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    • Urban Thing by Dopestuff

      This modern smooth, chillhop tune with soulful vocal samples, cool beats, and deep bass. It is perfect for your Youtube or fashion vlogs to share your brand's story. This track is also suitable for various projects like TV advertising, video about travel, workout, cooking, and so on.

      Jingle Bells Vinyl by Dopestuff

      A delightful jazzy and vintage Christmas version of Jingle Bells carrol. This Christmas-style logo track features vinyl jazz chops, lo-fi hip hop beats, punchy drums, spiced with sleighbells and chimes. Ideal for any edgy and hip Christmas productions, vintage commercials, product presentations, retro TV shows, holiday music videos, or any other media application.

      To The Beat Now by Soundroll

      Cool electro hip hop music, featuring modern aggressive synth bass, stabs and hits blended with solid fat drum beat. The music is a great addition to sports video, fashion and commercial, parkour and freerunning videos, as well as Youtube channel intro opener.

      Sunset Chill by Premium TraX

      Chill and peaceful lo-fi hip-hop track featuring dreamy Rhodes and keys, playful bass, and a relaxed drum beat along with atmospheric effects. Perfect for branding, commercials, advertisements, presentations and more.

      Working Out With You by Audioflame

      Epic sports hip hop track. Perfect for inspiring, motivational and epic video, action and sport, fitness, workout, news, cars, and other projects.

      Liquid Plasma by Eitan Epstein Music

      Aggressive, dramatic, and harsh electronic hip hop music, full of power and action. Perfect for crime in progress, kick-ass bad dudes, mafia movies, extreme sports, and more.

      Flaming Heart by AleXZavesa

      This is a dramatic and dynamic hip-hop track. Deep piano, epic strings, energetic beats and electronic synthesizers perfectly combine in this track. This track is great for a dramatic scene, movie or video epic moments.

      Dont Worry by raspberrysounds

      Relaxing chillhop music track with lounge melody and lo-fi hip hop beats is sure to get you through the day. This delightful background music is perfect for any moment of your day, ready to be a great escape from the pressures of life. Ideal for studying, working, and just relaxing.

      Urban Chill by Dopestuff

      Light, chill, and groovy instrumental hip hop music tracks designed to enhance your vision using music's power. Suitable for your vlog, time-lapse, and fashion projects.

      Night Trips by SPMusicGroup

      A relaxing and catchy royalty-free chillout tune with elegant piano, nice strings, vocal effects, and sweet beats. This lush and smooth background music is best for hotel lobby, coffee, lounge zones, sensual commercials, on-hold music, and more.

      Chilled Out Now by Dopestuff

      Relaxing Chillhop track with neo-soul vibes, lo-fi hip hop beats, vinyl drums, and moving upright bass. Perfect background music to get you through your day. Spacious and hypnotizing, an ideal backdrop for hi-tech technologies, lounge zones, urban themes, etc.

      All In Good Time by Matthias Harris

      A laid back, cool and vintage instrumental hip hop funk music track featuring chopped female vocal sounds, deep and catchy double bass riffs, brass and piano. Perfect for vlogs, tutorial videos and stylish video productions.

      Lifestyle Thing by Dopestuff

      Sun-drenched and soulful, this Chillhop track is a great fit for lifestyle projects that evoke a sense of wanderlust. With soulful vocals, chill beats, and voice samples, this track has a cool vibe that makes it perfect for a fashion show, travel and lifestyle projects.

      Relax It by Dopestuff

      Easy and relaxing hip hop track for your vlogs, fashion and urban videos. Check my portfolio for more similar tracks!

      Urban Life by Audioflame

      Groovy hip hop track with punchy drums, wobbling bass and driving synths. Perfect fit for fashion videos, radio, advertising, viral marketing, web advertisements, vlogs and travel videos.

      Great Power by DPmusic

      This Urban Hip-Hop track will take your project to the next level! This track is perfect for any urban-related project with a strong and powerful beat that'll drive the action forward. With drums, synth bass, strings, and sound effects, this background music will fit various media projects, including TV shows or sports videos.

      Cosy Winter by Dopestuff

      Chill, easy and warm hip hop track with lofi piano, vocal chops and a laid back beat. Best for urban lifestyle content, vlogs and commercials.

      Summer Beat by ArtIss

      A positive summer mood hip hop beat with old school vinyl samples and groovy drums. Great for fashion films, glamorous videos, catchy intro/outro, signature background music, luxury and alluring commercials, stylish design, etc.

      Sentimental Hip Hop by Jerzy Bekus

      Calm, dreamy, and atmospheric trip-hop tune with a warm and positive mood. This beautiful, sentimental, inspiring, and motivating hip-hop track is perfect for adding emotion to your project. I hope you like it.

      Golden Time by DPmusic

      This is romantic and dreamy chill-out music. Hip-hop beats merged with mellow synths provide a relaxing setting that's peaceful and sophisticated. Use this background music to evoke emotions of sophistication and class. Perfect for advertising, travel videos, love stories, and many more.

      Out Of The Dark by SPMusicGroup

      A epic, dynamic royalty-free Hip Hop loop with orchestral instruments, tense trap beats, fx. Best for tragic scenes, chase, crime films or trailers.

      Try To Stop It by Mike Nowa

      Edgy, rough and determined hip hop track. Hard edged staccato strings. Good for car chase scene, mech warfare, modern war machines, fights.

      Most Wanted Player by ihsandincer

      Energetic, dramatic and powerful orchestral epic hip hop track with choir, 808 bass, strings, beats, and cinematic effects. Starts with a rythmical beat and escalates to a beautiful melodic epic cue. Good for sports montages, workout videos and more.

      Nobody Move by Julio Kladniew

      An old school Hip Hop track with a strong beat. Perfect for a transition between scenes, when something is going on, urban life, crime in progress, etc.

      Big Epic Hip Hop by Yoav Alyagon

      A powerful, aggressive and heroic hip hop track! Based on repetitive strings and energetic electronic drums.

      Urban Dreams by Premium TraX

      Cool and modern chillhop background music. Featuring turntable scratches, chopped vocal effects, and an upbeat drumbeat. This urban-style track is full of positive energy and can be used for vlogs, YouTube videos, commercials, urban themes, or just about anything else you might need for.

      Shadows On The Road by SPMusicGroup

      A powerful and catchy royalty-free hip hop loop with cool electric guitar, female voice, and harp melody. Best for intros, urban themes or crime news, ads, and other projects where a cool modern vibe is needed.

      Revivification by SPMusicGroup

      This one is a beautiful hip hop loop for various purposes. Cool as a track for commercial, parties, etc. Enjoy!

      Breaking Boundaries by Chains Production

      This is modern ethnic hip-hop music with a strong Indian, Bollywood, and Eastern feel. It has an underlying vibe of current city life, yet an ancient mystery touch. It was written for short films and films looking for Oriental Eastern sounding background music.

      Independent Woman by SPMusicGroup

      A powerful and catchy royalty-free hip hop tune with cool electric guitar, flute, and nice drums. Best for intros, urban or sports videos, ads, and other projects where a cool modern vibe is needed.

      Never Say Die by Sean Balli

      Hip Hop loop featuring brass, acoustic piano, electric piano, strings, and heavy bass.

      Get On Ez by Dopestuff

      If you're looking to get your audience hyped up, this is the track for you! Funky, energetic hip-hop track with groovy samples, scratches, vocal hooks, and boom bap beats. Great for vlogs, openers, short promos, or urban montages.

      Piece Of Me by SPMusicGroup

      A relaxing, new age royalty-free track for modern creative projects, featuring gentle melody, light hip hop beat, pads, and vocal cuts. Great for the beautiful atmospheric soundscape, panoramic filming, nature documentaries, or travel videos.

      East Coast Chill by Dopestuff

      Easy-going, elegant and groovy hip hop / chillhop track featuring swing beats, soul samples and scratches. Suitable for cool, relaxed urban style projects, related to sport, fashion, lifestyle or modern luxury.

      Choose Your Superpower by KD Music

      Love Hip-Hop? This strong, uplifting track has all the magic of hip-hop and more: 808 beats and infectious percussion, a catchy melody line, and a popping bassline. Perfect for urban montages, street fashions, cool lifestyle shots, or even sports highlights. Enjoy!

      Special Forces by SPMusicGroup

      A hard and dynamic hip hop loop for action-packed videos on the topic of crime, criminal chase, rescue scenes, war, drug dealers and city gangs. The loop is designed in the style of Trap, with leading violins, tense beats, and sound-effects of sirens and police walkie-talkies.

      Away With Me by Matthias Harris

      Cool and sophisticated instrumental hip hop, featuring chopped vocal elements, downtempo double bass and pianos. Perfect for online videos, vlogs, travel videos, tutorials and more.

      Last Race by AleXZavesa

      This energy and groove phonk house a royalty-free music track. Powerful bass and drums beat, rhythmic percussion, and distortional cowbell. This track is perfect for a fighting game, racing, and drift video.

      Illegal Party by SPMusicGroup

      A groovy, confident royalty-free hip hop/funky beat with trap drums, guitar leads, synths, deep bass, fx and vocal chops. Best for sports, fashion, urban or street visuals.

      Reach The Stars by Andy Littlewood

      Anthemic RnB style pop track with uplifting orchestral hook, cool hip hop drum loop, analogue synths.

      New Challenge Is Calling You by Audioflame

      The classical and modern sound of the track will captivate your audience and make any project sound more appealing and energetic. The strings melody in the foreground gives a feeling of upliftment and joy, while the soft piano with brass creates a sense of timelessness. The hip-hop beat adds a modern element to this piece.

      Youre My Fantasy by ArtIss

      A calm urban hip hop beat with lo-fi piano and hi-pitched sampled voice part. Perfect background music for vlogs, advertising, promos, music, or cooking videos.

      Hard Life by ArtIss

      A powerful energetic trap hip hop beat with epic brass stabs, catchy synths arp, choirs and hard powerful drums. Great for the dynamic scenes, epic fights, combat sports, energetic action scenes, domination, bodybuilding vs. powerlifting, catchy intro, and more.

      Travel Nostalgia by Dopestuff

      A cool, relaxed, and smooth chillhop with a modern Hip Hop beat to create sensual and chill summer vibes. Great for commercials, films, and videos about a cool lifestyle. Features vibraphone, electric piano, vocal 'oohs', bass and drums.

      Secret Hotel by SPMusicGroup

      Powerful hip hop loop designed specifically for daring videos and games. Also, this powerful and formidable rhythm is suitable as a background for themes such as street crime, documentaries and chase scenes.

      Spanish Beauty by SPMusicGroup

      This one is an calm Hip Hop/R&B loop. Suitable as background for versatile projects. Enjoy!

      Passing Me By by SPMusicGroup

      A groovy, upbeat royalty-free hip-hop track. With grand piano bits, synth bass, and cool drums. Best for fashion, modern life commercial, street art, urban visuals, or any project needing cool, West Coast Style beat.

      This Is It by SnowMusicStudio

      Lo-Fi track in hip hop style. Perfect background for modern showreels, time-lapses or slow-motion projects, street fashion, urban productions, and pop culture, YouTube vlogs, creative footages, cutting edge technology, infographics, TV broadcast and many more.

      Funky Friday by Evgeny Kiselevich

      Catchy funky hip hop meets nu-jazz composition featuring a horn section, e-guitars with wah effects, and vocals. Great for Ibiza sunset party, lounge zones, glamorous events, yacht trips, fashion shows, bright promotions, Hollywood Celebs, YouTube vlogs, or stylish updates.

      Bright Thoughts by AleXZavesa

      This is the track for you if you are looking for futuristic hip-hop. The heavy bass and diluted synths with edgy texture give the feeling of being on an extraterrestrial journey. Great for scenes of urban landscapes, strange sci-fi worlds, or anything that needs an edgy tune.

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    It is said that music is a highly effective way of expressing yourself. This could not be truer – whatever it is you are feeling, whether it is happiness, sadness, disappointment, or even anger, saying any of these feelings through music is one of the healthiest ways of going through any emotion. On that note, hip-hop music is probably the most authentic form of expression.

    Being produced in the 1970s by African Americans, when this genre first started taking shape, this was a time when people needed and truly started to express themselves through music. Until the 1980s in Bronx, New York, hip hop music genuinely became popular. Since then, this genre has become so widespread that it is doubtful you don't find a form of hip hop in other countries nowadays.


    For many, at that time and even in the present, creating hip-hop songs is not only an excellent way to express yourself, but it is also the most cost-effective and highly creative. Artists can recite lyrics on the spot using a limited number of instruments or not any at all. This improvisation has become a core aspect of the creative process in hip-hop music. Plus, artists can make sounds with their mouths, known as beatboxing, create beats with random objects or tap on desks to accompany the lyrics. This genre is so offering that it gets your creative juices flowing and supports songwriting.

    Hip-hop songs are so authentic in every way because hip-hop artists express their feelings unapologetically. Whether it is about self-worth or real-life problems, artists are not ashamed of saying – or singing – things as they are and not how others may want to see them. The fact that hip-hop music doesn't sugarcoat any aspects of life is so refreshing, which is why this genre is so popular today.

    What's more, for avid listeners of this genre who wish to create and edit videos, it is crucial to find background music that matches the project perfectly. However, some songs have to be purchased every time they are used. In this case, using royalty-free hip-hop music is a huge advantage. This way, you can create your video and use your favorite hip-hop songs anytime you want after you have purchased them.

    Melody Loops has the best royalty-free hip-hop music download that you can use as many times as you want for any project you may have where you need background music and think a hip-hop song will match perfectly. You only have to pay once, and the song is yours to use how you see fit.

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