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    • Powerful and melancholy track, poignant and full of infinite nostalgia. A memory for a legendary band whose music will never die. Great dominant electric guitar, beats and good pulse.

      West Indian style Dancehall instrumental featuring various synths. Possible uses can range from "party" scenes, web videos, trailers, etc. This track loops seamlessly.

      A hypnotic and straight synth rhythm groove. An ideal background for your special multimedia projects.

      Loop with gloomy and suspended atmosphere. Trumpet dominant against the backdrop of drums and synthesizers.

      Dark and thrilling background music that creates creeping atmosphere. Perfect for thriller, horror or sci-fi projects.

      Powerful and dramatic electronic track with elements of breakbeat and hard rock. Will serve as a perfect backdrop to any car racing, driving and other stressful situation.

      This retro pop loop brings back the pictures of kids dancing the breakdance style. The 80s in an instant and seamless loop for documentations or other retro content.

      Overwhelming vitality, pulses and beats that support phrases of brass and sax over a carpet sounds of synts and guitars. Pure energy... as B 12 Vitamin!

      Stylish and Trendy electronic dance groove. Great as a club music, fitness videos, TV and film scenes involving the club and discotheque scenery.

      Epic uplifting trance with dreamy guitar, massive buildups and warm pads. Top production quality and a crystal clear sound make this a very powerful and euphoric trance track. Use for party, travel, youth culture, clubs, vacation, sports, themes of success and winning.

      Groovy type of track based on synths and audio distortions.

      The track is based on samples made with 3 Fruit Guitars!

      This is a techno-style song with air-90s. I mean, a robust percussive bass sounds very aggressive and a catchy melody.

      This music uses a dramatic and powerful industrial music which creates a vivid picture. The hard bass lines, and the in your face percussion set the stage as the robotic and mechanical melodies take over.

      Relentless pace from which emerges the instrumental counterpoint between electric guitar and saxophones. Vitality and pure energy for your listening pleasure.

      Powerful electronic track made with synths and suitable for all types of dance projects.

      Positive and driving track. Featured instruments are bells and guitars. It would be nice for arcade casual games. It can be played in game menu or during gameplay.

      Dance beat Melody

      This is an electronic style tune that starts with a simple tune. Attentive to what happens next.The melody is transformed into a beautiful compilation of sounds.

      Hypnotic, ambient track with tension increasing gradually. Suitable for edgy footage, extreme sports or action.

      A video game sounding, happy, trance-like song that gets you moving. High energy, fast-paced, and powerful drums. 8 bit Nindendo / iPad music.

      Calm ambient track. Used digital drums and percussion, electric organ sound. Perfect for underwater filming, space frames, relaxation and other projects

      Progressive trance dance music with powerful synths and pumping beats. Great for the sport, fashion, animations, etc.

      Ambient track in a dark mood and suspense atmosphere. Suitable for movies mysterious scenes, games and more.

      This film inspired sci-fi music really captures your attention. The strong bass and haunting pads scream drama while the strings just give it that something extra.

      This horrific tune has a powerful atmosphere and dark tones. The horror sound scape gives this music a very ominous nature while the eerie pads really give it an edge. It is perfect for a wide range of scary applications.

      Bright, easy-going melody played on the digital synth. This uplifting loop will be perfect for travel, corporate applications, games or anything of a 'feel-good' nature.

      Action moody dark tensive song

      Energetic and aggressive track with a bit of synth sounds. Featured instruments are electric guitars. It would be nice for sport or action videos, presentations or slideshows.

      Energetic techno track. Used a synthesizer, digital drums, arpeggiator and atmospheric effects. Perfect for the Web sites, computer games, and for other projects.

      Free Running through NY City! The runners only have 30 seconds left to arrive to destination "Z" ... their life it's at stake! Only one can win ... the energy level is high ... the stamina even higher ! Who will survive ... who won't!?! ... High Octane, powerful, energy-full and fast peace rock/metal track with huge drums, dirty bass sound and walls and walls of distorted guitars ... get ready for the ending as it is a majestic, huge driving explosion!!!!

      This horrific tune has a powerful atmosphere and dark tones. The muddy electric guitar is sets the stage for this industrial track. It is arranged so it can be played under a wide variety of applications.

      Energetic, powerful electronic score with aggressive/distorted synths and punchy electronic drum beats. From start to end an endless climax!

      Aggressive, energetic and powerful metal tune with huge guitar walls and punchy powerful drums. Perfect for trailers, theme tunes and ''bad boys'' video sequences.

      Energetic, explosive, driven rock track with massive distorted guitar walls and a punchy drum sound. Great for shooter games.

      Bright, energetic and positive background music in overdrive mode. Great combination of rhythmic sound and human voices. Good for any club commercials or short slide show.

      Abstract exotic track. Used synthesizer, digital drums and different sound effects. Perfect for surreal projects.

      Tense, energetic pulsating, acid trance track. Perfect for action scenes. Used synthesizer, arpeggiator, pulsating rhythm of digital drums, atmospheric effects.

      It is like Robotic tune in electric guitar

      Reflective atmospheric track featuring electric piano, guitar and electronic drums. A mix of female vocal and electronics. Great for games, films, trailers, presentations and more.

      Techno dance track. Great for projects with night club scenes, young party people etc.

      Energetic electronic track made with synths and guitar. It would be nice for space videos or documentary films.

      Quiet misterious song performed on synthezisers and overdriven guitar.

      Energetic track made with guitar and synths. It would be nice especially for extreme sports videos or any kind of action videos.

      Dark break-beat song performed on synthesizers.

      Mysterious, meditative ambient track with dark synth pads, nocturnal atmosphere and guttural vocals. You can use this enigmatic background music for relaxation, meditation, slide show or other projects that need a touch of mystery.

      Dynamic progressive track which mixes elements of dubstep electronica with nature sounds of the wind blowing to create a more relaxed feeling at the end of the melody loop. Great for nightlife, extreme sports, new technologies and much more.

      Dance groove

      Dark uptempo ambient track. Featuring digital synth and drums. Us this background music as you wish.

      A mid-tempo dance track. With warm sound in the begin and more aggressive at the end of track. Consist of strong beat and bass, arpeggio sounds and pad.

      Fast energetic electronic track with drum 'n' bass rhythm. Very modern urban soundrack for creative projects.

      Energetic minimalistic electronic track with an arpeggiator synth sound. Perfect soundscape for mutimedia projects that need some movement in the background.

      Industrial mechanical track. Featuring drums, synth bass and bass guitar. Perfect background music for alternative multimedia projects that need new sound dimention.

      Sacred meditative track. Featuring synthesizer, percussion, arpeggiator. Perfect as a background music for relaxation.

      Funny and easy-going electronic tune. Good for casual games.

      Fast energetic ambient track with tense, speed racing atmosphere. Perfect soundscape to render stressful moments, action time and intense movement toward the goal.

      Dynamic background music with high energy rhythm and hypnotic trance beats . Great for action, extreme sports, business and corporate use, also for TV logos and many more.

      Disturbed, energetic, fast and dangerous, acid trance track combining digital synth and pulsating beats of drums. Perfect for computer games and all projects that need a new level of speed sensation.

      Fast paced track with a catchy synth melody and a big fat bass and drum backing.

      Bouncy bass melody with groovy drums and a gentle synth style lead

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