Anton Vlasov

Since Sep, 2020
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Hi! Before you is an extensive library of our music. All the knowledge and experience we have been working on for about 10 years has been invested in our music. Different moods, different styles, different purposes - you just need to listen and choose the right music for your project. You inspire us to conquer new heights. Thank you!
  • The New Era by Anton Vlasov

    Slow Inspiring Hip-Hop is perfect for your projects: promotion, opener, auto shows recap, advertising, personal vlog, action cam video, car video, etc. Used drums, FX, percussion, glitch sounds, synths, plucks, vocal chops, pads and more.

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    Under Pressure by Anton Vlasov

    Trailer Action music with synths, sub bass, drums, FX, pads, vocal samples, leads, electric guitars, plucks and more. Perfect for sports and extreme videos, fitness and gym video, advertising, trailer, personal vlogs, sports competition, promotion, showreel, competition recap, Olympic Games video, Twitch stream, etc.

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    The Ocean by Anton Vlasov

    Minimalistic chillhop music with catchy voice samples and dynamic beats. Perfect for add an urban vibe to stylish advertisements, and events, lounge cafe, design projects and just for listening. Enjoy!

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    That Way by Anton Vlasov

    The sports track with pads, electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, FX, plucks, and more. Perfect for sport and extreme videos, fitness and gym video, GoPro video, action cam video, etc. Energetic and catchy music!

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    Give Me More Emotions by Anton Vlasov

    Dynamic and powerful Future Bass tune made with excellent sound quality. Perfect for TV Show, Advertising, Promotion, Video Game, Extreme And Sport Videos, Showreel, etc. Used synths, leads, pads, drums, sub-bass, female vocal samples, FX and more.

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