• Royalty free Baroque music

    • Church Wedding MP3

      This is a solemn instrumental music track of the wedding ceremony. Background orchestral music for a wedding ceremony, cathedral slideshows, celebration events, award ceremony, advertising and marketing videos, websites, social media, etc.

      Defeated Hero MP3

      Full-blown epic composition in medieval baroque style with dramatic mood and bombastic orchestral sound. Similar to Game of Thrones, or The Tudors soundtrack. Excellent soundscape for heroic cinematic plots, war games, opening intro, final triumph, film credits, documentaries about Middle ages, Valhalla heroes, honor, and eternal glory.

      Infants Play MP3

      Sweet loop with a delightful baroque arrangement and a slightly regal feel. Performed by flute and strings. Great for children education video, tales of knights, bards and poets, great castles and small villages, etc.

      Royal Family MP3

      This is a classical track in baroque style with harpsichord, oboe, clarinet, horns and strings featuring. Nice music for stylish medieval videos, films, documentaries, royal and ceremonial videos, advertising, historical videos, ancient reconstructions, and many more.

      Continuum MP3

      Classic chamber music, with strings and harpsichord, with a strong baroque imprint. Sweet, melancholic and cinematic atmosphere.

      Royal Ceremony MP3

      This is modern classical ceremonial and celebratory-triumphant music with harpsichord, strings, piano and orchestral instruments leading. This track has great Baroque and Rococo atmosphere with fanfares and solemn mood. This royalty free background music will be perfect for cinematic videos with antique royal environment, ceremonial videos, triumphant and victorious videos, videos in the style of the 17th-18th centuries, historical and documentaries movies, films about medieval Europe and more.

      Kings And Queens MP3

      Beautiful orchestral classical music with strings, harpsichord, oboe, clarinet and flute featuring. Perfect for historical videos, documentaries, medieval atmosphere, masquerades, royal environment videos, ceremonies, stylish Renaissance videos, or many more.

      Beautiful Baroque MP3

      This original track sets the mood and gives the feeling of the joy of the holiday season, written in a Baroque-style as Bach, Mozart or Haydn. Very light classical and elegant music track.

      Bridgerdown Abbey MP3

      Elegant and uplifting baroque classical music. With chamber strings, harpsichord and recorder. Pizzicato harmonies and chordal cross-strings create an uplifting feeling. This background music evokes a Shakespearean atmosphere, bringing to mind royalty palaces and stately homes. Ideal for films or documentaries about the past, period costume dramas, or historical events.

      Ancient Passacaglia MP3

      Inspired by the musical procedure of the baroque era known as the passacaglia, chaconne or ground base. The same bass note is played through the track, while upper parts are varied and change throughout. With this track however, medieval instruments are utilized.

      Peaceful Town MP3

      This loop is perfect for any game that needs a relaxed and inviting mood. A combination of retro orchestral elements creates a very sweet-sounding track, while the oboe melody adds a sweet feel to this medium tempo track.

      Evening Fairy Tale MP3

      Captivating, magical, and intriguing orchestral underscore with a steady pulse and classical vibe. Featuring pizzicato strings, brass, and xylophone. Perfect for cartoon animations, kids video, kitchen recipes, DIY videos, historical events, etc. This melody is sure to drive your presentation to success.

      Happy Harpsichord MP3

      A positive theme with harpsichord and cello. Inspired by baroque music style.

      The Royal Refinement MP3

      Stylish classical music with orchestral sound. Great background for ceremonial videos, royal palace views, medieval environment videos, historical videos, documentaries, masquerades, European culture reconstruction episodes, elegant advertising or more.

      High Life MP3

      A classical music track featuring strings, woodwinds, and brass. Perfect choice for web commercials, product presentations, slideshows, wedding videos, art videos, advertisements, and much more.

      Ancient Acoustic Contemplation MP3

      Using ancient baroque instruments and an ethereal female vocal, this track creates a mood that calls to former times, to a lost time.

      Elegant Places MP3

      An elegant, sophisticated and emotional waltz track written for a string quartet. A perfect choice for projects and videos related to art, real estate, restaurants, tourism, museums, travel, dinners, and more. This track is sure to add an elegant touch for your project!

      Danger Point MP3

      Gloomy and dramatic atmosphere , supported by a relentless rhythmic base. The harmonic structure classically baroque is expressed in a modern blend of acoustic, electric and electronic instruments. Ideal for video and multimedia projects that require a tense and dark ambience.

      Happily Every After MP3

      Majestic and glorious orchestral track, with Royal Fanfare and triumphant sound. Conveys a sense of the elegance and joy of classical Hollywood movie themes. Suitable for great achievements, grand entrance, regal and ceremonial feeling, grand mansions. This composition that will surely highlight and underline your important message!

      Young Queen MP3

      Warm Morning is a string quintet chamber classical track with oboe and bassoon. Good for romantic videos, inspirational presentations, atmospheric and sentimental videos, wedding photo slideshows, historical documentaries about coronation ceremony, the royal family, and more.

      Medieval Festival MP3

      A fun and jaunty loop featuring guitar, flutes, clarinet, and percussion that gives the feel of being the pomp and festivities of the renaissance and medieval times. Great for games!

      The Fancier Things MP3

      A majestic royal kingdom, a fancy dinner party, or even a masquerade ball are just a few images that come to mind with this loop written for only strings. Great for games!

      Morning Chamber MP3

      Solo harpsichord plays a melancholic piece inspired by the era of baroque chamber music. Suggested to underscore period scenes, formal receptions and historical images.

      Albe E Tramonti MP3

      Duo between flute and piano, with a gentle and intimate melody. Classic style and romantic sweetness for your multimedia projects.

      Positive Gestures MP3

      A charming classical music piece with an inquisitive, positive mood. Perfect to create a noble feeling.

      Pipe Organ Coda MP3

      Solo pipe organ using various stops plays peaceful, moving chamber piece. Suggested for church scenes involving weddings, royal processions and period sequences.

      Golden Age Of Modern Empires MP3

      A very determined neo-classical hip hop tune with a strong lyrical string melody. Slightly melancholic and ironic. With the back to classical music and towards a modern beat rhythmic tunes. Suitable for presentation videos, luxury products,time lapse music, documentaries, James Bond and Tudors like film themes, and commercials. Conveys a feeling of royalty and luxury.

      Imperial Grand Royal Opening MP3

      Imperial big cinematic orchestral. Perfect for your video intro, text, opening and another projects.

      Girotondo MP3

      Highly elegant track, 3/4 waltzer time. Classical guitar, strings, flute overlapping their voices creating a serene and joyful picture. Perfect for any type of project.

      Creative Artist MP3

      Whether the subject is painting a masterpiece, working on arts and crafts, or simply letting imagination and creativity flow. This chamber orchestra piece provides a sophisticated and inspirational soundtrack.

      Past Times MP3

      An emotive classical inspired track. Features woodwinds, glockenspiel, and orchestral percussion.Would work well in historical films, documentaries about the elite life of royal family and high class society, pastoral scenes, and nostalgic settings. In the style of "The Tudors".

      Funny Little Friend MP3

      Comical, quirky tune with pizzicato strings, clarinets and piano. Great for dramedy or light-hearted scenes, kids cartoon animation, cinematic fairy tale, etc.

      Quantum Gravity MP3

      This title is clearly inspired by the ideas of Abhay Ashtekar, Carlo Rovelli, and Lee Smolin. I tried to translate the complexity of quantum loops with a dense counterpunched weave, generated by three acoustic guitars, one of which is heavily reverberated and plays the solo part.

      Luxury Beauty MP3

      This is an uplifting track in a bright, yet majestic mood. It features the modern orchestra. Could be used for advertising, historical films, to show regality, peacockery, arrogance and haughtiness.

      Peace And Joy MP3

      A perky flute plays an inviting melody, which is accompanied by bright percussion and pizzicato strings. A warm track which conjures images of nature, childhood and romance.

      Glory Game MP3

      Powerful and solemn soundtrack with an engaging and intense pace, suitable for multimedia projects with a focus on video games and epic movies.

      Piano Fantasia MP3

      Alternate counterpoint and ethereal moods in this loop, classical style, for solo piano. Elegant atmosphere for your projects.

      Acoustic Drama MP3

      Dramatic acoustic guitar solo performed with Spanish passion. This background music could be used for romantic scenes, Spain travelogue, historical documentary, so on.

      Victorian Piano MP3

      Traditional classical piano music played with majestic expression. Great for historical life scenes, romantic memories and positive fillings.

      A Bouquet Of Violets MP3

      Beautiful classical melody performed by flute, guitar and chamber orchestra.

      Fantastic World MP3

      Dynamic track in a positive mood. Featured instruments are orchestral strings. Perfect for video games.

      Concertante Baroque MP3

      Noble and majestic baroque atmosphere. Intense and close dialogue between violin and viola, while in background strings and horns are intertwined. Strongly cinematic.

      Searching Dreams MP3

      Pop-folk track with acoustic instrumentation. On the guitar arpeggio develops an intense dialogue between strings and woodwinds, in a crescendo of emotions.

      If Is That MP3

      Bright calm romantic music in the classical style for string orchestra, violin and flute.

      Balance Suite MP3

      Chamber music style harpsichord composition with French horn, woodwinds, cello and percussion. Suggested for patriotic scenes, customary military ceremonies, formal period rituals, political events, public service announcements and basic images of tradition and stability. Key of C, 125 beats/min

      Go For Baroque MP3

      An upbeat, elegant and graceful classical-pop soundtrack with a simple and melodious tune played over a light and airy orchestral backdrop with a steady, smooth and flowing feel. A pleasant, delightful underscore for any positive, uplifting media project.

      Shade Of Melancholy MP3

      Very delicate tune features oboe solo along with harpsichord and string orchestra good for sensitive scenes, emotional stories, etc.

      The Haunted Castle MP3

      Orchestral Halloween track with spooky atmosphere.

      Zombie Waltz MP3

      Piano, harpsichord and subtle percussion play dark, suggested to provide a haunting underscore to formal theatrical scenes, as well as background atmosphere for scary film sequences, commercials, slideshows, video games and multimedia. Key of G minor, 122 bpm

      Recovery Ridge MP3

      A bold orchestral passage creates ceremonial atmosphere and sets the mood.

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    Music is a tremendous source of inspiration and spirituality. Human beings have cherished the essence of music for a long time. It gives you a sense of joy and pleasure. Music also can fill the environment with peace and harmony.

    Baroque music is also one of the genres of music. It is a fantastic audible to hear, giving so much relaxation to the ears. It involves a great combination of various pieces in it. It incorporates beautiful tones such as mandolin and the amazing sound of the oboe. Collectively both the two sounds develop a very positive baroque music.

    The music involves some other genres also. Baroque and classical music is one of them. It has a sensational taste and greatly impacts Western classical music. The word 'baroque' is a Portuguese word meaning 'misshapen pearl .'This music contains some dark and sad music also. One of the best sadistic songs of the baroque era was when 'I am laid in earth .'This song can easily bring anyone to tears. The artists behind this wonderful song were Henry Purcell's opera Dido and Aeneas.

    The most crucial phase of baroque, classical music was from 1600 to 1750. Some of the great artists of the particular time were George Friderich Handel, Johan Sebastian Bach, Antonio Vivaldi, Tomaso Albinoni, Johan Pachelbel, Georgio Allegri, and Steve Thorn. These were some of the most famous artists who gave baroque a new standard and existence.

    Bach was the most famous person for creating baroque organ music. Different forms of baroque music can be expressed in organic music, such as fugues and preludes. Baroque organic music was prevalent in France. It is lovely music to listen to.

    It helps in keeping unceasing tension headaches and stress away from your life. It is a beautiful remedy for a stress-free brain. It has an excellent effect on the human nervous system. Since the music is written in four-quarter time, i.e., 60 beats in one minute make the heart rate drop.

    This helps in the relaxation of muscles making the person cool down. The most crucial organ used in the music is the digital recording system which provides a clear sound and demonstrates the music perfectly. This music will surely lift your spirits, providing tranquility and peace.

    Buy and download royalty free baroque music to use in videos, history documentaries, slideshows, games, and events. Get inspired by the atmospheric sounds of Bach's sacred music and habanero pizzicato!

    Download royalty free baroque background music for any use.
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