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      Introspective urban lounge music creates an airy and dreamy underscore. The gentle piano melody adds a sensitive touch, resonating with feelings of love and longing. Ideal for thoughtful scenes in films, where characters delve into their emotions, for urban-themed videos or other media projects that evoke themes of love, hope, and longing.

      Video Game

      This 8 bit game music combines a retro video game vibe with a modern upbeat style. The vintage sounds are complimented by a catchy melody and fun arrangement.

      Breathe Easy 8bit

      Jumpy and positive with a very catchy melody. Great for children projects, Super Mario like mini games, and cartoons. Nice and smooth 8 bit music royalty free.

      Pairing Pears

      This is a classic chiptune-style track. The signature sound is derived from the 8-bit era and the music was produced with one of the most classic consoles, like Nintendo NES or Family Computer. Use it for any type of media production: podcasts, videos, or even YouTube videos.

      Rpg Explorer

      A fun jumpy 8 bit tune with retro synth instrument. Sounding like a tune from Sega games from the nineties. Positive and childish. Featuring soft synths and a jumpy beat. Suitable for indie developers, 8bit RPG games or an animation in need of a chiptune sound.

      8 Bit Trance

      This is a video game 8 bit music loop. A very happy and positive track. Full of good spirit and optimism. Featuring electric piano, xylophone, guitar, celeste, and 808 drums. The tune is similar to games like animal crossing, magicians quest, fantasy life, wandering willows, rune factory, shepherds crossing, castaway paradise, happy street and more of that genre. Suitable for games, animations, and children related productions.

      Intimate Lives 8bit

      Chiptune-style soundtrack produced with 8-bit sound from Nintendo NES/FAMICOM consoles.

      My Mustang

      An 8 bit style, a bit retro themed track, with jumpy synths and a groovy bass. Sounds somewhat anxious and worried. A bit suspenseful. Featuring muted guitars, shakers and synths. Suitable for video games, animations and comedies.

      Arcade Mind

      This is a fun and cheerful track. Very suitable for kid cartoons, silly video games, comedy skits etc. 8 bit music great for arcade and adventures games.

      8 Bit Groove

      8-bit chiptune style music sequence made entirely with an 8-bit retro sound. Ideal to set love-themed videogames, dating, visual novels, etc.

      Today Is Your Lucky Day

      Straight forward jumpy 8 bit music chiptune with a retro colored sound. A bit sad and unsatisfied sounding. Suitable for comedies, cartoons, and indie video games.

      A Very Wild Western Adventure 8bit

      This is classic videogame music that brings back all the nostalgia of the 80s and 90s. It is perfect for old-school gameplay videos, retro games, cartoon animation projects, children and kids' youtube videos, arcade games, or any other project which needs this classic retro-style electronic 8-bit sound.

      Ice Fishing

      Fun and easy going spacey theme. Carefree and futuristic. In the mood of traveling the milky way on a cartoon spaceship. Featuring a marimba and various synths. Suitable for video games, cartoons and children related content. 8 bit relaxing music for iPads and Nindendo games.

      Lunar Beat

      A video game sounding, happy, trance-like song that gets you moving. High energy, fast-paced, and powerful drums. 8 bit Nindendo / iPad music.

      Life In 8bit

      Chiptune style music sequence made entirely with 8-bit sound. Ideal to set video games where the main theme is the old and wild west.

      Nintendo Games

      This throw back game music brings to mind the classic video games from the 80's and 90's. The 8 bit sounds are complimented with a catchy melody and fun retro arrangement.

      A Game Of Ships 8bit

      A mysterious, exotic, Asian-style stomp background music that builds excitement. Features traditional Chinese percussion and drums to create an exotic atmosphere. Ideal for cinematic projects, commercials, or presentations.


      Fast energetic and super catchy. This track is a powerful mixture of dubstep drums with 8 bit chiptune synthesizers. It features an exciting and motivating melody, gets you ready for a fast ride or battle. The track evolves and becomes a musical wall of unified synth sound, playing the main theme. Powerful and nostalgic. Can fit well into a video game theme or a retro style animation with a modern touch.

      Shiny Pixelated Worlds

      A summer 8 bit reggae music tune full of good mood, and fun melodies. Imagine ocean waves on top of the music and you'll see the beach and the palm trees. Suitable for commercials, retro-styled or indie games and animations. A groovy soundtrack for good times vibe.

      Arcade Funk

      Featuring a driving drum machine, this chiptune track is perfect for creating a radical throwback vibe. It has a techno sound with an 8-bit videogame and industrial influences. Use it for commercials, games, and movies about science fiction, cyberpunk, retro gaming, or technology.

      The Wind From Desert

      A jumpy tune with chiptune-like sounds. Cautious, a bit mysterious and super fun. Suitable for Super Mario like games, spooky cartoons and animations. Featuring a catchy melody and a lot of fun sounds. Classic 8 bit dance music.

      Beat The Arcade Machine

      Here is an electronic retro video game music full of fun and joy. Great for gameplay videos, retro games, cartoon and animation projects, children and kids youtube videos, arcade and 8-bit style music, the '80s and retro synth-pop music, toy commercials, review videos, and much more.

      Epic Building

      An electronic retro 8bit video game music full of fun and joy. Great for gameplay videos, retro games, cartoon and animation projects, children and kids youtube videos, arcade games, 80's and retro synth-pop music, toy commercials, toy review videos, and much more.

      No Luck Without Effort

      Classic 8 bit game music for your vintage arcade game. Could be used in the film during an arcade scene. Mario, Nintendo, Genesis Sega, Atari, Funny, Cute, Pacman, Tetris, Vintage Arcade Music royalty free.

      Funny Chickens

      This 8-bit dance track is catchy, upbeat, and quirky. Like the video game arcade music of the 1980s, this fun track is full of synthesizers and sound effects. The perfect accompaniment to comedy, games, children's shows, web tutorials, and reality shows. This playful track is guaranteed to make you smile

      The Resting Stage 8bit

      Soft and electronic synth pop tune with a retro feel of early 80's (the eighties). 8 bit dance music great for video games, children projects, corporate multimedia. Featuring warm analog synth leads and drum machines.

      Hard I Look Sega Fm Version

      Melodic dance style music sequence produced with FM sound from Sega's 16-bit videogame consoles. Also contains precessed voice samples with effects.

      Lights From The Holidays

      Electronic style music sequence produced with sound from SEGA's 8-bit and 16-bit consoles: Master System and Genesis/Megadrive. Sound designed for retro style videogames.

      Tired Of Smiling 8bit

      This video game music combines a strong sound with a wild vibe. The modern 8 bit style combines with interesting synths to create music loop perfect for a wide variety projects including video games, arcade, puzzles, strategy, and more.

      8 Bit Adventure

      Bouncy, optimistic, modern and very catchy hip-hop/rap instrumental with cool melody, nice synths and energetic drums. Perfect background for many video and audio projects. I hope you like it.

      Wind Of Glory

      In the current fashion full soundtrack recreation retro 8-bit style, here's my two cents. A song with a distinctive style that recalls the old days playing with consoles and computers of 8 Bit.

      El Gato

      An oldie but a goodie! This track was composed with FM sounds from Sega's 16-bit consoles from the '90s. Nothing sounds better than some great dance music from the Sega Megadrive/Genesis consoles! Enjoy!

      Mellow Shadows Sega Fm

      Retro soundtrack produced with 8-bit sound extracted from Sega's 8-bit consoles of the 80s and 90s.

      8bit Reggae Melancholy

      An electronic retro video game music, full of fun and joy. Great for gameplay videos, retro games, cartoon and animation projects, children and kids youtube videos, arcade, and 8bit style music, 80's and retro synth-pop music, toys commercials, toy review videos, and much more.


      Electronic dance music sequence made with 8 and 16-bit sound. Typical FAMICOM/Nintendo NES sound.

      Nines Are Nine 8bit

      A dynamic chiptune dance track for retro-futuristic games and commercial applications. The piece features a driving beat, with an acid house feel, chunky guitar bass, and hand clap samples. The tempo shifts during the track and adds a sense of urgency to the overall sound. Loops seamlessly.

      Smurf Diving

      An electronic retro video game music, full of fun and joy. Great for game play videos, retro games, cartoon and animation projects, children and kids youtube videos, arcade and 8bit style music, 80's and retro synth pop music, toys commercials, toys review videos and much more.

      On The Open Page 8bit

      Funky and rock-n-roll funny music with console retro game sounds. The track has a modern tone without sounding too contrived or generic. It feels like something that could come out of old-school arcade games, like Nintendo. Perfect for fun videos, retro games, product launch teasers, advertising campaigns, edgy tv productions, promo projects, tutorials, and more.

      Day Of A Robot

      Minimalistic electronic track with bold beats, syncopated synthesizers, dancing bells, and jangly guitars. Reminiscent of PC games soundtrack from the 80s and 90s. Create the enjoyment, danger, and elation of passing through a game level.

      Looking For A Story

      A dynamic electronic track in a positive mood. Featured instruments are oldschool and 8 bit synths. It would be nice for arcade game, hi tech or game videos.

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    8-bit music is the term for making electronic tunes on sound chips used in old computers. The music can vary between styles but is all related by how it is created, through game consoles and vintage systems that produce simple yet memorable synthesized beats. While remaining niche, 8-bit music has become a genre in itself, which has also developed into what is known as chiptune.

    The popularity of making this music increased through the eighties and nineties, as the equipment began to reduce in price. This meant that individuals could create tunes inexpensively and by themselves in their own homes. Classic devises to do this included the Commodore 64, the Sega Game Gear, Megadrive, and the Nintendo DS and Gameboy. These remain the go-to ways of producing 8-bit music now.

    Great good old console games

    The music began for the original games themselves as the only way to soundtrack them. The technology had many limitations, which became a benefit by resulting in a collective trademark sound. It perhaps enhanced the inventiveness of the programmers to create catchy and effective tunes. The themes and sounds of old games such as Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Sonic The Hedgehog, and Super Mario are universally known and loved, not just for nostalgia but also for the 8-bit music itself.

    Culture influence

    The genre became a more collective scene when events and club nights appeared, especially in America. A small but significant cultural chiptune movement in the UK, Europe, and Japan. Its influence even seeped into other music types, both mainstream and underground, with experimental rock bands sampling 8-bit tunes and electronic dance music replicating the bleeps and beats.

    8 bit music in iPhone and iPad games

    Nowadays, finding the facilities needed to create 8-bit music has become even more straightforward. Several apps can be downloaded to smartphones and tablets that successfully emulate the techniques and replicates sounds from the vintage consoles to allow users to produce their chiptunes from the comfort of their iPad. This has seen its use in popular music increase, and while remaining a niche underground scene, it has brought the genre to many more people worldwide.

    Download 8-bit music for your game or video! Our royalty free 8 bit music is perfect for retro games, old video games, and classic animations. Suitable for use in commercials, film, and TV shows.

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