• Royalty free Latin music

    • Spanish Fun by ABCstudio

      This bright, cheerful, and positive track with a Latin sound will add a feel-good vibe to your video project. It's ideal for branding projects, commercials and presentations, and background music for advertisements and marketing campaigns.

      Tropical Dancers by ihsandincer

      This is an energetic and catchy, trendy, and upbeat Latin stomp track with a strong kick. The song has a modern and uplifting sound. This music is perfect for any type of media: promotion video, vlog, film series, presentation, promo, games, intro, or any other commercial project.

      Old Streets by APmuse

      Cool latin music with a Brazilian mood. Samba, bossa nova, acoustic music.This music will fit well for chill out, ambient and relaxed moments.

      La Vida Reggaeton by Diva Production Music

      A high-energy reggaeton track that is guaranteed to get any party started. With its infectious rhythm, driving bassline, and catchy guitar melodies, this track will bring a lively and upbeat vibe to any project. Whether you're looking for background music for a commercial, a movie, or just a fun night out, "Rumba Caliente" will keep the energy level high and the party going.

      Sweet Margarita by ihsandincer

      This one is stylish and delicious Latin jazz track in Cuban sounding atmosphere. Main instruments are Cuban piano, percussion, trombone, horns, trumpet, electric piano, and upright acoustic bass. Perfect for cooking shows, culinary videos, food and beverage advertising, cruise ship presentation, bar and restaurant promos, or many more.

      Bahia De Banderas by ihsandincer

      Smooth latin music featuring piano, guitar and percussion. Cool trumpet solo and piano melodies. This music will fit well for vacations, holidays, travel and fun situations. Cafe del Mar like.

      Caribbean Dance by Emilio Merone

      Latin-inspired arrangement of energetic, syncopated guitar, upright bass, organ and percussion suggested to underscore vacation resort scenes, festive beach gatherings and jubilant poolside celebrations. Key of A.

      Latin Flavour by Christian Aen

      A catchy, bouncy royalty free Latin track with trumpets, guitars, bongos, guiro, cool bass, and drums, ideal for vlogs, travel, vacation, summer, or advertising videos.

      Passion Fruit Punch by Rick Dickert

      Smooth, and uplifting Latin Bossa Nova style music in the tradition of Jobim, Astrud Gilberto 1960s recordings. Perfect for creating great backing in product advertising retail, infomercial or branding campaign, luxury advert, restaurant cafe lounge, elegant scenes, summer beach vacation. Enjoy and feel the sun on your face!

      Flamenco by Diva Production Music

      An uplifting, joyful, happy Caribbean tropical track. This upbeat tune features electric guitar, marimba, flute, percussion, brass section, bass, and drums. The bright optimistic mood is perfect for commercials and presentations that need a feel-good, summery soundtrack.

      Crossing The Andes by ihsandincer

      An Uplifting and happy Mexican mariachi music, full of fun and joy. Great for holiday and vacation clips, fun and good time scenes, Latin fiesta background, party and celebration films, Latin and Spanish videos, romantic serenades, island and Caribbean music, carnival and festivals background music, optimistic and positive moods, and much more. Main orchestration: guitar, trumpets, percussion, acoustic bass, vocals (gritos)

      Flamenco In The Sun by Andy Littlewood

      Yoga Breathing is a relaxed, atmospheric, and contemplative music piece. The track is featuring an Indian traditional bansuri bamboo flute, string-synth, piano, and bells. This item is perfect for any project relating to India, yoga, music for meditation practices, wellness activities and spa, hypnotic scenes, or other soul-awakening projects.

      Sunshine Bossa by Christian Aen

      Get in the mood for a party with our Mexican-styled track. Sizzling, sun-kissed traditional Mexican Mariachi with nylon string guitars, upright bass, drums, percussion, and trumpets will make you feel like you are on a great vacation in Mexico.

      Brazil Piano Night by Manuel Ochoa

      A Spanish Latin flavored acoustic track with nylon string guitars, trumpets, and percussions. Ideal choice for documentaries, travel videos, tourism commercials, summer videos and many more media projects.

      Sands Of Copacabana by ihsandincer

      Gentle acoustic ballad music with soft piano and acoustic guitar in a calm and romantic mood. It's suitable as background music for projects relating to relationship, love, romantic and sentimental scenes, family video, slide show, video about good memories, emotional moments, sad and melancholic video, projects relating to care about parents, etc.

      Tango City by Manuel Ochoa

      A South American/Latin styled track, featuring live nylon string guitars, acoustic guitars, violin, percussion and drums. Great for travel visuals, Latin contents, cooking and more!

      Burglars With Forklifts by ihsandincer

      In this track, you will find a unique vibe that blends latin instruments with an Urban flair. The track is featuring marimba, claves, shaker, drums. This track will create the perfect mood for your projects, especially if the project needs a tropical and Latin feel. Perfect to use in commercials and any type of advertising or marketing material.

      Puerto Vallarta by ihsandincer

      Celebrate the good times with this bouncy and fiery royalty-free Samba track. With its cool brass and bright drums, percussions, congas. This upbeat track is ideal for travel vlogs, summer, festival, carnival or sports visuals.

      Desert Sunset by AG Music

      A catchy, bouncy royalty free latin track, with a Latin piano, bongos, guiro, cool bass, guitar solo and drums. Ideal for vlogs, travel, vacation, summer, or advertising videos.

      Quirky Swing by Eitan Epstein Music

      Acoustic guitar, marimba, upright bass, congas, bongos, maracas and guira combine for simple upbeat latin-flavoured ambiance, suggested to underscore vacation scenes, resort slideshows and scenes of relaxation. Key of C, 120 bpm

      Spanish Euphoria by Andy Littlewood

      A positive, funky, groovy, retro, uplifting, upbeat and fun track. Great for movies, Tv shows, openers, advertisement and much more.

      Salsa Party by RMSound

      Summertime and the music is playing. We have the perfect track for your summer vacation, travel, or vlog. A catchy, bouncy salsa track with a Latin piano, bongos, guiro, cool bass, and drums. Ideal for advertising videos focusing on travel or adventure.

      Spanish Passion by Andy Littlewood

      Latin acoustic guitar music track with beautiful and emotional melodies. It will evoke feelings of nostalgia, romance and melancholy. It will certainly work well with Latin American video projects, documentaries, travel shows, slideshows and more.

      Salsa Festival by DreamSounding

      Uplifting Spanish dance track with flamenco guitar, pulsating synths, and a driving club beat. Great for TV travel and cooking shows, footage of people on the dance floor with their hands in the air, nightclub, beach party and bar scenes, workout videos, Latin-themed video games, adventure, etc.

      Jazz For Fun by APmuse

      A compelling uplifting Latin track with trumpets, percussion, and steel drums. The beautiful and emotional melodies will evoke feelings of happiness and sunny joy. The track is in a major key and may work well with TV shows, online presentation advertisements or presentation videos.

      Elevator Bossa Nova by Andrew Feeney

      African background music with traditional african voices and ethnic instruments. Great for any projects relating to Africa film, game, travel, discovery, tv shows, nature, animals, or eastern cultures.

      New Roads by Berool

      Flamenco guitar track bursting with passion and excitement. Features castanets, percussion and smouldering lead guitar. Sounds like The Gypsy Kings. Feel the summertime vibe. Works well for Spanish and Mexican themes, TV cooking and travel shows, scenes of flamenco dancing, gypsy folklore stories.

      Mediterranean Trip by SoundWave

      Exotic drill danceable urban track featuring Rhodes, Pluckers, Mallet, Drums, and Latin percussion. Ideal for advertising, commercials, documentary, trailer, time-lapse, lifestyle, cocktail parties, in-store music, hotel resorts, drone footage, or any project is needing a casual and festive mood.

      Tequila Party by ihsandincer

      An intense soundtrack with a heroic and triumphant character, futuristic and sci-fi mood and escalating rise. A massive orchestra with great strings progressions, violins and cellos arpeggios, big drums and large, aggressive, epic percussion and iron metal impacts in combination with hybrid sound effects, scrapes, swipes and sub drops.

      Mexican Mariachi Fiesta by RGMusic

      A traditional Mexican-style track with classical guitars, trumpets, drums, bass, and percussion. This music is perfect for any video needing a romantic, elegant Latin musical underscore. Perfect for commercials, documentaries, TV shows, and any video project.

      Kitchen Dance by Azovmusic

      A bouncy, Latin style royalty-free dance/pop song, with nice synths, claps, cool bass, Ukulele, and guitars. Best for social media, travel, summer, or youth content.

      Baila Conmigo by DreamSounding

      Inspirational and emotional flamenco music track, with Spanish guitar, hand claps (palms) and traditional percussion. Perfect background for commercials, travel videos, advertising, Latin videos, documentaries, films about love and passion, and more.

      Latin Mojito by DreamSounding

      This passionate Latin song featuring Spanish guitar and accordion captures the emotions of lost moments and memories of the past. It works well for scenes involving romantic encounters, contemplation, love stories, sentimental romance, hopeful thoughts, and emotions.

      Staying In The Caribbean by Audioblyca

      Minimalistic, bouncy, and pretentious Latin dancehall track featuring electric guitar, mallet, synth, and percussion. Ideal for advertising, commercials, club scenes, product promo, radio adverts, reality shows and more.

      One Night In Colombia by Diva Production Music

      A relaxed world beat chillout track with real bansuri flutes, santur and Indian drums. Perfect for qigong daily routine videos, yoga tutorials music, reiki healing practice, Tantra, meditation classes and any project relating to relaxation or inner mind practice.

      Football Drums by Rolikmusic

      Puerto Vallarta is a positive and carefree latin styled track with acoustic guitars, bass, trumpets, and percussion. It was made for projects that need a positive and uplifting mood, like commercials/TV promos, travel videos, or any project that needs music to convey feelings of sunny weather and fun times.

      Sport Drums For Football by Rolikmusic

      Passionate and distressing Latin dancehall track featuring synth LoFi, Rhodes, Pluckers, Mallet, Drums, and urban percussion. Ideal for advertising, commercials, documentary, trailer, lifestyle video, or more.

      Hotel Mediterranean by ihsandincer

      Thought-stimulating background soothing track. Good for relaxation purposes and easy time.

      Flirtatious Girl by Audioblyca

      Experimental trip hop royalty free track with cool beat, groovy bass, acoustic guitar, atmospheric bouzouki, gentle saxophone, uplifting brass and percussion. Perfect for adventure videos, travel vlogs, lifestyle montages.

      Make It Delicious by DPmusic

      Lush and blazing Latin Reggaeton dance track with pumping hip-hop beats, combined with an energetic mambo dance sound. Great for dance contests, beach parties, spring break in Miami, quinceaneras you get the idea!

      More Then Love by KD Music

      Crazy fun and uplifting music track, proud and dynamic, with hot Latin/ Mexican/Spanish blood in its veins. Sunny and celebratory mood makes this track memorable for each festive project. Featuring acoustic guitar, nylon-string guitar, rhythmic and solo trumpets, ukulele, bass, drums, and Mariachi vocals and chants!

      Caribbean Vibes by DreamSounding

      A catchy, bouncy royalty free salsa track, with a Latin piano, bongos, guiro, cool bass, and drums, ideal for vlogs, travel, vacation, summer, or advertising videos.

      Flamenco Summer Dance by AG Music

      This instrumental dancehall Latin urban track provides includes steady, rhythmic drumbeats and sensual, catchy melodies. Perfect for adding an exotic flavor to any type of project. Whether you are looking to set the tone for a tropical island vacation spot, or an exotic dance club scene, this track will bring the feeling right into your project.

      Mojito At The Beach by DreamSounding

      Passionate and energetic latin melody for all sorts off your projects from advertising to travel videos and slideshow. Beautiful acoustic guitar melody, percussion section makes this track perfect background for a wide variety of applications.

      Joyful Rising by KD Music

      A sophisticated and passionate French tango in the style of Paris Cafe music. Featuring bandoneon, guitar, piano, clarinet, percussion, and other instruments that evoke the romance and decadence of the Parisian nightlife. Great for travel vlogs, romantic comedies, and promos!

      Mariachi Friends by Eitan Epstein Music

      Latin cumbia played with brass orchestra section, congas, latin percussions, sax, accordion, bass and drums. Works grate in videos of extreme sports, animals, travels, football, soccer, films...

      Latin Dreams by Manuel Ochoa

      This is stylish and delicious bossa nova like music with a bit latin mood and jazzy twist. Beautiful and stylish background track for any entertainment, people enjoying the good life in Vegas, vacation life, humor or comedy video, dancing floorshow, hide and seek game. In the style of caper story movies like Ocean’s Eleven soundtrack.

      Bright Move by APmuse

      A traditional and fun Mexican track in Mariachi style, with energetic percussions, live guitars and trumpets. Great for celebrations, ads, travel, tv, commercials, games, westerns, and more.

      Dancing Love by Audioblyca

      A bouncy, Latin style royalty-free dance/pop song, with nice synths, claps, cool bass, and glitchy beats, best for social media, travel, summer, or youth content.

      Sunny Cooking by APmuse

      Dramatic Action music track which is constantly escalating and evolving with the growing tension. Cinematic piece of music great for trailers, action films , documentaries and videos

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    Latin music is reaching more listeners than ever. It became popular in the mainstream market when Louis Fonsi and Justin Bieber joined forces to release the hit wonder “Despacito.” You can hear it everywhere - on the radio, on the street, even in the grocery store. If you don’t know what to listen to anymore, this type of music will sweep you off your feet. It’s fast but not dull. It’s wonderful. What else? Oh, it’s fun.

    The Types of Music You Can Look Forward to When Listening to Latin Music

    The musical genre encompasses various styles of music from Southern Europe, Africa, and the indigenous cultures of South America. It manages to capture the hearts and souls of listeners. The tempo and the instrumentation, not to mention the vocals, make you want to get up and hit the dancefloor.

    Latin Music Genre List

    • Salsa
    • Reggaeton
    • Bachata
    • Tango
    • Regional Mexican Music (Mariachi, Norteño)
    • Latin Rock
    • Brazilian Music (Samba & Bossa Nova)

    If you didn’t already know, Latin music actively influences pop, jazz, and hip-hop music. Latin pop music represents a combination of the Spanish language, rock, and dance music. If you want to listen to Spanish music – in other words, music that comes from the country of Spain – go to theaters or festivals.

    Why is Latin music such a success?

    Streaming makes it easier to discover new songs

    These days, if you want to listen to Latin dance music, all you have to do is use an app like Spotify. You get access to millions of songs from your favorite artists. Now that it’s so easy to get hold of, artists can sit back and relax. Roughly 20 percent of Spotify’s subscribers are Latin, and they mainly listen to Latin songs. Anyone can get their music on the platform, even without a record label.

    Artists are collaborating and helping one another

    Latin music seems to be everywhere these days. The music created in collaborations by Latin and English-speaking artists bears significance. Not only is it more visible, but also it’s fantastic. “Despacito” became the most streamed melody of 2017. It seems that its effect is still in full swing. Opt for Latin music download if you want to listen to music offline.

    Latin audiences are loyal

    Music lovers are the most loyal listeners. They’re loyal until they feel betrayed or abandoned. The Latin fanbase is a thriving community characterized by a sense of attachment and affiliation. Fans may have to wait a little longer for new music, but the songs are worth the wait. Layers interlock and syncopated percussions are played on instruments such as claves, bongos, or maracas.

    If you create video content for platforms such as YouTube, the chances are that you’re struggling to find the right tune for your digital project. You’re lucky because Melody Loops has the music you need to take your project to the next level. Discover, purchase and download the amazing library of royalty free Latin music. No matter what style of music you’re looking for, you’ll find it at Melody Loops.

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