• Royalty free Electronic music

    • Sun Shine by GreenBird

      A motivational and uplifting corporate background music with soft piano, electric guitar, and synths. The track has a positive, bright, and inspirational mood. Ideal for commercial advertisements and presentations, business videos, background music on websites, apps, and project videos.

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      The Magic Of Gravity by DimmyPlus

      A modern and uplifting corporate electronic music. This gentle and airy track with rising pads and synth beats is perfect for vlogging, storytelling, inspirational projects, or other content creation.

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      Technology Park by MediaM

      Modern, futuristic and deeply focused electronic music with laid-back groove and modern plucky sound. This royalty-free track will be perfect as background music for technology promo videos, science videos, sci-fi and documentary films, augmented reality videos, modern developments and innovations projects, design and engineering videos.

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      Wake Up And Grow Up by GreenBird

      Wake Up and Grow Up - Inspirational, motivational electronic track. Featuring Synthesizer, piano and warm pad. Perfect for any positive projects.

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      Upbeat Summer Party Pop by DimmyPlus

      It is an energetic and upbeat electronic dance music track with a vocal chop melody inspired by festive EDM music. A happy, fun, and pumped-up vibe for your commercials, business projects, vacation videos, uplifting summer videos, vlogs, travel, and holiday visuals!

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      Dancing In The Tropical Summer by Soundroll

      This is a groovy, positive, inspiring and bright modern tropical electronic music featuring plucking synth leads, floating synth pads. The music brings colorful and shiny textures, has a great relaxing, fun and holiday feel and mood.

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      Dream House by Infraction

      This is an atmospheric music track with a house beat. Music is perfect for art, technology, background, relaxation, stylish, spa, lifestyle, designs, art action, TV shows, fashion shows, presentations, slide show, virtual reality, Instagram stories, bar and chill zones, cafe music, casino music, radio and beauty video projects.

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      Arise From Ashes by Infraction

      Starting off as sweeping, and mysterious electronic music, this track builds into a glorious crescendo, unfolding with furious dubstep smash. Dreamy futuristic soundscapes followed by aggressive synthesizers and pounding drums. A perfect choice for car ads, edgy electronic device marketing, sci-fi action, war or conflict, hard-hitting sports footage, etc.

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      Refined Fashion by DPmusic

      Modern synth-pop electronic music with stylish and trendy sound. This catchy and atmospheric royalty free track with a house beat and soulful-jazzy harmony can be a great background for any makeup videos, beauty vlogs/, fashion shows and glamour lifestyle videos, as background for advertising, ads, TV and Radio shows, shops and boutique promo videos, dress, and design presentations.

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      Ice River by MintWhale

      This chill-out track has a calm, relaxing, and spacious feel with tranquil e-piano chords, spatial plucks, pads, and a slow deep beat. Great as background music for nature documentaries, slow motions, abstract visuals, telecasts, promos, channel idents, science visualization, and more.

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      The Virtual Reality by Infraction

      Inspired by the cyberpunk aesthetic and visuals, this modern cyberpunk music consists of dubstep bass, classic techno riffs, heavy drums, and synths. The cinematic drum part was performed on a modern drum-kit with several reverb effects. This electronic track can be used for video game soundtracks and promotional videos for technology products, bringing gravity, power, intensity, and visualization to the story.

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      Future Discovery by AleXZavesa

      An electronic music track with glitch percussions, warm piano and atmospheric synths. Perfectly in your tech presentations and advertising videos, training videos, business projects, nature and travel slideshows, innovation reviews, graphic animations and infographics.

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      An Inspiring Feeling by TimTaj

      Dreamy, hopeful, and inspiring track that features electric guitar, atmospheric pad, synths, bass, piano, and percussion. This track has everything you need to create a warm atmosphere. Good for inspirational projects, advertisements, slideshows, social media, movies, promos, home videos, and more!

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      Economics Innovations by AudioPanda

      A flowing, breezy, clean downtempo electronic music with an atmospheric, technological, innovative feel. It would work perfectly for corporate presentations, fashion shows, technological projects, elevator music, hotel and spa atmosphere background, and more. 4 versions included.

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      Arcade Funk by SnowMusicStudio

      Games electronic music with 8-bits like sound effect, energetic beats, clappings and driving mood. Nice for sports, funny moments, arcade games, youth theme, Television Animation, education, and more.

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      Dancing In A Nightclub by TimTaj

      Energetic, powerful, and modern dance background music with the energy of a nightclub party. The track contains stylish synths, powerful punch, fat bass and percussion. Perfect for dance videos, broadcasts, commercials, movies, fitness, radio, tv, festivals, night parties and more. Enjoy.

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      Era Of Technology by MediaM

      Modern, emotional, futuristic and deeply focused electronic music with laid-back groove and modern plucky sound. This royalty-free track will be perfect as a background for technology promo videos, science videos, sci-fi and documentary films, augmented reality videos, modern developments and innovations projects, design and engineering videos.

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      Pulse Of Life by Emilio Merone

      Gentle and confident corporate ambient featuring synths arpeggiator and dreamy pads to create an inspirational mood. This track might be a good choice for your video presentation, and media projects related to science research, innovative thinking, uplifting mood, startup, and more.

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      Space Tech by Dopestuff

      Space Tech is an intelligent futuristic electronic track. Featuring airy-light synthesizers, futuristic pads, and spacy-sounding arpeggios. Suitable for business, corporate and scientific projects, technological applications, hi-tech products.

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      Sunny Walk by MintWhale

      Dreamy electronic music in deep house style, with Rhodes chords, pads, synth melody, bells, airy vocal chops, and cool beats. The track will be useful for creating a contemplative, deep atmosphere. Perfect for corporate visuals, travel vlogs, documentaries, product presentations, commercials, adverts of dance events, and more.

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      My Digital Space by AudioPanda

      Take a trip to the future full of neon lights and electronic landscapes. You can almost see the world where technology is at your fingertips, and life moves at the speed of light. The upbeat, catchy, and inspiring electronic pop track is ideal for various projects related to technology, fashion, youth culture, sports, etc. This track will give your video projects a trendy, modern sound.

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      Space Expidition by MintWhale

      Calm and mysterious electronic music, with deep bass, Rhodes chords, spacey arpeggios, and a slow glitchy beat. Great as background music for scientific documentaries, abstract visuals or instalations, hi-tech promos, etc.

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      Infinite Possibilities by AleXZavesa

      An electronic music track with glitch percussions, warm piano and atmospheric synths. Perfectly in your tech presentations and advertising videos, training videos, business projects, nature and travel slideshows, innovation reviews, graphic animations and info graphics!

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      Street Fighter by AG Music

      The track is a modish and distinctive urban electronic theme with a high energy level and edgy feel. It could be used anywhere from promos and commercials to media projects related to future electronics, artificial intelligence, robotics, bio-engineering design, dynamics, etc.

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      Space City by MintWhale

      Futuristic and atmospheric electronic music, with airy Rhodes, spacey plucks, and a cool groovy beat. Great as background music for scientific documentaries, films about space, travel vlogs, hi-tech promos, etc.

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      Space Ship by Soundroll

      Light electronic music with synth arpeggio, pads. It has an spacious and airy ambient atmosphere, and could be suitable for tech visuals, corporate presentation, or as a background loop for your website.

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      When You Wake Up by GreenBird

      This is bright and fresh corporate background music with an optimistic and inspiring tone. Featuring electric piano melody, synth bass, and drum beat. The quirky, upbeat, and joyful tune raises feelings of hope and happiness while conveying trust and reliability. It is perfect background music for company advertisements, positive reports, or presentations.

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      Time For Technology by MediaM

      Modern electronic track with synths, piano, deep bass, glitch elements and drums. It creates an airy, relaxed atmosphere and helps to focus on main points. Perfect background for corporate presentations, business conferences, IT innovations, edgy technology, science researches, news broadcast music, time lapse, drone video, and other professional needs.

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      Artificial Life by AleXZavesa

      This is electronic downtempo music with a dark techno feel. Glitchy beats with long sustain synths create a highly suggestive atmosphere that builds tension and heightens interest. Use it in documentary film scenes or cinematic sequences, timelapse videos, science videos, technology and space movie, and more.

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      The Technology by SnowMusicStudio

      Modern electronic track with synths, deep bass, and drums. It creates an airy, relaxed atmosphere and helps to focus on main points. Perfect background for corporate presentations, business conferences, IT innovations, edgy technology, science researches, news broadcast music, and other professional needs.

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      Out In The Cold by Infraction

      Out In The Cold is fresh future bass royalty free audio. Perfect for sport, fitness, energetic, rally, racing, dance, urban videos, YouTube, advertising. I used dubstep bass, hip-hop beat, trap leads.

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      Beyond Imagination by DPmusic

      Modern corporate electronic pop music with a peaceful mood and warm airy sound. Cool background for advertising, product presentations, real estate promos music, travel videos, nature landscape views, atmospheric timelapse and more.

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      Almost Evil by Infraction

      Almost Evil is aggressive electronic music in Cyberpunk style. Featuring powerful synth beats, sfx effects and groovy analog synths. Perfect for technology advertising, futuristic sci-fi movies and action games about alien invasion, robots, etc. commercials, travel, extreme sport, GoPro, YouTube, Cyberpunk Theme, Sci-fi Theme, slideshows, sport video, drone video, adventure, video game, technology video, and much more!

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      Ghost Runner by AleXZavesa

      This dynamic dance music track in techno style is great for various media projects. Featuring driving bass, strong beat and electro synths, cool groovy bass, and male vocal. Great for commercials, sports videos, Youtube channels, product review videos, and viral marketing campaigns

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      Dream Home by Geoff Harvey

      Timeless electronic keyboard chords backed with inspiring piano provides pacey, feel good, chillwave style track useful for concentration and focus. Very inspirational and laid-back creating an easy chill out feel, making it useful for many end uses requiring an easy going modern theme.

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      Future Progress by Dopestuff

      Light and minimalistic electronic music made for corporate and business projects. Also good for presentations, YouTube videos, tutorials, slideshows, montages, science and technology projects. Check my portfolio for more similar tracks.

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      Be Freee by Dopestuff

      A trendy, uplifting pop piece creates an uplifting feeling. The song starts with a piano, combined with glitchy drums and synth beats. The reverse fx gives the production a dreamy dimension. Ideal as background music for YouTube videos, vlogs, or innovative content in general.

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      Positivity Tech by Dopestuff

      A fast, upbeat and lighthearted tune for technology and corporate design projects. This track uses a variety of synths but mainly focuses on warm, ambient pads that create a calm, relaxing atmosphere. The song is fairly short as it is made to loop. It works well as on hold background track or as background music in general.

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      Party All The Night by Audioflame

      Energetic, pop edm track with upbeat & catchy positive, electronic dance mood. Track consists of bright edm piano, a lot of different energetic synths, deep pumping pads, catchy drums, modern summer plucks and other electronic accents. This track is perfect choice for fashion projects, advertisements, commercial, chill videos, TV, Instagram, YouTube.

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      Summer Vibe by DPmusic

      This is bright and uplifting pop dance electronic music in tropical house style and summer mood. Really positive and inspiring track with powerful impact and joyful energetic atmosphere. Can perfectly fit for any advertisement and commercials, youtube promo videos, travel and adventure videos, video blogs, happy and youthful videos, and parties.

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      Organic Machine by Yoav Alyagon

      A modern and futuristic track with a pulsating and vibrating feel. Ideal for those looking for an ambient and minimalistic backdrop. Perfect for any media related to innovation, nature, space, technology, youth culture, science, and much more.

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      Summer In Stereo by Dopestuff

      Groovy, youthful, but edgy electronic neo-disco track with pumping beats, sweeping effects in the style of Daft Punk and Pharell Williams hit "Get Lucky". Featuring catchy chords, groovy bass and playful keys. Great for innovative technology, high-end products, upbeat advertising campaigns. Enjoy!

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      A Starlight by Soundroll

      Inspiring and uplifting electronic music with electric guitars, beautiful synth pads and leads. Great for the next generation projects, modern lifestyle, fashion-forward videos, saturated with the energy of youth.

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      Urban Mood by Dvir Zilverstone

      Urban breakbeat electronic music. Driving, cool and determined jungle electro track for city night, chase, modern motion, running and motivation.

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      For Champions Of The Future by ihsandincer

      An energy-filled Neo Retrowavey track inspired by the hypnotic electronic pulse of the 80s era. Instruments are hazy analog synths, vintage drum machine and punchy lo-fi beats. Ideal for innovative technologies, creative visuals, underground dance party or flashback fashion shows.

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      Successful Arise by Nazar Rybak

      Easy listening, electronic music with nostalgic piano, touch pads and guitars, dreamy, loungy, and emotional. All supported by delayed, soft electronic drums.

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      My Beautiful Sunrise by GreenBird

      An electronic track in Synthwave style featuring an 80s synthesizer and drum machine. The atmosphere in this track is unforgettable and makes you feel like you are walking through a misty park to the old neon sign blinking somewhere far away. Perfect for commercial or trailer, science fiction, and video games.

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      2020 New Technology by AudioPanda

      Fresh, bright, sparkling electronic track with a high-tech and innovative sound. Great for business presentations, Youtube Ads, and projects related to finance, economy, technological development and more! 4 versions included.

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      Soft Inspring by Nazar Rybak

      Easy listening, electronic music with nostalgic piano, touch pads, and guitars, dreamy and emotional lounge. All supported by delayed, soft electronic drums.

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      Gypsy Woman by Emanmusic

      Ladies and Gentlemen! Showtime is now! The crazy ethnic party begins with the hot Balkan-Gypsy style track. This wild, spicy and in a good sense of all words music will accompany your projects in the proper atmosphere of reckless fun and strong emotions. The track is perfect for Eastern Europe culture, exotic travel destinations, gypsy fashion, gambling, Youtube vlogs, and more.

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    It’s no surprise that music can have a life-changing impact. However, electronic music has had a slightly polluted reputation over the years – from its “trendy” nature or its negative influence on young people. Putting all that jazz aside, EDM is still music.

    What’s EDM?

    Electronic music, most commonly known as electronic dance music or EDM, is a genre composed with the main purpose of being listened to at raves, clubs, or festivals.

    This type of music was born around the 1990s by combining elements from disco and Hip Hop. That’s how the first sub-genre of electronic music like techno, Chicago house, electro, etc., were born.

    In the 90s electronic music has never stopped maturing itself since then. With increasingly more sub-genres like hardstyle, trap, psychedelic trance, and future house, there are more than 500 sub-genres of electronic music.

    Listening to EDM to Improve Your Mood

    After much exploration of our cognitive box, it turned out that our brain areas of musical emotion aren’t much distinct from the areas of other emotions. Perhaps you’re familiar with that feeling as well. When listening to a song that you love, the neural pathways that are triggered play in the mechanisms of motivation and rewards.

    In EDM music, many sub-genres are based on this rewards system. Euphoric hardstyle is probably the most illustrative example. Fast and soaring tracks bring a feeling of well-being and ecstasy.

    Other subgenres such as a progressive house, Trance, and even chill electronic music have an animated structure that is powerful enough to trigger emotional responses. They can also lower stress and anxiety levels and improve mood.

    Electronic Music: Why is it so good for studying?

    Have to write a research paper or are worried about a deadline dissertation but can’t focus enough to finish it on time? Then you should try to get a good pair of headphones, plug them in and play electronic music to concentrate.

    Surprisingly, not only classical music can help you study. Research has shown that EDM music for students improves concentration. Various studies showed that listening to electronic music, even for 10 minutes, will increase spatial reasoning skills, which will help you soak up knowledge and solve problems faster.

    Believe it or not, many people consider that listening to EDM music is the best way to concentrate. Another great benefit of listening to electronic music is that it can serve as a great source of inspiration for different individuals. Electronic music not only lifts your mood but can be a great way to get distracted from anything and focus on your thoughts.

    Finding it hard to focus on your assignment at hand? Worry not, Melody Loops has you covered. With a quick search on our site, you can find a wide selection of royalty-free electronic music. All you have to do is select the tracks that suit your moods, download them and go on with your study.

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