• Yangtze River

      Beautiful, vibrant, and emotional traditional Asian orchestral background music is performed with serenity and epic grandeur. Featuring koto and guzheng strings instruments, shakuhachi flute, brass, and thunderous drums. Suitable for cinematic projects, epic trailers, movies, games, romantic fairy tales, fantasy adventures and more.

      Successful Strings

      Traditional classical waltz music performed by the old music box. Sad, nostalgic, dreamy and magical.

      Love Nest

      Inspirational motivational and dramatic corporate modern classical track. Featuring piano, Mozart-like strings, and analog synths. This neo-classical arrangement is a good choice for a wide range of multimedia applications like corporate projects, television dramas, commercial ads, movie trailers, educational videos, documentaries related to history, art, or culture, or any project that needs an uplifting and emotive backdrop.

      Vienna Journey

      Traditional classical piano music played with majestic expression. Great for historical life scenes, romantic memories and positive fillings.

      We Wish You A Very Merry Christmas

      A majestic and regal royalty-free classical orchestral theme that exudes the grandeur of royal celebration. Features piano and vibrant strings that create a soundscape s both epic and hopeful. This background music is a fantastic choice for historical documentaries, romantic narratives, castle scenes, or wedding receptions, offering a melodious and glorious backdrop to elevate your project.

      Amazing Grace Cinematic Variation

      A traditional classical piano piece. Beautiful and inspiring.

      Royal Reverence

      It's brilliant classical orchestra music with fanfares, strings, woodwinds, timpani, and percussion instruments. This track creates a delightful atmosphere of European culture Renaissance, Baroque, and Rococo epochs. It reminds music of Mozart, Haydn, and young Beethoven, paintings of Michelangelo, Rafael, and Da Vinci. Splendid music for historical films, medieval movies, ceremonials, king and queen ballroom dances, European-style architecture and design presentations, educational content, documentaries, and many more.

      King Of Thrones

      A solemn and triumphal orchestral track with strings, horns, timpani, and fanfares featuring. Perfect for award videos, ceremonial events, regal, royal scenes, films, historical videos, documentary, masquerades, balls, king and queen style content.

      Crown For The Queen

      This solemn and graceful classical Vienna waltz is performed elegantly by an ensemble of orchestral instruments. The composition captures a timeless beauty of a bygone era and creates a captivating cartoon-like atmosphere. Ideal for stylish advertising campaigns, historical narratives, ballroom dance scenes, or just wanting to add a touch of grandeur to ceremonials to your project.

      Triumphant Victory

      An exciting classic orchestral music is full of beauty and fascination. Featuring the enchanting sounds of strings, horns, harpsichord, and timpani. This background music will add a timeless elegance of the bygone era to your next projects. Perfect for travel videos, historical media content, solemn events, medieval-style films, documentaries about knights and castles, baroque and rococo aesthetics, royal court, and scenes with grandeur and sophistication.

      Deck The Halls Carol

      A solemn, majestic, and triumphant cinematic orchestral track with fanfares, strings, timpani, horns, and tubular bells. This composition sets the perfect tone for regal ceremonial videos, awards ceremonies, student graduations, sports achievements, adventure movies, trailers, intros, and a wide array of captivating multimedia projects.

      We Wish You Merry Christmas

      This classical orchestral soundtrack lifts the veil to the world of sophistication and grace, with its timeless elegance and grandeur. Featuring enchanting strings, expressive clarinet, majestic horns, and resounding timpani. This majestic arrangement sets the perfect tone for a variety of multimedia projects. Great for historical and documentary films, regal and ceremonial videos, balls and masquerades, captivating fantasy stories, and fairytales.

      Royal Elegance

      A ceremonial modern classical tune will transport you to a world of grandeur and elegance. A combination of beautiful strings, majestic horns, powerful timpani, enchanting harpsichord, and an orchestra of instruments blend harmoniously in this versatile composition suitable for various applications. Whether you're working on historical videos, documentaries, medieval-style films, awards ceremonies, triumphant events, or any other project that demands an air of regality, this tune will elevate the atmosphere.

      True Carol Of The Bells

      This piece of music is designed to have a Victorian or Edwardian theme and talk to your viewers like no other piece of music. It begins with a gently soaring opening phrase leading into a passionate flute and harpsichord melody with woodwind and flautando string backing. The feel throughout is rural, romantic, and peaceful, which gives the impression of a bygone era. Useful for history films, restoration projects, and countryside-themed dramas and documentaries.

      Life In Colors

      A dramatic cinematic orchestral music that perfectly conveys the feeling of great adventure and travel. An inspiring music track that is full of light, hope, love, and beauty. The perfect background for projects such as feature films, documentaries, or commercials with a sense of wide open spaces. Features staccato strings, brass sections, percussion, and piano.

      The Victorian Mansion

      A triumphant and epic-sounding piece with shades of Pirate Ship adventure. Imagine sword fights on rough seas washed down with gallons of rum. It features the much-loved musical pattern for such action: with urgent string ostinatos, pounding war drums, and grand, victorious-sounding trumpet and French Horn flourishes, complete inspiring crescendos. The piece is ideal as a soundtrack for depicting brave endeavors or for parodies of overblown scenes.

      Disney Christmas

      A funny but elegant orchestral comedy track featuring oboes, bassoons, and pizzicato strings. Ideal for documentaries, reality shows, short films, advertising, funny videos, and more. The track is in a 4/4 time signature with a contemporary pop feel. It has a happy vibe that can enhance any production.

      Prayers For Loved Ones

      This track is a high-quality, modern-sounding orchestral composition. The piece creates an inspiring and uplifting mood that creates a feeling of adventure and journey. It uses strings, percussion, piano, and electronic instruments to create a sense of urgency and excitement.

      Regal Valor

      Soft, melodic bells and chimes create a sense of mystery and the unknown, while delicate harps and flutes add a sense of wonder, creating a sense of joy and excitement. At other times, the music takes on a more calming, soothing mood. The gentle, melodic patterns of the flute, strings, and harp create a gentle and lovely atmosphere that is both mystical and beautiful.

      Frozen Waltz

      Elegant instrumental baroque music in a light and playful mood. Intimate and uplifting, it creates a pleasant, celebratory atmosphere. Suitable for historical documentaries, advertising, medieval aesthetics, tutorials, and more.

      Travelers Hymn

      A classical Baroque piece is perfect for any historical video, video game, trailer, or ancient reconstruction. It includes harpsichord, strings, horns, timpani, flute, and full orchestra instruments. This track can be used for various media productions, including documentaries, films, books, and TV series.

      Best Christmas Ever

      Dancing Tiger is traditional Chinese orchestral music. This fantastic track can touch the soul with its beauty and power. The composition has a beautiful Asian melody featuring a flute, exotic Asian instruments, strings, and a choir. It is great as background music for travel videos, commercials, the Chinese New Year show, or any project that needs Asian-inspired music.

      Joy to the World

      A festive magical royalty free Christmas track with upbeat acoustic guitar, lovely strings, horns, harps, sleigh bells, orchestral drums, percussion and choir. Best for Christmas themed videos, animations, fairy tales, ads, family, or commercial montages.

      Heroic Last Stand

      Beautiful and charming fairy tale music with harp, celesta, music box, and strings. Excellent background music for lullabies, children's videos, cartoons, family videos, weddings, cradle songs, night nature views, and many more. This track will add lightness and fantasy to your project!

      Flamenco Summer Dance

      This magical soundtrack will create a winter-like atmosphere and bring Christmas cheer to your videos. This orchestral track is perfect for commercials, films and even fantasy related contents. The melody is played on bells, drums and piano, accompanied by live recorded string quartet. Suitable for any kind of seasonal or Christmas commercial.

      The Swanky Swan

      Flowing celesta and harp and flute phrases combine to create an impression of a magical journey within a mysterious fantasy landscape. Classic mystical chord changes give the piece a timeless sense of wonderment. Suitable for gameplay and fantasy movie soundtrack, documentary requirement sense of curiosity, fantasy advertisement, promo, commercial, or project needing an enquiring, fantasy feel.

      Mysteries Of The Forest

      This enchanting and funny orchestral theme with pizzicato strings, woodwinds, and glockenspiel sounds like a fleeting memory of charm, happiness, and maybe even magic. Great for cartoons, comedy films, and scenes involving humor.

      Emotional Moment

      Inspired by Cinematic Western music, this orchestral track combines a sweeping grandeur and pioneering spirit with an authentic classic sound. This music will be perfect for media projects such as documentaries highlighting historical events or family tree information, travel vignettes for education programming, or historical TV dramas.

      My Beautiful Journey

      The winter holiday season is here again, and this cheerful Christmas music will create a wonderful and magical atmosphere. This festive background music features a large orchestra with strings, horns, glockenspiels, sleigh bells, flutes, and bells. Perfect for advertising, logo, Disney-like video projects, media projects, TV and radio broadcasts, and more. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

      Emotional Piano Underscore

      Deck the Halls Carol is a famous Christmas carol in the public domain that has been sung for generations. Traditional melody with a professional arrangement provides a soothing and serene atmosphere for the upcoming winter holidays. It is perfect background music for all media projects, including radio, television, YouTube, or podcasts.

      Birds Of Paradise

      This gentle acoustic ambient track is the perfect soundtrack for your family movies, lullaby music, or any project that needs a soft and relaxing background. The music creates a calm and soothing mood with a sweet music box undertone ready to make your project come alive.

      We Three Kings

      An enchanting, atmospheric chamber orchestra piece that is ideal for evoking a magical, romantic ambiance. Performed live and written in a style reminiscent of the French Impressionist composers Debussy and Ravel. With woodwinds, strings and harp.

      Magical Christmas Eve

      This orchestral piece's light, playful melody suggests a magical journey or adventurous discovery. The pizzicato pluck leads into a fast-paced, urgent string passage filled with a sense of awe and wonderment. This piece is perfect for advertising travel or children's projects with a bright, breezy mood.

      A Lucky Day

      "Snowball Battle" is a happy, upbeat, and positive instrumental Christmas track. It has a feel-good groove and a beautiful carol-like melody. This joyful and uplifting soundscape has the spirit of the winter holiday season. Features acoustic guitars, strings, bells, piano melodies, and playful bass. Best for creating holiday mood in videos dedicated to Christmas.

      At The Royal Court

      A beautiful, classical, and elegant track. Features a violin solo and strings, suitable as background music for anything formal; such as grand parties, concerts, or meetings.

      Magic In The Air

      This romantic and sentimental track in waltz style will be great for your wedding slideshow or Valentine's day video. It works perfectly for proposal videos and love stories. This track will help create an emotional atmosphere for your video!

      We Wish You a Merry Christmas

      Funny and quirky comedy track featuring xylophone, pizzicato strings, clarinets, and bassoon. Perfect for casual games, cute children's videos, pet videos, comedies and more.

      Dancing Tiger

      Cinematic comic background music with a hint of silliness. Cartoon-style pizzicato gives a light, humorous feel, while bassoon phrases add gaffs and mishaps in the classic comic style. Suitable for comic scenes or cartoons with mischievous creatures.

      Feel The Christmas

      Give your video a special, enchanting touch with the sweet and gentle lullaby music. Featuring a piano and glockenspiel that is chiming in the background like a mobile on a child's crib. Great for scenes involving newborn babies, sleeping kids, peaceful play, and any setting where serenity is desired.

      Wondrous Fairy Tale

      A nostalgic and dramatic instrumental piece with a sense of longing and daydreaming. Featuring a piano and chamber strings to create a dreamy and contemplative mood. Perfect as background music for sentimental moments in romantic films, documentaries, commercials, or films.

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    Traditional classical music needs no introduction because it is extremely popular worldwide. known as “art music”, traditional classical music has its roots in the Western culture, in its liturgical and secular music types to be more specific.

    Classical music dates back to the period from 1750 to 1820, which is also known as the Classical period. Moreover, classical music is the result of a very complex combination of highly sophisticated forms of instrumental music including symphony, sonata, and mixed vocal and instrumental styles such as opera.

    However, although classical music made its appearance on the music scene many centuries ago, the term “classical music” was not known until the early 19th century. The term classical music was actually invented in order to make a distinction of the period of Johann Sebastian Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven as a golden age of this music genre.

    Also, compared to contemporary classical music, which is all about experimenting with different music styles and instruments, traditional classical music is based on simple music material. However, the pioneers of traditional classical music such as Beethoven, Mozart, or Johann Sebastian Bach, were all particularly noted for their complex improvisations when playing.

    Traditional classical wedding music

    When you close your eyes and imagine yourself as a bride walking down the aisle, what music do you hear in the background? Most likely a traditional classical song that is a mixture of elegance and romanticism.

    Traditional classical music dates back from the Romantic era because its beautiful songs with complex yet slow rhythms and notes have a sentimental theme. Thus, traditional classical music creates the perfect atmosphere for such a deep and inspiring moment of two people connecting their destinies. The very roots of traditional classical music lay in liturgical and secular music meaning that it is a great choice for an event such as a wedding.

    Traditional classical music is the perfect choice for a wedding playlist, especially for the ceremony as it can strike up the most sentimental feelings both in the groom and the bride and their guests.

    Traditional classical Christmas music

    If you are hosting this year’s Christmas family dinner, traditional classical Christmas music is the perfect choice for the background music. It will fill your home with the right relaxed and elegant atmosphere and invite all your guests to feel inspired by its complex and abstract notes.

    Christmas music, in general, can come from different music styles including pop, rock, choral, country or jazz. Yet, traditional classical Christmas music is the perfect choice if you want to set an elegant and relaxed atmosphere at your party. The complex pieces of solo instruments and the symphonies will simply make the best background sounds for such an event.

    Whether you want to walk down the aisle on a romantic and sophisticated song or want to host an elegant Christmas party, traditional classical music is a perfect choice. you can browse and buy traditional classical music for any event you want to enhance with the most complex symphonies.

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