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    • Dreamy and mysterious electronic music loop. Bright and mystical ambient technology track with soft beat and floating synth. For underwater, clouds time lapse, winter and autumn scenery.

      A cool loop with saxophone, tight rhythm and sound effects.

      Prepare to listen to a very surprising round of conversations among piano, sax, muted trumpet and vibraphone in a classy jazz structure. This track is ideal for many kind of video productions, including movies, comedies, TV broadcasts in general.

      It is a setting designed for small scenes videojeugos retro style with large doses of inspiration in vintage play games of the decade of the 80/90 sequence.

      Slow pulsating electronic loop, Moog and Prophet synths trade hypnotic brassy, plucked motifs over echoing synthesized organ rhythm. Bridge has shimmering synthesizers modulating back to original key. Suggested for urban, psychedelic scenes, sequences with conflict. Key of E minor, 104 beats/min

      A powerful track, featuring finger bass guitar, chunky e-guitars & drums, which promise to give the right amount of energy on any commercial project! Works perfect for sports, movie trailer, TV advertisement or any video which you need to grab the attention of your audience! Enjoy!

      Spooky organ chimes, theatre style orchestra with choir, and Harp elements creates a slow spooky melody useful for horror projects. Suitable background music to create a spooky atmosphere with a mysterious theme.

      A bass heavy funk tune that has a sense of danger about it.

      Funny and easy music perfect for commercials, children and cartoon projects. Jazzy mood with a repetitive rhythm and melody. Acoustic track Featuring Marimba, upright bass and funny crash cymbals

      Track in the unusual time of five fourths, with a burst of energy of electric guitar between two meditative and dreamy parties. Great ambience. This audio is not "pumped". Turn up the volume to appreciate all nuances of the sound.

      Upbeat and bouncy electronic music loop. A perfectly positive vibe for uplifting corporate and motivational business videos, websites, urban advertising, Youtube videos and New Media.

      Old Disco style dance track with catchy bass and hook lines.This track featured electric guitars, orchestral strings, funky synths, brass section. Great for new product presentation, visual media, sports, exciting corporate presentations and more.

      Positive and uplifting funk track in a good mood. Featured instruments are trumpets, electric guitars and electric piano. Good for advertising, slideshow or a positive video.

      Dramatic and passionate cinematic music. Deep accordion chords create a unique romantic mood to the scenes of partying and the fatal love. Suitable for fashion video clips. In the style of Gotan Project.

      A slow drum beat backed with distant electric guitar riffs create an edgy questioning melody designed for crime related projects such as detective, police, FBI or projects which involve suspicion or elements of tension. Work great for deep in thought scenes or projects requiring dramatic tension or suspense.

      Suspense atmosphere and a bit of irony in this looped track, inspired by the mysterious cases solved by Sherlock Holmes. Great underscore for your media projects.

      A flamenco-inspired melody evolves into a restless melodic line over a bondiana style sordino-string section.

      Upbeat, rock-jazz track that oozes a cool neo-retro 70's vibe with contrasting sections that dynamically transition from sparse to full instrumentation. Great for seventies flashback documentaries, heist movies, crime dramas, cop/detective shows and more.

      Piano based track creating a sense of wonderment and exploration that builds in drama throughout.

      Powerful and dramatic electronic track with elements of breakbeat and psychedelic guitarWill serve as a perfect backdrop to any car racingdriving and other stressful situation.

      A funcky hip-hop beat with guitar and piano

      Buoyant chillout track with lots of asian elements, almost jazzy and out of the box. Catchy and light, moving and funny. Close your eyes and feel this cool vibe go deep into your soul and bring joy to your heart.

      Breakbeat loop-ready song performed on digital synthesizers and overdriven electric guitar. Analog style bass line was created using two different sounds and sequences plus a continuous bass pad.

      Hypnotic and psychedelic, passionate rock music loop. in a suspenseful soul, retro and seventies style. Dark deep and dramatic classic rock theme. Featuring full band of bass, electric guitars, drums, strings and background vocals.

      Upright bass and drums plays jazz motif as vibes and piano trade shadowy phrases. Suggested for scenes of mystery, deduction, sneaky underhanded preparations, criminal activity, reminiscent of 'The Pink Panther'. Key of G minor, 123 beats/min

      This is a high adrenaline track with a driving guitar riff full of the energy and excitement of a dramatic high speed car chase. It has very determined and focused edgy rock and roll feel to it with a classic explosive chorus. Would be great for any action packed video scenes or movie trailers.

      True funk music. Fat bass, cool drums & Clavinet. Welcome back to 70-th!

      Ironic positive music. The best choice for a fun adventure scenes.

      An uplifting and powerful pop track. The rhythmic electric guitar, digital synth elements and the drum groove all create an agressive and inspirational vibe. Great for corporate videos, commercials and more.

      Upbeat synthesizer motifs are accompanied by arrangement of synth bass, subtle pads and percussion in 54 second loop. Suggested for media spots, public service announcements, sound design for corporate applications depicting efficiency and productivity. Key of C, 120 beats/min

      Dark and infernal music ,choirs, orchestra, timpani, and eletronic fx, suggestive intrusion of darkness.

      Adventure cinematic track, expose a lot of action and mystery, suitable for movies, chase or action scenes. Electronic elements, combine with orchestra, to give move with an epic character overall. Enjoy!

      Fun, upbeat retro funk track. Features drums, bass, electric piano, strings,choir. Great for retro scenes and commercials.

      This is a short ambient track featuring spacey sounds and mysterious bells. Great background music for dark and haunted projects.

      Automated synthesizer bass and drums accompany organ, piano, glockenspiel and edgy strings in 68 second loop for a suspenseful, forward-moving motif, alternated with wistful chime-like pattern, broken up by lush bridge. Suggested for tense, urban, automated scenes, montages, transitions. Key of C minor, 120 beats/min

      Sensual and relaxed chill out ballad recorded with brass, piano, bass and drums. Piano play cool melodies and the band play sexy backgrounds. Great music for intimate night scenes, fashion projects, background music and advertising

      Twangy electric guitar driven soundtrack that fuses retro rock, classic surf and spaghetti western music styles together. Evokes a gritty and edgy, intense atmosphere. Features human whistling, tremolo baritone guitars, chimes, bass, drums and percussion.

      Sequenced synthesizers, rock guitars and drums play tension-building patterns reminiscent of classic rock tracks. Suggested to underscore sports highlight reels, action scenes, sequences depicting preparation for battle and images involving robotic animation. Key of A minor, 120 beats/min

      Strings, French horn, piano and harpsichord in 80 second loop of A/B patterns suggested for scenes of mystery or espionage. Style inspired by James Bond, Desperate Housewives. Suggested for secretive, suspenseful, sneaky, crime-in-progress sequences, transitions, montages. Key of F minor/ 120 beats/min

      House influenced 88 second loop of beat box, vintage Moog, Prophet and virtual synth patterns. Suggested for club scenes, rave settings, high tech montage, transitions, energy building overture, main theme or end credits. Also for alternative underscore of narration.

      Upright bass plays cautious walking pattern pausing for pitch-bending glissando notes with hihat cymbals and triangle, a la The Pink Panther. Suggested for devious, deceitful, sneaky, comic scenes or to underscore humorous tongue-in-cheek voiceovers or narration. Key of C minor, 61 beats/min

      Medium tempo 82 second loop of electronic reggae-style dance/trance groove. Minimoog V bass line, beatbox kick drum, step-filtered cymbals, B4 organ, circa 70's Micromoog, reverse audio harpsichord play A/B arrangement. Suggested for club, urban night, traveling scenes, rising tension. Key of G minor, 147 beats/min

      Automated synthesizers, staccato piano, punchy bass and clipped percussion play 87 second loop of repetitive motifs suggestive of investigative reporting, TV journalism, and news magazine shows. Suggested for main theme, also to underscore scenes of automation, industrial, mechanical action. Key of C, 151 beats/min

      Syncopated pizzicato strings play 72 second blues pattern with subtle percussion. Suggested for urban scenes, film sequences involving automation, efficiency, also for underscoring of narration, public service announcements, TV and radio ad production spots, depictions of nightlife. Key of E, 120 beats/min

      Pizzicato strings, piano, guitar and percussion play sparsely syncopated patterns in 54 second loop suggested to underscore scenes of contemplation, serious narration, anxious waiting and preoccupied walks. Also to accompany voiceover in corporate video, documentary and PSA. Key of D minor

      Bittersweet, melancholy melody played on syncopated pizzicato strings, harp and percussion in 71 second loop. Suggested for underscoring of formal funerals, serious narrative, tragic love scenes, also for media production cues, images of natural disaster relief and calls to donate. Key of A, starts at 78 beats/min

      Suspense bass drum and synth.

      Angry, powerful and energetic alternative metal track with huge drums, huge guitars and great rhythm! The clean guitars reminds of a big blockbuster...Mission Impossible!!

      A bright and energetic piece. The perfect song for action, fantasy or adventure

      Syncopated bass trance groove with analogue and digital synthesizer pads, percussion and woodwinds. Suggested for mysterious scenes, illusions, hallucinations, public service announcements and underscoring of narration, voice-overs, TV and radio production music spots. Key of E minor

      Upright bass plays deliberate tango type 85 second loop accompanied by drums, percussion, piano and vibes. Suggested for underscore of scenes involving mystery, intrigue, espionage and comedic farce situations. Also for stealth and subtle crime-in-progress sequences. Key of C minor, 62 beats/min

      Cinematic orchestral composition with synth. The perfect song for comedy thriller or suspence.

      Piano and muted trumpet create a playful, mischievous Jazz melody useful for humor or animated cartoon scenes.

      Americana! Great rhythm...very interesting open drums and a the cheekiness of mission impossible!!!!

      Simple lush piano chords with percussion, drums and bowed string bass set melancholy mood in 64 second loop. Suggested for lonely departing or nostalgic scene, underscoring of narration, voice-overs, sunset and sunrise.

      Short TV & Film style Rock instrumental featuring electric guitars, bells, strings, piano, & synth. Possible uses can range from a scene/show opener, character theme, sports spot, etc.

      Quirky/Fun Pop instrumental featuring synths, leads, custom FX, and modded guitars. Possible uses can range from songs, shopping scenes, web videos, trailers, etc.

      Grimey Chopped & Screwed style Hip Hop instrumental featuring modded synths, strings, brass, and bass. Possible uses can range from songs, web videos, trailers, etc.

      Bass strings accompanied by piano, tremolo violins, French Horn and percussion play 54 sec loop of pondering patterns, suggested to underscore scenes of mystery and intrigue. Also intended to underscore sequences involving espionage, deceit and practical jokes.

      Smooth jazzy chillout loop featuring light piano chord progression and electric piano solo line.

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