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    • Salsa Festival by DreamSounding

      A catchy, bouncy royalty free salsa track, with a Latin piano, bongos, guiro, cool bass, and drums, ideal for vlogs, travel, vacation, summer, or advertising videos.

      Bosphorus Romance by Geoff Harvey

      A beautiful piece of Mediterranean orchestral music with added elements of world music. Ideal to depict the colorful variety of regions, people, and landscapes. Featuring brims with feeling, culture, and art, to imply a story of human emotions, fantasy, and world harmony. Could be useful for RPG games, Anime, or documentaries.

      At The Italian Restaurant by White Cat Music

      A cheerful, upbeat, gypsy swing track with a pleasant melody reminiscent of Italian / Mediterranean traditions and sounds. Ideal for productions related to cooking music, dining or friendly, family atmospheres. Loop and full version available.

      Wonderful Italy by APmuse

      This Mediterranean-flavored background music is perfect for scenes and videos made in Italy, especially in villages with cobbled streets and historic architecture. The music perfectly evokes the warm, light-hearted, and festive atmosphere of Italian seaside villages or mountain towns, with that magnificent Alps view. This soundscape can be used as a music bed in travel films and documentaries, TV commercials, advertising campaigns, YouTube videos, movie trailers, or narrative films, or it could be used in cooking shows or any situation you want to share a pleasant feeling.

      Wine And Grapes by AG Music

      A fun Italian folk loop with Mediterranean traditions and a bit drunk mood. Feel the atmospheres of Federico Fellini movies. This quirky track is perfect for funny commercials, comic situations, Toskana vineyards, romantic comedy, sidewalk restaurants and maybe cooking shows. The main instruments are accordion, bouzouki and nylon guitars.

      Italian Waltz by SoundWave

      Cinematic sweet romantic waltz. Played with gypsy jazz acoustic guitars, mandolin and bass. Emotional and beautiful Mediterranean melodies. Works good in French, Italian or retro projects.

      Golden Chances by KD Music

      This mellow bossa nova track is perfect if you need a smooth and stylish piano background for your romantic videos, presentations, or podcasts. The soft flute melody combined with the piano and upright bass gives this music a very laid-back feel.

      Wine And Olives by Alexander Lisenkov

      This is bouncy and energetic track featuring Greek and Mediterranean traditional instruments. It would be nice for vacation or travel videos about Greece, Georgia, Montenegro, Croatia, Cyprus, Israel or Turkey.

      Somewhere In Paradise by Nazar Rybak

      This can be the perfect music for presenting a holiday resort, the exquisite facilities of a luxurious hotel or real estate. Background music for wellness and massages, for travel documentaries, tropical beaches or Mediterranean sun-kissed places with people enjoying their holidays etc.

      Funny Man by APmuse

      A romantic, gentle, and uplifting French jazz cafe music. Featuring a classic "Jazz Manouche" sound with acoustic guitar, accordion, and drums that evokes European travel and good times. Perfect for true love stories, romantic comedies, buddy movies, road trips, etc.

      Mystic Beauty by Sascha Giebel

      Energetic atmospheric world fusion track with lots of oriental influences and instrumentation mixed with Latin and pop elements. Ideal for travel documentaries, exotic products, fashion shows and everything that needs a passionate Near East background music flavor. Think about Cypress, Turkey, Israel, Jordan, OAE and Mediterranean country music traditions.

      Old Greek Taverna by ikoliks

      This Mediterranean Greek folk track features bouzouki, accordion, and acoustic guitars. This track brings a feeling of freedom, romance, and adventure to your projects. A great choice for travel videos and documentaries about nature, travel, food, and ecology – or movies with similar topics.

      Ramadan Is Coming by ihsandincer

      An authentic ethnic middle eastern track with beautiful melancholic melody reflecting a peaceful mood of a heart full of love. This traditional oriental music is good for Mediterranean travel videos, romantic films, Turkish landscapes, relaxation and meditation, scenes of reflection and calmness.

      Flamenco Summer Dance by AG Music

      Sensual and full of passion flamenco style guitar piece with Cajon and claps. Suitable for documentary about Spain and Mediterranean region, travel channels, TV shows, and more.

      Last Date by AleXZavesa

      Relive the best of the 2000s with this EDM dance music and be ready to enjoy your life. This incredible melody will create an unforgettable atmosphere of summer. A great choice for your vacation vlogs, travel video, or photo slideshow.

      Mediterranean Waltz by White Cat Music

      Seamless loop in the acoustic waltz style with typical folk instruments, including acoustic guitar, bouzouki, and mandolin. Inspiring melody with warm, feel-good mood. Ideal for traditional life scenes, family gathering or travel journey around Italy, Greece and other Mediterranean countries.

      Italian Romance by White Cat Music

      Acoustic folk waltz loop with traditional Mediterranean instruments. Beautiful inspiring melody played by mandolin. Authentic sounds and atmosphere, reminiscent of classic Italian songs. A truly romantic, suggestive, inspiring tune.

      Midnight Coffee by ihsandincer

      Feel the warmth of a summer's evening with this track. A mellow and relaxing guitar composition, perfect for media projects that need a dreamy atmosphere or Youtube vlogs exploring a relaxed lifestyle. Perfect as a romantic soundtrack for an evening walk after a glass of wine.

      Pizza Margherita by White Cat Music

      A traditional Italian style looped track, uptempo and melodic at the same time. Classic mediterranean acoustic instruments such as mandolin and accordion. Uplifting final section with orchestra. It creates a joyful. friendly atmosphere, with a touch of retro flavor. Very versatile.

      Mafia Territory by Geoff Harvey

      Dulcimer, accordion and moody string phrases combine to create this classic 1970s style Italian gangster, mobster style piece containing elements of crime and the underworld. The piece has a slight retro feel, reminiscent of a 1970s movie, to give it an urban, gritty, feel.

      French Waltz by Emilio Merone

      That's a great waltz musette tune in french style. You can hear the mediterranean folk style perfect for romantic or melancholic scenes.

      Ramadan Is Here Again by Eitan Epstein Music

      This is uplifting and positive Arabian background music. It is great for Arabian holidays and celebration background music, Ramadan and Muslim holidays, middle eastern projects, Eid al Fitr videos, Arabic and oriental commercials, oriental Youtube videos, and much more.

      La Valse De La Solitude by Emilio Merone

      An evocative waltz track in French style starts with a small orchestra and a melancholy musette. After the natural develop of the melody, a big orchestra comes to show the power of the main part. Perfect Mediterranean folk style mixed with a cinematic mood.

      Mediterranean Trip by SoundWave

      Beautiful piece of Mediterranean and Spanish track played with acoustic guitars, bass, Cajon flamenco, and percussions. Fix perfectly for summer, animals, holidays, travel, festival, wine, cooking, and restaurant contents.

      Light Summer Nights by Nazar Rybak

      This can be the perfect music for presenting a holiday resort, the exquisite facilities of a luxurious hotel or real estate. A background for wellness and massages, for travel documentaries, tropical beaches or Mediterranean sun-kissed places with people enjoying their holidays etc.

      Mediterranean Village Life by Geoff Harvey

      Joyous traditional-sounding jig featuring accordion and dulcimer melody suggesting rural dance style loosely of the Balkan, Greek, and Mediterranean-facing regions. Rhythmic elements of traditional folk instruments give the impression of perhaps a village scene hosting a dance or village celebration.

      Latin Bossa Nova by Premium TraX

      Passionate and emotional Latin composition in a flamenco style with authentic acoustic guitars, light percussion, a warm bass and a gentle drumbeat. Great for romantic videos, vacation and travel videos, hot Mediterranean nights and dance scenes in films and videos.

      Andalusian Sunshine by Raffaele De Leonardo

      Track for classical guitar solo, full of Mediterranean flavor enhanced by the contrapuntal technique. Energy and elegance for your listening pleasure.

      Days Of Ramadan by TimTaj

      Inspirational, soulful and happy Middle Eastern background music for the holy Ramadan celebration. Good for Islamic holidays, Eid al-Adha, movies, videos about the Middle East, advertising, travel to Arab countries, Arab weddings and other Islamic video projects. Instruments: violins, qanun, tar, piano, darbuka, dhol, bendir, rigg, sagat, strings, bass guitar, percussions, etc.

      A Trip To Greece by Andy Littlewood

      Greek style instrumental track with bouzouki, acoustic guitar, double bass, percussion, and drums. Great for Greek holiday, vacation, leisure, travel, people dancing, greek restaurant scenes, taverna, cultural documentaries, podcasts intro music, and videos.

      An Italian Romance by Andy Littlewood

      Emotional Italian Folk track with a cinematic feel. Features mandolin, classical guitar, strings, accordion, and double bass. Great for themes involving Italy, Venice, Rome, Sicily, romance, nostalgia, the Godfather, Italian cooking music, pizza, pasta, gondolier, heartbreak, lost love, travel

      Travel To Remember by APmuse

      There are no limits to the world you can reach. This inspiring, touching, and just slightly nostalgic acoustic guitar track. A great romantic background music track that sets a positive and motivational mood. Features piano, electric guitars, percussion, and bright strings.

      I Love Italy by Andrea Bellina

      This happy and joyful theme, inspired by great neapolitan composers, evokes the typical italian lifestyle made of sun, sea and mediterranean tasty food. Ideal for Cooking Channels, Travel TV shows, restaurants and sidewalk cafè. Scent of pizza and spaghetti eaten in front of the gulf of Sorrento

      Hotel Mediterranean by ihsandincer

      A Spanish Latin flavored acoustic track with nylon string guitars, trumpets, and percussions. Ideal choice for documentaries, travel videos, tourism commercials, summer videos and many more media projects.

      A Day In Madrid by ihsandincer

      A Spanish Flamenco track with Flamenco Guitars, Trumpets, Percussion, and Claps. This track would be an ideal choice for travel videos, cooking videos, documentaries, commercials, and other media projects related to Spain and other Mediterranean countries.

      Happy Playing Child by Yevhen Lokhmatov

      A cute tune will be an excellent soundtrack for videos and comic situations with children, animals, friends, and characters. Live guitar, xylophone, synthesizer, and accordion create a carefree and happy mood, like in musical comedies.

      Colorful Italy by APmuse

      Bright, catchy and joyful Italian music theme with happy nylon guitars, accordions, mandolin and jazzy percussion. Could be a nice background music for any Italian video, a TV show or for an advertisement.

      Lights On The Street by Nazar Rybak

      This can be the perfect music for presenting a holiday resort, the exquisite facilities of a luxurious hotel or real estate.A background for wellness and massages, for travel documentaries, tropical beaches or Mediterranean sun-kissed places with people enjoying their holidays etc.

      Palma de Lounge by Yevhen Lokhmatov

      Modern abstract electronic track with live instruments. You can hear marimba, ukulele, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano brass section, strings section and a lot of electronic drums with percussion. Mood thoughtful, melancholic, dreamy, creative. This track is best for creative ads, documentaries and youtube vlogs.

      Moonlight In Italy by Andrea Bellina

      This instrumental theme performed with piano, violin, classic guitar and accordion, reminds mediterranean flavours and is great for documentaries, travel channels and broadcasts regarding southern europe, TV shows and journalistic reportages about Italy and France in particular.

      Vintage Streets by APmuse

      Happy, carefree, playful, and catchy acoustic gypsy French jazz swing music track with acoustic guitar, accordion, bass, and jazz percussion. Great as a joyful and bright background for your special videos. It can be easily used as a background for travel, lifestyle, vacation video, advertising, and more.

      Whats Cooking by Geoff Harvey

      A warming, bright, and flowing acoustic melody consisting of joyful and positive notes provide a relaxed feeling of happiness and joy. Acoustic guitar and celesta provide a cozy sense of comfort and joy, making it ideal for make-up or craft themes but is also perfect for conveying being happy or thoughtful. Also suitable for educational use, advertising, or commercial use.

      Children Train by Eitan Epstein Music

      This is funny and comic jazz music, full of humor and smile. Great as positive and optimistic background music for funny comedy trailers, amusing projects, happy and cheerful videos, cute cartoon and humor scenes, kids mobile games, hilarious commercials, awesome and friendly youtube videos, and more.

      Wonders Of Nature by Alexander Lisenkov

      "Wonders Of Nature" is an energetic and uplifting track in a positive mood. It features ethnic percussions, acoustic instruments, such as kalimba and marimba, and some woodwinds. This track would be great for videos about wild nature and exotic animals, African travel, vacation vlogs. Also, it can be used for a dynamic casual video game.

      Cozy Swing Wind by SoundWave

      Melancholic jazzy curtain, played with guitars, piano, double bass, and vocals, with beautiful harmonies. It works really good in cozy commercials, Christmas, food, movies.

      From Venice With Love by Andy Littlewood

      Traditional Italian folk track with a cinematic feel. Features mandolin, acoustic guitar, strings, and accordion. Great for themes involving Italy, Venice, Sicily, Rome, romance, nostalgia, sentimental journey, Italian cooking, pizza, pasta, gondolier, heartbreak, lost love.

      Party In Greece by Andy Littlewood

      Carefree Greek style instrumental track with bouzouki, acoustic guitar, mandolin, drums, bass and percussion. Great for holiday and leisure scenes, travel channel, people dancing, taverna, party, nightlife, Greece, vacation, cultural documentaries.

      Gangs Of Sicily by ihsandincer

      A dramatic in tango style track combining traditional Italian music with hip-hop elements. Featuring accordion, violin, mandolin, piano and choir. Ideal choice for advertisements, commercials, TV shows, podcasts, youtube videos and any project that needs a dramatic and powerful Italian Gangster sound.

      Sesio Manouche by Emilio Merone

      Cooking swing music with an upbeat melody and uplifting jazzy mood. Immerse yourself into the atmosphere of sunny Italy, fiesta time, and a holiday of a lifetime. Good music groove for a comedy movie soundtrack, cooking show, family commercials, good time with friends, and more.

      Oriental Middle East by ColourTunes

      Traditional Arabic royalty-free music that is perfectly crafted for special moods and purposes. This oriental composition is a unique mix of world beat music with modern electro arrangements. The melodic line is performed on the Rebab (bowed string instrument). Suitable for documentaries about the Middle East, Sahara adventure, fantastic Bellydance show, etc. Enjoy it and good luck with your fantastic projects! Thanks for listening and purchasing!

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    The Mediterranean is the area of the world that spans the Mediterranean Sea, from Southern Europe to Northern Africa. For many of the countries that are popular vacation destinations, such as Spain and Cyprus, the term has become synonymous with a relaxed lifestyle and good times, lounging by the sea with fresh food or dancing carefree with local wine, and so this is also reflected in the music of the Mediterranean.

    The food produced in these countries has spawned the genre of Mediterranean cuisine, and whilst in reality the twenty countries across the coastline have many diversities in their diet, there are staples such as fish, oils and grapes that are seen as the fresh way of Mediterranean eating. The obsession around food is as much about the atmosphere, and so the music in the cafes and restaurants is essential in creating this, from the traditional to the modern.

    A signature sound is that of accordion, violin and bass, playing old songs like La Spagnola and La Vie en Rose in a style that is both cabaret and folk. That is especially true in France, whereas in Spain flamenco dancing and Spanish guitar bring a more vibrant mood. Italian and Greek music is steeped in their rich histories, and notably includes classical and opera. For much of Mediterranean music, the songs are nationally meaningful but the feel is inclusively celebratory.

    By its nature, Mediterranean music crosses many cultures, and people trying to replicate Mediterranean music outside of the countries often misinterpret or stereotype it to one thing; whether that is Enrique Iglesias for Spain, Luciano Pavarotti for Italy, or Serge Gainsborough for France. These are important musicians whose music provides the romantic mood that the Mediterranean evokes, but there is much more both within these countries and the others across the sea.

    Nowadays, a more modern sound can also be associated with the Mediterranean, as electronic dance music and European pop music has infiltrated recent decades to provide an equally feel good if less deep soundscape. Ranging from laid back trance to Latin infused dance and catchy pop, the influx of popular culture and music festivals have influenced the sounds played by locals and visitors alike, whilst still retaining the original sunny Mediterranean vibe.

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