• View To The Future

      Smart, inspiring uplifting electronic corporate track with an upbeat mood. It features analog synths, a driving beat, pulsating basslines, and e-piano. The track is perfect for technological advancements, science, innovative solutions, corporate or business projects, webinars, podcasts, and future trends.

      Phantoms Fanfare

      This cool sonic chill out music has a very futuristic and technological vibe while still being mellow and smooth at the same time. The hybrid synths combine with a powerful and hypnotic rhythm to create an illusory atmosphere.

      Meditative Space

      "Right Decision" is an upbeat, smart, and modern corporate pop track suggesting innovation and forward-thinking. Featuring analog synths, melodic hooks, synth bass, electronic drums, strings, and e-piano. Ideal for corporate presentations, company slideshows, start-up pitches, product launches, educational content or tech vlogs, discussing the latest gadgets, software, or technological trends.

      The Secret Of Success

      Beautiful, vibrant, and emotional traditional Asian orchestral background music is performed with serenity and epic grandeur. Featuring koto and guzheng strings instruments, shakuhachi flute, brass, and thunderous drums. Suitable for cinematic projects, epic trailers, movies, games, romantic fairy tales, fantasy adventures and more.

      Right Decision

      Immerse in Halloween's eerie enchantment with this instrumental orchestral track. A haunting harpsichord, ghostly theremin, celestial celesta, and a choir create a spooky ambiance perfect for your Halloween celebration or creative project. Ideal for creating a bone-chilling atmosphere for ghost stories, haunted house attractions, the Adams Family-like costume party, DIY Halloween decoration tutorials, and more.

      Confidence And Secure

      Indulge in the peaceful embrace of this meditative ambient track, gently adorned with a minimalistic piano melody. This composition is meticulously crafted to guide listeners on a tranquil journey of self-discovery and relaxation. Perfect for meditation sessions, yoga practices, or any project in need of a serene and contemplative ambiance, "Meditative Space" offers an oasis of calm in a busy world.

      Writing The Future Together

      A happy, playful, and mischievous Dramedy instrumental with a quirky syncopated feel. Features light and bouncy pizzicato strings, delicate piano and woodwind melodies, pulsating vibraphone lines, whimsical harp glissandos and dynamic tympani accents.

      Inspiring Dream Piano

      Calm, hypnotic, and sophisticated chill-out music, that creates a serene and focused soundscape. It features electronic pulses, synth layers, and a soft bassline. Ideal as background music for various uses from meditation apps, relaxation, innovative product demos, and lounge zones, to science research or puzzle games.

      Healing And Meditation Mood

      An atmospheric journey into tranquility is what this track provides. Featuring a soothing harp, flute, and choir, this is an ideal soundtrack for many purposes, including meditation, spa treatments, yoga, and much more.

      Yangtze River

      Calm and relaxing meditative atmosphere, perfect for moments of reflection or unwinding after a long day. The soothing tones and tranquil melodies create a peaceful space for mindfulness or simply letting go of stress. Ideal for yoga, meditation, or therapeutic practices.

      Tranquil Horizons

      Calm, soft, quiet, relaxing, and quietly peaceful ambient track for providing a state of deep reflection by drawing the mind inward. Featuring ambient pads, soft reverbs, and bell sounds. This soothing and relaxing backdrop is ideal for meditation practice, mindfulness training, yoga practices, documentaries focusing on nature, space or spirituality, sleep aids, and more.

      Shape Your Future

      Uplifting and inspirational corporate pop music with feelings of triumph and accomplishment. Featuring piano, strings, percussion an bells. Perfectly fits success stories and achievements, motivational videos, educational content, teamwork, corporate presentations, inspirational promos, and advertising.

      Dramedy Queen

      A calm and serene acoustic track creates a soothing and peaceful ambiance filled with tranquility and reflection. Featuring acoustic guitar, electronic piano, soft percussion, ambient textures, ethereal choir samples and glockenspiel. Perfect for healing spaces, as spa, yoga studio, or therapist's office; videos about mindfulness exercises, physical well-being, sleep aids, and stress relief techniques; nature documentaries; art installations with various forms of serene and thoughtful artistic expressions; podcasts dealing with topics like wellness, philosophy, or personal development, and more.

      Luminous Serenade

      Soft sexy, alluring, and luxurious chillout lounge track will envelop your audience in a tranquil cocoon of bliss. It features soft synth pads, a steady pace, sparse piano melodies, a velvety bassline, glittering bells, and sensual vocals. Ideal as background music for projects needing a relaxed yet sophisticated vibe. Perfect for lifestyle YouTube vlogs, luxury resorts, fashion shows where attention to detail is paramount, romantic or intimate scenes in films or TV shows, spa and wellness centers, beauty makeup tutorials, art exhibitions, and more.

      Fragile Beauty

      Meditative, relaxing music with piano, deep, beautiful pads, and other ambient atmospheric instruments. Perfect for sleep, meditation, yoga, massage, spa, or just relaxation. It can be used in videos for YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and other sites.

      Family Happiness

      An ethereal and soothing tranquil piece with a serene melody that spreads like a gentle breeze through leaves. Featuring a flute, harp, and the natural sound of the gurgling stream and the scintillating calls of the birds. Ideal for documentaries about wildlife, spa treatments, yoga practice, meditation, and all kinds of relaxation.

      Yoga And Zen

      Meditative View is a soothing, deep chill track with ethereal synth pads and soft notes, ideal for nature landscapes, aerial shots, slideshows, or yoga-related scenarios.

      Ambient Innovations

      Gentle revolving piano and cascading flute passages feature in this light, very slow ambient instrumental, evoking a scene on a river, perhaps English, with rural activities and leisure pursuits. Subtle background vocals bring a light sense of a distant church choir. Suitable for documentaries with a calm interlude, travel vlogs and dreamy presentations.


      An uplifting and emotional explosion of Coldplay-inspired modern progressive house music that aims straight for the heart. Featuring shimmering synths, energetic basslines, emotive piano chords, echoing guitar riffs, and EDM beats, creating a soundscape of boundless energy. Great for new innovative technology, corporate projects, workout routines, and other media projects aimed at make a state of euphoria and inspiration.

      Magical Stars

      "World of Wonders is beautiful instrumental new-age background music. This Enya-style instrumental evokes a sense of serenity, wonder, and timeless beauty. Featuring piano, strings, and an array of voices – including the mysterious whispers of elves. Perfect for media content that aims to inspire awe and wonder, be it breathtaking nature documentaries, fantasy film soundtracks, or meditation guides.

      Healing Forest Birds

      A very soothing, ethereal piece of music. This track is designed to sweep you away to calm and tranquility. Ideal for all manner of relaxation projects.

      Celestial Solitude

      A captivating and vibrant royalty-free ethnic Indian track that spread vibes of exploration and wonder. The magical marimba sounds are harmoniously weaved with contemporary synth, rhythmic percussion, and dynamic electronic drums creating an uplifting atmosphere. Ideal for projects exploring different cultures, travel documentaries, or any content seeking a touch of the exotic and extraordinary.

      Medical Advances

      “Deep HipHop Thoughts” is an instrumental Hip-Hop track that captures the emotional depth and introspective vibe of the genre. The track features a soulful piano melody, a smooth beat, and a dynamic mix of electronic and organic elements that create a moody and introspective atmosphere.

      Good Ideas

      "Digital Exhibition" is a high-tech and innovative track that captures the energy and excitement of modern digital technology. Its futuristic sounds and pulsating rhythms transport listeners to a virtual world of cutting-edge displays and interactive exhibits. Whether used in a tech showcase or as a background for a presentation, this track is perfect for capturing the spirit of the digital age.

      Technology Park

      An evocative and atmospheric ambient new-age piece.Very celestial and relaxing. Ideal as background music for spa treatments, yoga practice, drone footage, and moments of reflection.

      Pink Aura

      Upbeat and groovy lo-fi chillhop track with a modern and abstract urban r&b vibe. Plucky opening melody followed by a flowing beat. Perfect as cutting-edge background music with the latest trends for projects related to AI, software development, or any other tech-related content. With its distinctive character, this track could serve as a great theme song for a variety of shows or podcasts, particularly those that have a contemporary or urban focus. Also, it is good for social media content on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube.

      Unchanging Values

      It's an ethereal and soothing track, perfect for relaxation, meditation, and nature footage. Its serene melodies, flute lead instrument and atmospheric textures create a tranquil ambiance, providing solace and beauty. Ideal for moments of reflection and mindfulness.

      Positive Road

      Luminous Serenade - Beautiful track in acoustic folk style featuring picking guitar, piano and percussions. Suitable for inspiring and warm video projects.

      Melodies Of Tranquility

      "The Happy Farm" is a joyful and cinematic orchestral royalty-free track, featuring playful percussion horns, orchestral strings, glockenspiel, and woodwinds. Lite Orchestra creates an easy-going, fancy, and mischievous atmosphere, like little elves working in a candy factory. This track is perfect to accompany scenes of fun and adventure for children's films, TV shows, audiobooks, YouTube kids' content, cartoons, or games. Also, this background music is suitable for theme parks or family entertainment centers.

      Achievement Heights

      'Observing Future' is a visionary soundscape that paints a vivid picture of tomorrow's possibilities. This dynamic corporate background music fuels your imagination, guiding you through a technological odyssey where innovation and success intertwine. Let it's pulsating rhythms and ethereal melodies transport you to the forefront of tomorrow's discoveries.

      A Meditation

      Techno ambient track that beautifully blends dreamy and mystical elements to create a hopeful and flowing mid tempo electronic fantasy. Ethereal keyboards, weaving a tapestry of dreamy melodies that create a world of imagination and wonder. A bass drum beat provides a steady rhythm, grounding the track in a sense of movement and progression.

      Natural Breeze

      Invigorating corporate music track that blends uplifting melodies with a sense of assurance. Its dynamic rhythm and polished harmonies create a backdrop that radiates reliability and empowerment, inspiring success and fortifying a foundation of trust in any corporate endeavor.

      Velvet Whispers

      It's a calm, slow-paced, atmospheric, and ambient music track. It's a deeply transcendent composition that wraps the listener in a comforting cocoon of luxurious string harmonies and the soothing sound of rain. Whether meditating, seeking relaxation, studying, or exploring alternative medicine, this music is the perfect companion, guiding you toward tranquility.

      Forest Rain Meditation

      Lose yourself in the slow, sensual rhythm of trap hip-hop music that is the perfect backdrop to your experiences. This sexy music, brimming with deep bass beats and smooth female vocal flows, adds a provocative allure to any moment, making even the mundane feel like a stylish slow-motion film scene. Relish in the mysterious charm that this music backdrop provides, transforming the ambiance around you.

      Lagoon Healing

      Dynamic and uplifting tech corporate background music track that features a catchy and upbeat chord progression, driving electronic drums, and modern synth melodies. This track is perfect for creating a positive and energetic mood in corporate videos, presentations, and commercials that focus on technology, innovation, and progress

      Spring Forest Healing

      It's an ethereal and Celtic-inspired meditation track that invites tranquility and inner peace. This tranquil music envelops listeners with its warm and soothing sound, making it perfect for various applications such as yoga, meditation, alternative medicine practices, and accompanying drone or natural footage. Its serene melodies and gentle flute instrumentation create a harmonious atmosphere that promotes relaxation and introspection.

      Whisper Of The Heart

      A dynamic progressive-house music track that combines a range of elements to create an emotional and energetic experience. This composition features captivating atmospheric synths, driving drums and percussion, groovy basslines, and carefully selected vocal samples. Perfect for dance videos, where it can amplify the choreography and bring out the inherent energy of the performance.

      Lost In Nowhere

      It's a chill and peaceful lofi hip hop track, perfect for relaxation and tranquility. With its mellow beats, soothing melodies, and unique lofi aesthetic, it creates a serene and blissful atmosphere. Unwind and let this track transport you to a state of calm.

      Meditative View

      A pulsing and pensive technological electronic styled track with downtempo elements, featuring slick synthesizer, synth drums, electronic percussion and guitar, that creating a chill and melancholic mood. Perfect for technology, science and nature videos, aerials, documentaries, medical, time lapses and other types of commercials.

      Morning By The River

      "Morning Reverie" is a captivating acoustic folk composition that transports you to a serene summer morning. With its gentle picking guitars, heartfelt melodies, and warm harmonies, this track evokes a sense of introspection and tranquility. Perfect for creating a nostalgic, yet uplifting ambiance in film, commercials, documentaries, and nature-inspired content.

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    Illusory music is one of the unique and enchanting music. It will make you lost completely. It is beyond all boundaries making you great fan of it. There are many artists who are known for singing illusory music. Such music lyrics are very slow and entertain you to a great extent. What ever the song composer feels all that comes out through song. Whatever you hear is the inner feelings of the composer. It not only gives you mental calm but also make you relaxed. This music is diverse and lot of experiments has been in it. It has various forms and rhythm varies from line to line.

    Illusory music is characterized by slow beats with guitar. Most of the lyrics of this music straight away touch your heart. It is a good combination of emotions and feelings. Most of the renowned artist is known for this music. Millions of music lovers are fan of it. Many albums till now have been released based on this music. The newly formed band The Illusory deals with such music. It is sung at stagnant rate with out many ups and down. The beat almost remains the same through out the song. This new style music gives out unique sound. It will thrill your heart with totally different nature of music.

    Illusory music is followed by constant intensity. There are many rare collections of illusory music. It happens to be most effective music. You can listen to this online from various websites. It can be downloaded from also. The best thing is that it will never make you tired. Many music lovers are great fan of such music. It will change your mood and relieve you from all kinds of tensions. When you have free time can always go this music as it will be beneficial for you. It has very impactful and long lasting effect on minds of listeners. Every artist or singer sings it in his own way.

    The constant rhythm in illusory music makes you feel cam and never makes you over excited. The tempo of a listener never rises. It is sung in a peaceful atmosphere. It is believed that such music loops establish connection directly with your soul. Most of the new artists are coming up new albums on this music as more and more listeners like it. It can be watched as video in YouTube and other websites. Many live performances can be easily downloaded.

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