• Royalty free Patriotic music

    • Spirit Of The Warrior by Premium TraX

      This is a catchy, powerful, and dramatic cinematic action track. The track features orchestral strings, choir, and brass instruments along with powerful drums creating an intense and dramatic atmosphere. It’s great for trailers, films, documentaries and motivational videos.

      Funeral Horn by SnowMusicStudio

      A funeral dramatic melody performed by trumpets. This music is suitable for videos of funerals, memorial, patriotic ceremony, cemeteries, processions and other projects.

      Night Sky by DPmusic

      Emotional cinematic music with beautiful hopeful melody. It has a proud patriotic music, yet glorious mood merged with a warm naive atmosphere. Perfect background music for cinematic project, film trailer, cartoon fairy tale, romantic love story, film credits,

      Cloud Compass by EdRecords

      An epic hybrid-orchestral and choir track in the style of Carmina Burana, featuring crescendos, dramatic build-ups, and powerful melodies. Ideal for video games, trailers, openers, and endings. Featuring a strings section, brass, choir, and percussion instruments

      Epic Liberty by Jon Wright

      Epic uplifting, patriotic orchestral track with smooth strings and bold, bright horns. An emotional, respectful start builds into a glorious climax. Great for military scenes and trailers. Conveys pride and loyalty.

      Victory Cinematic Trailer by Jon Wright

      Epic uplifting, orchestral patriotic music with energetic strings and bold, bright horns. Builds into a glorious climax. Great for military scenes and trailers. Conveys pride and loyalty.

      The Swords Of Death by Makesound

      This powerful hybrid-orchestral tune has a heroic epic sound and could inspire to conquer difficulties and achieve the goals. With a triumphant melody, excellent orchestration and epic drums this cinematic track will be a good addition to your projects focused on overcoming struggles and living life with an attitude of success. Perfect for movie trailers, teasers, opening credits, and Youtube videos.

      We Will Make It Through by Geoff Harvey

      A heartfelt and dramatic composition represents human emotions, hope, and striving for being better, even in a harsh environment. But in the end, it leaves you with hope for better days. Layered with thoughtful strings, electric guitars, and beautiful piano melody. Perfect for opening titles, product presentation, tv drama, or patriotic documentary.

      Medal Of Honor Trailer by Jon Wright

      Epic uplifting, orchestral, patriotic music with smooth strings, bold, bright horns, choirs, guitars and synths. An emotional start builds to a glorious and a dramatic cinematic climax. Great for military scenes and trailers. Conveys pride and loyalty.

      Firm Steps To The Future by ihsandincer

      Inspirational and epic, this orchestral track features piano, brass, strings, and percussion. Perfect for use in inspirational videos, motion graphics, and game trailers. A yearning soundscape with a muted mood will take you on a journey through space and time.

      Big Triumph by SnowMusicStudio

      Inspirational epical orchestral music track. Perfect for epic commercials, political campaigns, adventure films, cinematic trailers, presentation, advertising, moments of hope and inspiring, intro, military, motivation, royalty free patriotic music, score, trailer, triumphant, video games and much more.

      Sadly Memories by Audiocalm

      Elegant motivational emotional cinematic item featuring a piano, cello, flutes. Great for documentary, historical films, motivational speeches, reflective moments, science discovery, heartfelt drama, emotional jouerney.

      The Moment by Infraction

      Majestic and very emotional hybrid-orchestra composition in grandiose Epic style. Featuring strings arpeggio, brass, and pompous drums. Perfect music score for a great victory, heroic blockbuster, July 4th celebrations, music for patriotic ceremonies, pride after a great struggle or return after battle superhuman power and abilities, Olympic Games.

      Straight Ways by Serhii Volynchuk

      Very powerful orchestral epic trailer music with a great inspiring motivational mood. Will be a perfect choice for various media projects – inspiring videos, social experiments, motion graphics, advertising, commercial presentations, slideshows, promotional videos, etc.

      Memorial Day by Jon Wright

      Emotional, powerful orchestral track, conveying respect, honour and dignity. Ideal for trailers, promos, and projects that need a poignant score. An ideal choice for Hollywood productions, epic movie trailer, fairy tales about knights and kingdoms, big scenes and proud patriotic moments, medieval theme video games, or historical documentaries.

      The Heroes by Infraction

      A big and epic cinematic track with hybrid orchestra sound, staccato strings, brass, and sound effects. Perfect for openers and credits as well as heroic scenes in a movie, documentary, or game. This track is also suitable for motivational videos, powerful presentations, or any project where you need to engage your audience.

      Omnipresence by Azovmusic

      Contemporary cinematic dramatic underscore with a sense of honor and a somber mood. This reflective composition with a thoughtful feeling is great for documentaries films, patriotic film trailer, political company, human stories, faith in the best and victory over oneself.

      A Big Feel by Makesound

      This is an epic cinematic track with a glorious feeling like a victorious battle that ends on a triumphant note. The mood is proud, triumphant, and victorious with an uplifting ending, perfect for trailers and any kind of epic video production. Impress your clients with this triumphant and memorable music.

      America The Beautiful by Mike Nowa

      "America the Beautiful" is one of the most popular of the many U.S. patriotic songs. This instrumental consisting of trumpet, played main melody, piano, strings, electric guitars, electric bass, slow and soft percussion. This track is perfect for patriotic content.

      Belief And Hope by Audiocalm

      Beautiful sad to happy piano orchestral classical track with the inspirational, yet patriotic mood. Ideal for cinematic projects, motivational speech, nature timelapse music, atmospheric videos, emotional slideshow. Used piano, viola, violins, strings staccato, sub.

      Space Odysseys by EdRecords

      A powerful, heroic, and epic orchestral hybrid trailer track featuring a large orchestra and exciting electronic elements - aggressive drum pattern, synths, intense bass line, and modern strings. A choir with sweeping vocal lines adds to the dramatic effect as well. Use it to show action scenes in video game trailers, fantasy or sci-fi movies, or TV shows.

      The Star Spangled Banner by Mike Nowa

      It's a powerful version of USA national anthem. This track blends modern rock sounds with a classical background. This piece consisting of electric guitars, playing main and additional melodies, piano, strings, men's choir, bass guitar and acoustic drums. This track is great for patriotic moments in videos, 4th of July celebration, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, presentations and advertising.

      Daybreak by Jack White

      Solemn background music loop with a Celtic flavor, featuring bagpipes. Great for traditional Middle Age festivals, Medieval England, Scotland's culture, Scottish history, patriotic campaign music, epic-scale historical drama, like Braveheart.

      New Targets by ihsandincer

      A powerful, epic, and majestic orchestral track with ostinato strings, hard-hitting percussion, choir, brass, and cinematic fx. A great choice for commercials, infomercials, advertorials, and many more media projects. Similar to "Interstellar" the main theme by Hans Zimmer.

      Write Your Future by Emilio Merone

      Epic and glorious cinematic orchestral music featuring piano, brass and strings that create a hopeful, inspirational mood. Perfect for heroic life story, fundamental projects, historic documentaries, patriotic film trailers with war and glory theme.

      Some Will Rise by Jack White

      Epic dramatic cinematic music performed with gothic choir and hybrid-orchestra strings. This powerful and tragic composition will suits well for patriotic film underscore or video game trailer, images of war, revolution, terror victims, act of bravery or posthumous fame.

      Important Goal by EdRecords

      An epic orchestral track that pushes and pulls between tension and resolution. Powerful, brave, optimistic, and stirring. Use this music to create uplifting, emotional scenes nicely emphasizing upbeat action, battle, or courageous pursuits of a noble mission.

      Humanity by RMSound

      Dramatic cinematic music where epicness meets with sadness. Suitable for patriotic films, inspirational documentary, emotional vibrancy, drama with compassion, bravery and heroic feats, promotional trailers and video game.

      Sunday's Shadow by Jack White

      Dramatic cinematic orchestral music with strong patriotic feel. This music is ideal for scenes of war and prelude to the great victory.

      Ukrainian March by SnowMusicStudio

      Dramatic Ukrainian folk instrumental music with traditional Ukrainian ethnic instruments: bandura, sopilka and timpani. Great for historic films, animations, and presentations where you want to add an authentic mood of Eastern European folklore. Also, it can be used as background music for different types of media projects.

      The Highest Mountain by Media Sushi

      Modern powerful cinematic track with dramatic orchestral strings and electronic drums. Perfect for trailers, teasers, intros, films or promos, inspirational and motivational projects, heroic videos, historical films, patriotic movies, emotional stories and more!

      The Whole Moose by Jack White

      Dramatic cinematic music with strong patriotic feel. This music is ideal for scenes of war and prelude to the great victory.

      Rotating The Earth by Serhii Volynchuk

      Powerful dramatic hybrid orchestra music with an intense and inspirational mood. This motivating orchestra piece combines the majesty of a full symphony orchestra with the raw power and spirit of adventure. Ideal for dramatic visuals or as background music for video presentations, commercials, and entertainment videos.

      Allegiance by Jon Wright

      Uplifting, rousing cinematic orchestral track with a proud, patriotic theme. Lush strings are joined by bold horns, rhythmic percussion and epic choirs.

      Epic Story by DPmusic

      Beautiful, emotional and sincere epic cinematic track with a bittersweet feeling and romantic atmosphere. Featured instruments are a grand piano, orchestral strings, horns, basses, toms, timpani and choir. Good production music for any sentimental videos, patriotic narrations music, dramatic heroic films, eternal love and bright future.

      A Call To Arms by EdRecords

      This track is a powerful, epic hybrid trailer music. Breathtaking piano intro builds into the breakrough of epic brass arrangements and thundering impacts building up to an apocalyptic percussive breakdown. This powerful cinematic background music creates a sense of tension and excitement in your production. Perfect for film trailers and action plots as well as for video games.

      This Is Your Way by Audiocalm

      Beautiful brave and patriotic hybrid orchestral track with epic and heroic mood. Instruments in this track are strings, piano, brass, and drums. Good for emotional movie trailers, new discovery videos, fantasy adventures.

      Rise To The Success by ihsandincer

      A motivational, hopeful, victorious, and powerful orchestral track. Featuring strings, piano, brass, and cinematic percussion. Perfect choice for motivational videos, infomercials, commercials, political campaigns, advertorials, Independence Day celebrations, and any project that needs a powerful sound.

      Victory Of Life by Audiocalm

      A powerful cinematic inspiring epic trailer with emotional and dynamic mood. Featuring orchestral strings, brass, flutes, piano, taiko drums percussion. Perfect for cinematic background, inspirational and motivational videos, superhero powerful trailers, patriotic films, teasers, video game and other heroic projects.

      Beacon Of Hope by Jon Wright

      Epic uplifting, patriotic orchestral track with soaring strings and bold, bright horns. An emotional, respectful start builds into a glorious climax. Great for positive scenes and trailers. Conveys pride and loyalty.

      Victorious Cinematic by Makesound

      This track is produced to be trailer music, perfect for intros and teasers. The track consists of brass, drums, and orchestral elements mixed with a catchy melody to create a powerful and energetic orchestral feel. It builds up through the sections until a heroic climax is reached at the end, where the violins take over the melody before it fades away again.

      Women Of Inspiration by Nazar Rybak

      Sweet and emotionally track with a narrative feel and cinematic vibe. Used piano arp, strings, bells, acoustic strum guitar, melody choir and soft percussion. Ideal for family and patriotic scenes, honor and respect, romantic and travel videos, creative advertising, emotional commercials, wedding slideshows and more

      Finding Hope by Audiocalm

      Emotional piano track with romantical and inspiring mood. Ideal background music for the romantic film, reflective moments, heartfelt drama, patriotic projects and other.

      Rise After Falling by DimmySad

      This hopeful, motivating, dreamy indie rock track is perfect for videos that portray life-changing experiences and milestones. It has an uplifting feel that easily stimulates feelings of forwarding movement, hope, and inspiration. A great choice for projects involving travel adventures, flashbacks, winner videos, and other dramatic visuals that involve people.

      Shaman Dance by SnowMusicStudio

      Interesting dark rock music. Can be used in cinematic projects, travel discovery, patriotic videos, adventure films.

      The Sun Will Rise by Infraction

      Filled with tenderness and hope, this emotional orchestral track is perfect for any kind of documentary about hope, expectations, and life's trials. The music is played by deep piano, strings, and cello creating a mood that can only be described as dramatic, but hopeful.

      From My Heart by Audiocalm

      Cinematic, emotional and elegant track with hopeful mood. The main instruments are piano, cello, viola, violins, staccato strings. Suitable for dramatic storytelling with the heroic/patriotic theme, emotional life stories, heartfelt drama, important moments, etc.

      Time Has Come by Audiocalm

      Cinematic epic orchestral track with dramatic yet motivational mood —ideal background music for adventure film trailer, brave, inspiring videos, heroic acts, and patriotic feelings.

      Ukrainian Chervona Kalyna by Azovmusic

      Ukrainian folk song in rock arrangement.

      Technological Developments by ihsandincer

      An experimental electronic track with orchestral elements such as strings and piano. Specially designed for hi-tech projects, commercials, youtube videos, science projects, innovative projects, and much more

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    If you were to consult a dictionary, patriotic music is described as music that expresses devotion and pride in being part of a certain nation. However, you don’t need a dictionary to tell you that all patriotic songs have the power to inspire you, get your heart pumping, give you a sense of belonging and motivate you to achieve great things.

    Whether you like to listen to patriotic instrumental music or you enjoy popular patriotic songs, you can always create your perfect playlist by using patriotic music download and selecting the tunes that touch your soul.

    What makes patriotic music so special?

    You might be wondering what makes patriotic music so unique and powerful? First of all, great patriotic songs are explicitly written to ignite powerful emotions within the listener and hit their heartstrings. National songs have this quality of inspiring feelings of pride and honor so that the listeners can relate to them.

    Secondly, most patriotic instrumental music is based on memorable and easily singable tunes. These songs can be sung by everyone, even those who have no singing talent. How many times have you listened to a patriotic song only to find yourself humming it days later? That happens because patriotic music has a certain cadence and rhythm that make it almost addictive.

    These characteristics make patriotic music ideal for including it in presentations, movies, as the background music for projects, or simply for listening when you need something to motivate you and lift your spirits up. Patriotic music can help you convey your messages better and set the perfect mood when you want to impress your audience. It can also help you create a celebratory ambiance whenever you need it. With the right patriotic songs, every day can feel like the 4th of July.

    Where to find the best patriotic music?

    There’s a wealth of great patriotic tunes and uplifting national songs out there that can serve all the purposes mentioned above. But the great variety of patriotic music available can also make it difficult for you to find the tunes you need. Luckily, resources such as Melody Loops can make the whole process a lot smoother by offering a varied collection of patriotic songs perfect for every occasion.

    The patriotic music download option allows you to select great royalty-free patriotic songs, so you won’t have to worry about being exposed to copyright law when using them in presentations, YouTube videos, or in any other way.

    Apart from avoiding legal issues, you’ll also have the certainty that all the songs you purchase have excellent audio quality, and you won’t have any problems when using them. The quality of the songs is a crucial aspect to consider if you intend to use them in a personal project. The difference lies in the details, so the tunes you choose have to live up to the highest quality standards if you want to achieve great results.

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