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    • Kaizen Year MP3

      This track is a melodic, introspective, and pensive Asian-flavored lofi beat. It features Guzheng, Erhu, piano, electric piano, and flutes. This music would be ideal for projects related to Asian culture, or for creative professionals wishing to evoke feelings of longing or melancholy.

      Inspiring China Travel MP3

      This modern ethnic groove, with the sound of traditional Asian music instruments, makes it an ideal backdrop for many different types of videos. Great for Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival, spring celebration, and Dragon Dance ceremony, cooking Asian food, and travel videos.

      Chinese New Year MP3

      Traditional Chinese music with harp and strings ideal for the Chinese New Year celebration or Asian documentary.

      Change Will Come MP3

      This track is perfect as an underscore for projects related to science, innovative technology, green energy, interviews, and commercials. It will also work well in films that deal with social issues or nature environmental issues. The Asian-style melody is very repetitive, with a smooth marimba, plucked sounds, and a bells sequence in the background.

      Morning Sky MP3

      Inspiring Asian chill-out music, with Rhodes chords, spacey arps, deep pads, airy vocals, and a hip-hop beat. Great as background music for urban videos, product promos, romantic moments, timelapse footages, memorable videos, etc.

      China Nature MP3

      Сhina Nature is a beautiful and atmospheric track, full of lyric and tender. Great for travel and ethnic films, nature and meditation videos, landscapes and much more. Also perfect for romantic and sentimental scenes, Asian and Chinese backgrounds and much more. Mood: relax, peaceful, breezy, flowing, epic, mystery, romantic, Instruments: Hulusi flute, wind bells, percussion, rain stick, synth pads

      Lofi Memories MP3

      A relaxing lofi hip-hop instrumental blended with acoustic guitar. Perfect for video blogs, podcasts and video games.

      Tibetan Mandala MP3

      Imagine a caravan flowing across mountains and deserts. The melody can bring to mind the vastness of the Mongolian landscape or the endless Tibetan sky. Peaceful Asian bamboo flutes over soft percussion create a heavenly mood. This background music instills a feeling of serenity and bliss perfect for yoga, meditation, relaxation, and more.

      Bollywood Night MP3

      Energetic Indian dance music track with punchy and upbeat beats, similar to Panjabi MC. Featuring incredible ethnic rhythms, female chants, Indian flute, in combination with sitars and drums. Perfect to create a celebration of life atmosphere for a colorful journey to far away places, Bollywood films themed projects, Hindi party, travel vlog about Asian countries, Delhi and Mumbai streets videos, etc.

      Chinese Toy MP3

      Cheerful and funny Asian instrumental background music with traditional instruments and Chinese motifs. The music track has a cheerful, positive, and uplifting mood, which expresses a sense of youth, optimism, and enjoyment. Ideal for various media projects including travel videos, videos about China and Asia and more.

      Erhu Meditation MP3

      Beautiful, atmospheric Asian music that combines electronic ambient textures with a traditional Chinese instrument - a diversity that results in a unique and original sound. The music is built on a repetitive pattern, perfect for video projects related to space, time, meditation, healing, nature, mystery, and spirituality.

      This is Our God MP3

      THIS IS OUR GOD is a pleasant and refined composition by strings sounds. It sounds more like an Asian composition and its calmness is very pleasing to ears.

      The Cries Of The Sad MP3

      Melancholic and lyrical violin music, full of sadness and emotions. It is great for sentimental and sad trailers, tragic background music, holocaust scenes, sad romance and love stories, winter and autumn seasons, death and funeral scenes, quiet and slow cinematic background music, agony and pain moods, drama and thoughtful projects, memorial videos, loneliness and depression, and much more. orchestration: solo violin, piano, cellos section

      Lonely World MP3

      An absolutely beautiful Asian-style corporate track, perfect for documentaries and any project that needs an inspiring, motivational and uplifting touch. The light air-like piano and guitar arpeggios give softness to this track. At the same time, there are some groovy glitch drum loops on it. Fits perfectly for time-lapse videos, science videos, technology and space movie, nature and travel projects.

      Taiko Percussion MP3

      Booming taikos are the main instrument of this highly energetic action drum track. Suitable for any martial arts promotion, holiday promotion, or anything which requires a distinctly robust Asian-themed piece of music. Perfect music for action scenes, chasing cues, and for an extreme sports project.

      River Garden MP3

      This is a beautiful and soothing Asian flavored theme that is perfect for relaxing, romantic, or thoughtful scenes. Featuring Koto, Shakuhachi (Japanese flute), electric piano, and acoustic guitar to bring the listener to a zen-like state of mind.

      Must Go To Thailand MP3

      Must go to Thailand - Asian music for documentary, advertising, and Asian video projects. Features with Asian instruments, percussions, and warm pads in upbeat and happy moods.

      Changing Seasons MP3

      Beautiful, uplifting piano and strings piece with a cinematic emotional solo cello theme. Heartwarming and inspiring. Think about beautiful Asian film's soundtrack as "Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring" or "Departures".

      Forest Bathing MP3

      This strong hip-hop track has a calm and confident atmosphere but with a definite edge, this track makes it clear that it's time for some serious action. The driving beat, tight kicks, and fat 808 basses will bring your visuals to life. Excellent for martial arts, kung-fu, and Asian-themed productions.

      Jungle Crisis MP3

      A dramatic piece of orchestral music featuring ethnic instruments like bamboo flute and gong. Perfect soundtrack for movies, video games and any project dealing with war, African and Asian history.

      Asian Landscapes MP3

      Beautiful ethnic flute and natural sounds create calm and serene atmosphere, full of peace and tenderness. Great for travel documentaries and Asian theme films, relaxing spa music, presentation videos, nature landscapes and meditation, early morning, Tai Chi Chuan practice, Chinese culture backgrounds and more.

      Street Samurai MP3

      A relaxing Asian chillhop track that will bring a peaceful and serene feel to your project. Featuring traditional Japanese instruments, like the koto and shakuhachi. Perfect for any project dealing with Samurai, Karate, traditional martial arts, and Japan.

      Magical Asia MP3

      Great royalty-free Asian orchestral theme with magical guzheng, strings, drums, brass, woodwinds, piano, and Oriental elements. Best for incredible landscapes, documentary movies, romantic passion, or travel visuals.

      Chinese Journey MP3

      This is an Asian oriental world music track, full of beauty and atmosphere. Great for travel films, nature and meditation videos, landscapes. Also perfect for culture and tradition scenes, Japanese and Chinese culture, world ethnic documentary films and much more.

      Mysterious Tibet MP3

      Mysterious Tibet is beautiful and inspiring world music with the elements of ethnic folk and new age. This instrumental track will be ideally suited for various projects about mountains, travel in China, and documentaries about Tibetan culture. Also, it is suitable for yoga, meditation, relaxation, and more.

      Urban Control MP3

      Deliciously fierce and recognizable drum and bass track in Asian style. Combining energetic drum beats with smooth dubstep bass lines, this track will get your blood pumping up. Use it in a multitude of projects, from workout videos to festival event promotions.

      Chinatown MP3

      A hybrid of Asian and European soundtrack :) Great background music for cooking, travel, restaurant, spa music, tourism, corporate branding/presentation, documentary and new product launch.

      Evening Bangkok MP3

      Evening Bangkok is a lounge Asian track, perfect for documentaries, advertising and Asian video projects. This track is suitable to highlight many moments like city tours, travel videos, relaxation videos, footage, and more.

      The Art Of Asia MP3

      Mystical and peaceful royalty-free Asian orchestral theme with magical guzheng, strings, drums, brass, woodwinds, piano, and Oriental elements. With an exciting middle section, heroic climaxes, and fantastic dynamics that change, this wonderful instrumental track will enrich any media project. Best for incredible landscapes, documentary movies, or travel visuals.

      Japanese Peace Garden MP3

      Traditional Chinese including Xiao flute, Pamade Bell, Yangqin and background vocals backed with zonal harmonic washes creates a relaxing, yet slightly mysterious oriental background theme, designed for relaxation, spiritual healing music and to convey a sense of Asian lifestyle.

      A Safe Place MP3

      A calm and positive track that features warm piano, electric guitar, and percussion parts. With a gentle and inspiring mood, it can be a perfect fit for corporate videos, presentations, technology commercials, and any project needing subtle background music.

      Oriental Fantasy MP3

      A flowing Asian melody featuring Gzhun, Dizi flute and atmospheric zonal washes creates a traditional Chinese melody suggesting Asian culture and traditions. String washes add a sense of relaxation and meditative peace making it ideal for world travel or documentary projects.

      Lotus Garden MP3

      Friendly asian song with original instruments combined with some modern sounds. Perfect for your next travel video, a sushi bar and much more.

      Sunset Bangkok MP3

      This Asian new-age music fits perfectly for documentary, advertising, and video projects. The instrumentation includes traditional Asian instruments, bells, and warm synth pads. This ethnic background music has a positive and happy mood.

      Alone In The Jungle MP3

      This is African jungle music, full of ambient and atmosphere. Great for tribal and traditional culture background, adventure and mystery scenes, Asian and oriental projects. African drums and percussion music, new age and relax moods, safari and wildlife videos, suspense and tension thriller music, ethnic and world music. Also, for cannibals and Ancient Animals scenes, national geographic and discovery films, travel shows, African landscapes, Battle and War scenes, nature films, and much more.

      Ninja Fighter MP3

      A fresh asian fusion loop. Suits good on many pictures or applications. If it's for a game, travel or asian food. All would work well.

      Streets In Tokyo MP3

      This new age track offers a sonic journey and exploration of Asian culture. A blend of traditional instrumentation and modern sound design and synthesizers give these tracks a modern twist. The background music is excellent for documentaries, dramas, ads, and commercials that deal with the ancient traditions of countries in Asia.

      Celebration In Beijing MP3

      A positive and traditional Chinese track perfect for Chinese New Year festivals, Asian festivals, celebrations, documentaries, commercials, informercials, presentations and much more!

      Forest Inhabitant MP3

      A relaxing, new age royalty-free music theme similar to Deep Forest or Enigma. Featuring gentle flutes, light hip hop beats, pads and vocal cuts. Great for the beautiful atmospheric soundscape, rainforest exploration, nature documentaries or Asian ravel visuals.

      Beautiful Thailand MP3

      Beautiful Thailand is a magical and passionate music score. Featuring ethnic instruments, percussions, and synthesizers, this music will place you into a fantastic audio journey of cultural images of Thailand. This track can be used for a variety of applications including travel videos, presentations, or relaxation videos.

      The Future Of China MP3

      A modern and minimal Chinese/Asian track with a smooth beat, glitch sounds, digital synths, vocals, and traditional Chinese instruments. Perfect choice for projects and videos related to China, Japan, Korea and other Asian countries.

      Shanghai Morning MP3

      Calm and quiet track with sounds of asian instruments. It would be nice for videos about nature ot documentary films. Also it can be used as background music for broadcast.

      China Dream MP3

      This crazy and punchy oriental trap track features an addictive and punchy melody, a driving trap bass line, intriguing leads, and crazy percussion. Not only will grab your audience's attention but it will also highlight a great TV product. Great for visual media, YouTube videos, and short commercials.

      Shanghai Boys MP3

      A powerful Asian/Chinese hip-hop track with traditional Asian instruments, orchestra, and modern elements. An ideal choice for videos, projects, documentaries, podcasts, Tv shows, trailers, and commercials related to Asia and China.

      Asia Journey MP3

      This is an Asian world music track, full of beauty and exotic atmosphere. Great for travel and journey films, nature and meditation videos, landscapes, oriental culture, Japanese and Chinese traditions, ethnic documentary films and much more.

      Heart Of Asia MP3

      Moody, atmospheric and relaxing music track great for documentaries, programs, advertising and Asian videos. Featuring with Asian instruments, percussions and synthesizers in a mellow harmony. The track builds in rhythm and intensity.

      Chinese Celebration MP3

      A traditional Asian track that reflects Chinese culture. Featuring Guzheng, Erhu, Strings and traditional percussion. Great for projects related to China and other Far East countries.

      Chinese Dragon Dance MP3

      Asian fusion pop song with catchy melodies and a combination of modern and traditional rhythm elements with additional effects.

      The Bamboo MP3

      This multi-ethnic commercial dubstep music will give a fun and cartoonish vibe to your project. Asian twist and urban beats will add an intriguing flavor to your project. Imagine this track playing in the background of a Kung Fu movie, or commercial of funny dancing anime characters, or live-action footage of young people spending crazy nights out partying.

      Asian Life MP3

      Great royalty-free Asian orchestral theme with magical guzheng, strings, drums, brass, woodwinds, piano, and Oriental elements. Best for incredible landscapes, documentary movies, romantic passion, or travel visuals.

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    China has gifted many things to this world, and Chinese music is one of the exceptional ones that people still need to explore. People are still unknown about the music from the land of China. The good thing is that now it is fast gaining popularity worldwide, and all this shows the growing presence of China.

    This music from China is like a treasure for the rest of the world but a quite hidden one. The biggest hindrance to its popularity is the language, as the Chinese language is complicated to learn. Secondly, people do not find any specific reason to learn this language.

    One may hear this type of music in Chinese movies and television shows. Television games also have Chinese music in the background, and through this background effect, people have come to know about the tune of music from China. The music from China is as ancient as the country itself.

    Therefore, its existence in Asia is unquestionable, and it is one of the most significant sources of motivation and entertainment for the people of China. People from other lands have always tried to learn about the culture of China but failed to do so because of the language barrier, and therefore music was not able to cross boundaries.

    The music of China is somewhat slow, but it has a perfect effect on people's minds. It is also one of the meditation methods and was widely used by spiritual leaders in ancient times in China. The modern transformation in the music in China is also remarkable, and people from every corner of the world are paying attention to it now.

    Japan is another culturally rich country, and its music forms an essential part of the culture of Japan. Japanese music has two forms, traditional and modern, and both are followed in Japan extensively. The good thing about Japan is that they never leave anything behind in moving forward. This is why the traditional music of Japan is still alive and flourishing widely all over Japan.

    The most traditional form of Japanese music is shoo. Preaching Buddhism also reflects a massive amount of music from Japan. Chanting is a practical example of the lively music of Japan. Modern music can be heard in Japanese movies and albums. All this has made this music from Japan very popular all over the globe and is successfully making way for itself in remote regions.

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