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    • Lofi Reflections by SnowMusicStudio

      Lo-Fi and chill background music track with relaxed pianos, tape pads, fat bass, and old-school drum. Perfect for YouTube videos, real estate videos, commercials, streams, vlogs, fashion, and more.

      Future Theory by Infraction

      Get unwind with this smooth and soulful lo-fi chillhop track. The track features a funky, groovy beat, relaxing keys, voice samples, and soft synths effects. Great for friendly gatherings in the city or just enjoying a coffee on your balcony facing the sun.

      Lofi Hiphop by Azovmusic

      Cool and stylish lo-fi hip-hop/chillhop music with a sparse vocal, a boom-bap beat, and dusty vinyl sound. This track is ideal to create an atmosphere of a carefree summer day and to add an urban vibe to your commercial, ads, video, presentation, slideshow with music, etc.

      Gentle Rolling Waves by Mark Woollard

      A warm and mellow chillout vibe is the essence of this track.Ideal for many projects,including;voiceover,drone footage,nature,yoga meditation etc

      La Chillz by Dopestuff

      This modern smooth, chillhop tune with soulful vocal samples, cool beats, and deep bass. It is perfect for your Youtube or fashion vlogs to share your brand's story. This track is also suitable for various projects like TV advertising, video about travel, workout, cooking, and so on.

      This Is How We Do It by ihsandincer

      A stylish chillhop music with cool jazzy elements. A perfect choice for chill zones, spa, fashion events, coffee shops, bars and restaurants.

      Time To Chill Out by raspberrysounds

      Relaxing R'n'B track with floating Rhodes and synths, ethereal vocals, and guitar textures slowly blend together to create the perfect background music for any project. This delicate soundscape will help show off your work in a professional manner.

      Wanna See You by AG Music

      This lo-fi chillhop track is perfect for any scene depicting self-reflection and escapism. The piano and synths are combined with deep bass lines and cool beats to create an atmosphere perfect for chilling out, relaxing, or anything else that calls for taking a break from the day-to-day.

      Easy Nightfly by Christian Aen

      Stylish, smooth, and easy lounge chillhop music. The relaxed and cool atmosphere of the track will make your video more saturated and creative! This track will approach for urban vlogging, fashion, cars, supercars, boats, boards, apps, games, Instagram, Vimeo, youtube, fashion look-book, modeling shoot, light mode travel, photography, street style photography, health and body, beauty tutorial, and other.

      Lofi Bloom by Dopestuff

      This is a gorgeous and dreamy lo-fi chillhop track featuring softly blurred synths, electric piano and soul samples, vocal chops, and warm beats. The music creates a feeling of calmness and positivity. Perfect for lifestyle vlogs, slow-motion videos, web videos, and time-lapse videos.

      Lazy Mornin by Dopestuff

      Some say summer is the best time of year. This lo-fi chillhop track is the best way to capture the summer mood, where everything is simple and nice. It has a simple guitar-led lo-fi melody. Ideal for commercials, scenes about friendship, first love, outdoors fun, transitions, and other innocuous scenes.

      The Awakenings by ikoliks

      This is a great and trendy royalty-free chillhop music track. Will compliment any video with its unique stylish sound and will give recognition from the first notes. As for the direction of the video, this elevating and modern tune will be perfectly suitable for any story with the themes of modern life such as glamorous parties, fashion shows, street vendors and commercials.

      Do It In Style by APmuse

      This funky and punchy energetic hip-hop track in Boom Bap style with lo-fi hip-hop guitar featuring bass, drum machine, leads, and percussion. Perfect for city street graffiti, urban lifestyle videos, extreme sports, videos about cars, sports highlights, fashion, travel and more.

      Street Style by Dopestuff

      Cool and modern chillhop background music. Featuring turntable scratches, chopped vocal effects, and an upbeat drumbeat. This urban-style track is full of positive energy and can be used for vlogs, YouTube videos, commercials, urban themes, or just about anything else you might need for.

      Old Vinyl Tape by ArtIss

      An urban style Chillhop music with string samples, cool vocal cuts and sexy trumpets. Ideal for fashion and saloon promos, vlogs, coffee shops and lounge zones.

      Afterthought by raspberrysounds

      Let this royalty-free music take you away on a journey of tranquility while keeping a relaxed and calm vibe throughout. Featuring electric guitar, vintage synth sounds, cozy percussions, and vinyl crackle effects, "Awakening" is the perfect soundtrack for your next urban story or meditative shot.

      Boom Bap Boulevard by Diva Production Music

      This chillhop track is stylish, calm, and has a smooth hip-hop beat. You can use this music for commercials, YouTube videos, advertising, marketing videos, and presentations where you want to create a relaxing and stylish atmosphere.

      Hip Hop Chill by Azovmusic

      Ethereal chillhop music with lo-fi sensibilities. Charming and captivating, yet neutral sound. Great for creating a lounging, sexy vibe. Possibly use as intro or transition music, hold music for phone systems, voice-over, studying process and various business productions, etc.

      Croissant Beat by Dopestuff

      Classic Boom Bap Hip-Hop track that pays homage to the golden era of Hip-Hop. With its jazzy samples, bumpy beats, and smooth rhymes, this track is perfect for any project looking to capture the essence of old-school Hip-Hop.

      Our Day Will Come by Infraction

      This is an atmospheric chillhop track with warm and dreamy downtempo vibes. Great as background for many projects. The track has a simple loop melody with piano and percussion elements. The mood is uplifting, relaxing, positive, and joyful at the same time. It would be perfect for commercials and presentations as well as your projects that need mellow background music.

      Urban Thing by Dopestuff

      Groovy and laidback, this chillhop music track features electric bass, smooth keys, and drums. Perfect for background music in a corporate setting, business and travel videos, presentations, slide shows, or even YouTube Vlogs. A seamless loop ensures that the music will not distract your viewer.

      All In Good Time by Matthias Harris

      Croissant Beat is a jazzy and soulful lo-fi hip-hop track that sounds smooth, light, and luxurious. It's great for advertising, nightlife, cozy events, fashion shows, etc. Perfect for commercials that require a confident and cool sound.

      Enjoy The Moment by raspberrysounds

      A cool, relaxed, and smooth chillhop with a modern Hip Hop beat to create sensual and chill summer vibes. Great for commercials, films, and videos about a cool lifestyle. Features vibraphone, electric piano, vocal 'oohs', bass and drums.

      Lost In Seoul by Infraction

      So smooth, so relaxing, yet still so chill. This lo-fi chillhop music would be perfect for anything that has to do with urban city life! On a skateboard tour of your city, an inspirational vlog following a local designer or artist, showing off some excellent furniture or product, showing off your room or home anything! The possibilities are endless!

      Sexy Midnight by ArtIss

      This is cool, upbeat, and confident old-school chillhop music. It features jazz guitar, confident drums, deep bass, trumpets, jazzy chops, and vinyl scratch to capture the urban vibe. Great to use for vlogs, promos, or anything that's urban-themed.

      Love This So Much by APmuse

      Stylish chillhop track with a trap beat, deep bass, pads, synths, and powerful drums. Perfect for openers, romantic, love, art, technology, fashion, stylish, lifestyle, beauty blogs, designs, motivational stories, advertisements, sports videos, summer videos, Film and TV, Vlog, Youtube, and beauty video projects.

      Soulful Mode by Dopestuff

      Enticing and creative, this ChillHop track is the perfect addition to your next video project. With a bumpy and modern trap arrangement, you'll be able to create captivating and engaging video projects that your audience can't look away from! Featuring trap bass, glitch drum machine, synth leads, and percussion. This track is perfect for fashion designers, lifestyle vlogs, teaser videos, art, technology, etc.

      Hip Hop Light by Azovmusic

      This track is a bouncy, elegant chillhop production featuring funky horns, keys, scratches, vocal cuts and cool beats. The music is perfect for fashion vlogs and urban visual content, summer videos. It will make your viewers want to dance.

      Radio Waves by raspberrysounds

      A cool and trendy mix of old school hip-hop, chillhop, and even ragtime. Creates a really high spirit and will work nicely as a background for different kinds of projects. Fits perfectly for YouTube vlog, street fashion, travel video, urban and street lifestyle, food festivals, youth advertising music, photo slideshow, cute video, etc.

      Night Dreaming by Dopestuff

      Cozy, relaxed hip-hop background with a jazzy piano, trumpet, keys, bells, and laid-back beats. Perfect for vlogs, fashion videos, urban lifestyle content, or any project that needs a relaxed feel.

      Evening Sun by CozyVibes

      A groovy and chillhop instrumental track, ideal for luxury travel, urban lifestyle, and urban culture. The track features a smooth beat, lo-fi keys, vocal chops, and a mellow atmosphere. Perfect for your next promotional video or commercial but also great as background music in itself.

      The Open Heart by CozyVibes

      Stylish, smooth, a cool chillhop track. The great atmosphere of this music will make your video more saturated and creative. Ideal for vlogging, fashion projects, supercar, luxury boats, Instagram videos, models lifestyle, travel show, commercial photos, fashion streetstyle, beauty tutorial, urban video and more.

      Late Night by Dopestuff

      An atmospheric, calm lo-fi tune with jazz guitar, Rhodes, soft beats, dreamy pads and leads. Great for beauty blogs, urban visuals or intimate contents.

      Bass Groove by Richard Hinton

      Get that cool and groovy chillhop vibe with this track. This chilled-out sample with soulful boom bap beats and scratchings makes a lovely blend of styles and textures. Ideal as urban background soundtracks for commercials, slideshows, films, and much more.

      Morning In The Cafe by raspberrysounds

      Cool and stylish Chillhop/ retro hip-hop track! This composition will add great energy, motivation, brightness, and recognition for your project. Perfect for urban commercial, advertising, street fashion, makeup, beauty videos, positive presentation, sports lifestyle, travel vlog, TV background, party and more.

      Sf Chillz by Dopestuff

      Soft and soulful lo-fi chillhop instrumental features atmospheric fx, glitchy beats, and easy piano melody. It is the perfect background music for slow-motion visuals, fashion vlogs, or urban street videos.

      Love Vibe by Dopestuff

      Experimental dreamy chillhop track with electronic and chill elements. The arrangement is light, easy to listen to, with a relaxing atmosphere and an easy mood. All instruments are very light and pleasant. Perfect as backdrop music for under dialogue use, scene transitions, or intro/outro music for your YouTube video.

      Nostalgic Dream by MintWhale

      Alluring and intoxicating royalty-free lo-fi, jazzy hip-hop/chillhop tune with a retro piano, cool vocal samples, groovy beats, and guitar solos. Perfect for the sassy catwalk, urban theme, street visuals, or youth culture. Kinda retro but still very fresh.

      Airy Dreams by Dopestuff

      Light chill hop track with warm organic vibes and a mellow, dreamy mood.

      Dope Chills by Dopestuff

      This chillhop track features guitars, vocal samples, keys, and a lo-fi beat. The track is perfect for vlogs and videos focused on fashion, travel or other lifestyle topics that need some extra charm.

      Live It Up by raspberrysounds

      Short chillhop intro music with urban style and synth vocal sample will be perfect for your vlog with summer atmosphere.

      Mellowed Out by CozyVibes

      This modern electronic music can be used for fresh, energetic, and creative projects such as YouTube videos, workout videos, beauty blogs, and art festivals. It features punchy synth chords with lo-fi leads and percussion. This track is ideal for many projects, including ads and commercials that need an energetic and bright mood.

      Street Lights by Emilio Merone

      Close your eyes and let the sounds draw you into a blissful and relaxing state. This chillhop track suggests the atmosphere of a luxurious urban lounge, where lo-fi beats and melodies bring a modern groove. Dreamy and soothing, this track is ideal as background music for videos about fashion, travel, urban life, and more.

      Blooming by CozyVibes

      It's stylish, atmospheric urban chillhop track with sensual male vocal and catchy vinyl sound. Perfect for commercial, advertising, Vlogging, Fashion, Instagram, city video, models, travel videos, photography, lifestyle, beauty tutorial, urban videos, and more.

      Before The Rain by ihsandincer

      Chill and easy-going track with a relaxed vibe. Lofi hip hop music for chillout places or to calm down your mind, perfect for background in podcast.

      Warm Day by raspberrysounds

      An inspiring calm warm chillhop track with smooth gentle vocal samples, elegant guitars, synths, drums, percussions. This hip-hop track will be great for vlogs, travel's videos, lifestyle visuals and many others!

      Sunday Chill by Emilio Merone

      A warm, stylish chillhop with piano bits, guitar cuts, cool beat and Rhodes samples. Ideal for the urban theme videos, street fashion vlogs, carefree cafe/bar atmosphere, or youth oriented advertising.

      Lofi Jam by Dopestuff

      This chillhop track is ideal for vlogs, time-lapses, lounges, or lifestyle content. The laidback lo-fi soundscape features soulful piano, synths, percs, vocal bits, and chill beats to create a calm atmosphere ideal for everyday use. If you need a smooth and stylish soundtrack, this is it.

      Morning Chill by Dopestuff

      A silky-smooth mix of lo-fi chillhop music to create a casual yet classy atmosphere for product presentations, commercials, and adverts. Stylish and catchy, yet warm and laidback. Featuring an old-school soul voice sample, electric bass, trap drums, and smooth 808 basses. Cool as background music for relaxed content, fashion, beauty vlogs, or other social media content.

      Swim For Air by raspberrysounds

      Easy-going, elegant and groovy hip hop / chillhop track featuring swing beats, soul samples and scratches. Suitable for cool, relaxed urban style projects, related to sport, fashion, lifestyle or modern luxury.

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    Chillhop is a newly termed sub-genre of music that refers to a specific type of trip-hop music passed down from hip hop. Trip-hop is a more relaxed and jazzy version of hip hop, and, as the name suggests, chillhop takes this further by emphasizing the 'chilled' vibe its music creates.

    While trip-hop music came out of the British city Bristol, and the UK is notable in the chillhop movement, it is far away from where chillhop was most prominent. In Japan, Nujabe had been producing music since the early 2000s, and while never knowingly setting out to create chillhop, he is widely credited as the forerunner of this sound. Nujabes sadly died in 2010, after which he was posthumously celebrated, and his influence was evident on other artists that could be described as making chillhop tunes.

    Some have gained more mainstream success in America, such as Flying Lotus, who, like many, is not restricted to this subgenre but whose music regularly falls into it. Possibly the most notable example of a current chillhop artist is over in Europe, Gramatik, whose techniques and vibe personify its existence. Chillhop music is primarily electronic, with a combination of some, but not always all, of the broken beats, mellow strings, subtle synth, soft piano, slow pace, underplayed rap, or lilting vocal.

    But more than the instrumentation, the mood chillhop creates a track to be classed as such. It has become popular as a helpful genre to play while studying or focusing on a task, acting as background music and imposing enough to keep a person in the necessary mindset.

    It is also a music choice for times when one wants to either wind down alone, spend a day relaxing, or for an evening hanging with friends. The sub-genre is now recognized enough to have a platform and label 'for lo-fi hip hop and jazzy beats' called Chillhop Music.

    Chillhop music is a cool and relaxed genre of background music. Download royalty free chillhop music for videos, slideshows, and commercials to wedding videos and movies.

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