• Child Wonder

      Sweet, abstract, and simple background music filled with hope and affection exudes an innocence and child-like wonder. It features a sparkling melody played on a glockenspiel, bells, and a music box. Perfect for bedtime stories, children's content, fancy fairy tales, and the magic that lies within them.

      Nature Angels

      A delightful and magical piano music with airy sound and dreamy mood. Perfect for fairy tales, cartoons, children lullaby, animations, cradle songs, nature views, drone footages, peaceful moments, and many more.

      Night Dreams

      Peaceful and heartwarming piano lullaby music with a sense of tenderness. Great as backdrop music for healing meditation, calm and soothing moments, as music for sleep, baby videos, and more.

      A Life To Admire

      Night Dreams is a dreamy, peaceful and hypnotic corporate chill-out soundscape that creates a serene and contemplative atmosphere. This captivating composition provides a soothing and ambient backdrop. Ideal for final titles in films or business presentations, long storytelling, or short demo speeches.

      Magical Stars

      A gentle and calming lullaby music with music box leading. Perfect for cradle songs, baby sleeping videos, children, cartoons, fairy tales, magical moments, storybooks, audiobooks, and many more. 2 version are included: 1) main version - 3:27 2) main version with music box effects - 3:33

      Yoga And Zen

      "Classical Lullaby Theme" is a soft and cute, gentle and calm bedtime lullaby music with a nice box music, glockenspiel and orchestra. Relaxing and calm. Sleep tight.

      Nursery Mobile

      Delicate nursery mobile music track featuring the soft and gentle sounds of mallet instruments. The soothing and calming atmosphere embodies the warmth and innocence of a baby's nursery. Its serene and comforting tones best for scenes involving babies, toddlers, gentle, calming moments, parenting, childcare, and early childhood development, dreamy peaceful, tranquil settings such as a serene nursery, a quiet bedtime story, or a loving family moment.

      Quiet Ocean

      Beautiful and lovely lullaby music with a music box, bells, pads, strings, and celesta features. There are effects of night nature sounds and clocks ticking. Wonderful background for kids' videos, children's product advertising, movies, dreamy videos, and many more.

      Night Light

      This is beautiful and soft lullaby music, full of dreams and relax. Great for sweet and cute baby scenes, good night sleep music, calm and peaceful moods, fantasy and dreamy scenes, nursery rhymes, relaxing babies music for sleep, and more.

      Whisper Of The Heart

      Inspiring and captivating acoustic folk tune, based on a sentimental ukulele melody, followed by a dramatic cinematic buildup. The melody is based on a sentimental ukulele melody that's both charming and emotional, creating a sense of warmth and heartfelt sentimentality. Ideal for commercials, short films, and documentaries that want to create a sense of intimacy and connection with their audience.

      Dream Awake

      This beautiful, calm background music should be perfect for a child's bedtime routine, naptime in the baby's crib, calm playtime with toys, or even advertising kids' products. It features a lullaby-like melody performed with strings, a music box, a glockenspiel, and a harp. Listen to this soft and soothing track to guarantee your little one a good night's sleep!

      Calm Forest Night

      A serene Celtic track, featuring flute and bells. Atmospheric and tranquil. Ideal music for podcasts, suitable for the fantasy adaptation, films or games about elves and fantastic creatures, lullaby, voice-overs, relaxation, etc.

      Higher Spheres

      Light and captivating chill-out music. Featuring acoustic guitar, piano, bells, and a female voice sample, this track creates a relaxing atmosphere. This versatile piece could be used as background music for final titles, long fantasy storytelling, or for a short demo speech. This track creates a soothing and relaxing atmosphere that will transport you to a world of tranquility and harmony.

      A Sunlight

      This beautiful, gentle lullaby instrumental creates a quiet, calm, and peaceful feel. Ideal for scenes with babies sleeping, this track is also suitable as background music for romantic or dreaming scenes.

      Quiet Night

      A relaxing tune played by a very soft-sounding Fender Electric piano. This music can be used for meditation, relaxation or as a lullaby. Slow, soft and melodic. Suitable for children related productions, nature video soundtracks, and any visual content that is meant to ease the mind. This track is one of ten from the album "Sleepy Bee - Velvet Dreams."

      In Peace And Harmony

      This is a peaceful, ambient piece. Ideal for drone footage, voiceovers, and nature timelapse, this track can be used in documentary or cinematic videos. It also makes excellent underscore music for meditation and holistic practices.

      For Love

      This is a gentle and exquisitely beautiful lullaby with the delicate sounds of a Music Box and Celesta combination creating a serene, lilting and enchanting atmosphere. The introduction of a Harp, softened by celestial synthesizer washes, all supported by very subtle rhythm patterns make this piece ideal for tender or poignant scenes.

      Fragile Elegance

      Simple and intrusive music box, celesta like a lullaby tune accompanied emotional symphonic orchestra. This music brings a lot of suspense and fairy to your project.

      Healing Vibrations Flow

      This is a beautiful and soft baby's music box melody. Great for children's backgrounds, baby yoga television, lullaby and sleep moods, soft cartoons, animation, and much more. It is also perfect for games and playground scenes, sweet and cute background music, children's commercials and advertising, games and cartoons, babies' music, and much more.

      Shimmering Waters

      Relaxing and dreamy mood created with glockenspiel and piano. Perfect as a lullaby, or as a background for telling children's stories. A great piece for the magic of Christmas morning.

      Meditation Day

      Peaceful, ethereal ambient piano music with spacey pads, and airy soundscapes. Great as background music for slow motion, nature documentaries, romantic films, aerial footage, memorable videos, etc.

      Sleep My Little Baby

      Light and tender acoustic track similar to bedtime lullaby that a mother sings a baby to sleep. The track features warm acoustic guitar and bright piano that creates a very gentle and sentimental mood. This sweet, and soothing arrangement is great to create a light, peaceful and gentle ambiance.

      Gaias Dream

      This is very intimate, touching and emotional musical piece with gentle piano and acoustic live orchestra instruments. Beautiful background music for kids lullaby, love stories, romantic and sentimental moments.

      Wondrous Fairy Tale

      Take a deep breath, relax and let this dreamy atmospheric piano track melt away your stress. This soft and peaceful track is perfect for meditation videos, yoga videos, or any other inspirational or wellness content.

      Autumn Song

      Emotional fantasy and mystical background music similar to a lullaby. Perfect for personal videos, Fairy Tale audiobooks, children's animations, Halloween scenes, fantastic videos, youtube videos, imaginative and calm product presentations, documentary, mystical nature / forest videos, etc.

      Future Ambient

      Magical and mysterious orchestral music track in waltz style. Perfect for fantasy games, TV, fantasy film/movie soundtracks, halloween scenes, children's animations, forest walk, audiobooks, Harry Potter style videos, kids lullaby and more.

      Wonderful Lullaby

      It's a dreamy music track that creates a magical fantasy mood. Perfect for fantasy games, TV, fantasy film/movie soundtracks, children's animations, audiobooks, lullaby, and more.

      Crystal Castle

      Beautiful and charming fairy tale music with harp, celesta, music box, and strings. Excellent background music for lullabies, children's videos, cartoons, family videos, weddings, cradle songs, night nature views, and many more. This track will add lightness and fantasy to your project!

      Maternal Tenderness

      Just a sweet soft and nostalgic lullaby song played by a simple yet emotional old piano sound with a childish xylophone. Lullabies make parents and kids fall asleep faster, as they provide a sense of security, and sense of belongingness and love. Lullabies are a completely natural way of getting your child to calming down and fall asleep.

      Peace From The Inside

      Dreamy, tender and delicate. This version is very close to a lullaby feel, moving and heartwarming, composed with a nice glockenspiel, grand piano and orchestra. Well suited for content geared towards children or projects that include a touch of fantasy and Ideal theme for a foundation due to its hopefulness and sensitivity. Also suited for youth advertisements and movie scores.

      Im Coming Home

      Mysterious, and spooky lullaby featuring celesta, harp, piano and strings. Ideal for Halloween projects and creepy videos, ghost stories, haunted fairground, supernatural power, and more.

      Autumn Dream

      Popular nursery rhyme arranged as a classical lullaby with a musicbox. Shhh, baby is sleeping. This track is perfect for letting babies sleep and for any kind of baby/child media, home video, projects, advertise, TV shows, etc. They will for sure calm and relax the children!

      Warm Of Your Hands

      This gentle acoustic ambient track is the perfect soundtrack for your family movies, lullaby music, or any project that needs a soft and relaxing background. The music creates a calm and soothing mood with a sweet music box undertone ready to make your project come alive.

      Losing Ground

      "Warm Sleep" is a soft and cute, gentle and calm bedtime lullaby music with a nice box music. Relaxing and calm. Sleep tight.

      Acoustic Dreams

      This is peaceful and relaxing music, full of tenderness and warmth. It is great for nature films, autumn leaves scenes, pastoral and serenity landscapes, study and learning videos, family photos album, emotional and sentimental trailers, and much more.


      This is a simple and soft ,slow and sweet ballad music. Like a summer afternoon romance. A simple piece with piano, bells and Acoustic Guitars that evokes childlike feelings of innocence and tenderness. Sweet and lullaby-like. Fit for commercials, wedding video, photography slideshows or romantic scenes.

      Childs Dream

      This ambient track creates a relaxing ambiance. Ideal for yoga, meditation, or massage. You can use it anywhere in your project, including film, documentary, or natural production. It will add a soothing atmosphere and make your audience feel more comfortable and relaxed.

      Dawn In Paradise

      This is a beautiful and soft children music track. Great for children videos, baby yoga television, lullaby and sleep moods, soft cartoon, animation and much more.

      My Reflections

      A relaxing and peaceful world fusion lullaby featuring beautiful flutes and calm bells. Perfect for anything relating to Asia, Himalayas or even Celtic theme. Also suitable for cultural documentaries, fantasy voice-overs, fairytale stories, children's projects, the good wizard magic, and more.

      Wanna See You

      Wellknown Christmas Carol 'Silent Night' played with piano. Perfect for holiday films, christmas movies, school music and church programs and events, lullaby scenes, TV and Radio ads, commercials, corporate video wishes, youtube, web and much more. Romantic mood, peaceful feelings. Comfoting, slow, sweet.

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    It’s no secret that lullabies help children sleep. But lullabies have been shown to also ease pain and anxiety in babies, so all parents should use them as their secret tools to help their little ones feel comfortable.

    Lullaby music emerged in the first place to help children afraid of the dark sleep during the night.


    Soothing lullaby music for babies

    Play their favourite baby lullabies with undertones of soothing white noise when they cannot stop crying to help them calm down. During their first months, babies suffer from painful colic episodes and the only way to comfort them is to sing them lullabies and hold them in your arms while you walk gently around the house. But when you have no inspiration, or worse your voice fails you, the only solution is to play lullaby music for babies. Babies respond to different sounds than adults, so it’s important to find the proper soundtrack for them.

    Lullaby music for babies to sleep

    Even if during awful colic episodes it takes longer for the lullaby music to make them nod off, it always does the trick. Why? Because lullaby music establishes a correlation between your baby’s physiology, their state of mind and the outside world. During their first year of life, the world is something huge and threatening and they face a buzzing confusion. They need something to reassure them they are in a secure spot. And lullaby music works wonders. They need reassurance that it’s safe to fall asleep. The swaying rhythm of the lullaby music is close to their mother’s heartbeat and the melodious sounds bring them relief and work as a source of comfort. So, they relax and fall asleep.

    Lullaby music for adults

    Adults also need lullabies in their life because they have an unbelievably stressed existence. Every time your brains feels like a storage unit packed to the point it may explode, put in your chaos and listen to lullaby music for adults to escape your daily pandemonium. There are days when your brain is so worked out it cannot handle your favourite tunes. It needs something to soothe and help it deal with anxiety. This is when you need to listen to lullabies. They’re not songs creates for babies; they are serene music combined with nature noises that calm your mind and allow you to enjoy music in a tranquil way.

    Instrumental lullaby music

    To achieve a tranquil state, you or your baby don’t need a voice to diminish the sensory experience lullaby music creates. Instrumental music has better calming qualities to boost sleep and help the brain relax. Sometimes are the gentle ebb and flow sounds of the ocean that draw sleep, other times are various nature sounds that create a serene atmosphere. Lullabies combined with nursery music promote sleep because they have calming qualities. When these two elements are mixed with pure white noise, you enjoy a great resonance of sound that lulls you to sleep.

    Make a great gift to your baby or yourself, and buy lullaby music to enjoy the extraordinarily pleasing sounds of soothing music.

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