• Dusty Train

      This upbeat blues rock background music is perfect for any project that needs a raw, gritty Southern U.S atmosphere. The track has a retro vibe with an uptempo driving beat, a cool bass line, and a Hammond organ. This high-energy track instantly sets the tone for what's to come, transporting you to a world of dusty roads, wagon trains rolling across the prairie, cowboys riding the range, and sweltering summer heat. Great for travel videos, country-oriented documentaries, road trip movies, and commercials emphasizing the can-do American spirit.

      Make You Smile

      The well known Christmas carol Joy To The World gets a modern hip-hop makeover with so much swagger. Perfect for holiday productions.

      Children Of War

      Tribal Hunting is a percussion rhythmic beat that will take you to the deepest jungle hunting world and will work perfectly with any travel, living and nature related type of video projects. Because of its universal construction, well known traditional native percussion instruments and unique sand-drum, this music will work very well as an ethnic background.

      Happy Five Little Monkeys

      Sad background music is suitable both for final titles and dramatic intros. Also could be used as an ad background for long storytelling action or for short demo speech. Best for sorrowful stories, videos, films, and documentaries about Ukraine. It draws inspiration from the national anthem of Ukraine, creating a deeply resonant and heartfelt musical experience.

      Xmas Jazz Trio

      The well known classical wedding march by Mendelssohn with a hip hop beat. Played with an orchestral arrangement and some cool drums. Suitable for wedding ceremony videos, performances and bride and groom appearance at the reception or in church.

      We Wish You A Very Merry Christmas

      African percussion rhythmic beat that will take you to the hunting world of the deepest jungle. Will work perfectly for any travel documentaries, and nature related type of video projects. Because of its universal construction, well known traditional native percussion instruments and unique sand-drum, this music will work very well as an ethnic background.

      Havah Nagila

      A lively and upbeat royalty-free children's song features an orchestra. It has the melody of the popular nursery rhyme "Five Little Monkeys". This versatile track is great for use in kids' projects, children's video content, ads, games, animations, comedy vlogs, and more.

      Funky Jive

      Well known public domain Christmas song "Oh Holy Night" played with a country feel. It has a pedal steel guitar lead giving it that twang. The second part is backed with orchestral strings creating a festive ambiance.

      Ode To Hip Hop

      Havah Nagila is a well-known, traditional Jewish folk song frequently played at Jewish weddings and Bar Mitzvahs. This timeless song of celebration in a classic klezmer setting. Great for a circle dance at a Jewish event. Performed with clarinet, drums, bass, and accordion.

      Deck The Halls Carol

      Traditional arrangement of Adeste Fideles, the famous Christmas song transcribed by Sir John Francis Wade in 1743-1744. A well known theme to inspire the christmas spirit in everyone.

      We Wish You Merry Christmas

      A royalty free hip-hop remix based on public domain "Ode to Joy" from the last movement of Beethoven's 9th symphony, featuring a trap beats, 808 bass, strings, brass, piano, vocal shouts and percussion. Best for motivational videos, sports highlights, or fashion content.

      Desert Mirage

      Well known Public Domain Christmas Carol Away in a Manger played as a waltz, lead by flutes and backed by stringed instruments and choir.

      The Duel

      "Desert Mirage" is a hauntingly beautiful instrumental track that evokes the mysterious and otherworldly atmosphere of the Middle East. With its mesmerizing rhythms, hypnotic melodies, and intricate arrangements of traditional instruments like the oud and darbuka, this song conjures up visions of shimmering desert sands and ethereal mirages. Whether you're seeking inspiration for meditation, relaxation, or simply a journey into the heart of the Middle East, "Desert Mirage" is the perfect soundtrack for your adventure.

      The English Agent

      This funky instrumental track features a dynamic mix of brass, funky flute, and guitar riffs, creating a unique blend of old and new. With its energetic rhythm and catchy melody, this track is sure to get you moving. The combination of acoustic and electronic instruments gives it a modern touch, while the brass and flute add a classic funk feel. Get ready to groove to this funky yet modern track!

      Casino Cocktail

      Powerful and energizing, this vintage-sounding track is in the style of classic agent and spy movie soundtracks. Featuring electric guitars, bass, drums, percussion, and brass. Perfect as a backing track for any caper scene. This is a great piece for a variety of projects including commercials, video games, humorous videos, trailers, and more.

      Beautiful Silent Night

      This is positive and easy-going fusion funk jazz music, full of fun and smile. It is great for positive and cheerful scenes, French and Italian moods, kids and children games, chefs and restaurant kitchen shows, vintage and retro projects, food and cooking shows, funny and comical backgrounds, cartoon and animations videos, humor and comedy advertising, holiday and vacations background music, optimistic and joyful youtube videos and much more.

      Cooking With Smile

      A cinematic jazz track with a vintage detective noir movie atmosphere. Featuring guitars, upright bass, drums, and percussion, and add some live electric piano sounds to create a jazzy, mysterious soundscape that is great for action scenes.

      Bluesy Piano

      Authentic and passionate tango will transport you to the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Featuring accordion, violin, bass and castanets. With a strong focus on traditional values, this particular track creates a rich musical atmosphere with a deep emotional connection. The authentic style of playing is enhanced by the natural sounds of the instruments used in this recording. Perfect choice for romantic scenes in films.

      The Case Of A Suspicious Blonde

      A driving rock instrumental of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, as well for Baa Baa Black Sheep and The ABC Song. Fun and playful with energy. Overdrive electric guitars, electric bass guitar and drums. Solid groove and beat. Excellent for all media that needs a fun rockin' tune of this type.

      The Major Trend

      Passionate and moving, this old-style Spaghetti music is similar to "House of the Rising Sun" by The Animals. The track is filled with longing, drama, and suspenseful action. The sense of movement builds constantly until a climax at the end of the song. It works great as background music for western films about horseback riding cowboys, television commercials, and video games.

      Carol Of The Bells Shchedryk

      An orchestral adaptation of the "other" famous Shaker tune, "I Will Bow and Be Simple", also known as 'Willow Tree'. With a Copland-esque classical, symphonic folklorism that has a vintage Western film score vibe to it as well.

      Tango In Red

      We Wish You a Marry Christmas is a royalty-free Christmas instrumental. It is a fun and festive way to use a traditional Christmas song in your commercial, Xmas ads, promos, TV and radio jingles, or intros. This track has guitars, sleigh bells, drums, and joyful vocals. Enjoy!

      I Am Happy

      An upbeat, bright, and cheery orchestral arrangement of a timeless holiday classic, "We Wish You A Merry Christmas". Dating back to Merry Olde England, this festive Christmas carol captures the joy and spirit of the Yuletide season. Features varied, colorful instrumentation within contrasting sections and uplifting key changes.

      Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star

      An upbeat energetic rock and roll Christmas mashup medley. Deck the Halls, Little Drummer Boy, Silent Night. Soaring dynamic electric lead guitar, crunch rhythm guitar, rock solid steady bass and drums. A good time party vibe, lots of fun. HOT PARTY TIME!

      Western Cowboys Music Logo

      This magical soundtrack will create a winter-like atmosphere and bring Christmas cheer to your videos. This orchestral track is perfect for commercials, films and even fantasy related contents. The melody is played on bells, drums and piano, accompanied by live recorded string quartet. Suitable for any kind of seasonal or Christmas commercial.

      Jingle Bells Christmas

      This is a simple Music Box arrangement of the traditional German Christmas song, O Tannenbaum, or O Christmas Tree. This delicate rendition is perfect for invoking the holiday spirit wherever needed.

      Prairie Pioneers

      Is a positive and energetic Christmas track with indie pop elements. Perfect for advertising, festive and celebration videos, kids videos, family and home commercial visuals and inspirational New Year projects. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

      True Carol Of The Bells

      Deck the Halls Carol is a famous Christmas carol in the public domain that has been sung for generations. Traditional melody with a professional arrangement provides a soothing and serene atmosphere for the upcoming winter holidays. It is perfect background music for all media projects, including radio, television, YouTube, or podcasts.

      We All Wish You A Merry Christmas

      A fun, festive royalty-free Christmas salsa track with a Latin piano, bongos, guiro, cool bass, and percussion. Best for Xmas ads, promos, radio jingles, or intros.

      Welcome To Vegas

      Cool Christmas music with bells, strings, piano, a hip-hop beat, and sleigh bells. Best for holiday ads, intros, apps, or openers.

      Joy To The World Orchestra

      Inspirational and romantic orchestral track with beautiful air grand piano playing in the intro. Dynamic wood, brass wind, and many strings create an inspiring and romantic mood. Perfect for wedding videos, presentations, advertising, movie trailer, or touching slide shows.

      Silver Snowflakes

      Ukrainian folk song in rock arrangement.


      A Spanish Flamenco track with Flamenco Guitars, Trumpets, Percussion, and Claps. This track would be an ideal choice for travel videos, cooking videos, documentaries, commercials, and other media projects related to Spain and other Mediterranean countries.

      A Rockin Christmas

      Listen to this rendition of a classic Christmas carol, "Angels We Have Heard High Up." You'll find original arrangements, including a soft piano and female vocals. This beautiful song will add a touch of holiday spirit to any gathering.

      Xmas Joy To The World

      This is a gorgeous arrangement of this timeless holiday classic Jolly Old St. Nicholas, that sweetly conjures childhood memories. Piano, acoustic guitar, and oboe accentuate the melody in this easy-going, whimsical arrangement created for any age to enjoy. Perfect for any commercial or advertisement that needs Christmas music in the background.

      Small Devil

      I've always loved New Year's Eve, with all the families getting together, fireworks, and that good old-time feeling. I got to wondering what would happen if I took a good ol' Christmas Carol and played it in a rock upbeat style. The result was Auld Lang Syne, a rock version starting with the back beat then led by brass instruments.

      Magical Carol Of The Bells

      Have yourself a Twin Peaks style Christmas with this new take on a holiday classic. Performed on a Juno synthesizer from the 1980s, this theme provides a warm and meditative soundscape to keep you cozy on a cold winter's night.

      O Tannenbaum O Christmas Tree

      The majestic and inspiring classical version of the famous Deck the Halls Christmas carol. Featuring strings, bells, pads, and tambourines. Great to use in holiday ads, Christmas commercials, vlogs, or openers.

      The Greatest Love

      Is a gentle and warm Christmas music piece, featuring a light Jazz Swing feel and melodic piano that creates a sentimental and cozy mood. Merry Xmas!

      Croissant And Coffee

      A calm and cozy Christmas track with music box glockenspiel, jingle bells, and sweet mood. Perfect for advertising, kids' videos, family footage, and other Xmas projects.

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    Well known music is popular all times and favorite to listeners. The famous rock and roll hit the period of 50s and 60s which was an amazing experience. During this period music lovers experienced some of the well known music given by famous artist. Initially people could not understand the theme of songs but later when they used to it started enjoying. Well known music concept means such songs which touched your heart deeply. They are so impactful that they leave listener just full of emotions and sometimes make them dance.

    There was a time when classic rock was prevalent through out the world. Well known music is always evergreen and forever number one choice of listeners. The choruses and melodies of such songs are marvelous and soothing to hear. Many popular artist in 40s, 50 and 60s gave such a powerful music of new style that is became unmemorable. Many albums created excitement among listeners. The hard style mix songs, jazz music and blues are some of the popular names in the past 40 years. In this list many classical songs also placed. Classical melody was not only popular among Indian subcontinent but also across the globe.

    Some famous well known music is given by artists like Beethoven, Michael Jackson who gave music a new perspective with their compositions. These songs are still in the hearts of people. Famous singer Celion Dion, who with her magical voice win millions of heart. It was her voice that made millions of music lovers her fan. Many artists in the past 30 years made remarkable performances with their voice made millions of audiences to dance. Beethoven and Mozart are one of its classic examples. The melodies and rhythm of these songs are just unforgettable. These songs suit in every atmosphere. Celebrations and big parties are never complete with out these songs being played.

    Well known music loops some of those selected music that touched your heart. It will surely leave long lasting impact on your mind such is the effect this music. Many famous artists who composed one of the best songs with superb melodies. It is pleasant to hear and enjoy. Music is an essential part of our life. Sweat music always gives peace to mind.

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