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    • A gentle track with a floating melody giving the feeling of flying through the clouds. Slow viscous melody with a simple motif and hypnotic synth rythms. Suitable for meditation and relaxation. This background music will catch your audiency's attention and help generate the best clickthrough rate. Determined and energetic dance house club track. Cool groove and catchy riffs. Suitable background music for projects that need need more energy and intensity. Energetic, motivating and uplifting dance / techno / house track with a strong forward drive. Layers of riff synth drive the track forward at high tempo and with high intensity.Great track for video games, sports & ads. Scary acid jazz electronic track featuring electronic drum machine and lot of synthesizers and effects Bouncy bass line with a slightly spooky pipe and strings main lead melody. Stylish Background Music with rhythm of Electro & Tech, Great for television, commercials, corporate ads, presentations about anything urban, modern or fashion. Electronic groovy track with synths and bouncy drums Catchy synthy lead sound with mellow deep strings and a groovy bassline Catchy groovy arpeggio mellody with a pumping bass and drum backing Groovy rock track with a catchy descending and rising melody Catchy electronica track with quite a dark, mysterious ambience reminding the underwater dance of octopus. Phasing upbeat melodies with a hard drum and bass backend. Phasing upbeat and catchy lead on a bass and drum dance track. Slow, spacious 12/8 british psychodelic rock in Gm. Drums, electric bass,electric organ, electric guitar, synthesizer pads, synthesizer female vox. A corporate industrial track with a straight techno beat and electronic synthetic sounds. Perfect for use as background music for website, videogames, software or multimedia projects. Dark but dynamic track with pumping kick and bass.Digital synth hook melody flies through pad. Hot contemporary dance track with edgy synth sounds over a driving stomp beat. A little bit of piano in second part of track.Great for club or fashion scenes,as well as any sports or action project. Upbeat arpeggiated synth groove track with an instantly catchy lead. Upbeat ambient synth groove track with a catchy lead Groovy arpeggiated synth track with a swirly feel! Hard edgy deep sounding groove track with fat Dub-Bass and cheeky lead! Upbeat bouncy synth track with an instantly catchy groove This track shows the memories from the past when you stay in you old house. Deep percussion, electric piano and pads. Dark hip-hop loop that sounds like perfect background music for intricate project which needs to add dark shade of emotion like danger, suspense, intrigue etc Ambient Background Music, great for websites, TV, Jingles, corporate videos etc Sinister sounding drums and bass with a stong lead synth pad adding a touch of darkness to the music. Well paced upbeat groove great for adding a sense of action and movement. You have your reasons and your purpose to follow these fading lines that take you into the darkness of the night. your only companions are the headlights of your car a dimming cigarette and a voice in the radio. Its just you against the road. Ambient slow music A happy funky mellow dance loop with melodies played by piano over massive drum and bass background. Nice upbeat track with slowly evolving melody. Trumpet with harp play cosmic dub melody, synth pads with drum beat make a background. Morphine flows through optical veins of DigiCity.
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