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    • Simple lush piano chords with percussion, drums and bowed string bass set melancholy mood in 64 second loop. Suggested for lonely departing or nostalgic scene, underscoring of narration, voice-overs, sunset and sunrise.

      Short TV & Film style Rock instrumental featuring electric guitars, bells, strings, piano, & synth. Possible uses can range from a scene/show opener, character theme, sports spot, etc.

      Quirky/Fun Pop instrumental featuring synths, leads, custom FX, and modded guitars. Possible uses can range from songs, shopping scenes, web videos, trailers, etc.

      Grimey Chopped & Screwed style Hip Hop instrumental featuring modded synths, strings, brass, and bass. Possible uses can range from songs, web videos, trailers, etc.

      Bass strings accompanied by piano, tremolo violins, French Horn and percussion play 54 sec loop of pondering patterns, suggested to underscore scenes of mystery and intrigue. Also intended to underscore sequences involving espionage, deceit and practical jokes.

      Smooth jazzy chillout loop featuring light piano chord progression and electric piano solo line.

      A slow, sexy track with a funky rythm and intriguing guitar solo.

      Funkalicious is a funky and groovy theme based on the bass line and the brass along with the clavinet

      This dramatic and hard hitting hip hop music really is dynamic. The beat is inspired by west coast hip hop with powerful beat, piano that hits the spot, and a theremin that hums out the melody. It's a very versatile track with uses for many different types of applications

      An ambient track in a dark mood and suspense atmosphere. Good for documentary films, Halloween media content or thriller videos.

      An ambient track in a dark mood and suspense atmosphere. Good for documentary films, Halloween media content or thriller videos.

      Loop inspired in the synth sound of the 80's era. Useful to create a retro atmosphere for projects which demand it.

      Pizzicato, cello, muted trumpet and Piano combine to create a typical cartoon style track which resembles a character or day to day scene progressing.

      An intresting folk/lounge track that you can listen over and over again . Perfect for different type of intriguing projects.

      Each proof, each trifle which has remained on a crime scene speaks with me and I know in advance a right way to exposure of the real criminal, I am a detective, I am a professional!!!

      An energetic electronic track with orchestral sounds and electric guitars. Good for action films and videos.

      Mysterious ambient track. Used synthesizer, arpeggiator and sounds of bells. Perfect background music for films about mystery and hidden thoughts.

      An orchestral passage rich in strings.

      Enigmatic, dark, emotive abstract tune with mellow but dark melodies and a sense of questioning and inquisition. Who killed the millionaire?

      Bouncy, animated breakbeat track with a sense of urgency and exit. Melody is similar to Propellerheads.

      Dark and dynamic orchestral track with huge strings and horns. Powerful drums add action. Great for TV shows, adverts. Similar to James Bond Agent 007music.

      Dreamy and enigmatic song with both clean and flanged guitar melodies. Things are not right or they are not what they seem to be and everything comes to a big climax.

      An echo rich guitar riff, with bass and cymbals.

      Medium tempo melancholic cool jazz tune featuring drums, upright acoustic bass, electric piano, electric guitar and muted trumpet playing melody.

      Enigmatic, minimalistic, dark song with an airy darkness around it.

      A dynamic track made with synths and electric guitars. Great for action videos or documentary films.

      Powerful techno song performed on synthesizers. Key of Dm

      Very mysterious harpsichord plays alongside suspicious sounding piano chords creating a sense of mystery and drama.

      Modern contemporary background track suitable for video presentations or transitions to provide a stylish, cool, crisp sense of production. Synth electronics and contemporary piano add a slight futuristic feel to the track. Very useful for documentary, video production and portfolio end use.

      Emotional and mysterious cinematic composition with vibes melodies accompanied by piano and digital pad. Great for trailers, drama and suspense genre movies, documentaries and more.

      Calm, soothing and chilled-out track with a relaxing, ocean feel. Great for adverts and presentations ,TV and radio shows, but also a really nice track for just chilling out.

      Happy sixties, free love, long hair, an amazing guitar. Playful, a little crazy music in Tarantino style. The warm sound of vacuum tube devices. Good times!

      Slow jazzy melody loop with bass solo.

      This concentrated corporate track will add a very special, calm and busy atmosphere to your project and will bring new work inspiration. Perfect for corporate, space and science projects.

      Having got into a building of confidential laboratory you crack passwords of information system. It is necessary to be accurate, the second chance won't be....

      A mysterious midtempo electronic song.

      Bass Guitar, saxophone and drums are a few of the instruments used here to create a cool detective style piece with hints of suspense throughout. Occasional Choral elements also suggest track could be used for cinematic theme.

      Sinister mysterious very slow song performed on synthesizers, bell style sounds, strings, drums and bass.

      Mysterious melody with magic sounds of hang drum, bells and deep atmospheric effects. This background music is suitable to use for games, documentary, films and web applications.

      Laid-back easy-listening track with calm and pensive mood. This versatile background music would work well in any project with themes of travel, intimacy, solitude, cogitation and many more.

      Slow longing synth chords backed by timely drum snares and distant chimes create a suspenseful yet slightly tense track making it ideal for documentary or cinematic film to create a dramatic build up or sense of suspicion. Suggests a sense of murder or law and order.

      Aggressive electronic track made with synths and electric guitars. Good for videos about extreme sports or high tech. 8-bit Track.

      Classic-sounding funk romp driven along with soaring horn crescendos, brass stabs and incessant clavs. 1970s feel.

      Beautiful dark ambient loop played on piano. This one makes feel so calm and causes so many sad reflections. Ideal as a background music for documentaries, films, presentation and many other projects.

      A dark and ominous fast moving track. Suitable for using as soundtrack to action films or video games, also as a news theme

      Smooth electronic track featuring electronic drums, percussion, synth bass, effected piano, synthesizer pads and effects.

      This is a creepy track filled with earthy sounds and moving strings.

      Short theme for casino or some live club. May be some main song for corporation.

      This is a powerful piece incorporating orchestra and industrial instrumentation for a upbeat and thrilling feel.

      This is part of a larger piece that I wrote for sax. The sax lead is missing in this track but the rhythm and groove are still there. Some real foot tappin music with a slow groove.

      A slight sneaky feel, with rhythm, brass & piano. A bit "Pink Pantherish". Really cool.

      This track is instrumental and has a focus on intensity. A few airy effects give this track a feel of action or suspense basically as a theme song for a tv show or a bit of underscore for a scene.

      Instrumental with piano, strings, drums, bass and effects that give this track a slight ominous feeling. Simple but tells a story of twisted minds/events or situations

      A soulful jazzy track featuring laid back rhodes and funky bass.

      Slow developing orchestral track with hard accent in the end. Ready for use in TV shows, games and movies.

      A sweet saxophone melody, a brush sound of old drums, a frayed contrabass, an acoustic guitars and old good Lesley keyboard, all these are perfect mix to make a perfect atmosphere of friends' meeting.

      Ambient Background Music, great for websites, TV, Jingles, corporate videos etc

      Witches and vampires welcome to the party everybody who thinks they can dance and show off themselves. The jackpot is a witches broom.

      Soft and flowing melody performed by small orchestra.

      There is nothing from the old days. Everywhere are strange things in strange hands.

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