• Royalty free Native American music

    • Atmospheric Instrumental track featuring Native American flute, shaman drum, pow wow drums, acoustic guitar, violin, bass, tubular bells, and electric guitar. Great for themes involving the wild west, north american indians, cherokee, cheyenne, apache, lakota traditions, sioux, tribal rituals, high plains, cowboys, adventure, Indian territory

      This is a tribal percussion drums music. Great for jungle and safari background, Native American life and wild scenes, primitive and ancient videos, African nature movies and much more.

      'The Valley Spirit' is a new age ambient track performed with native American flutes. Ideal for cinematography scenes, beautiful natural landscapes, mountains, noble native tribes, world wisdom, history documentaries, cultural heritage, etc.

      Dramatic cinematic Americana style background music featuring jew's harp and male voice. Go well with heroic themes, robbery scenes or preparation for action. The track features: electric guitar, powerful drums, voice cuts and synth effects.

      Deep meditative tribal theme created with Shamanic sounds immersing the listener to the state of trance. Loud breath set the rhythm of the composition, angelic female voice, with a heavy reverb for maximum atmosphere, envelops the consciousness. Suitable for world ethnic documentaries, epic adaptations of Viking stories, ancient civilizations, history film soundtrack, scenes of initiation, the awakening of spirit and strength, etc.

      Western ethnic and Americana folk instrumental music track with fiddle, banjo, american flutes, acoustic guitar, ethnic percussion and more. Perfect for cinematic projects, travel video sabout Texas, countryside people, cowboys of the old west, wild wild west, free spirit, wild hearts, cowboys western films, American nature reserves, etc.

      Upbeat dance-pop track with ethnic and exotic elements similar to Deep Forest. Great for projects related to nature, dance performance, tribal lifestyle, fashion backstage, wildlife travel, and much more!

      Intro styled instrumental featuring flutes, strings, and various percussion. Possible uses can range from safari and animal themed scenes, intros, etc.

      Ethnic tribal music with a dark atmosphere and hypnotic rhythms. Great for African safari videos, wild jungles, hunting scenes, and more.Instruments: big drums, shakers, percussion, wooden flute, synth pads, bass.

      African percussion rhythmic beat that will take you to the hunting world of the deepest jungle. Will work perfectly for any travel documentaries, and nature related type of video projects. Because of its universal construction, well known traditional native percussion instruments and unique sand-drum, this music will work very well as an ethnic background.

      Powerful energetic electronic music in the ethnic space style. Ideally for your projects.

      Bouncy ethnic track filled with a haunting and mysterious atmosphere of Africa or Native America. This track is great for safari, adventures video games, traveling in the wild jungle, sacred shamanic rituals, primitive and traditional scenes, tribal soundscape and much more. Instruments: African drums, shakers, percussion, jungle flute, synth pads, bass, vocals

      Tribal and uplifting, dance track with exotic vibe. Catchy synth riff combined with pumping dance beats. Ideal for corporate presentation/branding, new product launch, infomercial, documentary, website, film and tv advertising, parties, celebration, fashion shows or other cool and trendy events.

      Epic and atmospheric South American track featuring panpipes, acoustic guitars, bongo, timpani. Perfect score for an epic adventure. Good for documentary films, games, short video clips, etc

      Grooving breakbeat with a beautiful flute with skips and jumps in the rhythm.

      Light ambient mood of this track is good for presentations. Massive percussion with bass lays beyond and pad, flute, santur flies above.

      Deep atmosphere of evening forest, good for relaxation. Flute, santur and ethnic percussion make a magic in this track.

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    We are all aware of the soothing power of music and how it can help our minds and bodies to relax and release tension and stress.

    It gets to our emotions and thoughts and helps us pause everything for a few minutes. As more and more people practice meditation to find their inner peace and to achieve mindfulness, you may be thinking about creating your own guided meditation music video to guide them throughout the spiritual journey.

    Native American music is a great choice when creating meditation or relaxation videos.

    Native American flute music for relaxation and meditation

    Native American flute music is one of the most popular choices for meditation and relaxation guided sessions. It is known as both uplifting and relaxing music that can help one achieve a calmer state. It can be the perfect way to relax and rejuvenate after a long and stressful day.

    For a very long time now, native American flute music has been used in all types of rituals from healing and spiritual rituals to meditation. Known as therapeutic music, its distinctive sound, rich in folklore, sets it apart from any other music genre.

    Relaxing native American music

    Music, in general, has a positive impact on our psychological functions and can be a great tool to distract our attention from stress to a calmer state. It has a major impact on our moods, making us feel happier or more focused.

    Native American music can transport anyone to a state defined by calm and relaxation, especially after listening for at least 10 minutes when achieving the so-called “alpha” state during which the mental and emotional fluctuations happen at a higher rate than the pulsations of the brain. By focusing on the breath and listening to native American music, one can transit from the “beta” state in which we are operating with our conscious minds.

    Native American music can help those who listen to it as background music for meditation and relaxation to develop more coordination, intuition, and intelligence by training their minds.

    Native American spiritual music for Yoga

    Thanks to its reputation for a meditative and healing sound, today, native American spiritual music is often heard in meditation centers and yoga studios. It is perfect to facilitate our experience of yoga practice by helping our bodies and minds relax. It offers the support for physical, emotional and spiritual shifts that yoga can bring.

    Yoga and relaxation are interconnected and when they are associated with meditation and calming background music, they lead to a certain calm and mindful experience. When practicing yoga, people want to get lost inside a spiritual state that allows them to relax not only their bodies but also their minds. So, native American spiritual music for yoga online videos is a great choice to engage the listeners in their spiritual journey.

    Native American music is the best choice both for listening when meditating and for creating your own guided meditation or yoga video. You can choose from our large selection of fluid melodies and buy native American flute music for your own videos.

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