock was considered a desirable music type, and its fans developed a noticeable style of long hair and skinny trousers. However, the genre became derisory from the late 1970s and through the 1980s. While using similar methods, the arrival of punk was seen to dismiss the validity of existing rock acts such as Pink Floyd. Despite this, hard rock continued to grow in popularity amongst the public in America and Europe, with AC/DC, Aerosmith, Guns N' Roses, and Bon Jovi achieving colossal chart success and stadium appeal.

    New wave of hard rock from Seattle

    In the 1990s, the rise of grunge music in America, spearheaded by Nirvana, brought a new version of hard rock that overtook its unfashionable predecessors. Subsequent movements in electronic music and technological advancements meant that hard rock as a genre has since been considered traditional and old-fashioned. Yet, it has remained a constant attraction throughout the music world, whether mixing with dance and hip hop, sticking with its roots, or developing exciting new bands like The White Stripes and Arctic Monkeys.

    Bright future for hard rock

    Now, what constitutes hard rock can cross many boundaries, from stadium pop to experimental metal and every crossover in between. Still, ultimately it stays happily homed in its traditions of rhythmic drums, pounding bass, riffing guitars, and screaming vocals. For this, hard rock's popularity will live long into the future.

    Melody Loops is an exclusive collection of instrumental royalty-free hard rock music that can be used in video and multimedia projects. The tracks are fully licensed for commercial use and include a range of different styles for you to choose from.

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