• I Like It Like That

      Cool, driving, and undeniably sexy rock theme that features powerful electric and bass guitar riffs, claps, and drums. This high-energy composition is all about momentum and action. Perfect choice as background music for media projects that need to convey a sense of success and excitement. Great for sports ads, trailers, gym workouts, gaming videos, GoPro content, or industry adverts.

      Badass Life

      This cinematic track is a compelling mix of cinematic rock, and synthwave. It merges brass, rock drums, electric guitars, guitar solos, and analog synths heightening the tension and nostalgic experience. Similar to the soundtrack of famous action movies like "The Terminator", "Rambo", "Independence Day", etc. It is perfect for action-packed scenes and dramatic storytelling, immersing listeners in its cinematic magic. It would especially be fitting for video games with military, space exploration, or post-apocalyptic themes.

      Dark Machine

      Powerful rock track with overdrive guitar riffs, synth, hard elements, powerful guitars, cool epic toms. It is perfect for extreme action, military, sports video, game trailers, and other videos and projects.

      War Is Approaching

      An energetic electro / rock / synthwave track with powerful and aggressive basslines, energetic drums, cinematic effects, distorted guitars, and a dystopian cyberpunk atmosphere.

      A Life In Adventure

      Aggressive and energetic background music with electronic elements, dubstep drums, and heavy guitars. Ideal for any action project: movie trailers, fights, military videos, computer games, weapon presentations, army, blockbuster, and more

      The Sirius

      Energetic and upbeat percussion track with stomps, claps, snaps, and powerful cinematic drum ensembles. Great for powerful action scenes, unstoppable warriors, epic trailers, sports games, heroic adventures, significant tension, military army strength, war domination, powerful battle scenes, and more.

      Action Sports

      Aggressive and cool hard rock background track that unleashes a whirlwind of rebellious energy, fierce riffs, and a relentless rhythm that grabs hold and won't let go. This composition is the ideal choice as background music for action movie scenes and trailers, extreme sports videos, motorcycle and racing clips, action-packed content, and more.

      Dust And Sweat

      Military marching style track, great for a war battle scene. This track has a very powerful and aggressive tone that builds throughout with a pounding drum and tom loop, accompanied by cinematic brams, deep orchestral strings, huge guitar riffs, and distorted basses.

      Storm In Glass

      Epic uplifting, orchestral patriotic music with energetic strings and bold, bright horns. Builds into a glorious climax. Great for military scenes and trailers. Conveys pride and loyalty.

      Take On The World

      An emotional, epic orchestral music with gradual build-up and a sense of triumph and grandeur. Moving, uplifting, proud, regal, patriotic, and triumphal, this composition lifts the spirits and emboldens the heart. Featuring hybrid orchestra instruments, like strings, fx drums, brass, thundering percussion, and a powerful epic chorus ending. An ideal choice for projects that need to convey a sense of heroism and accomplishment, patriotic events, monumental accomplishments, trailers of epic films or series, highlight reels of sporting championships, national celebrations, military parades, and more.

      Wild Things

      An energetic and powerful royalty-free rock track with electric guitars, edgy synth sounds, and pounding live-recorded drums. Best for any sports or extreme videos, action films, military or martial arts scenes.

      Good Big Stuff

      A powerful and dramatic orchestral soundtrack, with deep, dark strings, powerful horns, bass drums and military snares. Great for creating a Hans Zimmer style feeling of tension and impending action.

      Fitness Day

      Powerful high-energy rock track fueled by distorted guitars, pounding drums, and action-packed bass guitar. With its raw sound, this background music is great for adrenaline action videos, epic races, energetic YouTube clips, and all the videos related to motion, adventures, speed, and determination.

      We Are Here To Win

      If you want to make viewers feel the action and heat of combat, this powerfully aggressive royalty-free hard-rock music is what you need. Featuring heavy guitars, metal drums, and hybrid sound effects. Best for movie trailers, military videos, actions, extreme sports videos, intros, games, and more!

      Hard Rave

      The powerful composition in the epic style. Heroic strings, mega drums and hard horns very good accentuate your fantasy blockbuster, war films, documentaries on espionage or military themes, movie trailers and video games.

      Help Our Heroes

      When hard rock meets electrifying rave, the result is a super aggressive, motivational, and unapologetically forceful soundscape full of intensity and energy. Featuring rock riffs, heavy drums, dirty basslines, and synths, with a lot of heavy dirty basslines and electro influences. Perfect for video games, sporting events, extreme sports compilations, grueling workouts, action-packed videos, etc.

      Come Closer

      A building orchestral theme with military snare rolls, timpani, staccato strings and horn swell. Evokes feelings of tension, aggression and motivation. Perfect for video games, videos or presentations dealing with battle, war and weapons.

      Pedal Down

      Powerful action hard rock track with distorted guitars, synth sounds, epic drums, bass. Perfect for extreme sports, adrenaline races, car crash, police chase, and driving videos, military forces, urban drift night, action game trailers, etc.

      Mad Racer

      Drive energy hard action rock soundtrack. The track has action rock, a very tight sound, crazy distortion, and cool modern alternative guitar riffs.

      The Inspirational Trailer

      Heartfelt and dreamy track with rising progress, featuring acoustic guitar, piano and military drums. Has optimistic, determined, sentimental, and passionate mood. Ideal for emotional video content, corporate advertisements, motivational speeches, Memorial Day films, returning heroes, political campaigns, and more.

      Hard Rock Actions

      Dark military track. Perfect for any cinematic scene that needs a military-styled background music.

      Shrimp Attack

      This royalty-free music track is an electrifying and dynamic fusion of metal, dubstep, drum'n'bass, and rock elements. This high-energy and aggressive composition sets a mood of intensity and power and drives the adrenaline and excitement to the max. Perfect as a high-octane soundtrack for trailers, the digital age, extreme sports, racing, technology war, and intense video games within the sci-fi, or action genres.

      Robot Island

      Epic cinematic style orchestral track. Great for war, combat, adventure, determination, military, historical, and battle scenes. Also good for movie trailers, action films and fantasy based video games.

      Dark Awakening

      Scotland's national traditional instrument, the bagpipes, appears throughout this military style drum march track.


      This metal track's potent, assertive tones will ideally amplify the intensity of your commercial promotions, sports-related content, and captivating video game teasers. It's perfectly designed to inject a rush of adrenaline and bold energy into your projects.

      Drums Of War

      This one is an orchestral marching composition, inspired by Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and old movies about superheroes. Perfect background music for victory scenes, Hollywood trailers, films with military plots, final credits, adventure film, and more.

      Intense Epic Crusade

      Epic uplifting, orchestral, patriotic music with smooth strings, bold, bright horns, choirs, guitars and synths. An emotional start builds to a glorious and a dramatic cinematic climax. Great for military scenes and trailers. Conveys pride and loyalty.

      Pushed On

      This orchestral track with a big climax at the end is perfect for building tension and a state of menace in your project. Ideal soundscape for military action, war film scores, trailers, and strategy video games.

      Military Arrival

      Cool aggressive music. Can be used in military, tactical, action, cinematic, sci-fi trailer videos.

      Spirit Of The West Land

      This high-octane composition perfectly fits battle videos, game trailers, fight promos, YouTube battle videos, thematic events, and more. Its powerful and intense sound sets the stage for epic showdowns and adrenaline-fueled moments. Get ready to unleash the raw energy!

      Furious Battlefield

      The emotional, inspirational, and epic orchestral composition for incredible cinematic projects. The strings arpeggio, bass, orchestra, and modern drums are creating brave and majestic sound. Best soundscape for Hollywood soundtrack, victory scenes, sports competitions, military training, historical drama trailer, and more.

      Desert Storm

      Inspirational epical orchestral music track. Perfect for epic commercials, political campaigns, adventure films, cinematic trailers, presentation, advertising, moments of hope and inspiring, intro, military, motivation, royalty free patriotic music, score, trailer, triumphant, video games and much more.

      Stomp Snap Clap

      An authentic sound and style from the 70s rock era. Big rhythmic overdrive guitar, solid beat of drums and bass guitar. Raw and punchy. A positive uplifting feel that packs a punch.

      Trendy Youth

      This is a southern cinematic grunge rock music, full of aggression and power. Great for action and adventure background, military and army scenes, battle and fights intro, energetic and intense mood, massive adrenaline trailers, dark humor and much more.

      I Try So Hard

      Festive march for the parade or celebration scenes. Ideal for cartoon, parades, military events, kids projects, comedy, history channel, celebrations and festivities.

      Brothers In Arms

      Dark deep energetic seductive sexy. Unique original instrumental rock. Unique killer guitar lick, a solid modern beat. Bold brave powerful and edgy. Good for suspense action thriller law crime NCIS fashion. Good mix of real instruments, electronics. HOT !

      Fly Above The Clouds

      A powerful, dynamic and dark electro track. Suitable for the coronavirus news update, science fiction music, alien invasion, space disco, time travel, military confrontation, machines against humans and more. If you are looking for cyberpunk background music. Grab it now!

      A Success Story

      Dramatic epic and hybrid cinematic background music track. Perfect choice for any military videos, energetic motion graphics, fighting adventures, commercials and more.

      Strong Way

      A powerful rock track creates a cool and edgy vibe. This energetic composition combines crunchy electric guitars, hard swinging drums, and a punchy bass, overlaid with percussive claps and hi-hat. This is the perfect soundtrack to amplify the excitement and intensity of your visuals. Suitable for urban-themed videos, extreme sports highlights, or advertising that demands attention.

      Fingers On The Trigger

      Powerful, ominous, military percussion music. Great march sound for marching soldiers and army scenes, preparation to war parade, majestic opening themes, WW2 history documentaries, preparing for battle, and more.

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    Music plays a massive role in the military too. In every country, military music is entirely different from traditional music. The problem in the present world is that, in general, people do not give much importance to this kind of music and try to ignore it deliberately.

    This is why music produced by the military has not gained popularity like other types of music and is not a source of entertainment for most people. The other lighter side of this music is March music, which may let people enjoy this kind of music and give them a feeling that this type of music is sometimes entertaining.

    As every country has its military and music is also different, there is no shortage of good and enthusiastic lovers of this type of music. One of the chief characteristics of music from the military is that they sound very respectful and strict.

    The feeling of discipline is reflected when people listen to this kind of music. The military ceremonial music is the type of music played in different ceremonies in a military academy. It is an integral part of the award and cultural functions of the military.

    It motivates military men to strive for more in their work and work hard for their country. The military ceremonial music regenerates military personnel towards their goal and helps them become the best personnel in their respective category.

    It also brings entertainment and joy to them. One such music that is very famous for its uniqueness and quality is military music. The best thing about this us military music is that it is very much liked by ordinary citizens, too, and this is the characteristic that makes the military of the US very proud of their musical asset.

    Military music is perfect for video, film, and projects with military themes. Find songs that can be used to create the mood and enhance the action in your video project by licensing them royalty free. These tracks are available for download and use in all commercial projects.

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