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    Hardcore music came into existence in late 1970s. It was a result of the great success achieved by punk rock. It may be said that hardcore music is a faster and thicker version of old punk rock. It is much harder and heavier than the old punk rock. This type of rocking music is loved by all aged people, especially by the teen agers. The impact of this music is high as compared to other music.

    It has a rocking effect on person's personality. It changes your mood gradually and also helps you in dispersing your lethargic attitude. It is a very common music used at musical concerts and shows. It is an enchanted music in various parts of the globe. It is gaining its popularity in many other nations too. This music also plays a great role in providing a fast and heavy weight to certain movie tracks.

    Grunge music can be said as an inspiration derived from indie rock, heavy metal and hardcore punk music. It was developed in 1980s in Washington. Grunge music is a subordinate of rock music and is characterized by electrical guitars. Grunge is supposed to be a very successful music on the commercial grounds.

    Some of the successful bands which used grunge as music were Nirvana and Pearl Jams. These bands were so successful that they revolutionize the world of rock music. A high level of distortion is used in the guitars used for producing grunge music. The grunge concerts were famous for their frank and high level energy performances. These concerts made the public go mad. Special clothing was chosen by the grunge musicians so as to give it a distinguished experience.

    Industrial music is a very unique type of music. It is an experimental music which is played on challenging themes. This term was coined in the late 1970. Industrial music used the noise and heavy noise and transformed them into beautiful musical notes. It generally involved heavy noises. This type of music was greatly enchanted by people of all ages. Industrial music is a very popular music in Russia and Germany.

    It is gaining great popularity in other countries too. Artist playing this type of music are very experienced. They performed experiments on the common noises produced in the industry and transformed into nice and pleasing musical blends.

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