• Yangtze River

      Beautiful, vibrant, and emotional traditional Asian orchestral background music is performed with serenity and epic grandeur. Featuring koto and guzheng strings instruments, shakuhachi flute, brass, and thunderous drums. Suitable for cinematic projects, epic trailers, movies, games, romantic fairy tales, fantasy adventures and more.

      Badass Life

      Deck the Halls Carol is a famous Christmas carol in the public domain that has been sung for generations. Traditional melody with a professional arrangement provides a soothing and serene atmosphere for the upcoming winter holidays. It is perfect background music for all media projects, including radio, television, YouTube, or podcasts.

      The Land Between The Rivers

      Happy and joyful African style melody featuring traditional instruments such as Timpani, Woodwinds and Trombones containing bouncy and positive East African style elements. The track is influenced by the traditional music of Kenya. Would work well in many scenes including safari adventure, travel videos, wild nature park, and adds uplifting energy to many other scenes. Would also work well for commercials, animal documentaries and kids games.

      Successful Strings

      Cinematic epic Middle East background music. It features traditional oriental instruments like the oud, kanun, and darbuka and orchestral arrangements, like strings and horns. This exotic and emotionally resonant background music is ideal for drama and anticipation, making it ideal for storytelling, documentaries, or travel videos that evoke the vast landscapes of the desert.

      So Sweet

      A laid-back and charming Americana country music to make you feel right at home. The acoustic and electric guitars are done in a traditional style, similar to early Johnny Cash or George Strait records. This track will put you in a laidback, mellow, and optimistic mood. Emotive and touching, it has a charming appeal that makes it great for TV, commercials, Youtube, and other media.

      Xmas Jazz Trio

      Emotional Asian traditional music

      Inviting Warmth

      Peaceful and carefree Americana country royalty-free music with a touch of rustic charm and light nostalgia. Featuring acoustic guitars, electric guitars, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, bass, and drums. This track is great for travel videos with scenic rural landscapes or small-town explorations, American countryside, real estate slideshow, and cooking videos of homemade, traditional recipes.

      Hidden Creek

      Festive, uplifting and classical Christmas music. This traditional orchestral holiday music is the ideal soundtrack for playing in the snow, putting up decorations, or any project that needs a jolly seasonal theme.

      Funky Jive

      Jingle Bells classic Christmas carol Holiday Instrumental. Features Ukulele, ukelele, Mandolin, Bells, drums, horns, strings to give that holiday merry christmas cheer. Modern yet maintains the traditional classic feel of Jingle Bells, this seasonal background music will be perfect for corporate advertising, presentations, movies, slideshows, and youtube videos that need a happy holiday mood.

      Criminal Money

      This one is an energetic blues-rock composition that combines soulful blues music with the power of rock. With its swagger guitar riffs, grooving basslines, Hammond organ, and dynamic drum beats, this track injects a sense of passion and fervor. The perfect track for sporting events, advertising campaigns, documentaries, or action-adventure travel videos.

      Boots In Dust

      A traditional Chinese New Year track brings a sense of hope for the best, peace, and fortune in life. Suitable for projects related to Chinese cultural heritage, old traditions, Moon festival celebration, and other projects related to China and Asia countries.

      The Celtic Handmaiden

      ROAD SONG is a traditional acoustic guitar melody loop. The rhythm is very soothing and sounds like composed for the happy times. This music is very simple yet truly amazing.


      A beautiful classical orchestral piece with harpsichord, strings, timpani, woodwinds, and piano featuring. Wonderful music for art gallery presentations, educational videos, films about arts, architecture and design reviews, European culture videos, documentaries, historical movies, medieval videos, Renaissance age style videos, ads, and many more.

      We Wish You A Very Merry Christmas

      A positive and traditional Chinese track perfect for Chinese New Year festivals, Asian festivals, celebrations, documentaries, commercials, informercials, presentations and much more!

      The Majesty Of Art

      JINGLE BELLS is the contemporary version of the traditional jingle bells melody. It's an electric guitar mix of the traditional tune and the chiming sounds holds its authentic essence intact. Sounds just awesome!

      Jazz Cruise

      Inspirational motivational and dramatic corporate modern classical track. Featuring piano, Mozart-like strings, and analog synths. This neo-classical arrangement is a good choice for a wide range of multimedia applications like corporate projects, television dramas, commercial ads, movie trailers, educational videos, documentaries related to history, art, or culture, or any project that needs an uplifting and emotive backdrop.

      Dusty Train

      A strong, traditional royalty-free rock Christmas carol, but with a modern drum sound, guitars, leads, and bass. Best for Xmas, corporate, or advertising videos.

      Latin Charm

      Traditional instruments such as Marimba and mixed gender African vocals provide a happy, upbeat track designed to imply a sense of freedom and feel good atmosphere, which is very suitable for advertising purposes. The melody suggests a sense of well being and happiness, whilst creating a sense of freedom in a modern way. Also very useful for travel and documentary themes.

      Sanchez And The Gang

      This is upbeat, animated Americana background music expressing energy, warmth, and a genuine country vibe. Featured acoustic guitars, a melodious electric guitar, fiddle bass, and drums. This track would add an authentic touch to travel vlogs, documentaries showing rural landscapes, outdoor adventures or country lifestyle.

      Christmas Holiday Mood

      An upbeat version of the traditional Christmas Carol performed in Hard Rock style. Featuring punchy drums and sparkly electric guitars. Perfect for Winter Holiday Season commercials, YouTube vlogs, Ticktock Christmas Videos, and more!

      Muddy Road Underscore

      Human Beatbox rhythm mixed with traditional electric blues rock guitar sounds. Recorded with electric guitars, bass, percussion and beatbox.

      Royal Reverence

      This upbeat blues rock background music is perfect for any project that needs a raw, gritty Southern U.S atmosphere. The track has a retro vibe with an uptempo driving beat, a cool bass line, and a Hammond organ. This high-energy track instantly sets the tone for what's to come, transporting you to a world of dusty roads, wagon trains rolling across the prairie, cowboys riding the range, and sweltering summer heat. Great for travel videos, country-oriented documentaries, road trip movies, and commercials emphasizing the can-do American spirit.

      Country State Of Mind

      A feelgood, Celtic flavored acoustic instrumental music with a relaxed, easy-going feel. This authentic, traditional guitar piece has a raw and organic sound. An excellent choice for media projects about the nostalgia of bygone times, rustic scenes, Ireland, road movies, etc.

      Crown For The Queen

      Marimba, Indian drums and traditional dance instruments create an authentic taste of Indian music. Great for travel, documentary or tourism.

      Vienna Journey

      It's brilliant classical orchestra music with fanfares, strings, woodwinds, timpani, and percussion instruments. This track creates a delightful atmosphere of European culture Renaissance, Baroque, and Rococo epochs. It reminds music of Mozart, Haydn, and young Beethoven, paintings of Michelangelo, Rafael, and Da Vinci. Splendid music for historical films, medieval movies, ceremonials, king and queen ballroom dances, European-style architecture and design presentations, educational content, documentaries, and many more.

      Deck The Halls Carol

      An Arabic/ Middle Eastern track that combines traditional instruments with a modern beat. Featuring oud, reed flute, middle eastern percussion and drums. The track is well suited for travel projects, documentaries, commercials and all kinds of videos and visuals related to middle east countries.

      Im On My Way

      An old school traditional jazz music with live acoustic sound and easy listening mood. Main instruments are piano, upright bass, jazz drum kit, vibraphone and electric guitar. This beautiful royalty free track in retro swing style will be perfect for vintage 50s and 60s videos, traditional American dance and cocktail party videos, formal nights videos, stylish advertising, radio shows and sets or more.

      Royal Elegance

      A stylish and charming Latin jazz music with Brazilian, Cuban and Spanish colors. This is a beautiful combination of rumba, cha cha cha, and salsa with Cuban grand piano, muted trumpet, vibraphone, horns, flamenco acoustic guitar and percussion instruments featuring. Perfect for advertising, ballrooms, dance classes, films, events promotion, travel videos, vacations, and many more.

      My Hawaii Island

      A romantic, traditional and emotional French track, featuring accordion, piano, violin, mandolin and guitar. Great choice for cafe, bakery, travel, cooking and DIY project videos, advertisements, web videos, internet commercials and much more. Enjoy!

      Vienna Masquerade

      BRAND NEW DAY is a pleasing and inspiring composition with an amazing blend of authentic guitar work and traditional drum work. It's sound will definitely lift your mood.

      Sands Of Time

      A solemn and triumphal orchestral track with strings, horns, timpani, and fanfares featuring. Perfect for award videos, ceremonial events, regal, royal scenes, films, historical videos, documentary, masquerades, balls, king and queen style content.

      We Wish You Merry Christmas

      This royalty-free music track is an amazing fusion of modern Bollywood music with a traditional Indian spirit. Features traditional instruments as sitar, tabla, bansuri, tanpura, dholak, and acoustic guitar. This contemporary ethnic music suits for travel projects, world documentaries, traditional wedding ceremonies, and any ethnically oriented project. Thanks for listening and purchasing!

      Beautiful Silent Night

      Traditional Chinese music with harp and strings ideal for the Chinese New Year celebration or Asian documentary.

      Sunny Trails

      This solemn and graceful classical Vienna waltz is performed elegantly by an ensemble of orchestral instruments. The composition captures a timeless beauty of a bygone era and creates a captivating cartoon-like atmosphere. Ideal for stylish advertising campaigns, historical narratives, ballroom dance scenes, or just wanting to add a touch of grandeur to ceremonials to your project.

      Tractor Racing

      This Indian royalty-free soundtrack featuring traditional Hindi instruments like sitar, bansuri, tumbi, tabla, dholak, shehnai, harmonium, ghatam and modal. Suitable for ethnic theme documentaries, Bollywood productions. Indian TV shows, exotic travel journey, and road adventures. Also perfect for the Indian Holi festival known as "the fest of spring, colours and love". Let's Dance and play with colours! Thanks for listening and purchasing.

      Havah Nagila

      Yoga Breathing is a relaxed, atmospheric, and contemplative music piece. The track is featuring an Indian traditional bansuri bamboo flute, string-synth, piano, and bells. This item is perfect for any project relating to India, yoga, music for meditation practices, wellness activities and spa, hypnotic scenes, or other soul-awakening projects.

      Easy Times Jazz

      A lively classical Vienna waltz featuring strings, horns, woodwinds, timpani, and cellos. Perfect for ads, stylish videos, masquerades, balls, theatre and opera presentations, medieval films, historical and documentary, regal and ceremonial videos, and many more.

      Carol Of The Bells Shchedryk

      Joyful and festive Christmas music featuring jingle bells, orchestral brass, and angelic choir sound. This uplifting traditional melody will make your projects recognizable and fairy! Works well for Merry Xmas vlogs, winter holiday commercials, storytelling about Santa Claus, Christmassy atmosphere, and lovely time with family.

      Bamboo Forest

      Gentle, atmospheric and relaxing traditional Chinese composition with a soothing and warm feel. Featuring Chinese Guzheng Zither accompanied by warm strings, percussions, and other traditional Chinese instruments. Great for healing meditation, a relaxing practice of yoga or thai chi, spa massage, etc.

      Ode To Hip Hop

      Upbeat, very jolly, and danceable Gaelic-style jig. Fiddle and Dulcimer's introduction with upbeat, syncopated percussion lead to a joyous, soaring flute and whistle melody giving the piece a traditional, Irish feel. Handclaps and added percussion to increase the pace and add a lively, fun flavor. Will remind listeners of the Irish tavern with local folk dance. Perfect for films and presentations with a strong, rural theme.

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