Q: How can I download music preview to try?
Q: How can I download music in needed length?

To download music preview and make music playing as long as you need use free Longoloops tool. Download music files just in 3 steps:

  1. Select liked melody and click on Longoloops button
  2. Setup needed length, fade in/out and start position.
  3. Create file and download as MP3/WAV just in seconds.

Longoloops tracks are ready for download in preview and licensing mode. In preview (pre-purchase) mode you can download and use only MP3 version with 'beep' sound. In licensing mode (after purchase) original MP3 and WAV formats are available.

Buying music license you'll get a high quality original files to download, your name on the license and also you'll support independent artists.

Download royalty free background music for any use.
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