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Find it quickly, get a multi-use license, and download royalty-free background music. Enjoy a superb selection of melodies, playing as music loops and with an ending, for your and clients' videos, games, presentations, phone on hold, and podcasts.
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Key Features

Customize music length

Customize to Fit Your Needs

You can create music of any length using the Longoloops tool and download a preview version before buying.
Tags and categories

Accurate Categorization

Our musical editors screen each piece, carefully placing it in the proper category and playlist so it is easy to find what you need.
Music in WAV/MP3/AIF

Simple to Download

Browse through selections and mix them with related tags. Once you've found what you like, select the track(s), add them to your Favorites, effortlessly obtain the license to use, and download MP3, WAV, and AIF files.
Legal music for

Legal to Use

Because you obtain the license directly from the author (you'll receive license confirmation), you can download music with a clear conscience, knowing that you have permission to do so!

Featured Melody Loops Music

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Beautiful, powerful, and inspirational cinematic trailer music. Perfect for historical films, movies about superheroes, trailers, teasers, intro, games, and many other projects. Good for love stories, weddings, and stylish slideshows. Instruments used were the piano, strings, cellos, horns, tuba, drums, cymbals, and sub-bass.
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Confident and inspiring corporate background music creates an inspiring and professional atmosphere. It features uplifting piano melodies, muted guitars, and pluck synths. Perfect for corporate presentations, music on hold, commercials, and motivational content. Ideal choice for showcasing your corporate messages and goals effectively.
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This fast and energetic rock music track has an explosive and powerful sound. Featuring cool guitar riffs, bouncy bass, and powerful drums. Perfect for extreme sports, car races, and adrenaline-fueled action adventures. It adds an electrifying edge to your projects. Ideal for action scenes, social networks, radio, and TV promos, and high-energy activities.
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This uplifting, upbeat, and motivational acoustic easy-listening track features guitars, glocks, bass, and drums. Perfect for commercials, YouTube vlogs, presentations, and social media posts, its bright and positive melodies bring joy and energy to your projects. It creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, this track provides the ideal backdrop for a wide range of media applications.
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Bright and confident corporate pop track is suitable for business ideas, and showing various presentations and advertisements. Featuring electric guitars, bass, piano, strings, and synths. Perfect for highlighting business ideas, product advertisements, corporate events, conferences, seminars, training videos, promotional content, and more.
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This traditional Indian track features Middle Eastern instruments in a modern, polished arrangement. Ideal for travel content, showcasing exotic locations, documentaries, Bollywood movies, and advertisements, its unique blend of cultural sounds and contemporary production creates a captivating and sophisticated atmosphere.
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This soft rolling acoustic track is composed to suit a variety of projects, evoking feelings of peace, calm, nostalgia, and happiness. Perfect for photo slideshows, capturing cherished memories, holiday videos, memorials, and general advertising, its gentle melodies create a warm and comforting atmosphere, with its serene and uplifting sound.
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This modern, inspiring, and beautiful fashion house track is perfect for adding a stylish and dynamic touch to your projects. This trendy background music is ideal for beauty products, luxury items, promotional videos, lifestyle and travel content, workout sessions, social media posts, stories, and reels.

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What People Say

I couldn't ask for an easier system to search for music, try out samples, and pick the right one for my projects.
Jennifer Davis, Xtern Software Inc
Great place for songs! Amazing customer service too. I had a problem, and I emailed them way after-hours, and they replied almost instantly! Sorted out my problem. I couldn't recommend them more. Keep up the great work!
Peter Nguyen
I love melodyloops. No matter what kind of project I do, I always find the perfect tune for it. Thank you for being there for me.
Rudo Halmi
Melody Loops is absolutely amazing! I have found so many other music websites, and none of them beat the ease of use and organization of melody loops. We have used the music from here for the last few years now, and I don't know what we would do without it.
Oklahoma Academy
The variety of genres, styles, and pricing has made MelodyLoops a valuable resource with our marketing team!
Jose Watson
I love melodyloops! It's my go-to site for royalty-free tracks for all my needs!
Kristy Mellon
As a podcast producer, the need for quality background music or even short snippets for bumpers is always in demand. I found the quality of works offered here to be fantastic, the price extremely competitive, but what really got my attention was the ability to create Longoloops. #gamechanger
Steve Stewart
Melody Loops is my go-to for soundtracks! Great site, amazing artists!
April Fields
I have been using Melody Loops from the very beginning, and I just want to say it's "GREAT" (all caps). It has been my go-to for finding music clips to use for presentations and explainer videos. I have great respect for the talented artists who create the clips and make them available for individuals like me to use. Thank you, Melody Loops.
John Graham
It's a beautiful service that makes it easy to improve the quality of creative projects. I don't have any complaints.
Jonas Nilsson
Having searched the internet for affordable music for my videos, Melody Loops is the best value service I have come across. My goto source for hassle-free licensed music, and oh, they have promotions which benefits my membership too.... keep the new music coming, please!
Digital Fish
As an Indie Game Developer, it is hard to find quality music at an affordable price. Melody Loops is the solution!
Darth Leanza
It's a great service, the tracks are great, and it is very easy to create the loops.
David Begg
I think the pricing is very fair, and I love the range of music available; my favorites at the moment seem to be ukulele based.
Andrew Harris
Wide range of genres, easy to use interface, and competitive pricing. We produce videos for YouTube regularly, and this is our first choice for backing tracks.
Edge Case Games
Keeps the ordering process quick and easy.
Heng it Up Photography
As an editor making commercials for local broadcast, our budget is small. Melody Loops has a great selection with consistent quality at an affordable rate, allowing us to have national-level quality even on local TV.
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