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  • A hard and energetic heavy rock track with agressive guitars, solid bass powerful drums. Great choice for motivational videos, extreme sport videos, video games, action movies, tv commercials, advertisements, and actions scenes that need a powerful sound. You'll feel the real power with this track!

    Dynamic and energetic hard rock meets heavy metal track. Featuring distorted electric guitars and a driving beat. This cool sounding music is great for chase action scenes, extreme sports, brave adventures, modern tech apps, badass guys. Enjoy!

    A powerful heavy metal track with absolute confidence and crazy energy. Just be cool, don't give up! Great for various use, e.g., for dynamic & exciting e-game action, fighting scenes, powerlifting workout, gym music, and extreme sports.

    Mighty and fast but melodic heavy metal track. Great for sports and movies.

    A powerful heavy rock track with distorted guitar riffs, synth sounds, and solid bass. Great for action scenes, sport videos, teamwork scenes, adrenaline sports, gym videos and much more. You have the power now!

    This is a hard rock/nu heavy metal music, full of power and energy. Great for extreme and action sport, aggressive and strong moods, chase and speed trailers, fight and surf scenes, distortion and alternative overdrive music and much more.

    A dynamic and energetic heavy metal/hard rock track with a blasting guitar solo. Good for an energetic workout, ultimate fighting, unlimited speed, car racing, extreme shows. Also good for driving moments, sports competitions, promotional videos.

    This energetic heavy rock track features distorted electric guitars, driving bass, and pounding drums. Great for car chases, NASCAR races, extreme sports, action, adventure, truck commercials, endurance, competition, angsty teens, adrenaline pumping.

    Medium slow Em heavy metal piece. Power drums, electric bass, overdriven electric guitar, synthesizer pad, arpeggiated synthesizer.

    Powerful, aggressive rock track. Huge guitar riff, massive, modern sound of live recorded drums. A powerful main riff flows into atmospheric guitar part, followed by solo part. Track delivers a modern alternative rock bands' sound. Works well for car racing, action, high impact, extreme sports and explosive media.

    Fierce and epic action track with heavy metal and orchestral touch. Raw action drive mixed with a hero theme. Suitable for trailers and big cinematic scenes. Featuring a wicked distorted bass hook and an orchestra. Breathtaking and in style of "Pirates of the Caribbean".

    This is a heavy metal arrangement of the famous Christmas song \"jingle bells\" played with a low B tuned guitar. Heavy drums and bass are also added, with an harmonized mid part. Included are both a standard song with intro and end and a seamlessly looped edit

    Really cool track with a punchy heavy metal sound is sure to grab audience's attention. Suitable for extreme sports events, car racing, adrenaline show, sports reel, radical games.

    Aggressive extreme modern short metal music. Perfect for your sport's video and another projects.

    Fast, powerful, energetic, truly epic, a full speed heavy metal track, with an unforgettable guitar riff . The track builds up to an insanely charismatic shred guitar solo played by a real virtuoso.

    Extreme and intense powerful heavy metal loop. Fast, angry and strong 30 seconds loopable hard rock with furious distortion guitars, bass and drums. Best for sport action and extreme sports, wrestling, car race, trucks, anger and advertising.

    This is a heavy hard rock nu metal music, full of power and energy. Great for extreme and action sport, aggressive and strong moods, chase and speed trailers, fight and surf scenes, distortion and alternative overdrive music and much more.

    Powerful and energetic rock track with an intense and heavy feel. Featuring a strong electric guitar riff, electronic motives, bass, drums and uplifting ‘Hey’ style vocals.

    Semi-Energetic rock/metal instrumental loop featuring various electric guitars. Possible uses can range from sporting events, preparation scenes, etc.

    Aggressive and dangerous metal track. Great for wild and extreme videos, adventure games, energetic action, and other projects that need power, motivation, drive, and muscles.

    Rock Zone is a heavy, raw and very powerful rock track. This aggressive, energetic, catchy and high energy track contains electric guitars, pick bass and punchy drums. Perfectly suitable for action scenes, extreme sports, games, dynamic video projects, websites, background music, presentations, commercials, soundtracks, motion graphics, podcasts and more. I hope you like it.

    Heavy rock track with synth sounds. Gives every project a rough edge. Perfect for any action content, extreme sports and so on.

    Positive and energetic one. A cutable one to be used at different moments.

    Aggressive electric and metal guitars with gentle keyboard, made for images...

    A heavy guitar based track, which drives along with a steady pounding rhythm.

    Powerful and bouncy music especially made for sport images!

    Cannot be use for a fairy tale...

    Rollin' riff, ready to sing on ! Powerful and aggressive background music. This track is good for scoring video games,military and action films.

    This is a powerful and driving metal music track featuring heavy guitar riffs, hard drums and strong bass. Great for action scenes.

    Energetic, and heavy sounds...

    This is a crazy metal track with heavy guitar riffs, fast drums and strong bass. Hardcore energetic music great for films and videos.

    Alternative metal track followed by bright guitars,bass, e-guitar solos and drums. Suitable for energizing production.

    Music for motors...Inspiring hard rock track. Suitable for all types of sport, action, energetic projects.

    Distorted guitar and synths, dark rock/metal feeling, energetic and full of strength.

    A short metal loop, useful for videogames, title screens, presentations, web, youtube , sport videos, trailers, teaser, etc. It will work in any situation where power and energy are needed.

    Themed Rock instrumental featuring electric guitars, piano, bells, and synths. Possible uses can range from semi-angry to preparation scenes, trailers, etc.

    An electric guitar riff over bass guitar and drums.

    Strong heavy track with some trance atmosphere elements. Mighty guitars, flying synths, powerful drums.This track is great for sports,action, adverts.

    Energetic, explosive, driven rock track with massive distorted guitar walls and a punchy drum sound. Great for shooter games.

    Life is a shooting gallery which you should win. Beat out five of five and win the prize - happiness and well-being!

    Some days you go to top. Having rejected fear and hunger, you feel that good luck on your party. It is a little more and you become the hero!

    A heavy guitar based track which drives along with a steady pounding rhythm.

    Massive guitar attack - the wall of sound with atmospheric sound flying above.

    Catchy rock guitar licks and riffs that sear into your brain with their intensity and Southern American feel.

    Groovy rock track with a catchy descending and rising melody

    Repent people! Dark clouds of human sins will surround the planet and the world will plunge into the darkness. The sunlight will not reach the surface and all the plants will die and people will left without food. Only the Power of Love will defeat the darkness!

    Heavy rock rhythm guitar with pounding drums, making great music to complement any aggressive sequence.

    Slow dark industrial metal rock background piece. Drums, heavy guitar, electric bass, synthesizer effects. Good for trailers and spots.

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Loud music is equal to heavy metal. We more than often associate loud music with heavy metal because of the harshness and excessive drums and electric guitars. Heavy metal music is one large genre with a whole lot of sub and fusion genres. We refer heavy metal music to be a part of rock music.

Developed in the late 1950s and early 1960s, this particular genre has its roots in acid rock and blues-rock. Rock music began in the United Kingdom and the United States. The genre is characterized by extended guitar solos, emphatic beats, highly amplified distortion and overall loudness.

Bands like Deep Purple and Black Sabbath attracted audiences back in 1968 is one of the first heavy metal bands. Heavy metal fans were given a name that was ‘metal heads’ or headbangers’. Sub-genres of heavy metal increased with time and became quite a lot in number. Avant-garde metal, Christian metal, Extreme Metal which includes black, death, doom and thrash metal, Glam metal, Groove metal, Power metal, Speed metal, Symphonic metal and Traditional heavy metal is the sub-genres of heavy metal music.

Amongst the popular heavy metal bands, a few of them are Metallica (1981), Iron Maiden (1975), Black Sabbath (1968-2017), Mega Death (1983) and Motorhead (1975-2015).

Heavy Metal music is characterized of everything loud and harsh. It is mostly, if not always characterized by loud distorted guitars, emphatic rhythms, dense bass-drum sounds and vigorous vocals. Nevertheless, the key element in heavy metal is the electric guitar. Its sounds are produced with a combined use of heavy distortions and heavy volumes. Many times, if you have ever seen a heavy metal band, the guitar solo is the main element of heavy metal. This solo underscores the significance of heavy metal.

Heavy metal music is often associated with aggression and is said that it is an “explicit display of emotion”. The tone of the singer is said to be the most important part of a heavy metal band. The singer's voice must show emotion/aggression and should set the entire bands tone from the beginning.

Many take heavy metal to be a subculture. It has a certain behavior, style and appearance to denote whether you are a heavy metal fan or not. Even the bands had a specific appearance which showed that the belonged to the heavy metal genre. The most important feature was their down the back, long hair. They typical look consisted of ripped jeans, black shirts and leather or denim jackets, with black lined eyes even. Black was the basic color after all.

Heavy metal is one big Genre of the music industry and has of course been criticised a lot. But its fans don’t ever let the genre die down. Heavy metal is simply your inner emotions coming out!

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