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    • Emotional Spectrum by Premium TraX

      The music is a kaleidoscope of human emotions. It will take you on a trip to the magical world of psychedelic freedom. The electronic sounds in this track will give you that spine-tingling feeling and will transport you to a world yet unknown but so tempting.

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      Movement Of Soul by Mike Nowa

      Chill out track with a sacred spiritual ambiance and world ethnic instrumentation. Consisting of live metal tongue/ hang drum, playing the main melody; kalimba, playing harmony; kup and def percussion. Synths are playing bass and pad. This track is great for meditation video tutorials, yoga session or sunset timelapse.

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      In The Jungle by Eitan Epstein Music

      Bouncy ethnic track filled with a haunting and mysterious atmosphere of Africa or Native America. This track is great for safari, adventures video games, traveling in the wild jungle, sacred shamanic rituals, primitive and traditional scenes, tribal soundscape and much more. Instruments: African drums, shakers, percussion, jungle flute, synth pads, bass, vocals

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      Live Africa by Emanmusic

      Slow and ethereal new age composition created with mystical tribal rhythms and woodwinds. Atmospheric male vocals accompany the melody of this beautiful track. This track can be used in many ways: as background music for meditation, yoga, and spa videos, as a musical accompaniment in travel documentaries or to create an exotic atmosphere in a restaurant, hotel, or shopping center.

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      I Will Find You by Emilio Merone

      Synthetic, passionate, and a powerful ambient /new age groove featuring electronic synths that create huge emotions. Suitable for new discovery, progressive technology, wide open landscapes, nature timelapse video, and any inspirational content. Think about Sacred Spirit or Deep Forest.

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      Meditative Desert by Eitan Epstein Music

      Experience peace and calm with this soothing, meditative, and serene new age music. This relaxing, and peaceful track is full of calmness, relaxation, and healing vibes. Great for yoga and meditation practices, nature videos, wellness content, spa and massage therapies, relaxation from stress, or background for inspiring stories.

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      From The Ashes by E.L. Mahon

      A beautiful piece that gives a sense of rebirth, new discovery etc. This ethnic orchestral background music is great for various cinematic use, mystery, intrigue, awakening, oriental desert scenes, sacred world, secret place, fantasy adventures or video games preview. In the style of Avatar soundtrack.

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      Mysterious Tibet by MixSound

      Mysterious Tibet is beautiful and inspiring world music with the elements of ethnic folk and new age. This instrumental track will be ideally suited for various projects about mountains, travel in China, and documentaries about Tibetan culture. Also, it is suitable for yoga, meditation, relaxation, and more.

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      Twilight Shadows by Dmitriy Rodionov

      Sacred meditative track. Featuring synthesizer, percussion, arpeggiator. Perfect as a background music for relaxation.

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      Heartfelt Feelings by DPmusic

      This is a celestial and heartwarming cinematic piano tune with peaceful sound and a dreamy atmosphere. It's an excellent background for weddings, romantic videos, prayers, saint valentines videos, nostalgic moments, inspiring speeches, and many more. Two versions are available: full track/piano solo version.

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      Amid The Stars by Tom Beuchel

      Escape to the stars with this new-age instrumental track featuring ambient synths and a slow tempo. This track is perfect as background music for meditation, your next yoga class, massage background music, or relaxation.

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      Fiat Lux Aeterna by Raffaele De Leonardo

      Magnificent track of sacred theme, with male and female choirs and classical instrumentation. Powerful and majestic soundtrack.

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      The Forgotten Creek by Mark Woollard

      This is a serene, atmospheric Celtic track. Slow and dreamy, it features distant pipes and drones, with occasional bodhran. It's ideal for many projects, including nature and scenery footage, meditation, relaxation, Medieval history, or holistic treatment.

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      Indian Spirits Of Sitar by ColourTunes

      Motivational track of Indian music. A great choice for travel projects, documentaries, dance projects, and many other ethnic-oriented related to India. Features traditional instruments as Sitar, Tabla, Bansuri, Tanpura, Santur, Dholak. Thanks for listening and purchasing.

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      Map Of The Heart by Audiocalm

      Enchanting, soft, and shimmering, this truly magical chill-out music symbolizes a sense of inner peace and purity, which emanates effortlessly with a touch of wistful beauty. Gently floating melody contains warm, smooth piano pads and violins. Perfect choice for atmospheric indie films, inspiring speeches, dramatic episodes, and reflective moments.

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      Endless Spirits by AG Music

      Listen to this healing music track for a calm and peaceful mind. This tranquil background music is ideal for yoga and meditation projects, guided visualizations, sleep therapy, mindfulness practice, hypnosis, or any project that needs a calming and relaxing feel.

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      Discovery Adventure by ColourTunes

      Mysterious cinematic royalty-free music soundtrack with marimba and xylophone. Similar to Thomas Newman. For documentaries, discovery channels travel videos and more. With its overall light and gentle tone and mood, this track will give a rich and stylish vibe to your videos and projects. Thanks for listening and purchasing!

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      Asian Moon by Emanmusic

      Beautiful and alluring world-pop track with an Asian flair. Ethnic voice samples mixed with Chinese flutes, super groovy drums, and tribal percussion. The perfect combination of East/West sounds. This multi-cultural background music is great for adventures theme, and travel documentaries. Similar to Enigma and Deep Forest.

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      Which Way To Turn by Elijah Aaron

      This is a story of a man who dreams of capturing the beauty and the wonder in his very soul. He travels the world and meets unique characters intent on making their mark in the world. As time goes by, their paths diverge until one day, and they have to confront their pasts to rediscover themselves and find what they had been seeking all along. This song is a blend of captivating and emotional chants, powerful percussion lines, tribal drums fused with an indie-folk acoustic feel.

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      World Spirit by ColourTunes

      A modern chill lounge track with world downbeat and western pop vocals in Buddha-Bar style. This track creates a very relaxing, laid-back feeling, and it's a perfect background for various projects! Great for fashion commercials, travel documentaries, exotic outdoors, narrations, photo slideshows, and in-store music.

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      Inner World by DPmusic

      A beautiful ambient track with warm analog pads, soft piano, light synth, strings, and deep bass. Perfect background for nature views, space videos, night sky observation, prayerful videos, meditations, yoga classes, contemplation, and many more.

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      Tantra Science by Mike Nowa

      A beautiful, relaxing track in Oriental style. It features digital synths, sitar, wooden flute, tabla, tambura and percussion. This track is perfect for any relaxing video material.

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      The Song of the Blue Bird by Mark Woollard

      An ethereal, atmospheric meditative track that evokes the feeling of lightness and mysticism. With a harmonious mix of acoustic instruments and bird sounds, this music can be used for yoga practice, morning meditation, spa sessions, holistic practice, and more

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      Open Wings by AG Music

      Soulful ambient meditation music to help you relax and meditate, suitable for yoga, massage, holistic healing, relaxation. This background music will let your imagination wander into visions of fiery sapphires or crystalline snowflakes. This music could have a deep effect on your being and help you achieve your highest potential while keeping a loving mind.

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      The Timeless Sea by AG Music

      Peaceful and relaxing meditation music serves as background music for healing videos, relaxation, and stress relief. The soothing tones and slow melody greatly enhance the meditative atmosphere. This relaxing soundtrack serves as perfect music for Yoga, Reiki or other relaxation or treatment sessions. This peaceful soundtrack can also serve as an ambient sleep music for those looking to boost their sleep quality.

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      Celtic Dawn Serenity by Mark Woollard

      Deep, ethereal music featuring various Celtic and ethnic instruments. The strangeness of the sounds is the key suggesting vibe of mystery and otherworldliness. Ideal for meditation, relaxation, alternative medicine, and pastoral scenes or historical presentations.

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      African Delta by Geoff Harvey

      Traditional African track featuring an array of ethnic instruments including bongos, African ethnic guitar, Marimba, and Hollowood percussion. A very useful background track with many joyful, adventurous elements making it useful wildlife, animal themes or adventure scenes.

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      Wild In Australia by Geoff Harvey

      Didgeridoo and percussion combine to provide a typical Australian sense of adventure and discovery, which suggest the Australian Outback, hinting at wildlife such as snakes making it ideal for tours or documentary end uses.

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      Strange Days Are Coming by AG Music

      Atmospheric, mysterious, and spacious soundtracks. Perfect for feature film production and various cinematic projects.

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      Warm Ocean by MintWhale

      This chill-out music will provide a sense of comfort, relaxation and help to feel at home no matter where you are. Featuring spatial guitars, warm Rhodes chords, spatial vocal swells, and a slow beat. Helps to restore energy, inspiration, and vitality, relax body and mind, and develop creation process.

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      Mist In The Morning by Geoff Harvey

      This is dramatic and inspiring cinematic orchestra music with magical fantasy-style elements that will help to believe that magic exists. It is designed to create a wonderfully mysterious atmosphere for beautiful videos. This music could be a wonderful addition to any Film, TV, or radio production, evoking feelings of love and hope.

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      Your Deep Meditation by SnowMusicStudio

      This music can be used for meditation, yoga, sleep, learning, dreamy, positive affirmations, and other ambient background purposes. The music creates a sense of peace and well-being. This is great peaceful background music for relaxing or while reading, studying, writing or doing some kind of activity. Use this music as a mood enhancer or just as a nice piece of music to listen to.

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      Okinawa Mystery by FabianKreutzerSound

      A melancholic and dramatic piece of Japanese world music featuring ethnic instruments like shakuhachi bamboo flute, koto, tanpura and taiko drums. Perfect for movies, video games and any project dealing with Karate, Japan and Japanese history.

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      Moon View by AG Music

      Delicious ambient track with a serene, soothing, and relaxing atmosphere. Imagine serene views of waterfalls and listen to the shimmering sounds of the water rush of the mountain river. This background music is created for meditation, reiki, healing video, and yoga practice. It can be used as well for many applications, including nature documentaries, underwater footage, and other projects that need spacey and smooth music.

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      Native American Sunrise by Andy Littlewood

      Atmospheric Instrumental track featuring Native American flute, shaman drum, pow wow drums, acoustic guitar, violin, bass, tubular bells, and electric guitar. Great for themes involving the wild west, north american indians, cherokee, cheyenne, apache, lakota traditions, sioux, tribal rituals, high plains, cowboys, adventure, Indian territory

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      India Chill Out World by ColourTunes

      This one is an ambient and relaxing composition with authentic female ethnic vocal. This track is chilled, relaxed, sensual, hypnotizing, and charming. It is perfect for travel videos, ethnic fashion shows, Indian commercials and documentaries, youtube, and any project that needs a world chill soundtrack.

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      Bigger Than Life by AG Music

      This sensitive and stunning ethnic cinematic music will add originality and depth to any video project. The delicate and tender harmony of this track creates a peaceful, slightly melancholic mood. Ideal for nature landscape footage, long travel journey, a historical films about culture, customs, and ethnicities around the world.

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      Pure Serenity by AG Music

      Turn on this ambient music, dim the lights, and chill. This relaxing track featuring the delicate sound of piano and bells. Enjoy the time of relaxation to improve sleep, reduce anxiety, and encourage meditation practice.

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      Interstellar Lights by DPmusic

      Beautiful ambient music with airy sound and peaceful mood. Nice background for meditations, yoga classes, worship videos, prayerful moments, space and nature views, cinematic scenes, inspiring speeches, and deep philosophical videos or so.

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      The Old North Wind by LexinMusic

      It's hypnotic, dramatic, and mysterious orchestral music with guitars, strings, piano, brass, and flutes. The tune evokes a feeling of vast arctic space with endless ice fields around, abandoned places after the devastation, a distant world of faraway adventures.

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      Bollywood Feelings Story by ColourTunes

      This emotional and very pensive royalty-free background atmospheric soundtrack is perfect for accompanying a sad, sorrowful, or dramatic cinematic drama scene, ethnic trailers, life story projects, travel, nature, documentaries, and landscape projects. Features: bansuri - Indian flute.

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      Gaias Dream by Emilio Merone

      A meditative, atmospheric, and somewhat dreamy instrumental soundtrack that blends ambient synths with warm pads to create an intimate and reflective mood. Perfect for scenes depicting alternate dimensions, psychic visions, or transcendence of the physical world.

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      Enchanting Meditation by Mark Woollard

      This ethereal calming track is ideal for many types of holistic therapy, healing meditation, and other projects that require a calm and gentle atmosphere. This music is quiet, peaceful, and sublime with minimal piano and chant.

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      Spirit Landscape by LexinMusic

      Beautiful, dramatic, and mysterious winter orchestral music with a freezing sound of strings, chilling piano, and synths. Evokes a feeling of vast arctic space with endless fields of ice around, abandoned places after the devastation, a distant world of farway adventures.

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      Secret Moments by AG Music

      Very calm, soft, quiet, and underscore track for any nature, drone videos, or hold on music. Playing with a piano melody and soft pads is excellent where you need very calm and quiet background music.

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      The World Above by AG Music

      Beautifully and dreamy atmospheric music that gradually grows to the triumphant point. Ideal to add more sophisticated flair for drones 4k footage, nature landscape videos, fantasy films, religious awakenings, flashbacks, and travel to the stars.

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      Island Meditation by ColourTunes

      Meditative ethnic background composition with hypnotic marimba percussion and ethereal sound. This atmospheric music theme is more than perfect for your documentary projects, discovery channels, travel movies, or anything that needs an exotic soundscape.

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      My Reflections by AG Music

      A meditative composition with New Age and holistic sound. Dramatic, dreamy and spacious. Suitable for meditations, astral journeys, out of body experiences and quiet contemplations. Also good for relaxation, studying, chilling, revising, meditation, sleep aid & yoga. Hypnotic with a sense of floating in space or losing yourself, drifting.

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      The Valley Spirit by Emanmusic

      'The Valley Spirit' is a new age ambient track performed with native American flutes. Ideal for cinematography scenes, beautiful natural landscapes, mountains, noble native tribes, world wisdom, history documentaries, cultural heritage, etc.

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      Real Life by SPMusicGroup

      A relaxing, new age royalty-free music for modern creative projects. Featuring gentle flutes, light hip hop beat, pads and vocal cuts. Great for the beautiful atmospheric soundscape, panoramic filming, nature documentaries or Asian travel visuals.

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    Sacred music, also known as religious music, is a music genre used for religious purposes or has religious influences. Since there have always been different religions and cultures worldwide, sacred music comes in various styles or sub-genres, depending on the region where it originates and bears different significations.

    The fact that sacred music has been around for centuries, as people always looked for ways to express themselves through music, led to creating an impressive collection of sacred songs in all parts of the world. Each culture gave birth to a wealth of songs and tunes that can be fitted within this category.

    It is believed that sacred music originated in the Medieval era (about 500-1400 CE) in style known as plainchant. Back then, sacred songs were generally straightforward tunes with a bit of melodic variation played exclusively in medieval churches. Sacred music is also considered one of the three pillars of classical music, alongside chamber music and theater music.

    Sacred music evolved over centuries, experiencing the most significant transformations during the Renaissance period when it became more complex and integrated more sounds and melodic variations. This also led to numerous controversies, as some argued that the message was disregarded in the process.

    The modern era brings new developments and musical variations to sacred music, but new controversies have come. Over time, artists achieved more freedom when composing sacred songs, and thus now we can enjoy a variety of sacred music styles.

    Nowadays, one of the most popular sub-genres from this category is Sacred Christmas music. People all over the world listen to Sacred Christmas music, even those who are not religious. Listening to sacred music became more of a tradition than a sacred act.

    If back in the day sacred music was strongly linked to religion and the church, these days people can use sacred music in different settings, be it at wedding ceremonies, receptions, events, or as an aid for meditation, to set them on a spiritual journey. The soft, inspiring tunes are ideal for helping people relax, detach themselves from the material world around them, and connect with their spiritual side.

    Where to find the best sacred music?

    Regardless of the purpose, these days, it’s easy to find quality sacred music. The sacred music library provided by Melody Loops gives you access to a great variety of songs from this category, making it easy for you to select the tunes you prefer. What’s more, through sacred music download, you can get your favorite songs from this genre on all your devices, so you can listen to them whenever you want.

    The best part is that now you can also purchase royalty-free sacred music, so if you’re planning to use sacred songs for a project, presentation, event, or in any other context, you can rest assured you won’t run into legal troubles. This is an efficient and cost-effective solution for anyone who wants to use and enjoy quality sacred music.

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