• Pump Up The Club

      Energetic and ultimate dance background music in techno style, that brings the dancefloor to life. It features stylish synths, powerful punch, fat bass, sound effects, and percussion. Perfect for high-impact projects, dance parties, nightclubs, openings, broadcasts, commercials, movies, radio, festivals, slideshows, fitness, sports videos, vlogs and more. Enjoy.

      Victory Is Near

      This is a bright and inspiring modern dubstep track with plucked synth, pads, catchy drums, analog synth bass, vocal effects, and deep piano chords. Perfect for advertising, car travel videos, nature views, drone footage, lifestyle videos, youthful and stylish content, and many more.

      Workout It

      Powerful epic dubstep music with elements of modern classical and hybrid orchestral sound. Great for cinematic trailers, dynamic action, heroic people.Best choice if you want to add some intensity to your media production!

      Electronic Mango

      Get ready to sweat it out with energizing dubstep royalty-free music designed to accompany intense exercise sessions, inner strength, and power through any workout routine. It features pulsating beats, aggressive synth melodies, epic choir samples, and a naughty bassline. This motivating and naughty background music has a pumped-up, focused, and driven sound. Great for fitness apps, interval training (HIIT) sessions, intense workouts, and sports montages, that show athleticism, determination, and skills.

      Thunder In Hell

      This motivational dubstep experimental track with a dramatic mood will add extra layers of tension and excitement to your projects. Dynamic drums and percussion, atmospheric futuristic sounds and dark synths are excellently combined in this track. Perfect for racing videos, games, slow motion movie and trailers.

      The Power Of Winning

      This one is super modern dubstep music with radically syncopated rhythmic percussion sounds, techno riffs, heavy drums, and basses. Ideal for project demonstrations, action game demos, extreme sports events, clubbing, and partying!

      Sport Makes You Stronger

      Devil Jokes is a dark and eerie electronic dubstep track with an anxious mood and relentless tension. Dynamic drums and percussion, atmosphere terrifying sounds, dark powerful synths, and frightening voice samples are excellently combined in this track. Perfect for horror videos, escape rooms; dance performances; dark fantasy games, where tension and fear are central elements; slow motion movies, and cinematic trailers needing a truly nightmarish effect.

      Devil Jokes

      Beautiful dubstep music for urban and dramatic projects. It is great for any media project requiring a downtempo electronic background. This track will fit any type of video production, from movie trailers to corporate presentations, or anything else where a modern soundtrack is needed.


      This is bright and very powerful dubstep music with motivational and energizing atmosphere. Main instruments are a synthesizer, drums, bass, piano and strings. This modern electronic track can perfectly fit for any Video, Media, YouTube, Radio, Promo, Presentations, Commercials, Advertising and other Multimedia Projects.

      Please Stand By

      "Please Stand By" is an energetic and powerful stomp trap royalty-free that captures your attention right from the start. It features punchy 808 bass, drums, percussion, voice samples and dubstep elements. Great for sports events, trailers for new video game releases, high-tech gadgets, cars, workout or gym routines, and more.

      The Dream Catcher

      Modern and energetic dubstep track with synthetic instrumentation and flowing melody, which has a synthetic feel. The overall mood is positive, uplifting, and motivational. Suitable for technology inventions, IT sphere, science and other topics about modern life and future.

      In A Digital Universe

      Fashionable, energetic, cool, dubstep music with an industrial, gritty, updated sound. Ideal for videos related to sports, action, power, energy, extreme, fashion, and much more! 4 versions included.

      Summer Freedom

      Pumping and energetic Trap royalty-free music for projects needing an injection of motivation and determination. With its fusion of dubstep bass, hip-hop beats, and trap leads, this composition becomes the ultimate soundtrack for a variety of engaging visuals. Perfect for sports highlights, fast-cut action shots, slow-motion sequences, intense workout sessions, commercials and advertisements aimed at young audiences, street-style fashion, etc.

      For The Win

      The Virus is a super modern cinematic royalty-free track. Cyberpunk is a crazy Hybrid sport royalty-free track. I used classic techno riff, heavy drums, synths, and dubstep bass. Perfect for sport, fitness, workout, and racing videos.

      Attack The Block

      Electronic dubstep music with pumping beat and lFO synths. Possible uses can range from dark electro nightclub scenes, bad character themes, web videos, film trailers, etc.

      Time For A Change

      An atmospheric and punchy royalty-free track, that fuses the elements of lo-fi chill step and future bass, creating a mesmerizing soundscape filled with modernity and style. Featuring trap bass, drum machine, leads, subtle voice samples, and percussion. Perfect for fashion showcases, lifestyle videos, daily life vlogs, travel diaries, promotional content that needs a contemporary edge, or commercials that want to stand out.

      My Abstract Feelings

      This huge dubstep track is guaranteed to add energy and excitement to your projects. With its pounding bass, driving drums, and frenetic trumpet melodies, this track will be perfect as background music in promotional videos, workout videos, sports events, and trailers.

      Make It Loud

      A powerful epic sport track with a dubstep beat, growling bass, energetic staccato strings and various synth sounds. Perfect for dramatic sport videos, motivational projects, gym and bodybuilding videos, car commercials, Youtube videos, infomercials, and much more

      Destroy The Enemies

      This electronic experimental industrial track is made in "The Matrix" style depicting the world where reality blurs with the digital realm. Distorted synths, dynamic drums and percussion, glitch effects, and robotic male voice sample are excellent combined in this track. Perfect for sci-fi films, cyberpunk-themed games, VR experiences, technological dominance, dystopian worlds, artificial intelligence, or post-apocalyptic scenarios.

      Winning Time

      This multi-ethnic commercial dubstep music will give a fun and cartoonish vibe to your project. Asian twist and urban beats will add an intriguing flavor to your project. Imagine this track playing in the background of a Kung Fu movie, or commercial of funny dancing anime characters, or live-action footage of young people spending crazy nights out partying.

      Tears Of Soul

      This track has a classic metal guitar riff, with powerful rock drums and synths. The track uses Dubstep-influenced low-end elements to really power the melody forward. Ear candy for those who like heavy guitars, bass lines, and catchy drum beats.

      Conflict Is Inevitable

      Trendy electronic future-bass music with a modern beat, edgy synth riffs, and ethereal and enigmatic voices has an upbeat stylish vibe. Perfect as background music for video games, futuristic city design, cyber realms, tech advertisements, YouTube & Social Media Content, and more.

      Crazy Cats

      Super aggressive pumping track in trap style. Perfect for sport, fitness, dance, and workouts videos. Also will be great for urban videos, and advertisements. This one has an energetic and powerful sound. I used techno drums, hip-hop beat, powerful pluck, and dubstep bass!

      To The Beat Now

      Super aggressive pumping energetic trap royalty free music. Perfect for extreme sports music, energetic action, adrenaline urban videos, motor speed, GTA style games, etc. I used dubstep bass, hip-hop beat, trap leads.

      Urban Life

      A punchy and impactful royalty-free energetic dubstep track with a modern and cutting-edge vibe, featuring future bass synths, pads, drum machine, and percussions. From the very first beat, the track sets a mood of intensity and excitement. Perfect for sports, ai technology, futuristic landscapes, promos, commercials, drones, lifestyle, and fashion.

      Your Digital Project

      This stunning, powerful, and groovy dubstep royalty-free music is perfect for any energetic and motivational project. Featuring edgy synths, fat bassline, glitch effects, and rhythmical percussion to bring real energy to your project. Perfect for energy dark projects, future and cyberpunk movies, games video.

      Invisible Barrier

      This dubstep track has a heavy hard bass line, syncopated rhythms and a futuristic vibe. Featuring urban and experimental elements of breakbeat, this piece fuses an aggressive synth sound with dark drums and bass. Heavy, electronic and edgy.

      Technology Trip

      This dance electro tune is an electrifying fusion of dubstep and EDM beats that ignite the dancefloor. With its high energy and fun vibes, this track is an ideal choice for nightclubs, event promotions, festivals, concerts, and parties; for workout routines, Zumba classes, high-energy activities, or any other exercise videos. Also, it is suitable for runway shows or fashion-related videos, and beyond.

      Coming After You

      Powerful energetic dubstep track in modern style with deep basses, soft pads, futuristic sound effects, dirty bass drops, and synth lead. Ideal for sports goods advertising, extreme sports videos, adrenaline rush footages, fitness training videos, or any action projects! Motivate your audience and create an attention-getting project!

      The Riot

      An inspirational and motivational track with cinematic elements, synth sounds, powerful strings, heavy bass, and dubstep drums. Perfect for motivational videos, sport videos, action scenes, commercials, video games, and much more

      Tears Of Machine

      This energetic and tense phonk background music creates an insane adrenaline-fueled atmosphere. This composition features a powerful drum beat, dark deep bass, rhythmic percussion, strong cowbell accents, and epic vocal samples. The track will infuse your media content with power and intensity with its hard-hitting and fast-paced beats. It's the perfect choice for action-packed visuals, fighting videos, parkour training, gaming content, racing scenes, chase sequences, or drift videos.

      Crazy Dribbling

      A powerful Hollywood-style epic hybrid track featuring cutting-edge dubstep drops, powerful brass, dramatic choir, and sweeping violins. This track would be a perfect choice for movie trailers, sports commercials, Olympic games, action videos, and much more.

      Podcast Passages

      An epic, uplifting hybrid orchestral track. It begins with ethereal, atmospheric synth sounds and emotive strings. Then huge dubstep beats, powerful, soaring horns and monumental choirs build to a massive, heroic climax. Conveys a sense of power, positivity and achievement.

      The Virtual Reality

      "Your Digital Project," is a captivating epic electronic track with a future-bass sound ideally suited for a range of content, including technology, slideshow, and promo videos. This track features a combination of strings, digital synths, glitch effects, and powerful dubstep beats. Excellent choice for technology-related content, innovations and progress, science discovery, and exploration.

      Arise From Ashes

      Energy, Power, Ambition - These are the 3 elements that describe perfectly this energetic dubstep track. The kind of music that represents the modern world of technologies. This track has a powerful and energetic groove, full of bass lines, pads, drums, and synths.

      High Energy Opener

      It's a technology atmospheric background music with deep bass, glitch percussion, synth, and dubstep drums. Great for tech presentations, digital promos, media slideshows with music, 4K drone footage, life in the megacity timelapse, awesome innovation ideas, etc.


      "Technology Digital Presentation" is a cutting-edge electronic music piece that perfectly captures the essence of technology and innovation. This track features a strong tech beat, complemented by the melodic presence of a piano, futuristic synths, and an orchestral touch. Perfect for tech-related content such as presentations, product showcases, technology exhibitions, and digital media projects.

      Lets Get It Started

      Keep your viewers captivated with a dramatic rise and fall of tensions and emotions throughout this incredible epic anthem. Featuring symphonic strings, powerful horns, strong dubstep drums, and atmospheric piano. This royalty free dramatic music theme is perfect for powerful cinematic trailers, Olympic games, ambitious corporate presentations, or any type of success story.


      This track was created specifically to support athletes and fitness enthusiasts to breathe power and rhythm into the workout, creating a new dynamic atmosphere that is fresh, fun and motivating. It can be used for any number of exercises but was specifically developed for workouts including cardio routines, strength training and high intensity workouts. Used dubstep bass, hip-hop beat, trap leads.

      Modern Opener

      "Thunder in Hell" is an experimental track with electrifying and pulsating energy, that creates a sense of anticipation and intrigue. Dynamic drums, hip-hop beats, futuristic sounds, and dark powerful synths are excellent combined in this anxious track. Perfect for a wide range of projects, including motivational videos, adrenaline games, crime scenes, natural disasters, thriller movie trailers, and projects with intensity and suspense.

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    Dubstep is a sub-genre in the electronic dance music category with a very distinct sound, relying heavily on bass and distorted sound effects. In South London, dubstep music emerged as a music genre in the early 2000s, although early releases were already present in the late ‘90s.

    The first dubstep tunes had a darker sound, being more experimental. The style is primarily based on UK garage music, incorporating musical elements from dub reggae, jungle, broken beat, or grime. By 2002, the style had evolved quite a lot, bearing little resemblance to the first tunes created in the ‘90s.

    In a relatively short amount of time since it’s been around, dubstep became incredibly popular in the music scene, influencing the work of many artists and attracting quite a large fan base. As dubstep music continues to evolve and change, the number of sub-genres that emerge grows. Some of the most popular sub-genres include chill dubstep, glitchstep, techstep, melodic dubstep, or ganjastep.

    The rise to fame

    Dubstep music reached the pinnacle of popularity in the 2010s when dubstep tracks were all the rage, and many artists rose to fame. Names such as Skrillex, Diplo, Major Lazer, Bassnectar, Datsik, DJ Snake, Flux Pavilion, and Krewella left their mark on this music genre with their addictive tunes, creating the sound of a generation. If you went to parties in the 2010s, you’ve danced to a few of these tunes yourself.

    The genre became so popular that its influence was notable in many artists from other music genres such as Britney Spears, Rihanna, Snoop Dogg, or Xzibit. This also helped launch the genre into the mainstream, so the tunes became a major phenomenon, especially for younger generations.

    Tracks that change the game

    Although the genre doesn’t enjoy as much popularity these days as it once did, since many big producers moved on to producing other music styles, tunes from this category, old and new, are still listened to by a large number of people.

    Since it’s such a versatile music style, incorporating a variety of sub-genres, these tunes can be used in various ways. They’re certainly a great addition to any party playlist, where they’ll bring back great memories and lift spirits. So, if you want some surefire floor-fillers, a few of these tracks will do the trick. The dubstep music download option at Melody Loops can help you get your hands on the best royalty-free dubstep tunes with just a few clicks.

    But you can also download and include these tunes in your projects, such as presentations, videos, podcasts, short movies, and so on, depending on what you have in mind. Since you can choose from a varied library of royalty-free music, copyright won’t be an issue, so you can enjoy complete peace of mind when using the tracks.

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