• Distorted Visions

      This epic distorted cinematic trailer music is a heart-pumping, adrenaline-fueled composition that will leave you on the edge of your seat. With a high tension feel and a combination of suspended and distorted rhythms, this music builds to a crescendo of excitement and anticipation. The distorted elements of the composition add a raw, gritty texture that creates a sense of unease and danger. This is the perfect music to accompany an action-packed trailer or a suspenseful scene in a film or video game. Get ready to be swept away by the intense energy of this epic distorted cinematic trailer music.

      Whimsical Fantasia

      The soundtrack for a slow-burn thriller or the trailer of a coming horror movie. Pounding percussion, shattered glass, and psychotic electric guitars add up to an unsettling atmosphere. Military drones moan overhead, and the distant piano plays odd notes in key intervals, dancing a tune for the haunted.

      Overnight Guest

      A feel-good track that seamlessly blends the warm and organic sound of the acoustic guitar with the rhythmic beats and groove of hip-hop. The track features a catchy guitar riff, smooth bassline, and a head-nodding beat that is perfect for any media that needs a laid-back and upbeat feel.

      Wild Things

      An eerie, royalty-free track featuring a disconcerting melody played on the music box, is expertly crafted to send a shiver down your spine. Full of suspense and fear, this background music is suitable for television suspense themes, horror films, spooky YouTube stories, psychological thrillers, and unnerving Halloween music. It complements perfectly the scenes with scary clowns, mysterious creatures, or paranormal activity to create a dread atmosphere.

      Spirit Of The West Land

      The music is minimal and has a cosmic mood and feel. So, you could also use it in any project about technology, space, magic or mystery. Gentle and elegant positive electronic track with a mellow and drifting simple fat mono synth bass and flowing lead. It is a bit different and odd melody, not similar to the regular and ordinary melodies you hear in production libraries. But it definitely has its own niche and might be useful in many applications and videos, such as animation, movies. The synth lead that sounds like a Hawaiian slide guitar adds, even more, feeling of flight and soaring above the ground.

      Sneaky Animals

      Celesta and Music Box combine to provide a simple and sweet melody suitable for RPG game or childrens theme to convey magic, love and happiness. The theme contains angelic notes with sweet and cute background harmonies making it useful for children or toddler background theme.

      Mindfulness Meditation

      A captivating royalty-free orchestral cinematic music with a mysterious mood and playful melodies, inspired by Wes Anderson's film soundtrack 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' by Alexandre Desplat. Featuring the grand piano, harp, strings, brass, woodwinds, celesta, percussion, accordion, and a variety of authentic folk instruments such as cimbalom, bandura, zither, mandolin, balalaika, and hammered dulcimer. Perfect for film and TV soundtracks, advertisements, commercials, documentaries, travel videos, quirky animations, art projects, whimsical storytelling, children's content, and fantasy themes.

      Cutting Edge

      Quirky/Fun Pop instrumental featuring synths, leads, custom FX, and modded guitars. Possible uses can range from songs, shopping scenes, web videos, trailers, etc.

      Video Game

      Deep electronic ambient background track with truly bewitching sound. It includes synth bass, e-piano, atmospheric synth tone. Ideal for your sky timelapse, science projects, meditation practices, relaxing spa massage music, and oddly enough for high-tech commercials intro.

      Friday Aft

      A cutting-edge digital soundscape that captures the tension and urgency of the modern tech world. This composition offers an insistent and suspenseful backdrop, crafted with a blend of electronic elements and synth layers that create a sense of weight and drama. It is the perfect choice for news intros, robotic technology reviews, innovation showcases, futuristic visuals, or any scene that calls for a dramatic underscore.

      Final Lap

      Chopped & Screwed style Hip Hop instrumental featuring modded keyboards, brass, pianos, and synths. Possible uses can range from web videos, trailers, etc.

      Puppets On The Run

      This high-octane composition perfectly fits battle videos, game trailers, fight promos, YouTube battle videos, thematic events, and more. Its powerful and intense sound sets the stage for epic showdowns and adrenaline-fueled moments. Get ready to unleash the raw energy!

      African Hip Hop

      Grimey Chopped & Screwed style Hip Hop instrumental featuring modded synths, strings, brass, and bass. Possible uses can range from songs, web videos, trailers, etc.

      I Love You Too

      Atmospheric country rock music track with dark mood guitar riffs and big drums. Great for wild west and country movie, video about cowboys, motivational project, games, background in film, tv or youtube and many more

      Paradise Of Bells

      Laidback arrangement of electric piano, synthesizers, and percussion. Designed to underscore scenes of relaxation, fine dining sequences, and carefree leisure time, this music sets the perfect backdrop for moments of tranquility and enjoyment.

      Welcome To Flatuland

      This is super happy, corporate motivational royalty free track with upbeat ukulele, bright bells, piano melody and body percussion. Ideal for educative videos or commercials involving children, kids, toddlers, or summer fun.

      Jazz Bar

      The optimistic acoustic track will serve perfectly in many purposes like inspiring presentations, home or promotional videos, exhibitions, photo slide shows, advertising flicks, etc. The only border is your creativity.

      Ghosts Are Coming

      Prepare for a dose of laughter and lightheartedness with this funny, silly, and slightly naughty composition. Featuring silly fart sound effects, body percussion, accordion melodies, and skat vocals. From the very first note, the mischievous and comedic elements take center stage. This lively and whimsical track is perfect for a wide range of content that aims to entertain and uplift. Including funny videos, casual games, kids' content, happy pets videos, pranks, fail videos, funny cartoons, and much more.

      The Waltz Of The Dead

      Nice and easy cartoon-like theme with a playful, yet smooth mood. If you need a subtle comical underscore for your project, so this track is just for you. Perfect for small mobile games, children, and their parent's video, also for toddlers' activities, cooking recipes, etc. Features of clarinet, oboe, xylophone, marimba, pizzicato strings, piano, and orchestral mallet instruments. Thanks for listening and purchasing.

      The South Bell Tolls

      Capture the true essence of the classic jazz era ambiance with the smooth and sophisticated jazz lounge track. The combination of the timeless sounds of piano, trumpet, flute, and drums, creates a tapestry of sound that is both captivating and glamorous. This track perfectly sets the tone for elegant and stylish events, film noir, TV shows, or commercials that aim to capture the allure and romance of the bygone era of the 30s. It also adds a touch of class to corporate presentations or background music for upscale venues.


      It's like an amazing Ode to children and their fantastic transformation from toddlers to adults! This inspirational orchestral royalty free soundtrack will be perfect as a background music for advertisement, fantasy film, childrens animation, fantastic videos, intros, titles, you tube videos, documentary, nature and more. Its overwhelming and hopeful atmosphere will definitely will give a structure and a positive feel to your project! Thanks for listening and purchasing!

      Intimate Lives 8bit

      Motivational and vibrant royalty-free hip-hop track, boasting an infectious energy. Packed with a dynamic mix of synthesizers, bass, and beats, this track creates a dangerous and suspicious mood. Perfect for use in montages, car chases, action criminal scenes, or media projects that require a touch of confidence and swagger.

      Walking In The Old Castle

      Walking down the long and dusty road to nowhere. This dark, atmospheric Southern Blues track features acoustic guitar, dobro, slide guitar, tubular bells, strings, bass, and drums. Sounds like Ry Cooder. Perfect in scenes with tumbleweeds, whiskey, crossroads, preacher men, and scorching sun.

      Deep Gratitude

      This is the popular Toddler Tunes version of 'The Finger Family', originally a classic Mother Goose nursery rhyme. It is also known as 'The Finger Song' or 'Daddy Finger'. This track is great for children YouTube videos.

      Enchanting Forest Yoga

      8-bit chiptune style music sequence made entirely with an 8-bit retro sound. Ideal to set love-themed videogames, dating, visual novels, etc.

      Rhythmic Indian Scatman

      "Fresh Chops" is a groovy and soulful chill hop track with retro aesthetic and vintage lo-fi elements. This composition is a captivating fusion of old-school charm and contemporary vibes, delivering a unique and compelling listening experience. The groovy rhythms and soulful melodies create a head-nodding vibe. An ideal backdrop for urban scenes, streetwear and fashion content, and lifestyle videos.

      Sneaky Deeds

      This soothing track is the perfect choice for peaceful scenes. The soundscape is serene and relaxing, with beautiful nature sound textures that flow smoothly from one to another. Ideal for meditation, yoga, alternative medicine, or drone footage where you need to compliment the scene.

      Funny Chickens

      Uptempo and positive acoustic pop track. Featuring guitar, handclaps , synthesizer, and piano. Together with the happy-clappy rhythm, it will add a warm feeling to your project. Perfect fits as a music background for family value commercials, educational cartoons, mobile games apps, educational content about how to play with kids , and interact with toddlers.

      The Bad Clown

      This is funny and amusing comical music, full of humor and a smile. It is great for comedy and cartoon videos, playful and joyful scenes, funny detective and spying moods, children and kids' backgrounds, quirky and sneaky films, cute and easy moods, animal videos, cartoon animation games, funny youtube videos, happy and positive moods, and much more.

      Do Something Stupid

      East coast hip hop loop featuring keyboard synths, bass, and modded pianos. Possible uses can range from songs, street themed scenes, urban products, etc.

      Broken Throne

      Do Something Stupid is an energetic, powerful modern dubstep royalty-free track. Perfect for fitness, sport, racing, rally, fight, festival, club, dance videos, youtube, videohive projects, advertising, and openers. I used super Dirty bass, synths, various aggressive glitch sound effects, strong drums, and lead.

      Energetic Flow

      Delicate nursery mobile music track featuring the soft and gentle sounds of mallet instruments. The soothing and calming atmosphere embodies the warmth and innocence of a baby's nursery. Its serene and comforting tones best for scenes involving babies, toddlers, gentle, calming moments, parenting, childcare, and early childhood development, dreamy peaceful, tranquil settings such as a serene nursery, a quiet bedtime story, or a loving family moment.

      Meditative Drone

      Elevate your spirit with this uplifting and motivational EDM short music cue. Featuring driving beats and soaring synth melodies, this track is sure to inspire and energize you.

      Something Bad Is Gonna Happen

      This fun, upbeat, and energetic jazz music will have you tapping your feet and nodding your head. The piano adds a touch of charm, while the double bass provides a solid and groovy foundation. The claps bring a sense of liveliness, and the brass instruments add a jazzy flair. And let's not forget the whimsical touch of whistling that adds a dose of whimsy to the track. This background music works for a variety of projects and will infuse your projects with a sense of humor and enjoyment. Suitable for comedy heist films, funny advertisements, film-noir scenes, or any other media projects.

      A Very Wild Western Adventure 8bit

      Chiptune style music sequence made entirely with 8-bit sound. Ideal to set video games where the main theme is the old and wild west.

      Journey To The Wild West

      The magical and mysterious atmosphere of the provencal village of Les Baux. Odd time to suggest a sense of enchanted suspension.

      My Heart Is Home

      This is dreamy, warm, and gentle background music. It evokes that feeling of those cozy winter evenings by the fire place and will be just as good for family time. This track is gentle and relaxing yet upbeat enough to keep your audience engaged.

      Drunk Evening

      This acoustic track is optimistic and happy. Very light and airy. Ideal for many projects, including children's videos, comedy, voice-over, games, etc. This background track is perfect for your next advertisement, youtube video, or presentation.

      A Hard Morning After Weekend

      Spooky and mysterious music, featuring pizzicato strings, funny percussion, orchestral instruments, organ and theremin that depicts adventures on Halloween eve.

      Happy Mallets

      Electronica fused with orchestral sounds create an intense chaotic buildup of tension in this dark and eerie, surreal soundscape collage. This melody evokes a distressing and disturbing, suspenseful mood good for scary nightmares, bad dreams, confusion and fear.

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