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    • Groovy Flute by ColourTunes

      An energetic and rhythmic flute with playful hip-hop background, for tech visuals and innovative visual projects. Sophisticated, stylish, and elegant. This track is suitable for high-image corporate videos, tv advertisements, web videos, sports videos, documentaries, and presentations.

      Super Monday by ColourTunes

      A modern funky drum and bass groove that feels positive and uplifting yet fashionable and fresh. Featuring massive drums, atmospheric effects, snappy saxophone. Ideal soundtrack for travel programs, fashion shows or other cool and trendy events. Thanks for listening and purchasing.

      A Night Like This by Mike Nowa

      Relax and chillout mood with light touch of old drum and bass groove.

      Spooky Season Halloween by DimmySad

      Halloween may be dark and gloomy, but it can also be fun. This cinematic music has a bit of a cartoon sound. Use this background music for your scary projects that need an extra twist. Perfect for funny and scary Halloween projects, parties, commercials, cinematic trailers, and videogames. Have fun with it!

      Ups And Downs by Berool

      Impressive ultra-modern cinematic drum and bass track that is both dramatic and powerful. This fast-paced track is topped with a massive mix of orchestral epic strings, pounding drums, and super-fast dynamic breakdowns. Ideal music for intros, sci-fi trailers, action games, or showreels.

      High Jump by Evgeny Kiselevich

      Modern, hybrid action, dramatic track with a buildup. Begins with filtered percussion and effects and builds up before the entry of powerful drum and bass groove sequence. Works well for action, chase, fight, extreme sports, energizing advert projects.

      Disappearing by Premium TraX

      Uplifting and energizing electronic Drum & Bass track featuring glitchy percussion, vocals with sound effects and racing supersonic drums. This composition is an ideal choice for drawing the attention to a new product, film or dynamic action game. This music track will give your audience an inspiration boost and make them feel like they are speeding in the clouds.

      Modern Samurai by FabianKreutzerSound

      Oriental drum and bass track mixed with ethnic Asian instruments and pumping club beats. Perfect for escalating fight scenes, martial arts games, kung-fu battle, Samurai spirit, karate combats and anything requiring high intensity.

      Twist A Lula by Emilio Merone

      That's a great twist track with a powerful drum and bass section and a classic blous-bouncy piano comping.

      Jail Break by Dave Brenner

      Spacey and mysterious drum and bass music. The soundscape uses three layers of imperceptible bass and a sweeping pad to create a hauntingly immersive composition. This track delivers an earthshaking dose of energy that will dominate any video project.

      Fly To Me by raspberrysounds

      An energetic and syncopated lo-fi drum and bass with synths, keys, vocal cuts, bass, strings, and tight beat. Best for workouts, fashion, sports, hipster ads, or urban projects.

      Another Day In Paradise by Mike Nowa

      A happy funky mellow dance loop with melodies played by piano over massive drum and bass background.

      Creepy Invaders by JGaudio

      Powerful, dark, sinister loop in drum and bass genre with strong breakbeat drum beats, heavy deep sub bassline with neuro layers, creepy background ambiance, synthesizer stabs, angry industrial metallic scratches and much more. Great for sci-fi movies, alien invasion scenes, war military conflicts, ominous danger moments, etc.

      Dr Beat King by Alex Grey

      Actual rap background with elements of old school hip-hop and trap. Powerful drum and bass, plucks, strings. Best choice for urban style projects, gangsta, crime menace, vengeance, gang wars, nightclub scene.

      Embrace A New Life by Sungtae Kim

      Positive feelings, hope and warmth fill this electronic track driven by a synth riff, drum and bass. Delicate keyboards and string sections complete the atmosphere. Great for grand openings, victory, Olympic Games, competitions, triumph, venue, World Cup etc.

      Amazonia by Mike Nowa

      Upbeat, uplifting, energetic track with classic rock elements. Featured main bass guitar line, digital synths, piano, flute, brass, lots of percussion. Great as a music bed for epic projects, travelogue and positive moments in any type of media content. In the style of Apple, IPhone, Google presentations and ads.

      Space by Dave Brenner

      Huge cinematic space sound pads with a gentle drum and bass backing.

      The Cutting Edge by Mike Nowa

      Urban hip hop, suitable for lots of different projects, multiple version, instrumental and rap versions. Strong drum and bass beat with addition of piano.

      Urban Control by Infraction

      Deliciously fierce and recognizable drum and bass track in Asian style. Combining energetic drum beats with smooth dubstep bass lines, this track will get your blood pumping up. Use it in a multitude of projects, from workout videos to festival event promotions.

      Marvelous Morning by DPmusic

      Light and airy music with catchy electronic drum beat and atmospheric sound. Beautiful background for advertising, drone videos, nature views, lifestyle videos, travel projects, product promo and more.

      Energetic Monday by DreamSounding

      An upbeat, super fun, and energetic royalty-free rock track with awesome guitar riffs and powerful drum and bass. Best for sports events, presentations, commercials, openers, video games, trailers or teasers.

      Between The Clouds by Emanmusic

      An original combination of synthpop, drum-and-bass with dubstep creates this modern uplifting and highly atmospheric track. The ideal soundscape to create a pleasant mood for media projects related to summer, smiling happy people, freedom, adventure, and love. Also good for motivational presentations, infomercials or tradeshows.

      The Freedom In Style by Infraction

      Modern, stylish, vibrant drum-and-bass track for your incredible projects. Energetic digital sound with voice samples creates and awesome atmosphere. Perfectly suits for commercials, fashion show, video tutorials, YouTube channels promo, exotic travel vlog, summer beach club footage, and catchy social media content. Enjoy!

      Awake by Dave Brenner

      Phasing upbeat melodies with a hard drum and bass backend.

      Infinite Dream by Infraction

      The stylish and beautiful atmospheric drum-and-bass track featuring female vocals samples. Works well for travel lifestyle vlogs, inspirational visuals, healthy lifestyle habits, incredible drone footage, DIY YouTube channels, wellness goals trecker apps, going out makeup tutorials, beauty secrets vlog, and for any projects evoking that feeling of freedom and inspiration. Enjoy life!

      Flowers For My Baby by Mike Nowa

      Lovely romantic melody in the mood of first date. Lot of electric guitars, strong drum and bass background.

      Rhythmic Indian Language by ColourTunes

      This royalty-free track is a fantastic example of modern Indian Konnakol music. South Indian vocal syllables used to create rhythmic compositions. Perfect music for travel show openers, exotic workout soundtrack, documentaries about the global world, Mumbai and Deli streets, original exotic commercials, and any ethno oriented video projects. Thanks for listening and purchasing!

      Groove Metal Power by Dave Brenner

      Ever needed a powerful track to stand out from the crowd? This piece is a guaranteed way to catch an audience's attention. An explosive metal track that totally rocks. Cool shaker, solid drum and bass groove, and crunching rock guitar riffs. Ideal music for sports, extreme sports, commercials, and party scenes.

      Under Ground by Dave Brenner

      Ambient leads and deep synths with a groovy mid-tempo drum-and-bass beat take you on a journey through time and space.

      Cool Neighborhood by Infraction

      Excited, powerful breakbeat track full of energetic rhythms and synths, coupled with pounding forceful drums. Great for sports action, cars racing, technology demonstrations, electronics. Also good for extreme sports videos, like base jumping, skydiving, or snowboarding.

      Modern Energy by MediaM

      Modern, positive, powerfully, impressive track with strong punchy drum beats, fresh leads, deep bass, strong synth, sound effects. Good for future theme movies, video games, youtube channel, sports action, car advertising, summer travel vlog, also perfect for any projects where you need energy and drive.

      Timelapsing by Dopestuff

      Timelapsing is an atmospheric and introspective electronic track suitable for various projects. Check my portfolio for more similar music.

      Tablet Trance by Dave Brenner

      An upbeat trance style track with a catchy space themed melody giving the feeling of drifting through space and time.

      Shine With Joy by Mark Woollard

      A happy and positive vibe is on display throughout this track. Featured instruments include piano, electric guitar, and violin, all underpinned by a steady kick drum and bassline. Ideal for many upbeat projects.

      The North Ice by Infraction

      Majestic and slightly dramatic epic Drum'n Bass royalty free track. This track is ideal for sci-fi film trailers, open universe, timelapse videos, space adventure and video game related contents, travelogue, and more.

      Aspiration To Success by JGaudio

      Energizing, uplifting, driving track in mainstream drum & bass genre with powerful breakbeat drum beats, crazy morphing bassline, bright synthesizers and leads, catchy melodies and more. Providing good mood perfect for sports, corporate, commercials, games and youtube videos

      Wind Of Glory by Ionics Music

      Fast energetic and super catchy. This track is a powerful mixture of dubstep drums with 8 bit chiptune synthesizers. It features an exciting and motivating melody, gets you ready for a fast ride or battle. The track evolves and becomes a musical wall of unified synth sound, playing the main theme. Powerful and nostalgic. Can fit well into a video game theme or a retro style animation with a modern touch.

      Making You Happy by ArtIss

      Positive funk with urban breakbeat drums, slap bass, funky guitars and rhodes. Great for TV, hipster advertisement and hip background music.

      Developing New Ideas by DPmusic

      This is groovy atmospheric drum n bass track with the dynamic and warm sound. Main instruments are drums kit, synth, piano, bass and synth pads. Beautiful background music for corporate use and other multimedia projects.

      Summer In Love by Mark Woollard

      Uplifting feelgood summery track, featuring piano lead and funky modern dnb groove. A smooth, uptempo driving track

      New Corporate Trend by Alex Grey

      Positive and inspirational modern light music in corporate style. Easy and beautiful choice for any of your videos and presentations. Emotional piano and jungle-bit. Made with love for people.

      Energy Power by Benjamin Segal

      A hard hitting drum n bass fused breakbeat track with tech drums and analogue synth.

      Simple Live by Artem Shurygin

      A slow and ambient track in a calm mood with simple melody, huge drums and bass.

      Seventeen by Dave Brenner

      Bouncy bass melody and a deep string pad, backed by big beat drums.

      News Review by Alex Grey

      An important and good news! You should hear it first. Actual events, incidents, all that information is worthy of your attention.

      Fireball by Dmitriy Rodionov

      Fast energetic electronic track with drum 'n' bass rhythm. Very modern urban soundrack for creative projects.

      Streetwise by Dave Brenner

      Fast paced track with a catchy synth melody and a big fat bass and drum backing.

      Viberz Pad by Dave Brenner

      Upbeat arpeggiated synth groove track with a cool pad backing and upbeat drums and bass.

      Demons Play by Mike Nowa

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    Drum and bass, often abbreviated as DnB, is best described as a type of electronic music defined by fast breakbeats (usually between 160 and 180 BPM), heavy bass, and sub-bass lines often combined with synthesizers. DnB is derived from breakbeat hardcore and is a popular genre in the 1990s UK rave scene.

    DnB takes its influences from many musical genres, including reggae and dub, spanning some subgenres, such as breakcore, jungle, hardstep, Darkstep, Neurofunk, liquid funk, and sambass.

    The history of DnB music starts as early as 1991, when the breakbeat rave scene welcomed a type of music that toned down the heavy sampling and hardcore effects, leaving room for more bassline.

    Back then, a major influence was reggae music, which brought to the light a subgenre called hardcore jungle. Another subgenre, darkcore, also emerged during the early 1990s, with songs being heavily infused with dark-themed samples from horror movies and synthesizer notes, pitch shifting, and time stretching. These subgenres are considered precursors of drum and bass and helped popularize the genre.

    Around 1995, many jungle producers started moving away from the genre and started creating what is now known as drum and bass. In time, drum and bass started being more polished and sophisticated, a change that helped popularize the genre between ’95 and ’97.

    As the name recalls, the most important elements of DnB music are drum elements and bass elements. Early pioneers of the genre used Akai samplers and sequencers for drum elements, creating their tracks on the legendary Atari ST computers. The Roland TR-808 drum machine was also used for its kick drum. The bassline of DnB songs is perhaps the most important element of the genre, deep sub-bass music lines being physically felt when listened to on powerful sound systems.

    The DnB genre remains relatively underground, with only a few record labels dominating the scene. Amongst the most well-known labels are RAM Records, established in 1992 by Andy C, Virus Recordings, established by Optical and Ed Rush, and Hospital Records, owned by Tony Colman (London Elektricity).

    Jungle Drum and Bass Music

    Jungle DnB, or simply jungle, hit mainstream success in the early 1990s, being a recognizable element of the youth subculture back then. Those who listened to jungle called themselves junglists, with many songs using the term or calling the audience jungle soldiers.

    Artists that heavily influenced the jungle drum and bass scene are King Tubby, Lee Perry, Mad Professor, and Bob Marley. This influence can be observed even today, with jungle being one of the most popular subgenres of DnB. Many DnB songs today still feature ragga vocals. Amongst the pioneers of the jungle are considered Shy FX, T Power, and Serial Killaz.

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