Best Podcast Microphone in 2024 [REVIEW]

Best Podcast Microphone in 2023

Podcasting is an increasingly popular medium, providing a platform for storytelling, education, and entertainment. A crucial factor in creating a successful podcast is sound quality. A microphone specifically designed for podcasting can significantly enhance your audio, improving your listeners’ experience and setting your podcast apart from the rest.

Selecting the right podcast microphone can be overwhelming, given the wide range of options available on the market from cheap and budget to some overpriced gear. This guide aims to make the selection process easier by providing comprehensive reviews of ten of the best podcast microphones out there.

Whether you’re a budding podcaster or an established one looking to upgrade your audio equipment, this guide offers valuable insights to help you find the microphone that best fits your podcasting needs. You can connect these mics to your computer, iPhone or iPad directly via USB or 3.5mm jack or use podcasting mixer in case of multiple devices.

Best Microphone for Podcast

1. Shure Sm7B

Shure Sm7B Best Podcast Microphone

Among the best of the podcasting microphones, the Shure SM7b stands out for its top-tier performance and robust design.

It’s features and reputation have made it a popular choice among podcasters seeking a professional dynamic microphone.


The Shure SM7b features a smooth, flat, wide-range frequency response that’s perfect for capturing a variety of vocals.

This podcast microphone boasts an improved rejection of electromagnetic hum, shielding against broadband interference emitted by computer monitors.

A highly effective pop filter is built into the Shure SM7B, eliminating the need for any add-on protection against explosive breath sounds, even for close-up vocals. This dynamic microphone also includes a detachable windscreen and a switch cover plate.


The SM7B has gained a reputation as a powerhouse of performance.

As a dynamic microphone, it’s highly effective in capturing nuanced vocals, making it a fantastic tool for podcasters.

Its robust construction and excellent shielding make it one of the best podcasting mics in terms of durability and interference rejection. This podcast microphone delivers clean, natural reproduction of both music and speech.


  • Smooth, wide-range frequency response for varied vocals
  • Built in pop filter and electromagnetic hum rejection
  • Robust construction and excellent shielding
  • Natural reproduction of speech and music


  • Requires a high gain preamp or a cloudlifter for best performance
  • Heavier and bulkier than some other podcasting microphones

The Shure SM7B is undoubtedly a fantastic podcast microphone choice for podcasters who demand professional-grade sound quality. Its wide frequency response and built-in pop filter ensure a clear and clean vocal capture, making it stand out among other podcasting mics.

However, be prepared to invest in a high gain preamp or a cloudlifter for optimal performance.

Also, keep in mind that this dynamic microphone is slightly bulkier than some other options, which might impact its portability.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the Shure SM7B is arguably one of the best podcasting microphones on the market. Its consistent performance and reputation in the industry make it a reliable, professional option for podcasters.

2. Presonus Px-1

Presonus Px-1 Microphone for Podcasting

A popular contender in the world of podcasting microphones, the PreSonus PX-1 brings to the table professional-grade performance that’s built to capture the nuances of your voice.

Designed for precision, the PX-1 ensures that your podcasts sound their absolute best.


As a condenser mic, the PreSonus PX-1 features a large 25mm diaphragm capsule that captures your voice with utmost accuracy.

The cardioid polar pattern ensures a clear pick-up of sound from the front of the microphone and a good reduction of pick-up from the sides and rear.

This podcast mic also includes a high-quality stand mount and a hard mount, along with a hardy carry case for portability.

Though the PX-1 doesn’t come with an XLR cable, its robust XLR mic design ensures you can use any high-quality XLR cable for the best audio quality.


The PX-1 is designed to handle the dynamics of the human voice.

As a podcasting microphone, it captures a wide frequency response, ensuring the integrity of your voice recording.

It operates with phantom power via an audio interface, guaranteeing steady performance throughout your sessions.

With the right audio interface, you’ll find that the PX-1 offers robust and clean performance, making it an ideal podcasting mic.

This dynamic microphone captures all of the nuances in your voice and minimizes background noise, making it a good choice for those who want a versatile, high-quality recording solution.


  • Large diaphragm for precise vocal capture
  • High-quality stand mount and carry case included
  • Cardioid polar pattern reduces unwanted noise
  • Durable construction for long-term use


  • Requires phantom power, which may not be suitable for all users
  • No included XLR cable

The PreSonus PX-1 stands as a quality podcasting microphone that delivers on its promise of providing clear, professional-grade audio. This mic captures every detail of your voice, ensuring that your podcasting content is as captivating as it can be.

However, it’s important to note that this podcast mic requires phantom power, which could limit its use for podcasters without an appropriate audio interface.

Furthermore, the absence of an included cable may require an additional purchase.

Despite these considerations, the PreSonus PX-1 excels where it matters most – audio quality. Its superior performance and impressive voice recording abilities make it a worthy contender for the best podcasting microphone for those serious about their podcasting journey.

3. IK Multimedia iRig Stream Mic Pro

IK Multimedia iRig Stream Mic Pro

As a podcasting microphone that offers a seamless combination of innovation and high-quality audio, the IK Multimedia iRig Stream Mic Pro emerges as a compelling choice for podcasters.

The Mic Pro is a sturdy, reliable, and feature-rich addition to the world of podcast mics.


The iRig Mic Studio XLR is a professional studio condenser mic that features an XLR output, providing an excellent solution for podcasters seeking superior sound quality.

This podcasting mic includes a built-in headphone output, which allows for real-time monitoring. This feature is ideal for podcasters who need to keep track of their audio quality during recording sessions.

The iRig Mic Studio XLR is compatible with any audio interface that employs an XLR mic preamp.

With a 1-inch diameter condenser capsule, it ensures clarity and resolution that stand out among podcasting microphones.


The iRig Stream Mic Pro’s performance is commendable. Its large-diaphragm condenser mic captures the full spectrum of audio, delivering high-definition sound for your podcasts.

The Mic Pro is easy to use, offered direct monitoring and gaining control at your fingertips.

Whether you’re recording at home or on the go, this podcast mic ensures a consistently good audio experience.

The condenser usb microphone guarantees an excellent signal transfer, and its built-in preamp reduces noise interference, ensuring clean, professional-quality sound.


  • Professional-quality condenser capsule for superior sound
  • Integrated headphone output for real-time monitoring
  • Compatible with any XLR mic preamp
  • High-quality USB connection for clean, noise-free audio


  • Requires an audio interface for XLR connection
  • No included mic stand or pop filter

The IK Multimedia iRig Stream Mic Pro is a fantastic podcasting mic that offers top-notch sound quality in a user-friendly design.

It’s compatible with all XLR mic preamps and boasts a USB connection, providing superior sound for podcasting needs.

However, podcasters should be aware that an audio interface is necessary for the XLR connection, and the lack of an included mic stand or pop filter might necessitate additional purchases.

Regardless, if you’re in the market for the best podcast microphone, the iRig Stream Mic Pro is a superb contender that brings high-end audio technology within reach of every podcaster.

It’s not just a podcasting mic – it’s a tool for capturing your voice at its very best.

4. Shure MV7

Shure MV7 Best Microphone for Podcasting

The Shure 7 is a dynamic microphone designed specifically for the demands of podcasters.

Famed for its robustness and unparalleled sound quality, the Shure MV7 takes inspiration from legendary Shure SM7B and is packed with features that ensure an optimized podcasting experience.


The Shure MV7 stands out with its dual XLR and USB output capability. This enables users to utilize the microphone in a traditional analog setup or connect it directly to a computer for digital use, providing versatility for every recording environment.

Its auto level mode – enabled by ShurePlus MOTIV desktop app – automatically sets gain and compression parameters so you can focus solely on your content.

The touch panel interface on the microphone allows for real-time adjustments of the gain, headphone volume, and monitor mix.

The MV7 also comes equipped with a Voice Isolation Technology, designed to capture the speaker’s voice and eliminate any unwanted background noise, ensuring the highest sound quality in every recording scenario.


The Shure MV7’s performance is where it truly shines.

With the ability to capture crisp, clean, and clear audio in both XLR and USB modes, it ensures professional-quality sound for all your podcasts.

The integrated touch panel is highly responsive, providin control over mic gain, headphone volume, and mix.

The microphone’s rugged design means it will stand up to the rigors of podcasting, providing reliable service for years to come.


  • Dual XLR and USB output for versatile recording options
  • Automated level settings for easy use
  • Voice Isolation Technology to minimize background noise
  • Responsive touch panel interface
  • Durable and reliable construction


  • Slightly higher price point than other entry-level podcast microphones
  • Limited color options

The Shure MV7 is a powerful microphone that provides a level of versatility, reliability, and sound quality that is hard to match.

It’s dual-output capability, automated level settings, and superior voice isolation technology make it an excellent choice for anyone serious about their podcasting project.

While it may be a bit pricier than some other entry level microphones, the MV7 provides exceptional value for its cost, making it a worthy investment for podcasters who are looking to enhance their audio quality.

In a market full of options, the Shure MV7 stands as a top choice for podcasting microphones. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a budding podcaster, the Shure MV7’s robust feature set will undoubtedly meet your podcasting needs.

5. Movo UM700

Movo UM700 Good Podcast Microphone

When it comes to offering a balance between sound quality, design, and value, the Movo UM700 USB microphone is an excellent contender.

This microphone is easy to use and offers a range of features that make it one of the best podcast microphones in its price range.


The Movo UM700 is a USB microphone that features three condenser capsules and four different polar pattern settings, making it a versatile microphone for a variety of podcasting applications.

This USB mic provides simple plug-and-play operation with a USB cable, eliminating the need for an external audio interface. It also comes with a built-in headphone jack, allowing for zero-latency monitoring of your recordings.

Furthermore, the Movo UM700 comes with a sturdy desk stand, though it can be easily mounted on a boom arm for added flexibility.


The Movo UM700 delivers exceptional performance for a USB microphone in its class.

Its three condenser capsules capture clear, high-quality audio, while the four selectable polar patterns – including the cardioid recording pattern preferred by many podcasters – ensure versatility.

Moreover, the UM700 is a praise for its consistency. It provides stable, professional-level sound quality that few USB microphones in this price range can match.


  • Three condenser capsules and four polar pattern settings
  • Easy plug and play operation via USB connectivity
  • Built in headphone jack for zero latency monitoring
  • Can be mounted on a boom arm for greater flexibility


  • Lacks XLR output for more professional setup
  • Not as robust as some other models

In the realm of podcast microphones, the Movo UM700 shines with its ease of use and audio performance. Its array of recording patterns and plug-and-play setup make it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced podcasters.

While it does lack an XLR output, this shouldn’t pose a problem for most podcasters who appreciatethe convenience of USB connectivity.

However, those with more professional setups may find this limitation a bit restricting.

Overall, if you’re in the market for a USB mic that delivers great audio quality and a high level of versatility, the Movo UM700 is undeniably one of the best podcasting microphones you should consider.

6. Blue Yeti X

Blue Yeti X Very Good Microphone

Stepping up to the higher echelons of podcasting microphones, the Blue Yeti X is a top tier USB microphone that combines sophisticated technology with simple operation.

Known as one of the best microphones from Blue Microphones, the Yeti X is a comprehensive solution for any podcaster.


The Blue Yeti X boasts multiple pickup patterns, including cardioid mic, stereo, omnidirectional, and bidirectional, granting versatility to match any recording scenario.

With its internal pop filter and custom four-capsule condenser array, this microphone ensures exceptional focus and clarity.

This microphone for podcasting features an illuminated multi function smart knob that provides at a glance control for volume, mute and blend settings.

Also, its USB output ensures simple plug and play setup with no need for additional drivers.


The Blue Yeti X has won acclaim for its excellent audio setup and performance. From podcasting to game streaming, its ability to capture recorded audio crisply and cleanly is near unmatched.

Its high resolution LED metering lets you maintain complete control over your audio levels, while real time headphone monitoring allows for instant adjustments.

Plus, with the Blue VO!CE software, you can fully customize and fine tune your sound.


  • Multiple pickup patterns for versatile recording
  • High-resolution LED metering and real-time headphone monitoring
  • Custom four-capsule condenser array for superior sound quality
  • Illuminated multi-function smart knob for convenient control
  • USB output for simple plug-and-play setup


  • Lacks XLR output for more professional setups
  • Can pick up some background noise in sensitive environments

The Blue Yeti X is, without a doubt, a very good microphone for podcasting. Its array of features and outstanding sound quality make it one of the best dynamic microphones available. It’s also very user-friendly, with a mute button and other controls that are easily accessible.

However, podcasters looking for an XLR microphone might be disappointed as the Blue Yeti X doesn’t have XLR capabilities.

It also might not be the best option for podcasters recording in noisy environments, as it can pick up background noise.

Still, these minor caveats don’t detract from the fact that the Blue Yeti X is a legendary mic in the world of podcasting. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced podcaster, this microphone for podcasting is a worthwhile addition to your audio setup.

7. Jlab Talk

Jlab Talk Podcasting Mic

The JLab Talk is a compact, stylish, and highly functional USB microphone that provides exceptional value for its price point.

This mic is an excellent choice for podcasters who are starting or who want a cost-effective upgrade to their current setup.


The JLab Talk USB microphone comes with three condenser capsules that provide a clear, professional grade sound.

It offers four directionall pattern modes – cardioid, omnidirectional, stereo, and bidirectional – offering the flexibility to accommodate various podcasting situations.

Ease of use is a major selling point for JLab Talk. The controls are user friendly with quick mute and volume control options. It also has a 3.5mm hea output for real time monitoring.

The JLab Talk is entirely USB-powered, making it a plug-and-play device that requires no additional drivers. The microphone comes with a standard-sized USB-C to USB-A cable, allowing for seamless connectivity with various devices.


Despite its compact size, the JLab Talk offers impressive sound quality.

Its three condenser capsules capture a broad frequency range, resulting in clear, vibrant audio.

The various pattern modes enable podcasters to adapt the microphone’s performance to different recording environments.


  • Three condenser capsules for high-quality sound
  • Four directional pattern modes for versatile recording
  • User-friendly controls with quick-mute and volume options
  • 3.5mm headphone output for real-time monitoring
  • Plug-and-play operation with USB connectivity


  • Lacks an XLR output for more advanced recording setups
  • Build quality may not be as robust as some competing models

The JLab Talk stands out as a versatile and budget-friendly podcast microphone. Its combination of solid sound quality, user-friendly features, and versatile recording options make it an excellent choice for both budding and seasoned podcasters.

While the lack of XLR output may be a drawback for some users seeking advanced setups, the JLab Talk’s strong USB performance and plug and play convenience should more than compensate for this.

If you’re in the market for a reliable, versatile, and budget-friendly podcast microphone, the JLab Talk is certainly a strong contender worth considering.

8. Rode Podmic Cardioid Dynamic Broadcast

Rode Podmic Cardioid Dynamic Broadcast Great Microphone

The Rode PodMic is a high-quality broadcast microphone specifically designed for podcasting.

Built by the trusted Australian brand Rode, renowned for its excellent sound equipment, the PodMic has quickly established itself as one of the best podcasting microphones on the market.


The Rode PodMic is a dynamic microphone with a cardioid pattern, which is perfect for podcasting as it picks up sound directly in front and rejects unwanted noise from the back and sides.

This ensures a clean and focused sound, highlighting the speaker’s voice without capturing distracting background noise.

This microphone features an internal pop filter to minimize plosive sounds that can cause distortion, as well as a robust, all metal construction for durability.


The PodMic delivers professional-quality sound and captures voice details exceptionally well.

Its specially tailored frequency response and the built-in shock mounting help to reduce vibrations and handling noise, producing a clear, smooth audio quality.


  • Designed specifically for podcasting
  • Cardioid dynamic broadcast microphone ensures focused sound
  • Built in pop filter to reduce plosives
  • Durable all metal construction
  • Excellent voice details capture


  • Lacks USB output, so requires an audio interface for connection to a computer
  • Not as versatile as some other microphones due to its specific podcast design

The Rode PodMic is a solid choice for podcasters who want a reliable, high quality broadcast microphone.

Its design features and performance make it ideal for capturing professional-grade audio. The built-in pop filter and shock mounting are great additions that make this microphone stand out from its competitors.

However, the PodMic’s lack of USB output may be a drawback for some, as it requires an additional interface of the audio for digital recording.

Also, its specific design for podcasting may limit its versatility for other recording needs.

Despite these minor considerations, the Rode PodMic continues to shine as a top contender in the world of podcasting microphones. If you’re serious about your podcast’s quality of the sound , the Rode PodMic is a worthy investment.

9. Audio-Technica AT2035PK

Audio-Technica AT2035PK Pro Level Microphone

The Audio-Technica AT2035PK is a comprehensive package that offers all the necessary tools for professional-level podcasting. With its superior quality of sound, this bundle is particularly suitable for podcasters who want a complete setup right out of the box.


The AT2035PK includes the Audio-Technica AT2035 cardioid condenser microphone, which is known for its detail-rich sound and low noise from the background pickup.

This microphone features a switchable 80Hz high-pass filter and a 10dB pad to handle high sound pressure levels.

Additionally, the pack comes with a pair of ATH-M20x professional monitor podcasting headphones for accurate audio monitoring, an adjustable studio boom arm for convenient mic placement, and a XLR cable for connection.


The AT2035 microphone produces a clean, clear sound that is ideal for voice recording, making it an excellent podcasting microphone. It ensures consistent, focused audio pickup and rejects sounds from the sides and rear.

The ATH-M20x headphones deliver accurate audio and have a comfortable fit, making them ideal for long podcasting sessions.


  • Bundle includes everything needed for professional podcasting
  • AT2035 microphone offers excellent sound quality
  • ATH-M20x headphones provide accurate audio monitoring
  • Includes adjustable studio boom arm for convenient mic placement
  • Comes with a durable XLR cable


  • No USB output on the microphone, requires and audio interface
  • The microphone might be sensitive to room noise due to its condenser design

The Audio-Technica AT2035PK is a highly versatile pack, making it a top choice for those starting a podcast or upgrading their current setup.

The sound quality from the AT2035 microphone is professional-grade, and the added accessories like the ATH-M20x headphones and the adjustable studio boom arm only enhance its value.

Although it lacks a USB output and might pick up more room noise due to the condenser design, its pros outweigh these cons.

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive package that delivers in terms of audio quality and convenience, the Audio-Technica AT2035PK is worth considering.

10. Sontronics Podcast Pro

 Sontronics Podcast Pro Microphone for Podcasts

Designed specifically with podcasters in mind, the Sontronics Podcast Pro microphone ensures that your voice comes through with crystal clarity.

This dynamic microphone captures your speech with remarkable precision, offering broadcast-quality sound that can give your podcast the professional touch it deserves.


The Sontronics Podcast Pro is a dynamic microphone, making it an ideal podcasting microphone as it is less sensitive to background noise and provides robust audio quality.

It has a supercardioid pickup pattern that focuses on capturing the sound source directly in front of the mic, minimizing background noise.

The microphone comes with an internal pop filter and is turned for speech frequencies, ensuring clear audio capture without plosive sounds or sibilance.


The Podcast Pro offers a rich, full-bodied sound quality that really makes your voice shine.

Whether you’re doing interviews, narrative storytelling, or in-depth analysis, this dynamic microphone ensures that your listeners hear every nuance of your speech.

The building quality of the Podcast Pro is robust, and its design makes it easy to handle and use.


  • Excellent voice detail and clarity
  • Supercardioid pickup pattern reduces background noise
  • Internal pop filter helps eliminate plosive sounds
  • Dynamic design ideal for voice recording
  • High-quality, sturdy construction


  • No USB connectivity, requires an audio interface
  • Lacks flexibility for multi-directional recording

The Sontronics Podcast Pro brings a new level of sound quality and ease of use to the world of podcasting.

With its excellent voice detail and dynamic design, it stands out as a top choice for podcasters. While the lack of USB connectivity and flexibility for multi-directional recording may pose challenges for some, its overall performance and quality make it a worthy contender in the list of the best podcasting microphones.

When you’re looking to elevate your podcast audio to the next level, the Sontronics Podcast Pro is undoubtedly a microphone to consider.

11. Rode NT1-A

Rode NT1-A

Rounding off our list is the Rode NT1-A, a celebrated cardioid condenser microphone popularly known for its warm, rich sound.

This microphone is hailed as one of the quietest mics in the market, offering a low self-noise that’s ideal for podcasting.

If you’re seeking a high-quality microphone that delivers professional studio-grade audio, the Rode NT1-A could be your perfect match.


The Rode NT1-A sports a 1-inch capsule with a gold plated diaphragm. Its cardioid pickup pattern ensures that the sound is captured from the front and sides, minimizing the pickup from the rear.

The microphone also boasts a wide frequency range, capturing the nuances of the human voice effectively.

This microphone comes as a bundle that includes a shock mount, pop filter, and an XLR cable, providing you with everything you need to set up and start podcasting.


The NT1-A is renowned for its clarity and warmth, which are integral to providing that professional audio quality for podcasting. Its low self-noise level ensures a clean, clear audio capture, free from any unwanted background noise.

This podcasting microphone requires phantom power, so you’ll need an audio interface or a mixer with this feature. Its robust build promises longevity, and the included accessories add to its value proposition.


  • Warm and rich sound quality
  • Low self-noise level
  • Comes as a bundle with a shock mount, pop filter, and XLR cable
  • Wide frequency range ideal for voice capture


  • Requires phantom power
  • Lacks USB connectivity

The Rode NT1-A brings professional studio-quality audio within reach of podcasters. With its warm and rich sound, low self-noise level, and the included accessories, it offers excellent value.

While the need for phantom power and lack of USB connectivity may be hurdles for some, its overall performance and sound quality make it a top pick for one of the best podcasting microphones.

If you’re looking to give your podcast that professional edge, the Rode NT1-A is certainly worth considering.

Final Word

Choosing the right microphone can significantly impact the quality of your podcast.

While each microphone in this list offers unique features, it’s essential to consider your specific needs and preferences.

From USB connectivity to dynamic or condenser mic options, there’s something for everyone in this range. Invest in a high-quality microphone today, and deliver the quality of the sound your podcast audience deserves.

Happy podcasting!

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