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    • Fight for Pride MP3

      This track is full of energetic drums and percussion. Also, you can hear claps, stomps, synths, and sound effects รขโ‚ฌโ€ best for vlogs, presentations, and projects related to technology, sport, and travel.

      Explosive Energy MP3

      Modern and dynamic energetic stomp track that builds up and breaks down. Features a nice mixture of stomps, claps, percussion, and heavy bass. The march rhythm makes it perfect for sports projects but it also fits any kind of advertising, podcast or marketing video, product launching campaign including vlogs and youtube intro music, sound logos, etc.

      Crazy Future Drums MP3

      Futuristic and incredible stomp music with an intense energy drive. Perfect for motivational video content, sport videos, and x-games adventures, action chase scenes. Also good as intro/outro music for YouTube videos, game reviews, movie trailers, TV spots, and commercials.

      Dead Or Alive MP3

      This one is a dark and mysterious cinematic country song with guitar riffs, western Dobro guitars, banjo, claps, big drums and stomp, and atmospheric vocals. Ideal for trailers, games, promos, commercials, or wild west movie content.

      Adrenaline Pulse MP3

      Stomping percussion is a sure way to energize a video project and with the right atmosphere and setting, it can be a show stealer too. Along with heavy snare beats, this track offers an array of various powerful drum sounds as well as some epic orchestrations, perfect for a film trailer or animation.

      Sport Drums MP3

      Motivational epic stomp music. A perfect mix of powerful drums to get you in the mood for some medal-winning, and celebration. A good choice to show the victory, glory, courage, strength, motivation, power of the Olympic Games!

      Football Drums MP3

      Driven, uplifting and energetic track with catchy percussion and strong kick. Perfect for any type of media, including Football championship, promotion video, vlog, film, series, presentation, promo, games, intro, or any other commercial project.

      We Got Beats MP3

      Super aggressive and explosive, powerful cinematic stomp music. Full of tense junkyard metal percussion mixed with mesmerizing exotic percussion. The track features thrilling, frenzied tom rolls and pounding, pulsating taikos to give you an adrenaline-pumping soundtrack perfect for action or chase scenes.

      Sport Drums For Football MP3

      This is an energetic and catchy, trendy, and upbeat Latin stomp track with a strong kick. The song has a modern and uplifting sound. This music is perfect for any type of media: promotion video, vlog, film series, presentation, promo, games, intro, or any other commercial project.

      Clap Stomp Boom MP3

      High-spirited, hard-hitting percussive stomp track with an upbeat and rhythmic groove. Featuring hand claps, stomps, shakers, and other drums. Works well for commercials, sports videos, urban scenes, web videos, and any project that needs a burst of high-energy running montage.

      Angry Dad MP3

      Super aggressive, pumping, and energetic royalty-free stomp music. This track will add the right amount of adrenaline to your project. Perfect for sports videos, action scenes, or any projects needing an extra boost of energy and featuring pumping synth-drums, bass groove, driving drum rhythm, and male voice.

      Stomp Control Dribble MP3

      This track is energetic and upbeat. It has a powerful and driving drum beat with claps and other percussions. The perfect track for any project that needs an energy boost!

      Mad Percussion MP3

      Groovy and mad percussion drums music track. Here is only drums, without any melodies. You can hear energetic stomps, claps, huge low drums, sticks, metals and cinematic riser and swoosh sound effects.

      Stomp It MP3

      It's an uplifting, groovy, and powerful composition. The entire track is based on the powerful sound of drums and bass mixed with stomps and claps. The main electric guitar riff supported by vocals goes thru the intro and outro parts. In the second part, the tension goes down, acoustic guitar, vocal effects, and a slide appear. Works well as advertising music to use in urban scenes, actions, sports, presentations.

      Spiritual Rhythm Perc MP3

      It's a powerful track with powerful orchestral drums and percussion. Good for action scenes, sports, promos and commercials.

      Stomp Groove MP3

      A lot of percussion in this Stomp Percussion track. Huge, epic, groove and drive you can hear here. This track is best suited for typography, fun commercials, innovative corporate, action trailers, movie, teasers, and any creative projects.

      Stomp Snap Clap MP3

      It's an energizing, inspiring, motivating, and very exciting percussion for any of your projects. This high-energy, catchy and addictive percussion track contains powerful kick, big foot stomps, hand claps, and finger snaps. It is perfectly suitable for action scenes, extreme sports, games, dynamic video projects, websites, background music for presentations, commercials, soundtracks, motion graphics, podcasts, and more. I hope you like it.

      Bamboo Percussion MP3

      This stomp track has a super-aggressive, energetic, and powerful feel. Great for sport, fitness, urban videos, or any other project that needs dynamic, pumping, and powerful music with an aggressive essence. I used dubstep bass, hip-hop beat, and trap leads. It will definitely take your project to another level.

      Claps And Stomps MP3

      Upbeat, inspiring and fun energetic track. You can hear a lot of claps, snaps, stomps and different percussion. Perfect for slick typography, sport, dancing, trailer, photography, tv commercial, motivational youtube videos, vlog, advertising etc.

      Join Our Dreams MP3

      Happy and motivational acoustic music with mandolin strumming and human foot stomps. This background music brings energy and joy to any projects like corporate animations, real estate video slideshow, family videos and others.

      Military Arrival MP3

      Military marching style track, great for a war battle scene. This track has a very powerful and aggressive tone that builds throughout with a pounding drum and tom loop, accompanied by cinematic brams, deep orchestral strings, huge guitar riffs, and distorted basses.

      Run To The Goal MP3

      Dynamic and catchy percussion track with a strong kick, foot stomps, hand claps, finger snaps, and other percussion instruments. Great to use for fast video, tutorial video, vlog, film, sports, presentation, promotion video, promo, games, intro, logo, and many other projects.

      Rock That Crowd MP3

      Energetic, upbeat indie rock track with a catchy guitar riff and strong beat with stomps and claps. Great music for extreme sports, action uses training and fight scenes, and other media needing a positive, powerful vibe.

      Percussion Rhythm MP3

      Add some color and movement to your project with this energetic, upbeat percussion track. It features timbales, claps, and snares; this track builds steadily to a fast pace and ends on a high-energy note. This track is excellent for the "energized" scene in your commercial or a sporting event where the excitement is in order.

      Stomp Claps Chants MP3

      A riveting and furious drum music track, with a commanding and foreboding vibe, hip-hop style beat, intense, powerful, and epic cinematic percussion and stomps, heroic and war chants, fast, exciting, and rhythmic claps! Featuring: single and group claps and snaps, stomps, bass drums, Taikos, and 'Hey'ย chants!

      I Stomp You Clap MP3

      Stylish, energetic and upbeat percussion music track, featuring human stomps, claps, and drums only. This percussive clip is useful in a nowadays advertising, commercial, promotional video, as well as animation movie, sports events music, or Youtube opener and intro visual.

      Arabian Rhythms MP3

      This is an Oriental Arabian drums and percussion ethnic music, full of Rhythm and beat. Great for middle eastern and Arabic shows, African and jungle scenes, positive and happy ethnic music, middle east desert background music, traditional and tribal trailers, vacation and holiday travel shows, world nature landscapes and ethnic world trailers, and much more. Percussion included: Darbuka, tar, duff, tabla, riq, dehollah and more.

      Percussion Storm MP3

      This driving, uptempo percussive track features stomps, claps, snaps and powerful drums. A persistent energy-filled beat drives this track forward, suggesting action and narrative of all variety.

      Drums Of War MP3

      Energetic and upbeat percussion track with stomps, claps, snaps, and powerful cinematic drum ensembles. Great for powerful action scenes, unstoppable warriors, epic trailers, sports games, heroic adventures, significant tension, military army strength, war domination, powerful battle scenes, and more.

      Snappy Crunchy MP3

      This upbeat and positive composition features stomps, claps, percussion sounds, guitar, and bright elements. Its jubilant sound is suitable for videos with vibrant graphics, corporate presentations, creative slideshows, science and technology projects, modern advertisements, and contemporary media productions.

      Stomp And Claps MP3

      A high-energy rhythmic track with claps, stomps, and drums. Perfect music for presentation, typography, action trailer, intro, commercial, game, movie, teaser, fps, etc.

      Ucoolele Stomp MP3

      Inspired by the fun days of summer and drives with foot stomps and hand claps, this track is an ideal choice for commercials, vlogs, and more. A bright ukulele and hand claps will bring a happy mood to your project. Enjoy!

      Stomps And Claps MP3

      High-energy and rhythmic percussion track to keep you motivated and feeling great. Filled with stomps, claps, and drums. Perfect for presentation, action trailer, intro, commercial, game, movie teaser. Also good for training, workshops, classes, or workouts.

      Percussion Stomps And Claps MP3

      Powerful, energetic, dynamic and aggressive stomp track with fast, exciting and rhythmic claps and snaps. Cinematic percussion and stomps. Works well for hardcore racing, urban scenes, actions, x-sports, presentations.

      Confident Move MP3

      Confident, dynamic and catchy percussion track with strong kick, foot stomps, hand claps, finger snaps, vocal chops and other percussion instruments. This track is great for differen tutorial videos, vlog, film, sports, presentation, promotion video, promo, games, intro, logo and many other projects.

      Vikings War MP3

      Powerful action music with energetic stomp beat. Featuring orchestral drums and percussion. This track is perfect to inspire sportive action, to excite a crowd, or war battles. Will certainly work well with commercials, film projects.

      Knock You Out MP3

      Hard and energetic upbeat indie rock/ post-rock track with a catchy, aggressive guitar riff. Strong beat with stomps and claps bring more confidence and power to your future projects.

      Kanda Groove And Chalan MP3

      Bouncy and a confident jazzy drums solo create an energetic mood. This cinematic gem is ideal for soundtracks and more.

      Happy Building MP3

      An uplifting sunny pop track featuring electric guitar, sax, brass, glockenspiel, whistling, hand clapping, stomping, and cheerful mood. Great background music for cool TV advertising, funny commercial, family children videos, startup presentations, Kickstarter videos, web projects, youtube and more.

      Super Power Stroke MP3

      Powerful, epic, brave, and energetic stomp track featuring huge percussion set to create a brave and powerful mood. Perfect for sports action, video games, military promo videos, and documentaries.

      Stomp To The Top MP3

      A Dynamic and energetic percussion track with a strong stomp, cinematic kicks, handclaps, finger snaps, and other percussion instruments. This track is great as a background for fast-paced video, tutorial video, vlog, sports, presentation, promo, games, intro, logo and other projects.

      Action Sports MP3

      Powerful and energetic hard rock track with an intense and heavy feel. Featuring a strong electric guitar riff, bass, drums and stomps.

      Drumming Up MP3

      A groovy jazz drum solo was created for an advertising or promotional project. The track takes off a simple beat and gradually builds to a fun and energetic conclusion. Great for commercials, advertisements, teaser videos, promos, and more.

      Catch Your Rhytm MP3

      Energy, dynamic and catchy percussion track with strong kick, foot stomps, hand claps, finger snaps and other percussion instruments. This track is great for differen tutorial videos, vlog, film, sports, presentation, promotion video, promo, games, intro, logo and many other projects.

      Stomp Clap And Have Fun MP3

      Cheerful and happy music track driven by acoustic piano, electric guitar lead, human stomps and claps. This bright music theme is great addition to your 'hard sale' TV advertising or commercial, 'Black Friday' promo, Christmas greeting card, or anything else where happiness, positivity or motivation required.

      Fun Groove MP3

      A positive, energetic, and uplifting bass track accompanied by snaps, claps, drums, percussion, oriental drums such as bendir and Japanese taiko drums. If you need a sound that will give energy to your projects this track would be a perfect choice. Ideal for gambling Tv shows or pocket games.

      Percussion Stomps Claps MP3

      Modern, stylish, powerful and energetic stomp track with fast, exciting and rhythmic claps, snaps and other percussion. This dynamic and aggressive music is perfect for sport videos, hardcore racing, urban scenes, actions, x-sports, presentations and more.

      Rock This Life MP3

      Energetic upbeat indie rock track with a catchy guitar riff, and strong beat with stomps and claps. Great for extreme sports, action uses, training and fight scenes, and other media needing a positive powerful vibe.

      The Amazing Day MP3

      Super aggressive pumping energetic stomp (Drum Loop) royalty-free audio. Perfect for sport, fitness, energetic, hip-hop, rap, rally, racing, dance action, and urban videos. Also, it is great for advertisements and any other media projects.

      The Coconut MP3

      Energetic and powerful stomp percussion track with a the tension goes up. Works well for advertising, urban scenes, X-sports games, hardcore racing, fact action, chase scenes, underground club party etc.

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    Although stomp isn't a music genre in the traditional sense of the word, it has the power to take the listener on a creative journey. Usually, the opening sequence of a stomping song introduces the instruments to the public, and as the performance progresses, more instruments are added to create complex rhythms. Artists use everyday objects to create complicated sounds, and it's amazing because it's difficult to identify them when their noises combine to create harmony.

    After you listen to stomp music and put the headphones down, as you walk on the streets, all noises excite you and make you feel stomp is everywhere around you. Stomp is wild, energetic, and rhythmic, and it's perfect as background music for presentations. It can be used for trailers, games, product commercials, travel ads, business presentations, slide shows, and other projects that gain greater attention when paired with background music.

    Stomp Dance Music

    Stomp dance music is often used for performances. The shows that use it are not theatre plays in the traditional sense of the word because they include no plot or dialogue. Each performer has an instrument for transmitting their character, which is always distinct from the others. Often, the pair their music performance with dance to enrich the show.

    Stomp Dance music started on the streets. Talented people who used everyday objects to create music were encouraged to take their skills to another level. It's raw and iridescent, and it includes atmospheric vocal chops and beats that encourage the listener to adopt a reflective and dreamy mood.

    Stomp dance songs are filled with instruments that make noises similar to drums and claps. Often songs climax with swooshes, sticks, swells, whistles, and crowd noises. These sounds are perfect for content designed for arenas, events, sports, games, tournaments, or other events that involve large crowds of people.

    Stomp Pad Music

    Artists often use Stomp Pad as an accessory that expands their sound and allows them to focus on their performance. They use it during performances when the audience asks them to deliver more. They play everyday objects as instruments and adapt the sound to meet the public's response. But they have to ensure any backing track doesn't prevent their creativity, so they need to block other noises. Stomp Pad music encourages them to improvise to the public's response because it works as a backbeat.

    If you improvise during your performances, it's useful to have a backbeat ready for your creative moments. Royalty free stomp music is simple to set up and use, and it feels natural to improvise using it as background sound. You can download the sound on your smartphone and carry it with you.

    Buy stomp music from our library to add to your content the polished feel of songs that big production houses create for commercials and ads. Our collection of stomp music makes your life easy and fun because we understand what features you need when looking for this genre. You want something you can pair with your unique content to deliver high-quality materials.

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