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    • Soft mid-tempo lounge track. Straight dance beat but mellow electric piano theme with some synths.

      Simple but elegant lounge track that shows some positive moments in life. Acoustic drums and bass but digital electric atmosphere sounds.

      Calm ambient track surrounded with synthesizer sounds. This background music is perfect to put you audience in a relaxing meditative mood.

      Chill out melody with deep bass and piano-synth arpeggiator sound. Perfect as a background music to put your audience in the calm and contemplative mood.

      Warm and sweet track. Great for some positive moments of life, movie, advertise,presentation or documentary. Track consist of bells, strings, percussion.

      This soothing light melody carry the listener on a journey where the snow is shining on the hills and all you care about is the speed of your snow ride .

      Catchy ambient track featuring hypnotic bells and light synth pads reminded of mechanical music box sounding. Great for commercials, videos, and websites.

      Feel the frozen atmosphere of winter cold with sparkle sounds of chill out music. This crystal light melody is made for a pleasant background soundtrack.

      Hypnotic ambient track with smooth digital lines and sophisticated piano keys guide the listener to the dimension of true digital relaxation. Perfect for corporate videos and any types of virtual projects.

      An ambient and abstract electronic soundscape evokes the image of the brightest star. This experimental background music will complement any scientific presentation or documentary movie with extraterrestrial feeling.

      This icy cold winter background music featuring crystal bells brings alive magic atmosphere of Christmas holidays spirit.

      Enjoy the romantic and laid-back vibe of New Age background music. The relaxing combination of soothing piano keys and hypnotizing synth layers is suitable for multimedia projects that need soft and peaceful mood.

      Beautiful chillout track with magic atmosphere of Christmas holidays approaching. Soft chiming of crystal bells accompanied by calm chords of the piano would be great as background music for many creative projects.

      The mysterious sounds of the whole universe and infinite galaxies fascinate the imagination. This ambient background loop will be good for documentary or multimedia projects related to education, science and technology.

      Deep sound of the music that a stream makes played on piano with a rolling string, drum and bass backing.

      The jingle of piano bells plalying a catchy melody with a groovy bass and drum backing.

      Woodland sounding drums and bass complemented by a gentle string section, with a deep sub bass backing.

      Pretty long night. A warm wind. A variety of thoughts. Sometimes joy, sometimes anxiety. Reading a book or listening to night sounds.

      A beautiful starry sky is fascinating and takes us to distant galaxies, to new worlds. High in the sky shining star.

      Slow jazz-flavoured composition with soft strings and intimate piano is ideal for creating a relaxed and gentle atmosphere for video, corporate presentation, games, movie scene or main theme.

      It is a time when nowhere to hurry and the mobile telephone does not ring, when you can peacefully go for a walk, just relax and listen to the light melody of the piano.

      A laid back instrumental without sax lead. Features piano and percussion with cool drums.

      Upbeat and ambient R&B track with bouncy drums, strings and synths.

      Relaxing track with ambient strings and piano

      Upbeat chilled out electronic track with a melodic piano lead

      Cool and breezy stylish lounge smooth jazz instrumental with guitar melody, electric piano and synths, that can be used in TV, fashion, documentary, introduction, presentation, underscore, background and more.

      Gentle mellow flute melody played against an ambient strings and drums section

      Gentle piano melody complemented by a light flute melody backed up by a deep sub bass

      Slow, positive new age piece. Drums, percussion, electric bass, synthesizer pad, arpeggiated nylon acoustic guitar, flute, chellos.

      If you've ever been to Aspen and seen the sunrise [other than driving east] you'll agree that it is really a beautiful sight. Serenity comes over you just knowing that you are in Aspen in the morning.

      Written with downhill skiers in mind or maybe just Xtreme sports in general. Not really fast-paced but has elements of coolness and fun.

      Grooving breakbeat with a beautiful flute with skips and jumps in the rhythm.

      Thought-stimulating background soothing track. Good for relaxation purposes and easy time.

      A motivational, moving and inspiring track. It works great for adding an element of emotion to your film, video project, presentation or flash.

      Medium slow new age background piece. Electronic drums, upright bass, synthesizer pads, arpeggiated electric piano.

      A dreamy and cool instrumental that puts you in the mood of wandering around looking for an answer or hoping for something to happen

      Steady, medium slow new age piece. Electronic drums, tabla drums, percussion, synth bass, synth pads and effects, electric piano.

      Starts softly with chord pads, soon joined by a break-beat rhythm and digital pulses. A blend of the classic and the cutting-edge, great for corporate use.

      Calm and relax mid-tempo melody track. All-electronic sounds create cold atmosphere.

      Soft and soothing melody with music-box-like sound texture. Airy atmosphere and floating feeling of loop is ideal to provide calmness and love to your audience.

      Fast paced corporate class. Digital pulses, huge pads and fast beats. Uplifting and invigorating.

      Slow, spacious 12/8 british psychodelic rock in Gm. Drums, electric bass,electric organ, electric guitar, synthesizer pads, synthesizer female vox.

      Medium slow Cm pop rock with some suspense feel. Electronic drums, synth bass, synthesizer, pads, electric piano, overdriven guitar, chellos, timpani

      Medium tempo 40-like Gm swing jazz. Brush drums, double bass, piano, electric guitar, alto saxophone playing melody.

      Warm and light track great for some moments in TV show and movie. Electric piano and digital synths create an atmosphere of relaxation.

      Light and relaxing feel good track in lounge style. Ideal background music for advertising, business presentations, news or education films.

      Slow and sweet track played by live band. Clean electric guitars, electric piano, synth, bass and drums

      Slow moving track great for presentation. Electric piano and live acoustic percussion plays main role in this track. Smart moving sounds add some dynamic to the track.

      Futuristic loop created to have a space sounding atmosphere. Ideal for science fiction projects, documentary scientific films, presentation about future technologies, space etc

      Chill and smooth background music with ambient synth textures and some nice percussion. This track will create a warm atmosphere to your presentation, video and web project.

      Great for some chill moments in the movie. Piano plays main role in this track. Background consist of drums, pad sound with some addition of orchestra.

      This track shows the memories from the past when you stay in you old house. Deep percussion, electric piano and pads.

      Great track for create some mysterious feeling of something unknown in movies, games, scientific films and other projects. Dark strings with piano and harp.

      Ambient Background Music, great for websites, TV, Jingles, corporate videos etc

      Ambient Background Music, great for websites, TV, Jingles, corporate videos etc

      Nice flowing track featuring synths and low fi drums. Moves along nicely and would provide a nice bed for a production. Positive feel to the track without being too commercial or cheesy.

      Gentle, easy going electronic track with airy pads, subtle melodies and a swing groove. Slightly sorrowful and moody. Moby alike.

      Cool, dark and sombre chill out track. Pedal like sub bass flows along and is joined by soft pads. The tracks flows very nicely and has a super chilled feel to it. Perfect backing track. Ibiza chill out with an edge.

      Wistful, elegant ambient / electronica crossover track with a subtle hint of acoustic guitar. Echoes and soft pads.

      Ambient piano track with bells and soft pads. Builds up into mid-tempo drums with groovy hi-hats.

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