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    • Positive, easy-going, laid back track with mellow modulated guitars and powerful drum hits. This track is laid-back but at the same time energetic with it's powerful climax.

      Wake up and look on the world in a new fashion! You practically two steps away from the fine Future. In this Future there are no illnesses and credits, but everyone receives what it is worthy!

      Bass Guitar, saxophone and drums are a few of the instruments used here to create a cool detective style piece with hints of suspense throughout. Occasional Choral elements also suggest track could be used for cinematic theme.

      Cutting edge aggressive sound of guitars with row pumping energy of beat section make this track perfect for sport and action show.

      Slow, spacious 12/8 british psychodelic rock in Gm. Drums, electric bass,electric organ, electric guitar, synthesizer pads, synthesizer female vox.

      Medium slow Em heavy metal piece. Power drums, electric bass, overdriven electric guitar, synthesizer pad, arpeggiated synthesizer.

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