• Nu Disco Party

      'Nu Disco Party' is the ultimate feel-good track that will get you moving and grooving. With its upbeat tempo, funky bassline, and catchy guitar riffs, this Nu Disco track is perfect for commercials, YouTube videos, and other projects.

      Summer In Stereo

      Engage your audience with catchy neo-disco music! This track creates a positive and energetic mood, which makes it perfect as background music for any project whose main idea is happiness. The song combines live instruments, electric guitars, slap bass, strings, and great synth sounds. Great background music for advertising, commercials, fashion content, lifestyle videos, TV and Radio shows, promotional videos, and many more.

      Start Game

      Funky Disco Music, great for websites, TV, Jingles, corporate videos etc


      "Start Game" is an energetic and catchy instrumental track that blends elements of disco, funk, synthwave, and retro-futuristic game mood. Great fit for various projects, including: video games, console and arcade games, advertisements and commercials, podcasts and livestreams, Tv shows and other videos and projects.

      Retro Comic Theme V2

      Drop the groove with high-energy dance music in the style of disco '80s. Hip, uptempo beats with fat rocking bass and loads of acid synths make you feel like dancing or working out. Good for aerobics exercise, running, and high energy training programs of cardio training, Zumba or fitness classes.

      Disco Queen

      Funky Disco Music, great for websites, TV, Jingles, corporate videos etc

      Soul Diner

      Get ready to hit the dancefloor with our playful and groovy disco funky royalty-free music track. This infectious composition is filled with cool basslines, synths, vocal bits, and energetic drums, creating a lively atmosphere. This track sets the perfect tone for vibrant travel destinations, fashion content that exudes style and flair, or party visuals, dance videos that capture the excitement of the dancefloor, commercials or vlogs.

      Upbeat 80s

      This funky nu-disco royalty-free song with a trendy, upbeat bass, piano, guitars, keys, vocal chops, trumpets, and drum section is perfect for any ad that needs high energy. It's also great in vlogs and fashion or party visuals. This track will help to boost the energy of your project!

      Disco Style

      Inspiring modern disco music featured bass, electric guitar, and some old school electric piano. Perfect for parties, celebration, corporate projects, Black Friday sales, Instagram stories.

      Boogie Life

      A retro, upbeat, and energetic funk track. Featuring drums, bass, brass, strings, Hammond, and live electric guitars. This track is ideal for gripping innovation videos, documentaries, and commercials that need a dynamic backdrop to highlight the creative process in an enthusiastic way.

      Neon Nights

      Energetic, groovy Disco Funk track in style bands like Jamiroquai with a smooth analog synth theme over funk guitars and a modern danceable four on the floor drumbeat with a groovy mood like synth bass line. Ideal instrumental background music for fashion shows/catwalk music, commercials, party announcements, workout videos, etc.

      Fun Is Pop

      If you like disco music, then check out this funky, positive disco track. It's made in the sound of 70-80s disco music. The perfect combination of catchy melody and rhythmic percussion is guaranteed to make you move. The track will bring you a sense of summer, beach, party crowd, and so on.

      Retro Comic Theme V1

      A funky pop track with elements of disco, funk, and R&B. Retro-sounding synths and drums link up with acoustic guitars and bass to create a groove that is at once familiar yet timeless. A perfect fit for use in a 1970's retro setting, but equally effective as background music for modern-day fashion catalogs, lifestyle vlogs, ads, etc.

      Show Time

      Funky Disco Music, great for websites, TV, Jingles, corporate videos etc

      Girl Youre Alright

      This track has a happy and upbeat mood. It`s a middle-tempo music with a straight beat. You can hear groovy drums, electric guitars, 80s-style bells, and strings. Perfect for many projects, including commercials, advertising, games, and so on.

      Lets Disco

      Bouncy grooving vintage track inspired by Italo disco music of the 80s. This track is ideal for projects requiring an exciting, and catchy mood. Suitable for positive old-fashionable projects, retro dace hall, birthday party, aerobics and fitness. Enjoy!

      We Got The Funk

      A bouncy, upbeat, and positive disco-funk track will transport your viewers back to the 80s. Happy and funky. Ideal for promotional videos, TV commercials, aerobic summer workouts, holiday travel destinations, luxury goods, and more.

      Funky Disco Groove

      Funky Disco Music, great for websites, TV, Jingles, corporate videos etc

      Wherever You Are

      Upbeat and funky pop music track that creates a happy & exciting mood. Featuring catchy synth melodies, playful bass guitar & vocal effects. Great for TV commercials and advertising, vlogs, films and more.

      Lonely Night Road

      This motivational and positive disco-pop track radiates cheerfulness and an easygoing atmosphere. Perfect choice for energetic projects, teenagers and youth culture, reality TV and adverts, summer entertainment. Enjoy!

      Strange Days

      Stylish Background Music with the rhythm of Disco Music, Great for television, commercials, corporate ads, presentations about anything urban, modern or fashion.

      Dancehall Babe

      The synthwave music you'll hear on this track will take you back in time. The synth beats for this song were inspired by famous dance, and pop hits from the 80s. It's a perfect choice if you are looking for an uplifting and motivational background track that evokes a sense of passion and determination.

      Meeting Old Friends

      Groovy, youthful, but edgy electronic neo-disco track with pumping beats, sweeping effects in the style of Daft Punk and Pharell Williams hit "Get Lucky". Featuring catchy chords, groovy bass and playful keys. Great for innovative technology, high-end products, upbeat advertising campaigns. Enjoy!

      Betamax Dreams

      Stylish corporate background music with a light sound and confident atmosphere. An excellent choice for technological commercials, new product promo, scientific discoveries and innovations, futuristic commercials, time-lapse videos, car concepts, etc.

      Inspiring Reality

      Fresh and dancehall recreating 80s track featuring Brass, Pluckers, Synth, Mallet, and Drums, Ideal for advertising, commercials, documentary, trailer, time-lapse, life style, cocktail parties, in-store music, hotel resorts, drone footage or for any project needing a fresh, relaxed, casual and danceable mood.

      Believe In

      An outstanding disco-funk/neo-jazz track with a tasty club feel. Perfect for promotional videos, TV commercials, presentations or any video project background music. Great for fashion shows, a city that never sleeps, beauty vlog, nighttime club party, trendy commercials, or luxury brand presentation.

      Fashion Nova

      Funky disco house loop.

      Summer Feeling

      This retro synthwave track is inspired by the '80s '90s. Great melody and mood transferring to the past. Perfect for the 1980s and retro video, VHS effects movie, home photo presentations, etc.

      Big Band Opener

      A light, crystal clear piano solo that conveys a sense of wonder, discovery and limitless imagination. Magical, inspiring and beautiful.

      Silky Night Lights

      Retro electronic track in space disco style designed in the mood of the 80s era with some modern elements. Suitable for video projects related to space, aliens, sci-fi movie plots, determination. Strongly associated with driving a futuristic racing car on a night highway.

      Road Beside Ocean

      Gentle sparkling chimes, quiet piano, sleigh bells and delicate cinematic orchestral strings create a Christmas theme suitable for advertising and background theme. Orchestral strings provide a more adult contemporary edge with elements of discovery, bring the sense of looking forward to Christmas. Slightly emotional, but at the same time very magical and cinematic.

      Oh Yeah!

      Groovy and easy-going track containing classic disco and modern electronic sounds. It has a groove with a kick drum and bass synths, jazzy saxes, and chromatic synths that create an ambient texture. The melody has a classic feel that is reminiscent of 70's smooth jazz, but it also features modern synths to keep the track sounding fresh and up to date. Great for background music for TV, video, YouTube videos, games, and projects involving fashion and metropolitan city life.


      A rhythmic and hot disco-funk tune with tight beats, cool guitars, sexy vocal cuts and synths. Best for city life scenes, fashion shows, cool pre-party events or party visuals.

      Cosmic Disco

      Corporate futuristic melody featuring piano and digital synth sound. Ideal music for business presentation, technological discoveries, robots, NASA-like documentaries, mobile applications, and other projects needing progressive feel.

      Rainbow Of Nostalgia

      It's a colorful mid-tempo Disco track. Consisting of electric and bass guitars, electric piano, various synths, acoustic drums, percussion and effects. This track is great for any kind of presentation, video, advertising.

      Gimme The Funk

      This is deep and futuristic music with nice texture and wide space atmosphere. Main instruments are digital synth, pads, strings, piano, deep analog bass and groovy drum beat. This kind of music will perfectly work for science video projects, travel discovery documentary, business/ corporate presentation or media projects.

      Best Holidays

      Relaxing Summer Pop track with a bouncy and happy vibe. This song is simple, light and entertaining. Perfect for commercials, vlogs, water sports, beach parties, summer videos, films & TV shows.

      The Road

      Positive and energetic track in the style of Disco-Funk. Charges a great mood and cheerfulness. Perfect for advertising with a funny story, for the announcement of holiday parties and presentations or fashion show. Enjoy bold rhythm and fashionable sound.

      Disco Poseidon

      Discover this upbeat pop/rock track, featuring a soothing chorus, warm synth pads, gentle guitar harmonics, bright piano, and dynamic drums. This professional, inspiring music creates a positive atmosphere, perfect for elevating any moment. Experience the uplifting vibe that seamlessly blends sophistication and charm.

      70s Disco Beat

      Feel like a time traveler? Don't need a time machine to transport you back to the 80s. With this track, you'll get goosebumps and an undeniable energy boost of nostalgic synths and drums. Perfect for 80s comedies, retro video games, or mobile apps.

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    Disco is probably one of the most iconic music genres out there. When we think of disco, we think of glitter balls, the Bee Gees, and Saturday Night Fever, an era that has now gone. However, even though some people feel disco may have died out in the late eighties, what it represented carried on and is alive today in modern dance genres such as techno and EDM music.


    Disco is an abbreviated form of the word discothèque, meaning dance club or nightclub as they are more commonly known. Disco was born in those early discothèques in the early 1970s, and New York was the setting for a lot of the first disco music. With Disc Jockeys becoming more popular on the music scene, the phenomenon expanded quickly. By 1974, the UK hosted around 25,000 discos, and over 40,000 people declared professional DJs their job. Famous disco artists include Gloria Gaynor, with her super hit "I Will Survive", Donna Summer, the Bee Gees, Chic, and even Michael Jackson.

    Disco multiplied and went mainstream between 1974-1978. This period saw many number one hits, including the famous "Rock the Boat," which sold over one million records. The same year, "Kung Fu Fighting" also hit the number one spot in the United States and the UK. That year, 'Northern Soul' also became very popular in the Northern UK, a new sub-genre of Motown popular in the sixties.

    Disco in the eighties saw a rapid decline as many rock fanatics started an anti-disco regime. It was reported that July 12, 1979, was the day that disco died. The famous slogans "Disco Sucks" and "Death to Disco" were popping up everywhere. Artists such as David Bowie were criticized for the disco-like themes in their music.

    In the 90s, a new genre and era of disco appeared. It was called "nu-disco" and is what is known as dance music today. An example of this is the Daft Punk song "One More Time" and funky house songs such as Spiller's "Groovejet." This nu-disco opened up the world to dance today. The late nineties saw a trance rise in popularity and, more recently, electronic, techno, and EDM.

    Disco has also become popular amongst kids. However, with kids, it tends to lean more towards pop songs, though you can hear the disco sound through this music. A couple of examples are LMFAO with their song "Party Rock Anthem" and "Everytime We Touch" by Cascada. Kids' discos always include the classics too.

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