• Dreams Into Reality

      Dreams into Reality - This dramatic and Inspirational modern classical track with harmonic guitar, staccato string, elegant piano, warm pad, and strong rhythm. Perfect for self-improvement videos, inspirational speeches, service advertisements, corporate presentations, educational content, and other projects that evoke feelings of aspiration and positivity.

      Ambient Innovations

      A calm, melancholic mood track played on acoustic guitar, designed to evoke nostalgia for the past. Suitable for documentaries, YouTube stories, thrillers. It perfectly complements wildlife scenes, drone footage, slow motion videos, and other similar projects creating an eerie atmosphere.

      Minimalist Approach

      Slow, melancholic, thoughtful and reflective piano piece. Mood transforms from melancholic to hopeful. Instruments include piano and violins. Sad music classical background to use in YouTube videos and storytelling.

      Dawn Solitude

      A relaxing, ethereal chill-out track with a slight touch of mystery. It features a harp, bells, bird chirping sounds, flute, meditation, and lush strings arrangement. Ideal for creating a peaceful ambiance for yoga sessions, spa treatments, and time-lapses with the serene tranquility of nature, and various media projects.

      Memories We Shared

      Edgy and dark, melancholic and hypnotic royalty-free progressive trance music with hypnotic synths, dreamy pads, floating sound effects, and a pounding energetic beat. Ideal for creating an immersive atmosphere in video game soundtracks, sci-fi trailers, fashion shows, or any project that requires a futuristic backdrop.

      Minimal Reflections

      A calm, meditative track with lush synth pads and deep ocean ambiance. Perfect for meditations or anywhere a chill, melancholic feel is needed.

      Inspiring Innovation

      Relaxing soundscape for stress relief, dreaming, space traveling, meditation, massage, spa, background, sleep, slow motion, time-lapse, relaxing videos, and documentary projects. The mood of this track is very relaxing, beautiful, calm, chill, contemplative, and easy.

      Epic Motivation

      Wind In Our Sails is a beautiful, sentimental, uplifting, and inspirational post-rock track. Driving drums and bass, ringing guitars, piano, and synths combination create a motivational and hopeful atmosphere. Track suitable for any youtube video, film soundtrack, corporate use, or emotional slideshows. The atmosphere is quite emotional and sentimental but also somber and melancholic.

      We Have Nowhere To Rush

      Gentle acoustic ballad music with soft piano and acoustic guitar in a calm and romantic mood. It's suitable as background music for projects relating to relationship, love, romantic and sentimental scenes, family video, slide show, video about good memories, emotional moments, sad and melancholic video, projects relating to care about parents, etc.

      Stardust Crusaders

      A beautiful, melancholic, and cutting-edge electronic pop track in corporate style with a gentle synth melody, keys, and soft pads. This background music creates a sophisticated and emotionally resonant atmosphere for media products. Perfect for product launches, time-lapse and slow-motion visuals, tech presentations, and YouTube channels about innovations, science, technology, and the possibilities they unlock.

      Victory Is Near

      This enigmatic, alluring, and dark cinematic music with a veil of tragedy and anxiety possesses an otherworldly atmosphere. Perfect as a soundtrack for dramatic scenes in apocalyptic films, human dramas, emotional videos, and a myriad of other cinematic endeavors. The melancholic melody with brooding tones will leave an indelible impression on your soul. This hauntingly beautiful track is as gloomy as it is beguiling, sure to leave listeners entranced.

      Nothing Left To Say

      Angelic melancholic piano composition. The melody, like the first rays of the morning sun, awakes the frozen feelings. Great for emotional video content, nature timelapse music, touching life stories, dramatic movie trailer, and more. Similar to Thomas Newman music works.

      Wind In Our Sails

      "Stardust Crusaders" is a serious cinematic hybrid-orchestral royalty-free trailer music. Featuring piano, string section, brass, and electronic effects, that add cutting-edge flair to the composition. This track is great for projects related to grandeur, heroism, and drama. Perfect for nature landscapes, documentaries, lifestyle, film trailers, and video games.

      Sad Reflections

      Haunting and poignant lo-fi Hip-Hop track with a crisp groove, male vocal hook, and gritty electric piano. The track is quite melancholic and thought-provoking in vibe and would suit any imagery along these lines. It creates a captivating atmosphere that stirs emotions and sparks introspection. Would perfectly complement introspective scenes in films, documentaries, or visual storytelling.

      Amazing Grace Cinematic Variation

      This is sad, tragic and sorrowful music with dramatic and sentimental mood. This gentle and melancholic royalty free track can perfectly fit for dramatic and tragic videos, sad stories, rainy days, love storytellings, irreplaceable loss videos, mourning and suffering emotions videos, spiritual and soulful videos and more.

      Creative Innovations

      An anxious, sad, and deeply cinematic piano music with a sense of thoughtfulness and heartfelt emotions. It perfectly fits the scenes that are both introspective and poignant. This track fits perfectly as a background score for scenes that require emotional depth—be it tragic moments, intimate dialogues, or stirring flashbacks. Suitable for psychological thrillers with a sense of foreboding or impending danger; memorial videos, lost moments, tragic loss, and more.

      Old Tree

      Pensive melancholic acoustic ambient background music with a delayed airy soft and tender classical guitar, tastefully mixed with harp and piano sounds over distant long spacey sustained synth pads and strings with a warm solid drum groove.

      Age Of Technology

      Powerful Hip-Hop track with catchy riff played by digital synth. Acoustic piano plays melancholic melody.

      The Midnight Reflections

      Calm, hypnotic, and sophisticated chill-out music, that creates a serene and focused soundscape. It features electronic pulses, synth layers, and a soft bassline. Ideal as background music for various uses from meditation apps, relaxation, innovative product demos, and lounge zones, to science research or puzzle games.

      Inspiring Evolution

      A bittersweet and dreamy, melancholic piano theme is accompanied by light fingerpicking acoustic guitar and warm fretless bass. To complete the arrangement, a string section provides additional texture and a sense of timbre. This track is perfect for scenes with a glimpse into the past as it could evoke fond memories of long-lost loves.

      Under The Same Moon

      Nostalgic and soothing, romantic and melancholic, featuring flowing piano and underlying synths that create a heartwarming and touching mood.

      Spend Life Together

      Unique blend where urban hip-hop beats meet the dramatic and passionate Argentine tango. Featuring fx synths, piano, strings, and whistling. Ideal as background music for projects that search for intensity, and emotional contrast. Perfect for romantic dramas, sensual love scenes, breakup of relationships, and more.

      The Breath Of Air

      A very simple, but beautiful-sounding track. A delicate ukulele melody is played in a simple manner and is mixed with rhythmic hand clapping. The whole track sounds very melancholic. Great for any scene dealing with relaxing, unwinding, or a calm feeling.

      Analog Memories

      Medium tempo melancholic cool jazz tune featuring drums, upright acoustic bass, electric piano, electric guitar and muted trumpet playing melody.


      Retro Memories: Journey back in time with pulsating beats and nostalgic synths. This background retrowave music elevates videos with a mesmerizing blend of 80s-inspired melodies, capturing the essence of neon-lit nights and vintage arcade dreams. Immerse your audience in a wave of nostalgia and excitement

      A Lonely Planet

      Inspired by the '80s and '90s, this retro disco track provides a nostalgic and melancholic feel of those eras. Ideal for use in movies and videos, it features a sad emotional melody that conveys feelings of nostalgia. Appropriate for any retro VHS effects, and all types of media content.

      War Is Approaching

      This is a sad and melancholic track, full of pain and emotion. great for sadness and melanchoic scenes, slow and mellow projects, documentary films, slow and drama backgrounds and much more.

      Dark Mist

      Melancholic medieval composition with fingerpicked acoustic guitar, flute, and analog synthesizer. The ancient melody is both nostalgic and timeless and serves as the backbone of the composition. Suitable as background music for historical documentaries, art exhibitions, fantasy films, or video games with storytelling within medieval themes.

      Rising Of The Sun

      It is an abstract and melancholic ambient drone tune featuring atmospheric pads' light pulsing synth, leading to a reflective and wandering mood. Ideal for nature videos, time-lapse, space-related videos, documentaries, aerials, movies, TV shows, series, and more.

      Elegant Commercial Piano

      This is a sad and lyrical music, full of sorrow and emotion. Great for drama and melancholic films, sentimental and slow videos, thoughtful and melodrama projects. Also perfect for depression and longing scenes, sensitive backgrounds and more. Instruments: piano, violin, cellos

      Tropical Guitar

      Uptempo tropical-inspired pop track, featuring marimbas, synth, and electric guitars, bass. Suggested for leisurely holiday scenes, vacation montages, restful images, holiday settings, coffee shops, on-hold music, underscoring narration, and other media content that evokes a happy summer feeling.

      Burned Bridges

      This calm and melancholic ambient track contains beautiful subtle piano pads, atmospheric tones and textures, and immersive sound. The track has a sense of space and depth. The perfect soundtrack for drama stories, slowmotions, aerial footages, and documentaries.

      Sky Dreamer

      A dramatic, melancholic, yet hopeful classical string piece. Ideal sad background music for broken heart, deep sadness, death and loss, lost love, funeral slideshow music and memorial video.

      This World

      Beautiful royalty-free corporate pop music with nice harmonics and a touch of class will make your projects memorable and emotionally resonant. Featuring melancholic piano melodies, gentle electric guitars, and light beats. Perfect for many business projects, including presentations, podcasts, tech reviews, infographics, or commercials.

      Light Fragrancy

      This is sad and emotional cinematic orchestral music, full of emotions and memories. It is great for winter and autumn projects, stormy weather and snow scenes, nature films, sad and melancholic situations, drama scenes, apocalypse and tragic trailers and much more.

      Quiet Night

      A beautiful and tender instrumental piano composition in the style of classical piano master Yiruma, coupled with a creative and emotive cello part. This work has a melancholic feel as if represents love which is begging to blossom, despite the two lovers' doubts about its success. This work evokes passion and warmth while still maintaining an air of tranquility- perfect as a relaxing background or even as a soundtrack to a love scene.

      Future Ambient

      An Asian-inspired lo-fi beat, where guzheng, erhu, piano, and acoustic guitars harmonize for tranquil vibes. This track offers a serene blend of traditional and modern elements, creating a captivating musical escape that invites relaxation and introspection.

      Good Karma

      This melancholic and nostalgic track can be used as sentimental background music for dramatic movies, YouTube videos, and any creative project you have in mind. Featuring a warm piano and distant synths, this introspective soundscape will put the audience in a sentimental mood.

      Atmospheric Traveling

      An acoustic hip-hop track with confident and a little melancholic mood, featuring groovy percussion and acoustic piano. Best for urban love, walking the streets, city life, contemplative thoughts. Also good for corporate projects, advertising, and other types of media.

      Meditative View

      Meditative View is a soothing, deep chill track with ethereal synth pads and soft notes, ideal for nature landscapes, aerial shots, slideshows, or yoga-related scenarios.

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    A soul gets sublime into the oceans of sorrow due to many reasons in life. It may have several reasons. We all get ups and downs in the life. These small segments of life have very long lasting effects on our mind. Music again plays an important role in these worse situations too. The segment of music which is applicable to such situations may be said as Melancholic music. It is a darker and sadder version of music which enables a person to dilute his/her grief. It is said the sad music is just like a fragrant stick whose fragrance stays for a longer period of time.

    Melancholic music has a long lasting effect. It helps in satisfying a sad soul and mind. It gives us a warm experience to our sad feelings. Some of the most musical songs which drag a persons' heart into great relaxation are Love is Blindness, The Lonely Shepherd, Annie's Song, Brothers in Arms, and I'm With You. These are some of the songs which might blow your soul, while you are in a pessimistic mood.

    Several movies and videos which are developed under a tragic sequence or title require this type of music. It is very difficult to produce a perfect tragic scene without the help of sad music. It has a great appeal to the audience. Forlorn music helps the scene and situation to be more realistic and alluring to the spectators.

    It will sound awkward but it is true that romantic movies also require melancholic music. It is used at the situations when the heart of the hero gets broken by the heroine. It is also used in the departure scenes when the two loving people leave each others hand. These are unique situations which add more life to the movie or video. They help out in making the scene more sensational.

    With the advancement of technology it has become very easy to develop melancholic music. Guitars, synthesizers, sampler, and other musical instruments are used to produce a perfect gloomy music. Natural sounds such as gushing of water and sound of air flow is also used in this music. There is a wide collection of such music available on the internet. Various websites allow free downloading of the music. This music is very supportive for reducing the burden of your heart. They support your tearful and gloomy eyes with their soft and silent musical nodes.

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