• Latin Vacations

      Experience the vibrant rhythms of Latin Vacations - an exhilarating blend of festive melodies and spirited percussion. This uplifting, upbeat background track transports your project to the heart of a sun-soaked Latin paradise, infusing it with a lively, feel-good energy that's perfect for adding zest to your visuals.

      Soul Of Africa

      A captivating and vibrant royalty-free ethnic Indian track that spread vibes of exploration and wonder. The magical marimba sounds are harmoniously weaved with contemporary synth, rhythmic percussion, and dynamic electronic drums creating an uplifting atmosphere. Ideal for projects exploring different cultures, travel documentaries, or any content seeking a touch of the exotic and extraordinary.

      Indian Sitar

      Exciting and upbeat mambo/salsa groove with Afro Cuban style piano, catchy brass, lively percussion and bass. Great for holiday and leisure, scenes of people dancing and having a good time, Brazilian street carnival, Carribean cruise travel. Cheeky fun alluring and exotic.

      Pulse Of The City

      The tense, serious, and exotic ethno-stomp track creates a captivating atmosphere. Featuring ethnic percussions, flute, and a driving beat. Perfect for edgy fashion shows, city nights, nightlife, street art, vibrant dance scenes, urban jungles, cultural diversity, or any setting with an edge of anticipation and hope.

      The Theme Of The Rain

      "1001 Nights" is an instrumental track that captures the essence of the mystic and enchanting Arabic culture. With its haunting and evocative melody, the track takes the listener through the ancient Arabian Nights tales. The use of traditional instruments like the oud, qanun, and duduk, combined with a modern approach, creates a unique and mesmerizing atmosphere. The rhythmic pulse and hypnotic drones develop a sense of mystery and exoticism, transporting the listener to the heart of the Middle East. This track is perfect for creating an atmosphere of intrigue and wonder, whether in a film, game, or other media.

      Ice Cream Buble

      African epic cinematic music with ethnic instruments, choir, brass, and strings. Perfect piece for your adventure films, games, exotic travels, or video about safari and nature.

      Indian Temple

      Beautiful and inspiring cinematic acoustic track that pictures vivid vistas of African landscapes. Featuring ethnic percussion, native chants, marimba, strings, flute, and acoustic guitar. This composition echoes the heartbeat of the African land. Suitable as background music for movies, TV adverts and reality shows, cinematic productions, nature documentaries, travel vlogs, charity initiatives, educational videos, and many more applications.

      Bollywood Night

      "Night Bazaar" is an enchanting instrumental track that combines the traditional sounds of Middle Eastern music with a modern twist. The haunting melodies and rhythmic beats evoke images of wandering through the bustling markets of an Orient city at night, filled with the scents of spices, the glow of lanterns, and the sound of music. Traditional instruments such as the oud and qanun, along with cinematic elements, create a unique and captivating fusion of the old and new. This track perfectly sets an exotic and mysterious atmosphere in any project.

      Thailand Sunrise

      A nice and playful background music track featuring ethnic drums, bells and viola. This track could add feelggod energy and a exotic feeling to many types of project.

      Altai Warrior

      Thailand Sunrise - Asian royalty-free music for documentary, advertising, and various Asian-themed video projects. It features ethnic instruments, percussions, and soothing warm pads. Ideal as background music for projects related to Asian culture, encapsulating both tradition and modernity; travel vlogs with images of temples, bustling markets, food festivals, traditional ceremonies, and tranquil countryside.

      Good Karma

      A rhythmic, Asian-flavoured track that is perfect for video games, TV shows, commercials, or Chinese New Year. Features Koto, Shakuhachi Flute, Erhu, Shamisen, Gamelan, and Chinese Percussion. The track has an upbeat rhythm which makes the listeners feel they are at the beginning of a great adventure or a big journey. Traveling to the exotic east and riding through a beautiful mountain pass on your horse is the feeling this song gives you. This track would be perfect for a scene in a kung-fu movie or a video game that takes place in ancient China.

      Curious Journey

      Positive romantic Indian soundtrack with amazing passion orchestral strings and sitar! Perfect for exotic travel destinations, Indian wedding, romantic stories, honeymoon videos, ethnic trailer, sari fashion show. This soundtrack features sitar, bansuri flute, piano, tabla, dhol and deep passion eastern strings. Thanks for listening and purchasing.

      The Celtic Handmaiden

      An Asian-inspired lo-fi beat, featuring the gentle harmonies of guzheng and erhu, complemented by the soft rhythms of taiko drums. Let the fusion of traditional and contemporary sounds create a soothing and immersive atmosphere, guiding you into a state of peaceful relaxation.

      The Jungle Adventure

      A cinematic and authentic Indian-styled track with middle East flavors and ethnic mood. Features hypnotic electro beat, smooth synth beds, subtle percussions, sitar, santuri and oriental strings. Ideal for Bollywood TV shows, movies, video games, and documentaries related to ethnicity, travel, discovery, exotic places, intrigue, and mystery.

      Springtime In The Tropics

      An authentic and traditional Indian music track with a catchy exotic beat. Useful for travel videos, documentaries with a flavor of the Orient and the Far East, belly dance, charming mysterious plot and unusual scenes where the audience doesn't expect what's happening next.

      Celebrate Chinese Holiday

      An Asian-inspired lo-fi beat, where guzheng, erhu, piano, and acoustic guitars harmonize for tranquil vibes. This track offers a serene blend of traditional and modern elements, creating a captivating musical escape that invites relaxation and introspection.

      Arab Strings

      Take a tropical vacation without leaving home. Warm sun and palm trees, coconut-scented breezes, tropical cocktail in your hand. Close your eyes and take you on a journey through endless warm beaches, exotic islands, and deserted beaches. The melody is inspired by the island-style of vacation spots around the world in Southeast Asia.

      Gone For The Weekend

      An adventurous Middle Eastern track with a mysterious feel. Great for espionage video games, oriental style films or documentaries, Persian history, exotic antiquities, and more.

      Latin Charm

      Dragon Dance ceremony, Chinese New Year celebration, spring festival celebrations, Moon Festival, Chinese Mid-Autumn festival, Commercial Asian Advertising, Positive Beijing, Chinese Celebration Background, Year of the Rabbit, Optimistic Ethnic East Festival, Great Happy Japan Celebrations, Japanese Travel and Korea Culture, Mandarin Traditions, Oriental Percussion.

      Sound Of The Sand

      Slow and ethereal new age composition created with mystical tribal rhythms and woodwinds. Atmospheric male vocals accompany the melody of this beautiful track. This track can be used in many ways: as background music for meditation, yoga, and spa videos, as a musical accompaniment in travel documentaries or to create an exotic atmosphere in a restaurant, hotel, or shopping center.

      Fairy Dust

      Contemporary Middle Eastern orchestral background music featuring duduk, santoor, and percussion. Would be great for an oriental documentary or film, cinematic scenes of desert sands and oasis, mysterious and haunting exotic Arabic world.

      Caribbean Dance

      "Gone For The Weekend" is fresh summer royalty-free music with the spirit of summer vacations and weekend getaways. This modern tropical pop features kalimba, electric guitars, EDM beats, and drums. Ideal background music to bring memories back to favorite adventures under the tropical sun. Ideal for travel vlogs, commercials with a refreshing summer vibe, summer festivals, beach parties, YouTube Videos, etc.

      Tuva Warrior

      Elegant, inspiring, and exotic Asian music for film, television, documentaries, and advertising projects. Spicy and colorful Asian atmosphere including dreamy melodies with oriental flutes, chimes, and other ethnic sounds. Perfect for Asian documentaries, advertising, and much more.

      Bollywood Romantic Sitar

      Immerse yourself in the summer atmosphere of freedom and relax. Cool and stylish future bass track with catchy beats and future vocal samples. Perfect for drone aerial footage, urban theme videos, trendy advertising, fitness activity, healthy lifestyle. Also good as background music for promo videos, exotic resorts, island holidays.

      Tension In The Middle East

      A Captivating Turko-Mongolian instrumental track which fuses ancient traditions with cinematic elements, immersing listeners in a rich cultural journey. Powerful rhythms and evocative melodies feature traditional instruments like the morin khuur and dombra.

      Havana Vibes

      Ladies and Gentlemen! Showtime is now! The crazy ethnic party begins with the hot Balkan-Gypsy style track. This wild, spicy and in a good sense of all words music will accompany your projects in the proper atmosphere of reckless fun and strong emotions. The track is perfect for Eastern Europe culture, exotic travel destinations, gypsy fashion, gambling, Youtube vlogs, and more.

      Attila The Hun

      This track is great for ethnic and oriental travelings, a night at the desert, exotic landscapes, world travel shows, relaxation, and meditation music. Instruments and orchestration: percussion, big ocarina, synth pads, shakers and tambourine

      Morning Sun In Serengeti

      Arabic Eastern background music track combines traditional Middle Eastern musical elements with modern cinematic orchestration, resulting in a potent and evocative soundtrack. Perfect for travel projects, political dramas, suspenseful thrillers, war documentaries, historical narratives, News broadcasts, reports, podcasts, and more.

      Native American Sunrise

      Hot Cuban dance music with fast percussion, flamenco guitars, and trumpets will add an unforgettable exotic touch to your projects. Cheerful and optimistic, this music will create an atmosphere of an extraordinarily sunny day on the Golden Coast, long walks along the beach, hot steamy nights with cocktails, and lively tropical parties.

      Little Latin Fun

      This is modern tropical house track with summer festival feel. Ideal for beach parties, summer vlogs, exotic vacation journey, fashion ads, product placements, lifestyle style video, and more. Enjoy!

      Middle East Party

      A happy, optimistic track, bursting with joy. Just right for those days in the sun, by the beach or pool. Also ideal for exotic drone footage, holiday vlogs, and certain travel projects.

      Uninhabited Island

      This is a traditional Arabic oriental music. Well suited for any ethnic projects that need this exotic sound. Instruments: santoor, oud, darbuka, bass, strings, pad, flute, percussion. Ideal for background videos about the Middle East, Arab countries, arabic weddings, Ramadan, travel, market, history, Islamic holiday, caravan, desert, Arab documentaries, movies, ethnic landscapes, film and more.

      Sunshine Coast

      This exotic and very romantic royalty free Indian soundtrack is flawlessly designed in a perfect Bollywood cinematic tradition! Dazzling and magical, this magnificent tune is flavored with remarkable sounds of sitar, bansuri (Indian flute), tabla, tanpura and sarangi that will perfectly complement your documentaries, Indian wedding and romantic stories, ethnic trailers, lifestyle projects in India, You Tube contents, Indian fashion shows, corporate videos, travel and nature projects. Use it also in your great openers, intros and landscape projects and you will feel happier and more comfortable than ever!

      Urban India

      A relaxed tropical house track with fusion of exotic instrumentals and vibrant melodies creates a danceable yet laid-back ambiance, making it an irresistible addition to any summer videos. Can be used as a background for projects such as: travel vlogs/blogs, commercial advertisements, documentaries, yoga/wellness videos, and social media content.

      Indian Dreams

      This is authentic Middle East ethnic background music with ney flute, strings, oud, and darbuka. Just sit back and imagine being in the Middle East bazaar full of rug merchants, calligraphers, cloth weavers, exotic animal skin sellers, and tea houses filled with tobacco smoke. The friendly owner serves you a pot of hot tea or coffee and waits for you to show your desire to purchase some oriental gift or antiques.

      Blues Smokers

      This is an Asian world music track, full of beauty and exotic atmosphere. Great for travel and journey films, nature and meditation videos, landscapes, oriental culture, Japanese and Chinese traditions, ethnic documentary films and much more.

      Chill By The Hood

      Light and cheerful musical composition in the African reggae style. You can hear many native African instruments such as ney flute, cora, ngoni, balafon, marimba, kadan, congas but also instruments usually used in reggae - electric guitar, electric organ and electric bass. The general mood is relaxed and festive. Perfect for travel vlogs, native cooking shows, exotic documentaries, kids games, etc.

      Indian Sunrise

      A relaxing, exotic, ethnic percussion piece, featuring a hang drum. Perfect for cinematic productions, games and more!

      You Got The Vibe

      Chill Hip-Hop track, with laid-back melodies and relaxed rhythms, this track is the perfect addition to any project that needs a cool, contemporary edge.

      A New Day In Africa

      Warm and exotic, featuring majestic strings and ethnic percussion that create a passionate, Arabic mood. Suitable for travel videos, documentaries, and history films.

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