• Royalty free Epic music

    • My Hopeless Is Gone by EdRecords

      This epic music will be perfect for your documentary, movie, video, or historical film. It gives you an incredibly motivating feeling of power and strength.

      Rhythms Of Spring by EdRecords

      A powerful Hollywood-style epic hybrid track featuring cutting-edge dubstep drops, powerful brass, dramatic choir, and sweeping violins. This track would be a perfect choice for movie trailers, sports commercials, Olympic games, action videos, and much more.

      Discovering by EdRecords

      Big and deep epic music with horns, strings, piano and orchestra. Strong orchestral music for your project. Perfect for video production, background music, GoPro video, RPG game, podcast, movie and more!

      Touch Of Hope by DPmusic

      A dark, intense and powerful cinematic soundtrack with contrasting parts that transition from loud and bombastic to ominous and foreboding. With dynamic orchestration and an up-tempo aggressive feel. Good for suspenseful scenes depicting looming danger.

      Ominous Premonition by Media Music Pro

      This Epic Cinematic Music is perfect for any inspirational, motivational or epic project that requires an emotional and powerful background. Great for videos, time-lapses, movie trailers, teasers, intro, gaming videos, slideshows.

      Victory Is Near by ihsandincer

      Powerful epic music with driving staccato strings, huge percussion and soaring horns. Builds into an energetic, inspiring orchestral score. Great for trailers, video games, presentations and projects that need a big, cinematic soundtrack.

      Let The Game Begin by AG Music

      This epic Chinese theme is inspiring and uplifting for documentaries, films, video games, animated films, YouTube videos, and more. The piece is intended to evoke the power of tradition and a feeling of triumph and victory.

      The Power Of Winning by ihsandincer

      A powerful epic sport track with a dubstep beat, growling bass, energetic staccato strings and various synth sounds. Perfect for dramatic sport videos, motivational projects, gym and bodybuilding videos, car commercials, Youtube videos, infomercials, and much more

      Rise Of A Hero by Audiocalm

      Inspirational, hybrid orchestral Epic music. Perfect for cinematic openers, true heroes, travel adventure, brave hearts, strong spirit, and taste for victory. Used staccato strings, strong percussion, brass and sound effects!

      Building A Legacy by ihsandincer

      This epic cinematic track is powerful and action-packed music with lots of tension and suspense. It combines cinematic strings, choir, drums, and electric guitars with heavy bass. A perfect soundtrack for trailers and teasers, game openings and credits, movies, and commercials.

      History Of Knighthood by EdRecords

      The cinematic track with a motivational, inspirational, and epic mood. It is a perfect fit for GoPro videos, drone videos, motivational videos, infomercials, advertorials, commercials, and many other media projects.

      Journey Towards Home by Infraction

      Powerful electronic hybrid epic music with a catchy and groovy hip-hop beat. Strong and bright modern epic sound with powerful synth, pianos, pads, and effects. Perfect background music for movie trailers and other technological projects.

      A New Omen by ihsandincer

      A powerful epic cinematic orchestral track, inspired by the mythical world of knights and kings. This distinctively cinematic track represents courage, pride, honor, and valor and will help you to create a sense of power, glory, and grandeur in your film production. Featuring a massive orchestra, strings drums, and percussion.

      A Prosperous Future by Roman Cano

      Inspiring, epic and powerful orchestral cinematic music with percussion section, deep piano and suitable for trailers, political videos, political advertisements, projects about heroes and saving the world as well as outstanding achievements.

      Feel Awakened by DPmusic

      Epic music with an orchestral, powerful atmosphere! A confident modern track with an inspiring, uplifting mood will make your viewers feel better and match a documentary, sports program, or any media project.

      Epic Motivation by Roman Cano

      This music is a powerful and inspirational cinematic epic orchestral track. It brings feelings of strength and persistence while raising energy levels, creating an atmosphere of achievement and victory. The track is perfect for any project that requires powerful yet optimistic moods such as commercials and advertisements.

      Epic Heroes In Hip Hop by Soundroll

      A powerful and epic orchestral track with a feeling of achievement. An ideal choice for nature videos, motivational videos, political campaigns, action scenes, sport videos, and more. Be one step ahead with this track!

      Alor And Courage by Rolikmusic

      Inspirational Piano and Dramatic Epic music. Used piano melody, taico drums and strings.This is the best choice for your film score, TV ads, heroic trailer, advertising, corporate motivational presentation, social story, landscape video and many more!

      The Inspirational Trailer by SnowMusicStudio

      A powerful, dramatic, and epic Viking/Nordic music with Paganic percussions, talharpa, violin, medieval flutes, and choir. It is deeply emotional with a touch of mysticism. Perfect for battle scenes and movie trailers that require an epic soundtrack. This track will give your movie the dramatic edge it deserves.

      Adventure Begins by DPmusic

      Cinematic soaring epic music, that builds up slowly to an emotional and powerful conclusion. Suitable for projects needing tragic atmosphere, Hollywood style visuals, final battle scenes, breaking news, films and documentaries about war, revolutions, terror attack, fight scenes, etc.

      Quantum Fire by Infraction

      "Alor And Courage" is a beautiful, cinematic epic orchestral piece with an intense patriotic feel. This track will serve as an excellent background for some big emotional advertisement or pathetical movie trailer. Also, it does well as an intro for film trailers related to great battles.

      Time For New Achievements by AG Music

      This action and epic energy trap hip-hop royalty-free music track. Excellent and powerful boomy bass, great drums beat and percussion, atmospheric electronic synths, epic brass, and strings. This track is perfect for gaming music, sport and training videos, workout, fighting video.

      The Sirius by Infraction

      Mournful and solemn, massive orchestral epic music with a suspenseful climactic ending. Suitable for dangerous scenes, horror films, war battle scenes, suspenseful fiction, sci-fi mysteries, dark fantasy and Halloween.

      It All Starts With A Dream by Audiocalm

      Truly an inspiring and atmospheric cinematic track with epic sound. The main instruments are the piano, electric guitar, horns, strings, timpani, low toms, and cello. Perfect for movies, nature views, epic videos, travel vlogs, YouTube, motivational content, advertising, and many more.

      Icarus Landing by EdRecords

      This epic and motivational cinematic track is perfect for trailers, films, motivational videos, inspirational videos, video games, and more.

      Stomp Of The Titans by AG Music

      This dramatic epic cinematic soundtrack is perfect for advertising and personal growth projects. This track features brass, strings, and hybrid drums to take your production to the next level. Use it to make your videos or presentations come alive with energy and passion!

      Naval Forces by SnowMusicStudio

      Epic and cinematic trailer track, featuring orchestral drums, strings and choir. It will certainly work well with commercials, film projects, cinematic projects, action videos and more.

      A New Threat Is Rising by ihsandincer

      Epic cinematic trailer music with a majestic atmosphere and heroic mood evokes dramatic feelings of greatness and triumph. It is perfect for adventure films or fantasy movies, a hero's superiority, a film credit sequence, and a historical documentary. The main themes are bravery, heroism, a medal of honor, patriotism, glorious victory, and superhero power. This production music will take your visuals to the next level.

      We Are Here To Win by ihsandincer

      This motivating and inspiring piece is perfect for listeners who are looking to push themselves to the next level. With its driving rhythms and uplifting melodies, it's sure to get listeners pumped up and ready to tackle whatever challenges come their way. Whether you're introducing a new segment on your podcast or getting ready for a big event on Twitch, "Driven for More" is the perfect track to set the stage for success.

      King Of The World by ihsandincer

      This is an action-packed dark hip-hop music track with trap elements, powerful boomy bass, epic brass and strings. Perfect underscore for war games, dramatic moments, horror films like The Exorcist, crime in progress, the act of terror, etc.

      Majestic Land by RMSound

      This is an epic and motivational cinematic track perfect for trailers, PowerPoint presentation music, motivational videos, video games and more.

      Uplifting Trailer by Sikosbest

      Inspiring and heroic music for patriotic and war-themed movies, TV shows, and games. This heroic epic film score perfectly fits movie scenes where heroes are fighting for their homeland, where you want to show the struggle of military forces against an enemy army. This motivational track can also be used as a soundtrack during sporting events like marathons or triathlons.

      Emperor Of Glory by EdRecords

      This is a very emotional Epic royalty-free background music with a majestic and heroic climax. Perfect for dramatic moments, sports highlights, heroic victory, taste to win, Olympic Games, Hollywood trailers, and incredible promos. Enjoy!

      Brave Hearts by EdRecords

      An epic, positive, uplifting orchestral cue with driving staccato strings, massive horns and deep drums. It builds as the the track progresses to a huge climax. This confident, powerful track conveys determination, heroism, optimism and positivity.

      Sports Epic by SnowMusicStudio

      A cool-sounding track perfect for your vlogs, Youtube videos, and more. This inspiring, triumphant composition will boost your audience's energy, making them happy, and inspired. The track has an epic sound to fit well with videos about success or achievement. Be sure not to miss this one!

      Epic Inspirational Trailer by Roman Cano

      Epic, emotional, and inspirational background music with a beautiful, elegant piano and an imposing and inspiring orchestra, ideal for montage, movie trailers, intros and openers, epic and motivational commercials, and advertisements, wedding videos, and photo slideshows.

      Big Games by ihsandincer

      Beautiful & inspiring track for your epical video project. Perfect for cinematic slideshow, dramatic video, powerful presentation and epic montage.

      I Will Fly by GreenBird

      A truly epic and bombastic track with medieval-like tonality. This background music track evokes images from Hollywood cinematic classics like Gladiator, Braveheart, and 300. Perfect for action or adventure films about ancient times, religious and fantasy themes, the final battle against evil, or medieval history films. Features trap bass, Gregorian-like choirs, 808 bass, strings, and various synth sounds.

      House Of Ghosts by SnowMusicStudio

      Emotional hybrid-orchestral Epic track with dramatic and heroic feeling. Perfect background music for cinematic trailers and media products that need a harsh sense of hope, aspiration, and vision. Builds up into a huge, hard-hitting climax with both hybrid orchestral and modern digital sound.

      Breaking News Opener by SnowMusicStudio

      Big heroic and pompous hip-hop with an epic and dangerous mood. Could be useful in shooter game overflow or walkthrough, dramatic and cinematic visuals,royalty free sports music, or any project requires power and energy.

      Heroic Breakthrough by Media Sushi

      Bring life to your videos with this powerful epic cinematic trailer music. Perfect for bold action scenes in video games or films about Vikings. A powerful war drum beat adds weight while the strings create a sense of imminent battle.

      Thor Battle by EdRecords

      Epic orchestral news music. Perfectly for breaking news, top news, advertising, technology video, sport news, corporate presentations, epic events, openers, introduction, talk shows, political elections, analyses, adventure video games and more.

      Red Mittens by EdRecords

      It's an uplifting, epic, heroic, majestic orchestral track. Powerful, soaring, rousing, and glorious conveys determination, heroism, optimism, and achievement. Great for things like fantasy, Sci-fi, adventure, game trailers. Thor meets Superman.

      Pink Sakura by EdRecords

      This track is a powerful and epic cinematic orchestral composition that brings to mind the grandeur and heroism of Hollywood blockbuster movies. It features a full orchestra with a driving beat, powerful brass and strings, and an emotional melody that will give your project the epic feel it needs. Perfect for movie trailers, video games, and other projects that need a heroic and emotional soundtrack.

      Born To Be A Hero by ihsandincer

      This is an epic, powerful, and motivational cinematic track. Perfect for film trailer, motivational videos, inspirational videos, video games and more.

      Epic Inspirational by RGMusic

      Beautiful and shiny acoustic guitar melody, that sounds nice, calm, and magical. This music track depicts the story of a young, beautiful and talented girl, who wants to express her feelings through the guitar. The main idea of this melody is based on love, affection, strong beliefs in oneself, and the ability to achieve the goals by not being distracted by negative thoughts. This composition is perfect as background music for romantic videos, life story documentaries, etc.

      Dancing Tiger by EdRecords

      An uplifting, confident, and motivational modern classical theme featuring piano and orchestra. Perfect for advertising, corporate videos, trailers, inspirational projects, documentaries, and more. This track is ideal for motivational corporate videos and presentations that focus on the mission, vision, and growth of your company.

      Empty Land by DPmusic

      Cinematic and dramatic orchestral track, that conveys a sense of awe and wonder. The ethereal epic sound will complement the beauty of your video footage. Ideal to convey feeling of flight, diving into the deep, soaring above the clouds.

      Electric Island by Infraction

      It's a motivational and inspirational corporate, uplifting pop song featuring warm piano, electric guitars, and drums. This music inspires optimism, confidence, success, joy, freshness, epic, romance, new beginnings, hope, and more. Perfect for any inspiring and optimistic projects.

      To Greater Heights by White Koala Music

      I Will Fly - Inspirational dramatic cinematic music track for emotional video projects. hopeful advertising, motivational presentations, or slideshows. It evokes images of modern life - flying the world spinning around us, falling down but with the promise of a miracle to fly high. Suitable for projects about new beginnings or successful people.

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    Music for epical scenes is like a helicopter - it is used to distract the audience's attention from reality and put into action.

    What is epic music?

    Epic music is a musical genre, primarily orchestral, that can be applied to the background of trailers, films, and video games. This type of music invokes feelings of action on a grand scale. It often uses stringed instruments, brass, and percussion to create a sense of "epicness."

    What is the difference between epic and battle music?

    Epic music is a genre that focuses on the journey of its characters. Whether it is an army marching off to war or a hero venturing into the unknown, this is what epic music captures.

    Battle music, on the other hand, focuses more on the actual fighting and action taking place. This genre's climactic build-up to the climax is a distinguishing feature.

    What are the best epic game trailers in 2022?

    The following list is full of great epic games trailers:

    1. Final Fantasy XVI - State of Play June 2022 Dominance Trailer
    2. Diablo IV - Necromancer Cinematic Trailer
    3. Horizon Forbidden West - Cinematic Trailer
    4. Rainbow Six Extraction - Cinematic Reveal Trailer
    5. Black Myth: Wukong - Official Trailer

    How to create epic orchestral music?

    If you're not a trained musician, it can be difficult to create orchestral music. Even if you are a trained musician, creating an original and quality piece of music is never easy.

    There are around 20 orchestra instruments that are used to build epic orchestral music. Each has its role to play, and you must master them to best suit each other while composing the theme.

    Can I use a famous epic song in my video?

    Great epic songs by Thomas Newman or John Williams require the same big licensing budget. So, you can't just grab it and put it into your video. Epic songs are the property of their creators, which means they have to agree to let you use them before you can use them in your videos.

    How to get royalty-free epic music?

    You need a license to use epic music in your videos, trailers, and games. We offer royalty-free stock music to use in your production legally. Listen to music from above to find your favorite epic tracks. Download to try with your project and buy downloads to get music files and a license just in seconds.

    Where can I download free epic music?

    You can download free epic music here. Use legally in your videos and games.

    Who are the best modern composers of epic music?

    The long list of great modern composers is cut to these gentlemen: John Williams, Thomas Newman and Hans Zimmer. Brilliant masterpieces.

    Download royalty free epic background music for any use.
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