• A little "Celticese". This is the end section of a quick-paced instrumental "After the storm" that is light with sort of an Irish flair. This hard hitting and powerful industrial track uses a dramatic build up and action packed rhythm to get its point across. The minimal percussion is enhanced with a dark bass line which really creates a since of action and doom all that the same time. Motivational and uplifting pop rock track with an optimistic feel. Featuring electric guitars, piano, bass and drums and lot of synths. Edgy, bright and hopeful background music that is best for corporate happiness, winter time love, success, sunny morning, new beginnings, optimism and hope in film, presentations. Mid-tempo classical track consisting of two different parts - bright and calm. Great for movie and TV show. Frantic loop-ready techno song performed on digital synthesizers. Suitable for sports, action, adventure, fashion, teenagers, etc. Driven, intense melody, followed by a pulsating synth bassline is ideal for news, crime stories, information about the chronology of events or other dramatic projects. Epic cinematic orchestral trailer with powerful dubstep drums, dramatic strings, electric guitar riff and percussions. Excellent for war with enemies, battle scenes, massive impact, sudden assault, sports defeat, and other projects. Hard Tech House Electro instrumental tune. A dynamic and energetic bassline sustains the entire track, with a strong groove and kick. It could sound perfectly with sports subjects, modern fashion, sexy videos and any other project that needs a mysterious and modern techno, trance or tech house track to underscore city life images. Cool electronic music theme with ambient sound and electric rock guitars. Ideally for serious film scenes, important and difficult decision, self trust, thoughtful moment, and more. Electronic music track. Excellent for background music, web, video, presentations, high-tech videos, technical sport scenes, dance floors and even listening. This cinematic inspired soundscape really captures your attention. The powerful percussion and haunting pads scream drama while the melody really brings out emotions. The music is arranged to work great with a wide variety of powerful applications. Cinematic Epic and Electronic powerful stomp clapping music. Intimate chill out track with a beautiful combination of soft thunderstorm, electric piano, that sounds more like a musicbox and measured arpeggiator in the background. Can be applicable to the many different type of projects, from kids education software to horror films. Epic hybrid orchestral trailer cue, with powerful driving strings, soaring horns, edgy synth sounds and colossal percussion. Cinematic, dramatic and action-packed. Celtic leitmotif of tuneful piano imitates sounds of the waves washing over the seashore.
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