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    • Courage To Change by DimmyPlus

      An inspirational and anthemic royalty free track, featuring airy plucked guitar, warm piano, atmospheric pads, flowing textures, steady drums and uplifting, motivational mood. Perfect for corporate videos, technological, travel vlogs anf much more.

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      Inspiring Innovation by AG Music

      It is a motivational and inspirational track featuring piano arpeggio, orchestral strings, pads, and inspiring solo cello. It starts with a piano melody and builds into an orchestral climax with solo cello. Great for corporate and business projects, presentations, and more.

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      Elegant Commercial Piano by Roman Cano

      This is an elegant and minimalistic piano solo track. Perfect for commercials, presentations, music for inspirational videos, documentaries and more

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      All The Things You Love by Infraction

      All The Things You Love is chill hip-hop music atmospheric and stylish track with a trap beat. Perfect for openers, romantic, love, art, technology, sport, fitness, energetic, hip-hop, rap, fashion, stylish, lifestyle, beauty blogs, designs and beauty video projects. I used dubstep bass, hip-hop beat, trap leads.

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      Building for Life by Mike Nowa

      That melody loop will surely give you an inspirational feel. There are few techno elements included and the sound of the piano is exceptionally stirring. The title comprehensively supports the sound.

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      Heart Of Your Beauty by DimmyPlus

      A beautiful, inspirational royalty free music theme with a gentle piano, strings and uplifting flutes, best for movies or documentaries, Christmas projects, romantic and sentimental videos, love stories, weddings, memories.

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      Corporate Ad by Ryan Ancona

      A great positive instrumental for corporate motivation video or inspirational videos. Works as optimistic and uplifting music for inspiration and motivation. Great for documentaries, business slideshows, and technology ads.

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      Stomp Republic by ColourTunes

      Epic Drum Trailer is a powerful, dynamic, and energetic background track. Rhythmic and aggressive. Perfect for sports channels, movies, slideshows, advertising, and more. Also, you can use it for different types of media projects, like trailers, films, presentations, and more. Thanks for listening and purchasing.

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      Epic Motivation by Roman Cano

      This is an epic and motivational cinematic track perfect for trailers, films, motivational videos, inspirational videos, video games and more.

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      Feeling The Good Vibes by TimTaj

      Inspirational, dreamy and royalty-free summer background music with warm guitars, beautiful synths, bass, and percussion. Good for commercials, movies, beach projects, outdoor activities, travel, summer videos, lifestyle, summer vacation and more.

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      Perfect Nature by Nazar Rybak

      Emotional piano, strings, bells and oboe are merged in this dramatic, hopeful and beautiful cinematic tune. Perfect background music for inspirational commercials, motivational and uplifting presentations, bittersweet sentimental videos, personal growth projects, life achievements, and more.

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      Sleepwalking by Erick McNerney

      A melancholic indie rock track with a bittersweet sound and a retro vibe. There is a nostalgic, retro vibe provided by the lead synth that complements the clean guitar melody beautifully. It sounds like a sad, mildly depressing story from an old movie. It's full of longing and hope and feels like a lost love that just can't get forgotten. Similar to High Hopes by Pink Floyd.

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      Happiness by Ryan Ancona

      This laid-back happy acoustic instrumental is optimistic and cheerful. The beautiful bells create a festive and laid-back mood. It's featuring a ukulele, mandolin, acoustic guitar, and bells. This track is perfect music for ads, games, kids' education, success, presentation, corporate business, and youtube videos. Great for motivation and inspiration.

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      Christmas Eve Adventure by DimmyPlus

      Christmas is undoubtedly the most inspirational holiday of the year. Christmas music motivates us to start the year with positive thoughts and actions. This track will capture the heart, inspire your thoughts and bring great energy to your project. It tells about joy, love, dreams that come true, and trust that good will always win over evil.

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      Mooving Into The Light by Elena Naumova

      Inspiring, dramatic, hopeful, and beautiful cinematic soundtrack. Touching, solemn, tender, elegant, encouraging. Perfect as background music for inspirational commercials, Christian projects, sentimental videos, personal growth coaching, life achievements, romantic wedding ceremonies, charity video, and more.

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      Simplicity Is The Key by DPmusic

      This one is a transparent and roomy corporate track with a soft uplifting atmosphere. Nice background for promo videos, business, advertising, presentation, educational media, real estate, talk shows, analytical data videos, city view from drones, or many more.

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      Upbeat Acoustic Happiness by Tunelight

      Happy, upbeat fresh, and fun acoustic folk track with a little bit of a Mumford & Sons or Avicii style. Use for any inspirational videos, corporate and business productions, advertisements, Youtube videos, and more. Features acoustic guitars, bass, claps, percussion.

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      Be Satisfied by RMSound

      Light, optimistic, synthwave pop track. This motivational tune has a pleasant, calm, inspirational, and light mood. This song can be useful as background music for presentations, commercials, and various media projects.

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      Spanish Party by TreiaMusic

      Break from your regular routine and let yourself get swept away to a Caribbean tropical paradise. Imagine the warm sea breeze with, the clear blue water and white sand beaches. This exotic, island melody with soothing harmonies will carry you away. Features shakers, acoustic guitars, ukulele, and marimba. Great for advertisements, travel, documentaries, and relaxation.

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      Inspiring Days by ArtIss

      Inspirational corporate music with muted pluck guitars, piano, cellos, and drums. Great for summer days, successful business starts, inspiring moments, product presentation, bright achievements, and more.

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      Desire To Win by DPmusic

      This one is a motivational and powerful royalty-free track with a strong uplifting atmosphere and brave mood. Perfect background for sports videos, success stories, inspirational, encouraging videos, inspiring speeches, achievements, corporate, promotional videos, active lifestyle videos, travel blogs, and many more.

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      Feel Motivated by TimTaj

      It is a successful and confident corporate background music that will suit any motivational project. This track is ideal for business advertising, company promotion, construction, marketing, motivational videos, commercial projects, presentations, social media, YouTube, and more.

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      Inspirational Stories by Alex Grey

      Motivational, bright and uplifting music for your best inspirational stories. Cheers!

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      The Natural Beauty Of Life by DimmyPlus

      Inspirational and motivational corporate track with airy piano, warm guitars, and soft drums. It has an uplifting bright tone, but not hectic. Perfect for advertising, business presentation, and other commercial visuals.

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      Ocean Secrets by Emanmusic

      A dreamy and atmospheric track will be perfectly suited as calm background music, science and nature videos, documentaries, presentations, travel, and much more.

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      Once Upon A Christmas Fairytale by DimmyPlus

      An exciting and hopeful royalty free adventure Christmas track, featuring strings, sleigh bells, clarinet with a magical and uplifting mood. Great for Christmas related, ads, presentations, films, tv shows and other inspirational holidays video projects. Merry Xmas!

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      Which Way To Turn by Elijah Aaron

      This is a story of a man who dreams of capturing the beauty and the wonder in his very soul. He travels the world and meets unique characters intent on making their mark in the world. As time goes by, their paths diverge until one day, and they have to confront their pasts to rediscover themselves and find what they had been seeking all along. This song is a blend of captivating and emotional chants, powerful percussion lines, tribal drums fused with an indie-folk acoustic feel.

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      Inspiring And Motivating Theme by Twisterium

      'Inspiring And Motivating Theme' is an uplifting, positive and motivational piece with orchestral strings, catchy piano lines, upbeat drums and different kinds of guitars. Its mood is very inspirational, hopeful and evokes the feelings of success and accomplishment. Great for commercials, business and corporate uses, films, videos and much more.

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      Sweet Sunny Day by Media Sushi

      A cool and sweet easy-listening / pop tune with a happy vibe. The music is bouncy and joyful, yet positive, cute and inspirational. Can fit perfectly for various types of positive media projects, including commercials and presentations, advertisements, video productions, comedy shows, photo slideshows, nature branding projects. Suitable for kids applications. Enjoy!

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      Indian Colors by ColourTunes

      An uplifting Indian track with a growing, and rushing sound is great for travel projects, documentaries, and dance-themed videos. This exotic, inspiring, and happy world music is made by authentic Indian instruments, including sitar, dholak, tabla, and santoor.

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      Moment of Happiness by AG Music

      This heartfelt melody ensures that happiness is imminent, ideal for wedding ceremony scenes or similar love-related story-lines. This track also has nice acoustic guitars and cool ukulele strumming. It has a nice and special moment with a positive and sweet vibe for a friendly and sweet ad, commercials, podcasts music, and perfect for corporate use, montage videos, inspirational projects, motivational presentations, and more.

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      Believe And Inspire by TimTaj

      Dreamy, hopeful and inspiring corporate background music that will evoke a sense of hope, motivating emotion, a sense of success and achievement. Perfect for inspirational projects, advertisements, television, films, commercial projects, presentations, social media and more!

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      Lets Get Happy by AudioPanda

      A happy and playful acoustic tune with a joyful and upbeat mood. Featuring a ukulele, handclaps, and cute piano. It will remind of the colorful moments of a happy childhood filled with positive emotions. Perfect as background music for your successful projects, including commercials to advertise a bright, optimistic future, as uplifting music during the presentation, in computer games and cartoons to add more enthusiasm to the gameplay.

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      Go for It by Owen Mulcahy

      This piece inspires confidents and the drive to succeed.Its a high energy motivational and optimistic mood ideal for all your corporate pieces or inspirational videos expressing great achievements and success.

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      Mood Of Summer by Infraction

      Fresh summer royalty free music with electric piano and inspirational melody. Modern dance pop track for your incredible projects. Perfect for beauty blogs, sport, fitness, festivals, advertising videos, video projects, presentations and openers.

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      Inspiring Life by AG Music

      This is a motivational and inspirational track featuring piano arpeggio, orchestral strings, pads and inspiring solo Cello. It starts with a piano melody and builds into a orchestral climax with solo cello. Great for corporate and business projects, presentations and more.

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      Go Motivate Yourself by TimTaj

      Optimistic, goal-oriented and motivational corporate background music with inspirational guitars, piano, synth, drums and bass. This track evokes a sense of confidence, achievement and striving for the best. A good choice for any commercial project, promotional videos, motivational videos, corporate videos, presentations and more!

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      Creative Innovations by Tunelight

      An inspiring and uplifting track that will bring life, imagination, and magic to your production. Perfect for emotive advertisements and seasonal marketing campaigns as well as corporate commercials and inspirational videos.

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      Time To Move On by Music Box

      This track has it all - drama, inspiration, melancholy, and hope. A beautiful chillstep track combines dramatic e-pian with atmospheric pads, electric guitar licks, edgy synth-bass, and modern dubstep drums. Great soundtrack for drama series, classy commercials, high fashion.

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      Tender Acoustic by Azovmusic

      Light and tender acoustic track similar to bedtime lullaby that a mother sings a baby to sleep. The track features warm acoustic guitar and bright piano that creates a very gentle and sentimental mood. This sweet, and soothing arrangement is great to create a light, peaceful and gentle ambiance.

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      Horizons by Roman Cano

      This is an inspirational and motivational corporate track. Perfect for commercials, advertisements, motivational and inspirational corporate videos.

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      Your Time Has Come by DimmyPlus

      Is an inspirational and bouncy corporate royalty-free music piece for your optimistic video projects, such ass: commercial presentations, tutorials, vlogs, travel and holiday visuals, motivational videos, music on hold or summer footage.

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      Life Is Beautiful With You by Tunelight

      A positive, uplifting and inspirational tune with a cinematic feel featuring a memorable piano theme, strings and light percussion. Perfect for TV commercials, film, documentaries, slide shows etc.

      Download MP3
      Christmas Cheer by DimmyPlus

      An inspirational and fun royalty free orchestral Christmas logo piece for your magical video projects! Featuring bells, percussion, brass and strings sections. Merry Xmas!

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      Positive Motivation by Geoff Harvey

      Positive electric guitar licks create instant inspiring feel suggesting an award winning moment of success. Very uplifting track designed to imply success in sport events, inspiration and corporate motivation for business, corporate or educational purposes. Very modern and upbeat track featuring inspiring electric guitar and crashing drums creating energetic feel.

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      Feel The Summer Sun by TimTaj

      Inspirational, happy, and uplifting background music with beautiful guitars, warm synths, bass, and drums. This track will give a feeling of optimistic mood and a happy summer day. A good choice for inspirational projects, broadcasts, advertisements, television, films, commercial projects, family holiday, walks with friends, beach projects, travel, summer videos and more!

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      Highly Motivated by Yoav Alyagon

      An upbeat, uplifting, and motivational corporate track with a strong inspirational feel. Ideal for background music to video content of brands, products, or services. It would also work perfectly for commercials, TV ads, corporate presentations, YouTube videos, and more.

      Download MP3
      Big Changes by Elijah Aaron

      An emotional corporate track perfect for a New Year's recap. Reflecting on the past and looking forward to what the future will bring. Perfect for a New Years' montage. 

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      Inspirational Technology by Christian Aen

      Bright, positive, confident, motivating, inspiring and uplifting minimal tech corporate music. Good for inspirational videos, media projects, corporate, life and travel, motivational startup video production, websites.

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      Following The Strongest by DPmusic

      This is a modern inspirational corporate pop-rock with powerful impact and motivational sound. This track is ideal for the background of videos of companies, presentations of any kind, advertising, social projects, positive videos about life, business projects, travel videos, multimedia sales presentations, websites, television advertising, and others.

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    Without music life would be a mistake. Every known culture on this planet has music in it. Music is very much essential for existence of the human being. It expresses emotions, ideas, deep feelings and much more.

    The importance of music has been mentioned even in religious books like The Holy Bible. Solomon's Temple has been regarded as a great school of music. The development of motivational music can also be found in the Vedas and in ancient Iran.

    With the change of time, the styles of music also has changed. Different style and genres of music have evolved as per the needs of the people. Many noted artists have found that music has the ability to alter the state of mind and consciousness. Above all, music has a power to heal and make you feel good.

    Because music is deeply connected with our emotions, it has the power to make us cry, make us laugh, even scare us and to heal our problems and motivate us. Music that motivates us is called motivational music.

    The concept behind motivation music is that it changes our thinking without us being really aware of it. Because music stirs the emotions within us, it is easy to relieve failures and setbacks through motivational music. Motivational music is often said to invoke positive thinking and feelings within us, so we are refreshed and ready to face the challenges once again.

    Many psychiatrist and doctors who believe in music therapy, advice us to listen to motivational music, to avoid stress and work pressure that we have. Many organizations play motivational music in their office cafeterias, so that the employees feel relaxed when they are enjoying their meals. Motivational music does not only make one feel relaxed, it also inspires to achieve their goals. They are often packed with positive lines like You Can Do It, which encourages an individual to perform better.

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