• Upbeat Party Pop

      Energetic and uplifting tropical house dance pop music track with EDM beats, a groovy bassline, and a vocal chop melody. A happy, fun, and pumped-up vibe for your commercials, workout routines, dance classes, vacation videos, travel vlogs, holiday videos, summer parties, good times, and other media content that wants to bring the sunshine joy, and fun.

      Joyride Express

      Upbeat, and happy tropical house EDM music with a hypnotic driving groove. Featuring lively and playful synthesizer lines, uplifting melodic hooks, and pulsating energetic beats. Perfect for any project needing a shot of energy, happiness, and positivity. Including beach parties, nightclubs, festivals, or any other fun-filled events, travel vlogs, summer adventures, and various types of YouTube content.

      Tropical Summer

      Energetic tropical house music loop with a great summer vibe featuring a female voice and modern dance rhythm best for party videos, fun zone attraction, aqua and swimming activity. Promote your events with this hot melody.

      Looking For Fun

      Step into a world of vibrant melodies and infectious rhythms with this pop-inspired instrumental track. Combining lively synths and dynamic beats, it's a musical journey that's both uplifting and celebratory. Perfect for adding a dose of positivity and energy to any project or occasion.

      Love In The Tropics

      Uplifting, energetic, and lively EDM instrumental made in the tropical house style. Featuring pulsating groove and infectious rhythm, playful synthesizer lines, melodic hooks, and hypnotic beats. It creates a positive, carefree, and welcoming atmosphere that is perfect for various events, parties, music festivals, retail stores, cafes, travel vlogs or lifestyle content, workout routines, promotional videos, and more.

      Tropical Trip

      High-quality, modern EDM tropical house music filled with warm summer vibes. The track can be used for a beach party, youth festivals, clubbing visuals, fashion shows, corporate events, lifestyle vlogs, product placements, and more.

      Tropic Summer Breeze

      Upbeat, lively, and inspiring EDM instrumental with summery vibes. Festive tropical house production with optimistic and uplifting synthesizer lines, building melodic hooks, and a pulsating energetic beat creates a happy positive carefree mood. Ideal for travel videos, summer vlogs, beach party montages, good times, and vacations in sunny paradise.

      The Sunday Morning

      Tropical House gem that embodies the carefree spirit of endless sunshine and unforgettable adventures. This captivating background track transports you to a world of vibrant beats, euphoric melodies, and youthful energy, infusing every moment with the essence of summer's blissful embrace.

      Endless Vacation

      A light tropical house music with smooth dance mood. Great for late summer nights, hot vacation, night club parties, hot fashion show, Youtube vlogs, lifestyle videos, stylish commercial and more.

      Fly To The Dream

      Upbeat, hypnotic and haunting EDM instrumental with a pulsating driving groove. Festive tropical house production with happy and uplifting synthesizer lines, inspiring melodic hooks and a lively energetic beat. Creates a carefree positive optimistic mood.

      Tropical Guitar

      This happy instrumental tropical house track is the perfect soundtrack for a sunny day. With a catchy melody, upbeat rhythm, and tropical-inspired instrumentation, it will transport you to a carefree paradise. Its uplifting and optimistic vibe will make you want to dance and enjoy life to the fullest.

      Youth Is A Summer

      Modern tropical house music in Kygo style with that summer festival vibe. Uplifting, catchy, it features clean kicks, atmospheric pads, and pleasant guitar riffs. The track builds a relaxed atmosphere and works great as background music for your promotional videos, lush commercials, YouTube videos, and other advertising campaigns where trendy entertainment music is needed.

      Reaching New Heights

      Uptempo tropical-inspired pop track, featuring marimbas, synth, and electric guitars, bass. Suggested for leisurely holiday scenes, vacation montages, restful images, holiday settings, coffee shops, on-hold music, underscoring narration, and other media content that evokes a happy summer feeling.

      City Of Passion

      A delicious, truly FRESH tropical house track. This is an exciting and euphoric track that will make you want to dance! Perfect for any commercial, business, or advertising project to create a happy, vibrant, and youthful atmosphere. The upbeat EDM sound with catchy beats and chords is suitable for energetic and uplifting projects such as commercials for sports or fitness products.

      Summer Upbeat Pop

      Fresh summer royalty free tropical house music similar to Kygo, or Cut Your Teeth. Great for fitness workout, fashion shows, bright celebration, summer videos, and trendy events.

      Summer In The Tropics

      Bright and inspiring track in tropical house style with a great summer atmosphere combining electric guitar, synthesizer, bright drums, and percussion. Perfect for summer videos, inspirational projects, corporate presentations, and advertising.

      Summer Freedom

      Music to inspire and motivate. This sunny and positive tropical house track is perfect for commercials, vlogs, and slideshows. With a strong rhythm, happy piano melody, and uplifting brass section, this royalty-free track will make any project feel upbeat and joyful.

      Great Memories

      This fresh summer tropical house music with kalimba, synth beats and inspirational vocal hooks. This tune will pump up the vibe of your commercials, fashion shows, vacation and summer YouTube vlogs, afterparty scenes, open-air dancefloor, and other cool and trendy events. Enjoy!

      Your Paradise Beach

      Upbeat, lively, and energetic tropical house EDM music with a pulsating driving groove. Featuring euphoric synthesizer lines, inspiring melodic hooks, and a festive hypnotic beat. Creates a positive carefree optimistic mood for videos about summer parties, travel vlogs, fashion shows, lifestyle vlogs, makeup tutorials, or workout routines.

      My Summer Movements

      This tropical house background music track features catchy synth melodies and laidback drumbeats, making it perfect for any trendy event. Its feel-good atmosphere is reminiscent of Kygo music. A great choice for relaxation purposes, travel videos, or other relaxing occasions.

      The Major Trend

      Modern and sensitive tropical house music for your incredible projects similar to Kygo or Fakear. Perfect for beauty vlogs, fitness workout, summer festivals, cool and trendy events, fashion campaigns, and more.

      Springtime In The Tropics

      Upbeat, happy, and carefree EDM track with a pulsating driving groove. Festive tropical house production with happy and uplifting synthesizer lines, inspiring melodic hooks, and a lively energetic beat. Best for beach parties, ocean waves and sunny summer days, travel vlogs, and other media content centered around lifestyle or entertainment.

      Island Romance

      Music to inspire and motivate. This sunny and positive tropical house track is perfect for commercials, vlogs, and slideshows. With a strong rhythm, happy piano melody, and uplifting brass section, this royalty-free track will make any project feel upbeat and joyful.

      Future Summer

      Happy and innocent tropical house music similar to Kygo. Perfect for vacation and summer entertainment videos, product video reviews, lounge bar, and chill zones, lifestyle vlogs, advertisements, and more. Featuring a subtle bassline, cool SFX sounds, and a straight beat.

      Gone For The Weekend

      "Gone For The Weekend" is fresh summer royalty-free music with the spirit of summer vacations and weekend getaways. This modern tropical pop features kalimba, electric guitars, EDM beats, and drums. Ideal background music to bring memories back to favorite adventures under the tropical sun. Ideal for travel vlogs, commercials with a refreshing summer vibe, summer festivals, beach parties, YouTube Videos, etc.

      Vacation Fun

      This tropical house track with a warm summer atmosphere. Perfect as background music for motivational openings, presentations, and broadcasts. This track has been created in a high-quality format and will sound incredible in any commercial project.

      Pina Colada

      Trendy Tropical House music in Kygo style for cool summer projects. Happy, light, and upbeat. Perfect for vacation time, dance party, commercials promos, happy positive mood, fashion shows, Youtube advertising. Enjoy!

      Night Dancer

      Upbeat, happy and carefree EDM instrumental with a hypnotic driving groove. Festive tropical house production with lively and playful synthesizer lines, uplifting melodic hooks, and a pulsating, energetic beat. Creates a positive, optimistic, inspiring mood.

      Monday Morning

      Bright and driving, featuring a bouncy tropical house groove, kalimba, synth, pop guitars, piano that create an enthusiastic summer mood. Perfect for any travel videos, corporate, family projects and more

      Happy Party Time

      Tropical house music with summer vibes. Perfect for summer party video, summer fun, DJ party, teenager holidays, beach party, fashion commercial, summer slideshow, beautiful girls, holidays, vacations, music events, resort promotion, rent promo, summer festivals, beauty blogs, web advertisements, traveling, exotic background music, GoPro, landscapes.

      Hey Summer

      A vibrant and upbeat, royalty-free tropical house EDM track creates an atmosphere of excitement, freedom, and fun. Featuring pulsating house beats, catchy whistling melodies, electric guitars, claps, and hot synths. Its motivational and energetic vibe makes it perfect for incredible summer projects, be it festival after movies, beach party videos, travel vlogs, or any content seeking to evoke the sheer joy and exhilaration of the sunniest season.

      Summer Event

      Positive and inspiring summer tropical house track with marimba, bass, soft beat, and EDM synths. Suitable for vlogs, podcasts, presentations, and advertising relating to summer, travel, lifestyle, and vacation.

      Waiting For Summer

      Happy and cheerful tropical house music with hot summer vibes and similar to Kygo. Great for motivational videos, late-night parties, prom celebration, fashion shows and other cool and trendy events.

      Ocean Of Mystery

      A catchy, energetic royalty-free dance pop track embodying the youthful spirit. Featuring cool guitars, hand claps, expressive "Hey's, lite synths, and lively drums. An ideal choice for for TV advertisements, showcasing trendy products, lifestyle vlogs, and social media content, including Instagram stories and Snapchat snippets.

      Exciting Positive Moments

      This tropical house track features floating female vocal chops, guitars, keyboards, and synth drums that create a feel-good mood. Perfect for summer videos or any projects needing a tropical atmosphere. Perfect for travel and tourism commercials, corporate projects, advertising, podcasts, and many other applications.

      Tropical Euphoria

      This light and positive tropical house music is perfect for any of your media production needs. Sweet, slick, and catchy it brings the warm feel of luscious summer days and golden beaches with its acoustic guitar, piano, synths and muted plucks. Perfect for watching summer videos, traveling content, pictures of dolphins, waterfalls and natural scenes, and more.


      Happy and upbeat tropical house background music similar to artists like Kygo, or Cut Your Teeth. Very catchy synth melody and laidback drumbeats that evoke feelings of summer joy and happiness. This catchy tune will brighten up your project with its infectious tropical paradise melody. Great for motivational workout videos, beach or pool parties, summer festivals, backyard barbecues, or other cool and trendy events.

      Tropical Summer Wind

      This tropical house music brings a fresh and energetic vibe. It evokes experiencing life in a new way, like excitement, adventures, and satisfaction. If you need to convey these feelings in your video production, this track is for you. Ideal fits for fast-moving visuals where quick movement is required e.g. travel commercials or sports-themed videos.

      Nothing Like You

      It's a trendy tropical house tune with a fresh and hip vibe. It is great for summer vacation, nightclub parties, hot fashion shows, Youtube vlogs, lifestyle videos, music for commercials, and more. Instruments: flutes, leads, synth, drums, percussion, and funny pitched voice.

      Island Of Happiness

      Modern tropical house corporate background music with deep and atmospheric sound. Perfect choice for trendy projects, YouTube video, promo presentations, sports music commercials, and more. In Kygo style.

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    Tropical house music is a term that has only been coined in recent years, but is now understood within house music, and in particular deep house, what it represents. The technical identity of the sound is in its slower beat and more relaxed vibe than the faster darker house from which it originates. The name is derived from tropical islands that have traditions in reggae and dancehall music, and those influences are incorporated into tropical house through instrumentation such as steel drums and saxophone.

    Tropical house was created almost by accident by Australian DJ Thomas Jack, who used the name flippantly without intending to spawn a genre. Whilst embracing its tunes, Thomas Jack is wary of being labelled as the originator of something that is not his as it grows in size and transforms from its origins. Yet the music that would now come under the tropical house genre had existed a decade before it was named, with the likes of French DJ Bob Sinclair playing tunes that would now be classed as this early in the millennium.

    Tropical house became a universal influence when pop acts realised its happy and relaxed vibe could turn it into worldwide sales and credibility. The most notable example of this is Justin Bieber, who transformed his own image and the awareness of tropical house with songs such as Sorry in 2015 that fit the template and were hugely popular. But the undisputed pioneer of the tropical house movement is back in the dance world, as Norwegian DJ Kygo epitomises the genre and plays headline sets alongside longtime established artists at festivals across the land.

    The genre of tropical house has quickly moved from not existing to being abbreviated, as it is now spoken of as trop-house, both in classic dance music circles and the more mainstream world that it has stepped into. It is currently in an exciting place, acknowledged and accepted by its cool origins and the mainstream public alike, and could go in any direction from here.

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