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    • Anger Beast by EdRecords

      The stylish hard rock track features a powerful, driving, energetic, and grooving sound. This track works great for movie soundtracks, action sports, and media environments such as websites and commercials. Perfect for any situation where you need adrenaline-pumping music.

      Monkey Ride by Evgeny Kiselevich

      An upbeat lively energetic rhythmic rock-n-roll instrumental. Fun, bright and positive. A sense of good times, optimism, moving forward. A positive vibe. Duel rhythmic electric guitars, steady rock-solid beat and groove of bass guitar and drums. Good for good times, excitement, fun times and similar. An excellent track for visual support.

      Having Fun In The Kitchen by Eitan Epstein Music

      Good feeling, mighty rock-n-roll. Uplifting rock guitar riff with a powerful groove of drums and a bass. The guitar solo at the second part of the track. Great for action, sports, cars, websites, commercials, PowerPoint presentations, media.

      Rock N Ride by Evgeny Kiselevich

      This is positive and easy-going jazz fusion music, full of fun and smile. It is great for positive and cheerful scenes, chefs and restaurant kitchen shows, vintage and retro projects, food and cooking shows, funny and comical background, humor and comedy advertising, optimistic and joyful youtube videos, and much more.

      Happiest Day Ever by Media Sushi

      Energetic and inspiring surf rock instrumental that will make you feel the California sun, see the waves and surfs, and smell the ocean. This successfully combines soft indie guitars with retro-sounding surf style guitars creating a unique musical piece. Great for commercials, television themes, and other projects in need of a modern twist on vintage surf sounds.

      This Will Be The Day by AG Music

      This is uplifting and energetic rock-n-roll track featuring guitars and synths. It would be nice for positive video or an advertising.

      Positive Force by Julio Kladniew

      This bluesy rock jam features electric guitar and bass with the drums playing a solid supporting beat. The clean electric guitar reminds of music from the late 50s and early 60s of rockn roll era. Ideal to be used in a classic car commercial or any type of vintage-themed visuals project needing a fun and carefree feel.

      Texas Struttin by Strat 56

      A bright, funny, and whimsical blues-rock tune is easy-going, lighthearted, mellow, and optimistic. It features an electric guitar and harmonica solos and an energetic rhythm with a happy-clappy beat. Its bright and amusing mood is suitable for travel videos, advertising, youtube promotion, and commercials.

      Vintage Dance Shoes by ihsandincer

      A super funk rock track with a bit of swaggering garage-rock flavor. The drums and bass are locked into a solid groove while the lead guitars part is oozing with a swagger. Fantastic for promos, hip commercials, video games, product demos, or projects related to teens, tweens, and anything with high energy.

      Comical Easy Bassoon by Eitan Epstein Music

      This 1960s influenced instrumental track has a solid old-time feel. It features Southern Gospel style organs, surf electric guitar, drums, and a rock-and-roll flair. Works well for retro-themed videos, adverts, radio productions, documentaries, films, vintage radio, and television shows.

      Funny Face by Emilio Merone

      An upbeat cool retro rock instrumental that is good for rockabilly, roots rock and rock and roll. A sense of good mood and carefree. Clean electric guitar with tasty licks, a steady and repetitive rhythm and groove of guitar, bass and drums. A fun track.

      60s Summer Party by Media Sushi

      Cool vintage surf rock with a great melody and positive happy vibe. High-quality production, perfect for various types of media projects.

      Funky Groovy by Azovmusic

      Fast paced funk track with upbeat, positive, and energetic mood and retro vibes. Features a funky bass line, swinging electric guitars, drums, percussion, and brass. A great choice for advertisements, internet commercials, infomercials, and much more. Will sure to get people going and grooving!

      Rockabilly Highway by Strat 56

      A magnificent rock and roll track with positive guitar riffs and an incredible good old rock sound. Ideal for upbeat product promotions, celebration parties, college teens having fun, high school, driving fast cars, and many more.

      Retro Comic Theme V1 by AG Music

      Cool upbeat rock n roll track with vintage flavor and great energy. Best for tv advertising, radio, films, viral marketing, web advertisements, movie trailers, business and travel videos, repair works, motivational presentations, etc.

      Praise The Groove by Andy Littlewood

      Intense and hectic cinematic track in Tarantino Hollywood style. A stylish mix of electric solo guitar, bass riffs, and solemn wind instruments. The best music underscore for the crime drama, action movie trailer, comic or serious '007' type scene or adventurous exploits, greatest heist, spy film final credits, spaghetti western and more.

      Rockabilly Kool by Strat 56

      Feeling good, active and driving rock and roll with an uplifting rock guitar riff and a straight groove of drums and bass. Great for action sports, car ads, product promo, commercials, presentations, and a wide range of media projects.

      The Greatest Heist by AG Music

      A fun, quirky and upbeat retro track. Radiates cheerfulness and an easygoing atmosphere. Perfect for funny commercials, comic YouTube videos, family vlogs, and any project that needs a fun music background with great energy.

      Cool And Coolest by Alex Grey

      An upbeat Texas blues swing instrumental with authentic style, performance, and a bit rockabilly sound. A clean, catchy tune with swinging rhythm, the beat of bass guitar, and drums. Excellent for feelgood commercials, dance show, thematic Bday party, or comedy plots.

      Comic Rock by AG Music

      Texas blues. A catchy medium tempo driving guitar groove, a touch of swagger and a little sexy. Get down and raw. A simple composition that makes this an excellent background track for visual media support. Clean punchy electric guitar, solid bass and drum groove. Good for cars, motorcycles, bikers, road trip, road cruising, trucks, TV and radio commercials, videos.

      Texas Swinging by Strat 56

      The energetic, feel-good classic American rock track with a driving mood. Ideal for barbershop, beer bar, TV programs about retro cars, road adventures, stand-up comedy show or projects needing an old brutal rock sound.

      Corporate Up Beat by Soundroll

      Positive feelgood blues instrumental with a smooth cool easy cruising sound and feel. Tasty electric guitar licks with a steady rhythm and beat of rhythm guitar, drums and bass. A catchy fun playful good mood sound that will appeal to all.

      Surfing On The Rocks by ihsandincer

      Cool blues instrumental with a rock edge. A feelgood cruising feel and groove with swagger. Tasty lead guitar licks over a cool steady groove and beat of rhythm guitar, bass guitar and drums. Positive with attitude. Good for any media needing a positive blues rock feel with an edge.

      Rockin To The Top by Strat 56

      Cool retro surf blues rock instrumental. Authentic guitars, appropriate production for the era. A feel of determination confidence with an edge. Catchy upbeat fun. Good for moderate action attitude hot rods motorcycles roadhouse road trip cars trucks commercials tv. 124 BPM.

      Texas Roadhouse by Strat 56

      Positive upbeat fun rock and roll instrumental with a retro influence. Catchy reverb electric guitars, strong big beat of drums and bass guitar. Good for all media needing a catchy upbeat sound without over powering the visuals.

      Fun With Friends by White Cat Music

      This is a happy and bluesy rock and roll surf music, full of energy and fun. Great for retro and vintage background, drive and fun music, indie rock radio stations, sunny beach moods, youth fun uplifting music, sport shows, surfing and bicycle shows and much more.

      Twist A Lula by Emilio Merone

      An upbeat fun time rockabilly instrumental, A good time feel. Authentic electric guitar style and sound, groovin' bass guitar and drums. Good for good times, fun times, excitement, positive energetic vibe, Can be used for television and radio commercials, advertising, film, videos, internet and more.

      High Octane Gasoline by ihsandincer

      Bold and groovy rock'n'roll / electro blues track, featuring driving electric guitar, bass, trumpets piano, and drums that create a tough, feel-good mood. Similar to Barrett Strong song, Money (That's What I Want).

      Easy Cruisin by Strat 56

      Inspiring surf rock track with a vintage touch of 50's and 60's era typical guitar sound and catchy drums. Perfect for road trip, casino jackpot, gambling games, biker culture, Tarantino movies, "Pulp Fiction" style soundtrack, gangster black comedy, etc.

      Happy Country Rocking by Eitan Epstein Music

      Energetic and driving rhythm-and-blues track, with a Bluesy Rock groove that creates a bold, confident mood. Great for road adventures movies, funny commercials, radio ads, and show opening.

      Hot Rod Cruise by Strat 56

      Upbeat and energetic indie rock tune with a retro and vintage feel, featuring overdrive guitars, analog synth leads, human claps, piano and bold drum beat.

      Mustang Dolly by Strat 56

      This is a southern blues rock music, full of energy and rhythm. Great for radio and drive music, American southern style, western country, rock'n'roll background, road adventures, cool and energetic moods, pubs and bars, and more.

      Just Like Bo by Strat 56

      Classical rock track with an old-school feel and an inspired bass guitar solo.

      Southern Blues Rockin by Eitan Epstein Music

      This is a fun and easy acoustic country rock music. Great for rock and roll dance scenes, country and traditional Americana rock background, southern and western intro and much more.

      Surfing Fun by Eitan Epstein Music

      Old school boogie music with rock beat and drive. Honky Tonk piano with some old vinyl record effects at the beginning and full band instruments starting then. Perfect background music for old silent movies style such as Charlie Chaplin etc.

      Along The Road by Emilio Merone

      Upbeat, happy, acoustic loop, with a slight bluesy touch thanks to energetic acoustic guitars and a smooth hammond organ. Ideal to convey joy, fun, happiness and optimism.

      Sunset Boulevard by Emilio Merone

      This is a funny and comical track. Great for comedy and humor scenes, cartoon and animation videos, funny Youtube videos, kids and children projects, amusing and playful backgrounds and much more. Orchestration: ukulele, bassoon, tuba, drums, bass, percussion

      Silent Movie by DPmusic

      Raunchy electric guitars, drums, bass, organ, synth and piano play retro A/B rock pattern. Suggested for cowboy parties, bar scenes, energetic montage sequences, transitions, main title and end credits.

      On The Go by Soundroll

      Bring a happy vibe to your project with the rockabilly retro lighthearted and funny piece. Great for an opening title sequence that needs a catchy tune, as well as for various comedy projects.

      Bass And Johny by Muhammad Affan

      This is a fast and positive music clip for your video presentation, that could be suitable as a background music. Due to minimal instrumentation, the music will not interrupt with voice over, and will give more focus on visual.

      Jaqueline by Rick Dickert

      Fashion pop-rock music. Powerful guitar chords, bouncy drums, cool bass.

      Too Cool For A School by Alexander Lisenkov

      It is a sequence of mail Rock style with flashy and catchy melodies. Designed to acclimate game in retro style.

      Rock You by Victor Manuel Navarro

      That's a great twist track with a powerful drum and bass section and a classic blous-bouncy piano comping.

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    As with any other music genre, it boils down to a certain sound that is iconic for rock and roll. This music genre is usually characterized as music made by rhythm-and-blues. Since its appearance during the late 1940s and early 1950s in the US, the rock and roll music genre has become a strong inspiration for other popular music genres like blues, folk, and country music.

    Apart from being a music genre, rock and roll also played a vital role in inspiring later lifestyles, fashion trends, attitudes, and even language. There is no doubt that the rock and roll music genre still remains very popular thanks to its rhythmic and complex sounds that can make anyone dance all night long.


    Rock n roll 50's music

    Compared to how rock and roll songs sound these days, rock and roll music was completely different in the 50s. The early styles of this genre included either piano or saxophone as the lead instruments. However, later, as rock and roll style was gaining momentum, these two instruments were replaced by guitar sounds making the genre sound more of what it is like today.

    In the 50s, rock and roll appeared as a melding of country music and blues and only later developed new styles, including new instruments and rhythms into its sounds.

    Some of the best-known stars that are still considered the pioneers of this music genre include reputable names like Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Big Joe Turner, and Jerry Lee Lewis.

    Rock n roll music Beatles

    Rock n roll music isn’t only a famous music genre but also the name of the album released in 1976 by the famous band Beatles. The album contains a combination of some of the most popular originals from Lennon and McCartney including songs like “Drive my car”, “Revolution”, or “Get Back”.

    The album contains the very popular song that any rock n roll enthusiast knows because they are very iconic for this music genre. And, despite being named “troubled” by the very popular Beatles producer George Martin, the album was a huge success and the band remains the emblem of the rock and roll music genre and a source of inspiration for all young singers that embrace this genre.

    Rock n roll 90's music

    The ‘90s, in general, are considered the greatest era of music since forever. During this period, many new music genres and styles emerged bringing some of the most famous bands and singers names ever. Rock and roll music genre in the ‘90s took a very interesting spin, inspired by those who are considered rock legends these days, bands like Nirvana, AC/DC, or Goo Goo Dolls. Also, in the ‘90s rock and roll became the inspiration for the teenage pop stars that made their appearance on the music scene in that period such as Whitney Houston.

    If you are a fan of this music genre or want to throw a rock and roll-themed party, you can buy rock and roll music and enjoy its interesting rhythms together with your guests.

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